UFC 257 Free Fight: Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 1 

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Watch the first matchup between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor back at UFC 178 in 2014 when both fighters were featherweights on the rise. The lightweight rematch goes down at UFC 257 on Saturday, January 23 in Abu Dhabi.
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2. 01. 2021





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Andy Eduardo Molina Velasco
Fuck that, dustin touched clean twice, and Conor eat it like a champ, conor touched twice and dustin was in pluton.... That's the diference
Elvira Hancock
Elvira Hancock Před 7 minutami
Dustin takes the 2nd scrap in the 3rd round by TKO.
Gaya Pesona
Gaya Pesona Před 7 minutami
it's a drama fight 👎
An Arriving Winged Hussar
An Arriving Winged Hussar Před 27 minutami
Dustin got bonked, but maybe this time he will bonk McGregor?
talchemy Před 29 minutami
Crazy how nice and respectful everyone is treating Conor now. Finally people have admitted he's pretty damn good. I think even his haters miss him at this point 😂 Looking forward to the fight
Mohammad Shah
Mohammad Shah Před 53 minutami
None of those punches landed but the last hummer one and he was not unconscious he went of the leg
Aasif Khan
Aasif Khan Před hodinou
Extra 5 minute for Dana's son CondoMcTapper
mick gozza
mick gozza Před hodinou
Hammer fist on the back of the head did it!
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Před hodinou
Poirier took a fall. Watch it in slow motion. Connor doesnt even land the hook that dropped him.
Stoney Renegade
Stoney Renegade Před hodinou
This was very easy work for Connor.
Y209 AEX
Y209 AEX Před hodinou
Only 8 hours to go..................2
MrLockster21 Před hodinou
Mcgregor will destroy him he is much bigger hits way harder! Re matches normally go the same way
K Bonilla2.0
K Bonilla2.0 Před hodinou
Oh “ He clipped him.”
Ultimate fraud Crymier
I want conor to defeat khabib so that we get an even bigger third fight Let khabib win the third fight and retire as a good mixed martial artist
96d 96
96d 96 Před hodinou
Does anyone know how I can watch the new fight for free
Prateek Shetty
Prateek Shetty Před hodinou
Muhamad Zaenudin
Muhamad Zaenudin Před hodinou
Sports Muse
Sports Muse Před hodinou
Can’t wait for the fights tonight! If anyone is interested I’m going a live for the main card! Stop by and talk some mma!
Ron Mozingo
Ron Mozingo Před hodinou
Hell yeah
eded cabadbara
eded cabadbara Před hodinou
5:41 that moment when you realise you forget your wallet and you're far from your home
Mr. E
Mr. E Před hodinou
Stopped too early
Andrew Před 2 hodinami
Who y’all got tonight
Играй И Выигрывай
Я первый руский Конор чемпион 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Richard Fisher
Richard Fisher Před 2 hodinami
Pure luck I think that one
SSJCesar Před 2 hodinami
Same thing will happen again lol.
Tracey Marcell
Tracey Marcell Před 2 hodinami
Good luck let’s go boy
Eminem Awol27
Eminem Awol27 Před 2 hodinami
Jake Paul doesn’t have a chance.
Chaos2029 Před 2 hodinami
The eye and strike of the tiger 🐅 Not in round 2
Юрий Киселев
Юрий Киселев Před 2 hodinami
Биба и боба
MellyTDE *
MellyTDE * Před 2 hodinami
Lmaoo who else looked this up after seeing 2 next to Connor and Dustin
Taaha 63
Taaha 63 Před 3 hodinami
watch the khabib McGregor fight after this to see how good khabib is
M O Před 3 hodinami
blows the the back of the head. conor is a fake a cheat
Re Mo
Re Mo Před 3 hodinami
Pt2 is gona be wicked!!😎
rizingsun tatsuya
rizingsun tatsuya Před 3 hodinami
Kellz Před 3 hodinami
Man, i really miss Goldie/Rogan
Steve Muniz
Steve Muniz Před 3 hodinami
He barely hit him this was a shit fight !
