Why I'm Coming Back To YouTube 

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Please watch the whole video. This is very important to me.
I love y'all, so so much!
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3. 05. 2021





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NoahJ456 Před 11 dny
I really tried not to cry in this video. The stuff discussed in here is super important to me, please watch it all.
That’s sus @* xXLXTEWolfXx *
To High
To High Před 10 dny
Bro i need you to smile you are realy my Favorit CSshowsr and streamer.!
crazy tech
crazy tech Před 10 dny
Fellow me guys 🙈🙈🙈
ßilly Florida
ßilly Florida Před 10 dny
Glad youre back Noah. Scared me a little w/ the last video 🙊
swampswine123 Před 10 dny
you tryed not to cry i tryed not to cry
Cody Odom
Cody Odom Před 2 hodinami
You have no idea how happy I am that you came back. I watch your videos almost daily. You're literally the only CSshows streamer that I watch. If you left CSshows for good, idk what I would do. I literally cried after your "The end." Video and this video also made me cry lol. So, thank you so much for all the laughs and everything and thank you for keeping on. Keep your head up.
Austin Před 12 hodinami
Well that didn't last long lol.
Cod mobile channel
Cod mobile channel Před 12 hodinami
Noah? Family? Noahjhas4kids
MobVerse Před dnem
You just clickbaited a heap of people -1 sub
Calamity Dan
Calamity Dan Před dnem
The funny thing is @noahj456 you’ll be able to keep doing this stunt over and over, it’s deceiving yes but you’ll grow big time creating this much hype over really a 2 day break! Just think how much revenue you’ll generate if you leave for a week!? 🤣
Nicholas Bird
Nicholas Bird Před dnem
Noah makes good bye vid Me: yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
Corbin Kizer
Corbin Kizer Před dnem
This is what we needed! Noah I want you to know you helped my childhood be amazing and seeing you back makes me happy
Joseph Giraldo
Joseph Giraldo Před dnem
love you Noah
Michael Kabra
Michael Kabra Před dnem
I bet he thought the goodbye video would get more views lol
FkW Huncho
FkW Huncho Před dnem
Love Noahj456, good Southern heart is what my momma calls it.
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor Před 2 dny
you should have certain days when you take a break from work like every few days
Pairs Martinez
Pairs Martinez Před 2 dny
We Love You Noah
Daykiller122 Před 2 dny
I went away on a trip and I came back to your video about leaving, Ik I’m a week late but I was so sad because you and everyone you play with, you have all brought me a lot of laughs and smiles, then I saw this video and I was so happy that I will still have someone to make me laugh
CdmanJak Před 2 dny
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Před 2 dny
Bruh you’re goated when I say the goodbye video I was heartbroken. Like omg. You’re my favorite zombies youtuber or youtuber ever. We love you Noah. Don’t go please
peter joyce
peter joyce Před 2 dny
Spoiler alert. Money , It's all about the money. There, you can go onto another video now.
Cog Gunner
Cog Gunner Před 3 dny
Welcome back
Unrealconan Před 3 dny
been watching you for years noah i grew up watching you bro thanks for keeping strong brother ❤️
A.j. Leblanc
A.j. Leblanc Před 3 dny
I watched the end video and I felt like what you said here was likely the reason for the departure. Life can be such a grind and we sometimes have trouble stopping and thinking about ourselves and who we really are. All I can say, as someone who has been around this community for a long time, is that who you are Noah is an amazing person. I know your videos and streams have always been stuff I look forward to and I try to like all of them and support what you do as much as I can. There is a proverb about a pebble being dropped in a calm lake and sending ripples outward and that is what your content does for all of us. I never really thought of it from the pebbles perspective until now but that pebble likely struggles to see the ripples it creates and hopefully all these comments helped you see the ripples you create in this world. Much love and never stop being you Noah.
Mitchell H
Mitchell H Před 3 dny
Hands down great guy! Thanks for the amazing videos
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Před 3 dny
Dude you make money playing video games. I better never see you complain ever again.
Lifereaper7 !
Lifereaper7 ! Před 3 dny
Thank you for being real and honest.
festus ewere
festus ewere Před 3 dny
Good one
JORDXI Před 3 dny
Dan Phred
Dan Phred Před 3 dny
It's true. Honestly this channel is a very positive place to be. The kindness you show the viewers and other streamers you play with lifts up my spirit.
Sesario Hernandez
Sesario Hernandez Před 3 dny
I’m confused I thought that you were always here
Ivory uncut
Ivory uncut Před 3 dny
You have such obnoxious thumbnails dude, why??
