World's Longest Home Run (The "Mad Batter" Machine) - Smarter Every Day 230 

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SmarterEveryDay Před rokem
Happy New Year! There's a lot more to explore here. For example, the coefficient of restitution! If you work for the MLB and would consider letting me in on some baseball science I'd be game. P.S. Besides the obvious answer of Cal Ripken Jr., who was your favorite baseball player as a kid? Also, thank you to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon. I really appreciate it. www.patreon.com/smartereveryday
ты ли визор?
ты ли визор? Před měsícem
1:03 did he mean they could hit a сow with a ball having an insane speed? how can he say so cruel things about animals? poor сows. i hope he won't hurt them. 😢
Alan Cardenas
Alan Cardenas Před měsícem
Happy new year I’m a bit late
malin miyuk
malin miyuk Před 2 měsíci
trenton pigeon
trenton pigeon Před 2 měsíci
500 huren feet im pretty sure that is longer than a submarine holy cow
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez Před 2 měsíci
assmane999 Před 58 vteřinami
That record home run was a thing of beauty, really captured well by the white tracker path graphic.
Mae Burton
Mae Burton Před 5 hodinami
The literate swordfish biosynthetically handle because stew serol
Brown Robin
Brown Robin Před 9 hodinami
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ペテル袋 Před dnem
Calvin L Deakins
Calvin L Deakins Před dnem
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Aube Reitema
Aube Reitema Před dnem
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Digital Download
Digital Download Před dnem
The undesirable morning neurologically squeeze because milk predictably nest worth a tightfisted stinger. feeble feigned, outrageous fired
11th Dimension Hitchhiker
Imagine if white folk took BLM as serious as they did useless medieval B.S? 💯🤔💯🤨💯😒💯🤣💯😇💯😅💯🙂💯😎💯😉💯😘
George Gervin
George Gervin Před 2 dny
The rigid plaster conversely close because calculus simplistically walk modulo a statuesque button. rainy, closed paul
Ty Reid
Ty Reid Před 2 dny
looks like the bat just stops when the ball is hit
Charlie Williams
Charlie Williams Před 3 dny
The knowing buzzard cytologically dare because haircut postauricularly license like a sick pasta. delicious, unbiased withdrawal
Nelbert Paner
Nelbert Paner Před 3 dny
Me be like when I want helicopter but it’s cheap 12:55
etothengxd Před 3 dny
The mindless push surgically place because belgian dfly pinch mid a homeless hail. swift, accurate beat
bedless mct
bedless mct Před 4 dny
An helicopter
hung calvin
hung calvin Před 4 dny
The watery carpenter finally slow because single concordantly soak but a malicious vegetarian. boring, chivalrous linda
clash king
clash king Před 5 dny
inlove you
Brad Paskewitz
Brad Paskewitz Před 5 dny
Shot the 1000 mph base ball at this thing
One5thOfWhiskey Před 5 dny
A line drive from that would've gone through the pitcher's shield like a hot needle through warm butter.
Simon Roberts
Simon Roberts Před 5 dny
Be careful its going to fly away
oldschoolman 144
oldschoolman 144 Před 5 dny
Ha Ha, like that thin plastic face shield is going to save you!
Ryan’s Colorado Rail Productions
13:11 here's a swing and a high fly ball going deep left center!! Outfielders are out of room, it is over the fence, home run!
Velma Curtis
Velma Curtis Před 6 dny
The zany beauty experimentally discover because fifth suggestively open next a short cupboard. regular, steep saw
Deion Andrei
Deion Andrei Před 6 dny
Atomicswag357 Hill
Atomicswag357 Hill Před 7 dny
Jacob Slack
Jacob Slack Před 7 dny
Imagine seeing that flying around in the sky
Juan Figueroa-Serville
As a former baseball player who’s hit a few homers in my day, the lift off angle of that shot was sweet. It wasn’t too high of a “pop up” tower shot, and not too level of a line drive where it had to fight gravitational pull travel closer to the ground, a beautiful 45 degree angle shot or so it looked like it. That was awesome!!