Hermiena de muizenheks
Hermiena de muizenheks Před 3 hodinami
Conor's hair: Ragnar lothbrok
Nice fixed fight Dana 👍 Conor didn’t even connect and Dustin went down 🤔
Kylo Rem Gaming
Kylo Rem Gaming Před 4 hodinami
Why are they getting a second fight? Lol they are not the same animal
Che Armani
Che Armani Před 4 hodinami
3:27 " just like that" and same time conor with the perfect gestures
Hunter Thibodeaux
Hunter Thibodeaux Před 4 hodinami
Dustin from where I live. Pretty cool.
Jared Chan
Jared Chan Před 4 hodinami
where can i watch the 2nd one free lol
Fly ga
Fly ga Před 4 hodinami
Nice fight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shawn Mcginnity
Shawn Mcginnity Před 4 hodinami
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas Před 4 hodinami
Same way tonight!! KO. 2nd round! @model_me_365
Javed khan
Javed khan Před 4 hodinami
You should remember khabib world champion fighter🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
fougee1 Před 4 hodinami
Don't waste your money the 2nd fight will be the same outcome. Fight will be over 2 minutes first round!
SN Integex
SN Integex Před 4 hodinami
i feel like fake fight. Both acting.
alex barredo
alex barredo Před 5 hodinami
Same thing will happened in rematch
Ray Rivera
Ray Rivera Před 5 hodinami
I was so confused by the title.... *facepalms*
Dougie D crypto analyst XRP fan
Mcgregor already wins fight... Dustins been paid off handsomely to lose. This is a business.. Mcgregors fights pull in more money than dustin ever would. Comment tomorrow when this is over.. You heard it here first
gulfam raza
gulfam raza Před 5 hodinami
Man conor is cool 😎
speedforce games
speedforce games Před 5 hodinami
Joe rogan had nothing but good to say about connor since connor called him out on how he commentates lmao
Viveros Alcalá Silvia Rocio
SkimShark Mic
SkimShark Mic Před 5 hodinami
How come Conor McGregor has never been interviewed on Joe Rogan before? Would make for one awesome podcast so seems kinda crazy it's not happened (least as far as I know!)
John Kazen
John Kazen Před 6 hodinami
Every shot but last all illegal back of the head
Josh Jones
Josh Jones Před 6 hodinami
Man the amount of Ufc content I've consumed in the last few days is nothing short of insane 😂🤣😂
Humble_Garden Před 5 hodinami
Me too lol. I want Dustin to win. But I reckon the ref will stop the fight again! 😒
Pinoy Trends
Pinoy Trends Před 6 hodinami
this is a cook game how the hell porier knock down he didnt even get a hit. he just crouch and act like he was knocked out
Carl Před 7 hodinami
@ 5:38 before the announcement, did Connor lose a tooth?
Must Rästas
Must Rästas Před 7 hodinami
gregors opponents are almost all paid to lose....and in our history khabib did not let him to buy off
Norse drengr
Norse drengr Před 7 hodinami
That went so fast
NERITAN XHANI Před 7 hodinami
he is baldur of god of war
Kahmal Tosis
Kahmal Tosis Před 4 hodinami
Fr tho huh
Sam Před 8 hodinami
Smh conor gained 7 pounds since this fight i dont think hes in shape anymore 🙄
Akbar Ahmed
Akbar Ahmed Před 2 hodinami
They’re fighting at a higher weight they’re both at 155 for number2
Jason Sensation
Jason Sensation Před 8 hodinami
Connor was feared during this time. Dustin looks scared.
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi Před 8 hodinami
Someone remind me why they’re fighting again?
Dylan Maclellan
Dylan Maclellan Před 8 hodinami
I don't see or understand how or why Dustin went down. Nothing happened
bork laser
bork laser Před 2 hodinami
@Dylan Maclellan well thats what a sudden strike to the Cerrebelum causes
Dylan Maclellan
Dylan Maclellan Před 2 hodinami
@bork laser I saw that. Looked like it bearly touched him
bork laser
bork laser Před 2 hodinami
7:54 in 0.25 speed . he hit him in the back off the head he lost balance and the rest was history
Bill Cross
Bill Cross Před 8 hodinami
😂it was a ghost
Kaimiloa B.
