Train Surfing Journey Across Croatia | Part 3 

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Edited by me.
Subtitles/mask by ChillyyViking ( ChillyyViking)

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17. 01. 2021





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Living_Jaime Před 2 hodinami
going train hopping in a week who coming
Axel. R.N.G
Axel. R.N.G Před 11 hodinami
You kept me up till 5:11 A.M. and I gotta work at 9:00 A.M. I haven't even close my eyes, but it's okay
Axel. R.N.G
Axel. R.N.G Před 11 hodinami
What a nice travel
Scientist Amitesh Raikwar
Scientist Amitesh Raikwar Před 12 hodinami
This guy teach when you don't have facilities and money to avail luxury than how to live life with available options
Jacquelin Meekis
Jacquelin Meekis Před 21 hodinou
3:19 that where sam n colby
Jacquelin Meekis
Jacquelin Meekis Před 21 hodinou
Hey mami Try more surfing
Eli Perkins
Eli Perkins Před dnem
These videos make me feel nostalgic about memories and experiences that I’ve never had
Andrew Gentile
Andrew Gentile Před dnem
1 millionth view POG
WombRaider Před dnem
I'm being really selfish but please invest in a camera with a nightmode I wanna see the beautiful countries during the night. Thanks for the content, it's as if I'm training surfing with you, I'm 18 now and before I hit 20 I'm deffo train surfing and going wherever the train takes me
SnowPhoenix Před 2 dny
23:12 im down
Kyotairu Před 2 dny
man how am i glad that they prioritize not dying over content
Dexter Liu
Dexter Liu Před 2 dny
I love that poison asked you" is it still worm" ? pure joy you guys having there, I felt so happy watching your video
Nathan Burdick
Nathan Burdick Před 2 dny
My guys phone always connected
Brennan Flynn
Brennan Flynn Před 2 dny
dude did not take a dump once
fatdragin Před 2 dny
14:28 you getting that close to the wheel freaked me out
John Citizen
John Citizen Před 2 dny
I'll wager the bulk of those "bullet holes" are from shrapnel
Therese Aurora Jensen
2 ep then age restriction :(
Duffer Před 2 dny
23:10 Damn Damn... we should... fuck! 👉👈
Kelg Has a mental breakdown
My man is playing subway surfers in real life bro
Maybe Před 3 dny
Something is wrong!!! Riding a train legally 1:44 ? I think it is called illegal legal
StormCrusher94 Před 3 dny
Never seen someone eat Mesni narezak or Pašteta alone with a spoon. No wonder it didn't taste good.
Ltm_king92 Před 3 dny
I wonder if they have ever met other train surfers
Damn dude every train surfing video you get seen by worker's.. Your way to reckless ..no way I would travel with you.. You've screwd it up many times for poison..
Pachi Selare
Pachi Selare Před 3 dny
man: climbs probably a 3 story's tower roof me: can't even climb a 2 meter garage
galaxyhammstertrd Před 4 dny
You been to my hometown gospić 9:30 - 10:50
Cecilek Před 4 dny
I wonder how he charges his stuff
Wally Fone
Wally Fone Před 4 dny
this is really entertaining
ALIAR Před 4 dny
Its clean
Rahul Sultane
Rahul Sultane Před 4 dny
Views were really so satisfying thnx guys luv you n take care
Mote Před 4 dny
I watched part 1 and 2 on my laptop but 3 needed to sign in so im watching on phone. My phones screen quality is much better than my shitty laptop. This is HD now
hajokhun 2
hajokhun 2 Před 4 dny
4:23 good album cover
Tommy Hutchinson
Tommy Hutchinson Před 5 dny
I admire you spirit of adventure. But please be careful . One wrong step and you’re hamburger meat .