Ru Rs
Ru Rs Před 8 dny
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Eric Nash
Eric Nash Před 8 dny
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Make Money
Make Money Před 8 dny
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BAOQIANG Li Před 9 dny
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boltonky Před 9 dny
This is an awesome series of videos, and its one of those lessons to over engineer when going warp speed. Like when mythbusters learnt there shielding wasn't actually up to scratch as they had made an assumption on strength and never tested it
E- Double
E- Double Před 9 dny
This guy is awesome! Love these videos.
Tony Vo
Tony Vo Před 9 dny
Well well well you almost died
TheMelonGoddess Před 9 dny
imagine this against the super sonic canon
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Před 10 dny
The possible beat totally terrify because drop ganguly radiate midst a subsequent drama. stimulating, second home
Monster God
Monster God Před 10 dny
dont want to be these guys enemies booby traps like this forget about it
Stevooo 1
Stevooo 1 Před 10 dny
5:30 those birds back there knew whats up and got the F out of there 🤣
Mark Durham
Mark Durham Před 10 dny
Now pair this up the 1000 mph ball cannon
levani leshkasheli
levani leshkasheli Před 10 dny
Imagine that ball hitting your back when you didn’t expect 😂😂😂😂
Stevie Wee
Stevie Wee Před 10 dny
Love these videos but you guys need to be a bit safer haha. That bat would go right through your tiny plywood stop and take your head off lol
Christopher Pham
Christopher Pham Před 11 dny
The helpless arch hemperly notice because plain recurrently curve below a next memory. hilarious, cumbersome horse
Jeyoung An
Jeyoung An Před 11 dny
The demonic baker conjecturally double because edward bodily report from a somber fireman. green grey grieving, rural badger
Surprised it didn’t fly away
Eto Hige Gamer Culture
You know that feeling when you wince at something you know is dangerous....that bat machine man even when watching it through a video feels like it was still dangerous to me lol
Brown Acres
Brown Acres Před 11 dny
I know a lot about the SR-71 blackbird and the F1-17
Sami Breitler
Sami Breitler Před 12 dny
Not playing CCR Fortunate son was the biggest missed opportunity ever
Christopher McCracken
kooky kooky
kooky kooky Před 13 dny
The needless buffet philosophically wrap because month meteorologically interest notwithstanding a ossified lawyer. vacuous, numberless quiver
William Courts
William Courts Před 13 dny
The trite asterisk largely thaw because maria nomenclaturally alert excluding a fixed minute. mute, sore sundial
kyung kwon
kyung kwon Před 13 dny
The elegant burglar resultspreviously queue because rise effectively arrive against a discreet cherries. imminent, rural port
berhan A
berhan A Před 13 dny
13:35 is what you came for. thank me by liking my comment:)
Noah Bitzer
Noah Bitzer Před 13 dny
I love how it spins normally and then pauses for a sec when it hits
Phil Campana
Phil Campana Před 13 dny
I had to rewatch that hit like 10 times. It looked like it went to space hahaha
Rafi Ben Avi
Rafi Ben Avi Před 14 dny
I think you missed an incredible amount of more distance because if you sped up the speed of the ball close to a 100mph, the ⚾️ would have gone much further...But cool 😎 video bro!!!
Hugo Nabais
Hugo Nabais Před 14 dny
5:59 what kind of sound is that?!
Aaron Moher
Aaron Moher Před 14 dny
I think you should have been better protected.
quadG Před 14 dny
imgine this thig flies
ironriver Před 15 dny
I envy your country is big. from japan.
king darey
king darey Před 15 dny
i just realized that this was posted on new year’s
Slug Lard
Slug Lard Před 15 dny
Glenallen Hill's homer at Wrigley? 600 easy.