Kaimiloa B. Před 9 hodinami
...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor Jake Paul, you know damn well he was waiting for a mention so he could feel a little bit relevant amongst his 12 year old fans 😎
Ben Firth
Ben Firth Před 9 hodinami
Jalal Saripada
Jalal Saripada Před 9 hodinami
Абдурахим Ысаев
Gerardo Ruiz Ramos
Gerardo Ruiz Ramos Před 9 hodinami
Pero es que nadie le va a ganar al podrio ese? tengo que ir yo?
YallKnowD6 Před 10 hodinami
Lol imagine Ireland vs usa 🇺🇸 we all kno who would rlly win 😭😂usa they fear no one will take em off the map 😭
Wzrd_Games Před 8 hodinami
Ye you've obviously never gone to Ireland lmao🤣😭🤣😭
3Xcollasso Před 10 hodinami
if dustin can survive the first 2 rds, conor will slow down, then dustin can close in on conor and strike/ or take conor down for the victory
nova corbe
nova corbe Před 10 hodinami
Daeva Path
Daeva Path Před 10 hodinami
I still don't know how khabib made Connor look like an average fighter. Too bad
Dim357 Před 7 hodinami
Cause mostly of chicken's opponents have to dive to make him shine and make ufc huge profit.
Kyle DL
Kyle DL Před 9 hodinami
Cause Khabib is in the wrong weight class. He kills himself to make weight. He should really be in the welterweight division
remsibremsi Před 10 hodinami
Joey Racs
Joey Racs Před 10 hodinami
Connor is way past his prime. He should do boxing, not UFC
Varinyam Pandey
Varinyam Pandey Před 10 hodinami
Conor wasn't even as good as he was in his welter weight fight here
The Shape
The Shape Před 11 hodinami
Conor is going orthodox in the new fight. Puts his lethal hand at a quick jabbing distance. HERE WE GOOO
Серега Иванов
Серега Иванов Před 11 hodinami
Я так не понял Конор попал по нему
Duke J
Duke J Před 11 hodinami
If you watch close 90% of McGregor's offense is karate .
坂田銀時 Před 11 hodinami
Jon Davie
Jon Davie Před 11 hodinami
Michael Johnson knocked out Dustin in the first round too! No way he wins
Jay Murthy
Jay Murthy Před 11 hodinami
Something about getting hit behind the ear. It destabilized sooo many fighters. Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder etc.
Fırat Před 12 hodinami
Zeishurra Hallowell
Zeishurra Hallowell Před 12 hodinami
Wtf i just realize now dustin currently fights the same as this fight long ago... How is he gona win this rematch..
우리놀자 Před 12 hodinami
Im_ StarBoy24
Im_ StarBoy24 Před 12 hodinami
How old is this fight
We are One
We are One Před 12 hodinami
Win or lose I’m still going to love them both after the fight.
mahan zare
mahan zare Před 12 hodinami
look its all minds game,they both had respect and shaked hands after fight
mahan zare
mahan zare Před 12 hodinami
that crazy hungry conor,miss him
Card Cutter
Card Cutter Před 13 hodinami
So we gonna ignore the multiple strikes to the back of the head? Go to -4:12 mark and slow down playback speed for better viewing
ХАЙПАРИК!! Před 13 hodinami
І шо це було???
Eddy Cervantea
Eddy Cervantea Před 13 hodinami
conor slapped him
XXVIIth Před 13 hodinami
Tomorrow McGregor will win 100% .
CADCluEs Před 13 hodinami
Mcgregor is the balder one now
J K Před 13 hodinami
This was before Nate and The Eagle and Mayweather beat Connor. I swore Khabib was going to take his life.
Varinyam Pandey
Varinyam Pandey Před 10 hodinami
No one asked bruh
baby hulk • comment 3 years ago
Punch dirrect behind ears, they dont hear where punch coming -Snoop Dogg
Rare Hecate
Rare Hecate Před 13 hodinami
conor has mike perry on his shirt at the end
The Plague Doctor Who Saved You All
I'm rooting for McGregor fir this Saturdays fight on January 24 2021 even though he may be a bit rusty i think McGregor still has it in him, hope yall enjoy this fight though👍🏻
Shahril Shah
Shahril Shah Před 14 hodinami
U.s....full of week man !!!!!
JAMES17 RAIDER Před 14 hodinami
And why are they fighting again???
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