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Před 5 dny
Bro you gonna end up looking like a cat
Kain V
Kain V Před 5 dny
U have to be banned for advocacy of suicide through advocacy of ignorance of safety precautions
Beef Testosterone
Beef Testosterone Před 5 dny
I finally found what I want to do in the future
Prisoner The 1st
Prisoner The 1st Před 5 dny
Lots of dogs in Croatia I see!
Caleb Reddy
Caleb Reddy Před 5 dny
Passenger cars are for the week
Kaelum McCreanor
Kaelum McCreanor Před 5 dny
Why dies the guy without the camera have his face blurred?
Mike Ock
Mike Ock Před 6 dny
23:11 "damn we should... fuck"
The SuperHero
The SuperHero Před 6 dny
His life so awesome
bandito dorito
bandito dorito Před 6 dny
why do you sound like nathan drake while yelling
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Před 6 dny
This is like a blog but like 200 times better
MyFavoriteMusic Před 6 dny
This is so fucking awesome. I watched the first 2 parts last night and I can't wait to watch more after this! I've recently wanted to Interrail across Europe and if something, this only strengthens that will to do that. Thank you for these awesome videos!
AmEugene Před 6 dny
Shiey exploring almost every mans dream while we are in our houses on our phones. Swagggg
Bhanji Youtube
Bhanji Youtube Před 6 dny
My Anxiety levels are at the sky
Lizzywasrented c:
Lizzywasrented c: Před 6 dny
Watching these make me cry. It’s just watching the thrill but also calm energy. It’s like one of those things where you would put on your bucket list but never do because you dont want to actually do it
OofMart Před 6 dny
23:10 "Dam- we should fuck"
Might -E
Might -E Před 6 dny
i could watch this content for days without end
Hexical Cat
Hexical Cat Před 6 dny
Welp that’s Europe for ya- whole lotta nothing 😂
John Citizen
John Citizen Před 2 dny
What are you talking about?
LOLit'sJoe XD
LOLit'sJoe XD Před 6 dny
why age restriction tho?
Michael Weiler
Michael Weiler Před 7 dny
I took a passenger train from Zagreb to Split in 2013. I was sleeping and when I woke up I was soaked, because it rained through the roof^^
I'm a snorlaxian
I'm a snorlaxian Před 7 dny
This man has a Magic Bag that thing is like endless you fit a ton of canned food a hammock a go pro a giant bottle of water and more and it all fits so well in ur bag
Dallas132 Před 7 dny
9:30 this dude in the bottom left was vibing just going about his day unaware almost 1million people were gonna watch him
Spooon Před 7 dny
My mans playing Dayz irl
ryan Před 7 dny
You should invest in spam
Tanja Milosevic
Tanja Milosevic Před 8 dny
noooo i cant watch it for some reason :(
William Kalagayan
William Kalagayan Před 8 dny
James Eliason
James Eliason Před 8 dny
Why blur the other guy? its just Anton lmao
Avent Christ
Avent Christ Před 8 dny
The scenery is just beautiful
Ghostx gaming
Ghostx gaming Před 8 dny
Raiban Před 8 dny
Only 1 mil views!? This man has contributed so much for such a small amount
marax Před 9 dny
they will think that you are immigrants and call the police..
RAIACAD0564 Před 9 dny
23:09 I've never heard Shiey swear angrily like that before, I didn't even know his voice could sound like that lol.
Mason Garrelts
Mason Garrelts Před 9 dny
Iwan Kurniawan Martono
Forest or old abandoned building. In Indonesia. You need to think about ghost.
Sharpe007 Před 10 dny
Does “Poison” just have a really deep voice or was that put in while editing the video?
SushiiUnavailable Před 7 dny
I believe it was edited to help keep his identity safe
Crazycollin 101
Crazycollin 101 Před 10 dny
I feel like Croatia is enclosed with mountains as it boarders
Bigg Dawg
Bigg Dawg Před 13 dny
Not hobo Also them:eat animal food
Gerafe Před 13 dny
Why is it age restricted though??
kile Před 12 dny
Because what they're doing is illegal and youtube doesnt want to show kids these types of stuff
PopeTart Před 13 dny
How do you know where the trainsa re gonna take you?