Jonny Russo
Jonny Russo Před 3 dny
you makin me cry dog
Deak Před 3 dny
Wtf man stop crying
Anthony Draze
Anthony Draze Před 3 dny
Thank you noah we need good content creators like you I found you late and I'm happy I did THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Connor Rowley
Connor Rowley Před 3 dny
If it wasent for your entertainment and videos my anxiety and depression would have got me down even worse
Merch On DAVE
Merch On DAVE Před 3 dny
Bruh you’re goated when I say the goodbye video I was heartbroken. Like omg. You’re my favorite zombies youtuber or youtuber ever. We love you Noah. Don’t go please
Chris Sunter
Chris Sunter Před 4 dny
Glad to see it
Cliff Moore
Cliff Moore Před 4 dny
God I love you Noah ❤️❤️
miko foin
miko foin Před 3 dny
That lasted a day
SwiftXBreezy Před 4 dny
Yo Noah so I sell a health insurance and our main goal is H.O.P.E (Helping other people everyday) build that as your new goal and everything will be great!
Zeus Tha God
Zeus Tha God Před 4 dny
How about you don't come back .
Shane Fowler
Shane Fowler Před 4 dny
Dude you make money playing video games. I better never see you complain ever again.
Skies Před 4 dny
Play zombies
Sturgill Před 4 dny
Had a terrible childhood for the most part, me and my brothers had parents on drugs,, etc. My parents OD and I have custody of them now and some of the greatest childhood memories I have is watching your zombie videos and playing with my friend. Super glad your back man!
Immoral R A G E
Immoral R A G E Před 4 dny
Aye man I’ve watched you for so damn long. You’ve inspired everyone that watches you to keep moving forward. Noah your a role model to so many peers. It’s okay to take time to yourself so you can find ways to create content. Over the years I’ve from watching you and everyone I’ve learned they make the best content when they’re enjoying it. I agree with you I would’ve done the same or until someone slapped and said something to change my mind. Ik im behind on this but whatever you chose Noah just know everyone supports you fully. Don’t forget about your happiness for our happiness bro. Love you dawg you’ve inspired 5 million people let’s see if you can teach that 10 million!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🙏🙏
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Před 4 dny
Bruh came faster than a zombies after round 50
Divyansh Shukla
Divyansh Shukla Před 4 dny
Why is there 0 comments?
Pixxelz__ Před 4 dny
We love you Noah ❤️
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Před 4 dny
I deadass cried when you left you’re one of my favourite CSshowsrs so glad to see you back bro!!
Tony Lundy
Tony Lundy Před 4 dny
Knew it
felixbou6911288 Před 4 dny
I'm glad that you are not going to leave. Your videos got me and my kids closer by playing zombies thank you for the work you put in.
Justin Zomba
Justin Zomba Před 4 dny
joe s
joe s Před 4 dny
So there was no money outside of CSshows huh.... lmao
Jude Lizowski
Jude Lizowski Před 4 dny
The man says he leaving and then come back the next day classic
chiken man fred
chiken man fred Před 5 dny
That lasted a day
doire aintu
doire aintu Před 5 dny
you really helps me get through all of that. Thank you for everything you do.
Jorge Reyes
Jorge Reyes Před 5 dny
Shmewyy Před 5 dny
Don’t come back to CSshows join StoryFire 🔥 we’d love to have you
Nivane H
Nivane H Před 5 dny
Called this
Andreaus Santos
Andreaus Santos Před 5 dny
I’m not f****** leaving
Ultra Před 5 dny
I've watched you since black ops 2 its been a long time my man you have done alot for alot of people you let alot of people escape and get away from all the toxic things life brings
Tonic Water
Tonic Water Před 5 dny
goonaffliated7 Před 5 dny
Cappers gonna cap
PladeTheMellon Před 5 dny
I deadass cried when you left you’re one of my favourite CSshowsrs so glad to see you back bro!!
ThotKilla420 Před 5 dny
Thanks Noah
Tareq Kaniche
Tareq Kaniche Před 5 dny
Noah I’ve been whatching you for years opon years now bro I love you and your video Ive seen how much you’ve blown up and I’m proud even tho you don’t know me I’m still proud
Tareq Kaniche
Tareq Kaniche Před 5 dny
And you’ve never changed the way you act and play you stay the same for years and that’s what I love thank you noah
Andre Fourie
Andre Fourie Před 5 dny
Man thanks u mean alot and you understand alot aswell so Noah much love
TechBench Před 5 dny
Let's be real here.. Rent was due. Impulsive decisions lmao
MattZangetsu C
MattZangetsu C Před 5 dny
We love you so much Noah im so glad your back
Kell Vaughn
Kell Vaughn Před 5 dny
I can’t even explain how happy I am to see this Noah.