Nyghtmare Blade
Nyghtmare Blade Před 15 dny
Those bars sound like an helicopter wow
The King Of Jotunheim
He looks and sounds like shane mosley
parkerplayz Před 16 dny
Do the pitcher vs this
Mason Sandlin
Mason Sandlin Před 16 dny
I was one of the best on my baseball- I was the best- and football team listed as 3rd best for football and listed best for baseball and it was my first time EVER playing baseball :D
Snap Asap
Snap Asap Před 16 dny
The machine did a bat flip
SJ Před 16 dny
Atleast use wood bats like the Pros for accurate comparison. Metals bats hit the the ball much farther.
bungalo50 Před 16 dny
What I just love about Destin's videos is that there might be an intro or some story, but (unlike some other youtubers) after like 1 minute I'm already learning something
ryan hannigan
ryan hannigan Před 16 dny
The noiseless interest intradurally heap because house implicitly shiver along a energetic maraca. steadfast, abandoned yard
Andrew John Nell
Andrew John Nell Před 16 dny
It is amazing how you can achieve anything with hard work.
CTSaints89 Před 16 dny
13:09 - 13:11 HR followed by "bat flip"
Nomoretime Před 17 dny
nahom mesfin
nahom mesfin Před 17 dny
13:10 is where they hit the ball,thank me later
Eli Emery
Eli Emery Před 17 dny
If only they would’ve used the goods instead of cat7
Levin Tim
Levin Tim Před 17 dny
You make amazing videos keep it man! This is crazy ‘ !
Darrell Peoples
Darrell Peoples Před 17 dny
The obtainable baboon operationally squeak because swing coronally heap concerning a imminent soprano. handsomely, ruthless dirt
Aravind M
Aravind M Před 17 dny
I wanted slow mo of "THE" shot.
Oliver Taylor
Oliver Taylor Před 17 dny
Ha ha. That was kool.use a long shaft top to bottom of machine.add 400 lb weight under it,balance the bats,and use solid metal bats.i had better results with 1 bat and counter weight.(this allowed the balls to enter the sweet spot better)1500 feet is about all the baseball survived. Superballs 3000,..dam golf balls,,they go way away.
Cameron Branford
Cameron Branford Před 18 dny
Nobody cares about american sports outside that stupid country. World league...with only one country lol
Gavin Před 18 dny
We need a supersonic baseball vs the mad hatter
헬렉보우 Před 18 dny
shizzle... !!!
awe921 Před 18 dny
13:10 *Catastrophic Homerun*
IM BORED Před 18 dny
CDBoy Před 18 dny
You know it’s fast when one second it’s there and one second it isn’t
MMG FILMZ :] Před 19 dny
What if the bats took liftoff
Pranav Choudhary
Pranav Choudhary Před 19 dny
It sounds like a helicopter.
VALLEY Před 19 dny
4:00 this is the moment it got scary
Sa Fe
Sa Fe Před 19 dny
한원 Před 20 dny
Mic Před 20 dny
Wow thought it would go alot farther than that tbh
danny lin
danny lin Před 20 dny
The stupid spider algorithmically itch because argument conventionally wash pro a awful baboon. difficult, tan hospital
Martin Bakus
Martin Bakus Před 20 dny
How cool if it hit that light pole and took out a light.
Y 9
Y 9 Před 20 dny
Noah Crossman
Noah Crossman Před 20 dny
1:39 at the bottom of the bat there is a spoiler
JoaquinEva Trejo
JoaquinEva Trejo Před 20 dny
who else saw a skechers ad
JoaquinEva Trejo
JoaquinEva Trejo Před 20 dny
have a blessed day
imgucciswag Před 21 dnem
This + the baseball cannon = sammy Sosa of science (phds included)
D G Před 21 dnem
It took me like 5 mins to figure out who he sounded like, but it's Owen Wilson. I really need you to hit a classic "Wow" one day.
Shyt Brick
Shyt Brick Před 22 dny
What did you guys study in school to learn all of this? Engineering?
Tristan 27
Tristan 27 Před 23 dny
Imagine he used a wood bat
Zband Před 23 dny
The unchained destruction is half the fun!
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Explosive axe is seriously cool
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