Juha Leskinen
Juha Leskinen Před 14 dny
This is the video when it all blew up. This is just a normal tourist channel to get people travelling. Too sad.
Juha Leskinen
Juha Leskinen Před 14 dny
That sleeping place you had you can rent it like few bucks like the whole place.
Filip gaming games
Filip gaming games Před 14 dny
Thanks for good video... We watch you in my school.
Eternal Gaming
Eternal Gaming Před 14 dny
These are the videos i watch at 1am
Jennifer McCause
Jennifer McCause Před 14 dny
Coolest guy in the world
That Jaden Player
That Jaden Player Před 14 dny
Khris Na prayogo
Khris Na prayogo Před 14 dny
Luar biasa sekali anda, tidak takut dan terus melangkah. Keren!
Emil Altanov
Emil Altanov Před 14 dny
So I hope you’re still going to Greece and I think you should go through Bulgaria beacuse it’s big and also it’s better than Macedonia beacuse there’s more to see and it’s in the eu so yeah won’t have to pay a shit ton of money for roaming internet so yeah hopefully you see this
Abin Abstract
Abin Abstract Před 15 dny
"goooooood Moring" i can hear that word.
joeker022 Před 15 dny
If u can find a way to intrigate night vision would be dope to get better night views while u surfing but otherwise g8 vids
didisgravato Před 15 dny
17:57 (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
Stick Dog
Stick Dog Před 15 dny
What happens if they get caught in the train?
Infinite Snipez ツ
Infinite Snipez ツ Před 14 dny
Fined or arrested pretty sure
jimy_loco45 the killer
Hi bro I love your videos
K R Před 16 dny
"This does not taste good," says Shiey, eating radioactive orange mystery ~something~ out of a can, as if he expected otherwise.. 🤣
HeadShot Před 16 dny
What go pro is he even using?
Rj Melton
Rj Melton Před 16 dny
15:28 the mountain in the background looks like to one from forza horizon 4
Raiden,s world
Raiden,s world Před 16 dny
Yeah I would not being that
Raiden,s world
Raiden,s world Před 16 dny
I'm fixing start my youtube channel Feb 29
T.F. ARTWORK Před 17 dny
Imagine if he dropped his camera off one if the trains. Damn. That would suck.
Domino Před 17 dny
for all of It to end at the water is soo poetic.
LÈØM Před 17 dny
Have to visit crotia one day, ima add that on my bucket list
Zaki Před 18 dny
𝚆𝚘𝚠... 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔𝚜 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚛𝚒𝚍𝚎 𝚊𝚕𝚘𝚗𝚐 😊🥰
Silvie Collinn
Silvie Collinn Před 18 dny
this gives me so much anxiety, but holy shit, what you're doing is so cool!
Sora Před 18 dny
When I get older I’m going to train surf
[Alexthekittycat 1]
[Alexthekittycat 1] Před 18 dny
15:15 you look like kakashi sensei from naruto kinda
Andrei JUXTAPUS Před 19 dny
I wish i could do what shiey does, just going anywhere whenever he wants and escape the shitty society and the boring life, but im too young to go on my own for now...
ScopedTiger R6
ScopedTiger R6 Před 19 dny
This is so addicting to watch
Mile Hund
Mile Hund Před 19 dny
Send message next time in Croatia
Spyro the Dragon
Spyro the Dragon Před 20 dny
18:29 is that some kind of tunnel/cave on the right?
ItzLowell08 Před 20 dny
Me playing gta
T P Před 21 dnem
17:34 is that Krbava Field? There was a great historical fight between the Ottomans and Croatia in 1493 there
Beautiful Heart Soothing Recitations
how the hell is everything you crossed abandoned lmao "Look a chimney ... not a working factory, an ABANDONED factory of course..."
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