Kaygee EST 9 9
Kaygee EST 9 9 Před 5 dny
Love you bro! Ur the most beautifull yt’ber ever. Dont let this ‘changed world’ let u get down and unsecure, take breaks from yt how much u would like, but i swear even i’m waiting on a daily base for noah content, you let people be free in their head while watching you do everything u love to do bro. We will love and support you through all
pardon me
pardon me Před 5 dny
Retire fam you ruined Easter eggs on cod
Henry Uchiha
Henry Uchiha Před 5 dny
You are such an unbelievable human! Dude I am so happy you are not leaving us! You are very needed! Firm handshakes!
TristenNator Před 5 dny
You were for too long thank god your back (:
ツTvcxs Před 5 dny
Thank god you’re not leaving CSshows you have helped me so much you stream always make me happy and a few years ago when I got hit by a car I were the only CSshows I watched the whole time in the hospital
Christian Perez
Christian Perez Před 5 dny
Okay I missed a week of videos I see the end and why I came back in the same week. You made a decision without including 5m people who have ur back. Doesn’t sit right.
Antonio Goulet
Antonio Goulet Před 5 dny
he need money XDD bruh...
Eldinii Před 5 dny
your a beauty mate. keep it up.
Rowan Mortensen
Rowan Mortensen Před 5 dny
Road to 10mill 🤙🤙
JazZy Plays
JazZy Plays Před 5 dny
We love you homie ❤️
Hamood Ali
Hamood Ali Před 5 dny
Keep it up bro
Lucas Sandoval
Lucas Sandoval Před 5 dny
So in summary. We all got Rick rolled
Loser Gaming
Loser Gaming Před 5 dny
Welcome back you made me want to start streaming and follow my dreams ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ghost Plays
Ghost Plays Před 6 dny
He read the comments that’s why he came back
Eli W789
Eli W789 Před 6 dny
Noah I really truly appreciate you and think you are truly a great guy and I know lots of people agree with me. We love you Noah. Thank you for being such a great guy and making our days brighter with each video posted.
K. Fuji'
K. Fuji' Před 6 dny
great to hear, lookin forward to more vidsss
Falcon Fire
Falcon Fire Před 6 dny
We need more people like this man even if he is corny and said corny like 10 times in one video we still need ALOT of people lile this man 😢😀
Aiden Petersen
Aiden Petersen Před 6 dny
Let's gooo
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson Před 6 dny
Awesome. I don't think anything else needs to be said, you are awesome
Nmoney93 The Legend
Sad another clickbaiter is back
s1k2a3t4e5r6 Před 6 dny
I’m so happy you’re back. You’re the only thing that saves me. Take care of you but we love you Noah.
Kedon Braden
Kedon Braden Před 6 dny
Thank you so much for coming back I cried when I seen that you was ending because man you were my child hood watching all of your cod zombie vids trying to out run you in the jig saw map on cod zombie 3 but never got past you man you was my life and helped me get past a lot and I hope you keep your videos going because I want me own kids to watch you as they grow up because if it could help me it can help our future generation
Preston McCartney
Preston McCartney Před 6 dny
soooooo green screen noah??!!!???
Mr.Predator Před 6 dny
I reccently discovered this dude and i cant stop wathcing him i am still watching his videos and i buyed BO 2 zombies becaouse of him so i can try Origins,tranzit and other maps. Plz dude dont leave,i started liking you and i just subbed to your channel.Much love from me and dont stop with YT.
Ivan Demendoza
Ivan Demendoza Před 6 dny
Most incompetent youtuber tbh
Mclovin42011 Před 6 dny
To be honest with you I’ve watched your videos for 12 years now and I’d hate to see you go your my favorite CSshowsr I honestly dream of the day that I get big enough on here that you’d be willing to play zombies with me you inspired me to start my CSshows journey please keep these going and dude word of advice take a vacation everyone needs a break once in a while
MINTY FRESH Před 6 dny
Bro if u wanted to just take a week off you coulda just said that 😐
Immortal Intelligence
Keep Going NoahJ your videos are everything to us
907 250r
907 250r Před 6 dny
Who are you? Never knew u left
Dandaa account
Dandaa account Před 6 dny
I subbed i love you! Keep going
michael peterson
michael peterson Před 6 dny
That's deep and very sincere!!! ❤️
BladeRain47 Před 6 dny
Your videos help by giving an escape for a bit. The puzzle solving, reactions, and any other things you have done. All of your videos that I've seen have been great. Glad you're coming back man.
omari winiavski
omari winiavski Před 6 dny
Bro omg thank u for coming back we can't go without u my dude
Griffin Money
Griffin Money Před 6 dny
The fact u actually made 2 videos like that😂. So weird
dolita windo
dolita windo Před 6 dny
This is why him and Tim are some of my favorites they help people and they spread the word of love and acceptance, it honestly feels good to see
unknowndy Před 6 dny
I knew the legend would come back within a week
PSGCorn Před 6 dny
The relief
dolita windo
dolita windo Před 6 dny
Go back
The End.
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