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3rd single from debut EP 'The Kids Are Coming' smarturl.it/TKAC.preorder
'Never Seen The Rain': smarturl.it/Tones.NSTR
Produced by Visible Studios
Director: Nick Kozakis and Liam Kelly
Cinematographer: Carl Allison
Producers: Fabiana Weiner and Tim Whiting
1st AD: Robert Fantozzi
Gaffer: Scott Pope
1st AC: Julian Terblanche
2nd AC: Emily Munroe
HMUA: Danielle Ruth and Tarryn Barbieri
Editor: Nick Kozakis
Colourist: Tim Whiting
BTS: Anthony Littlechild, Zac Hoodwolf and Amrit Mahendra
Mechanic: Faye Ray
Mother: Katrina Mathers
Broken Heart: Charles Terrier
Lost Youth: Alex Wilson
Distracting Customer: Kurt Harbord
King Junkie: Steve Clements
Mechanic Boss: Glen Stephens
Rollerama Employee: Carlia Capozza
Baby: Rye Dyson
Ex-Girlfriend: Seon Williams
Pleb junkie: Joyce Northey
Extras: Tashkin Hassan, Guy Toledano, Kade Bogie, Jackson Haughton, Hayden Clarke, Matt Booker
Don't forget to subscribe to my channel: smarturl.it/TonesAndI.YT
Join the fan club: bit.ly/2tL6gAW
Contact Management Worldwide:
Lemon Tree Music + Artists Only
Song written and performed by Tones And I
Engineered, mixed and produced by Konstantin Kersting
Mastered by Andrei Eremin
All, your life no
You couldn’t be mad about it
You’ve been sailing sailing oh
You couldn’t be sad about it
And it’s been all this time
And you haven’t lived without it
You are shining, shining it seems though
That your life, you’ve found it
No oh oh oh
But you’ve never
No you’ve never seen the rain
No, oh oh oh but you’ve never, no you’ve never
Seen the rain
And it gets you down
But that’s ok
You’ve been pushed round
You feel the pain
And when you fall
Just lean on me
Cause you’ve never known
Never seen
Never smelt
Never felt
The rain
Rain, never felt the rain, rain rain
Its a cold dark night and
No ones tryin’ find ya
You’re just coasting coasting by
Cause nothing seems to mind ya
No oh oh oh
But you’ve never
No you’ve never seen the rain
No, oh oh oh but you’ve never, no you’ve never
Seen the rain
And it gets you down
But that’s ok
You’ve been pushed round
You feel the pain
And when you fall
Just lean on me
Cause you’ve never known
Never seen
Never smelt
Never felt
The rain
Rain, never felt the rain, rain rain
And it gets you down
But that’s ok
You’ve been pushed round
You feel the pain
And when you fall
Just lean on me
Cause you’ve never known
Never seen
Never smelt
Never felt
The rain
Rain, never felt the rain, rain rain


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7. 08. 2019





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Irina Röder
Irina Röder Před 5 hodinami
cool music
Clara Lamb
Clara Lamb Před dnem
This is an awesome song I love her voice ever since I heard dance monkey I have been listening to her
Aiden Johnson
Aiden Johnson Před 3 dny
Angelo Aristocleous
my old sounded ocword boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Angelo Aristocleous
like new speaker 🔊 i like my one
Angelo Aristocleous
i like it
Angelo Aristocleous
nickolas mccombe
nickolas mccombe Před 4 dny
You are so beautiful and talented. I only hope the best for you. Always hit those hard notes
Dino WAYNE Před 6 dny
Probably the best tones and i song.
Jonni Peterson
Jonni Peterson Před 6 dny
Love I Tones
Jonni Peterson
Jonni Peterson Před 6 dny
Jonni Peterson
Jonni Peterson Před 6 dny
I love her songs
Michelle Před 6 dny
Her voice in this song makes her sound so young. 💜✨ truly my favorite song of her so far
Hari Wilson
Hari Wilson Před 7 dny
selma souza de jesus
Remember Cindy Lauper...Yeah!
Jessica Cage
Jessica Cage Před 10 dny
I want this song at my funeral
Destiny Landry
Destiny Landry Před 13 dny
Stop making music
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Thea Saikali
Thea Saikali Před 14 dny
I know that the song is so long on CSshows but hear to this everyday I love it ❤️💓💞⚡☁️🦋💧🌂🌦️☔🌧️🌩️
nickolas mccombe
nickolas mccombe Před 15 dny
You make me so proud to share your music. You are a once in a lifetime musician. I love
Donna Edwards
Donna Edwards Před 16 dny
Have you ever met her I have and she’s suck without auto tune
Donna Edwards
Donna Edwards Před 16 dny
Your all fucking sick
Jackie Colon
Jackie Colon Před 18 dny
I totally relate to the mother with her baby.. mamas we are trying our best.
Iburahim Md
Iburahim Md Před 13 dny
Love you
Sweepout - Games & Mukbangs
I literally hate this song so much! It plays at work at MINIMUM once and hour! It is so beyond annoying at this point!
Guess who?
Guess who? Před 16 dny
That would be annoying
Dec Johnson
Dec Johnson Před 21 dnem
Lk’’ qWsawaASazaddx x. X,.W K L K . S z.iPodiZ L,,lslqiutqaz🌤🫒🫒🥔
Barry Macockiner
Barry Macockiner Před 23 dny
The threatening peen intracellularly clear because scanner additionaly arrest notwithstanding a fanatical engine. quirky, filthy range
Yasmine Před 24 dny
SMILE Před 24 dny
Pierre Voorbij
Pierre Voorbij Před 25 dny
Tones touched again my heart.....
Skelly Is Mystic
Skelly Is Mystic Před 25 dny
Wtf this is so underrated
Lorah Barber
Lorah Barber Před 27 dny
I LOVE EVERYTHING about this song and film clip. You can feel the emotion in it and if you look close enough you can see every little detail. I could watch over and over again. Adore it 💕
Madison Jones
Madison Jones Před 29 dny
I love this song so so much
cRaToS Před 29 dny
I just wanna thank u for that voice of urs and these beautiful words
Martin T
Martin T Před 29 dny
It’s not that ‘nobody knows this song’ it’s that none has opened their eyes yet and that’s your job.. Open their eyes.
SMILE Před měsícem
WOW. 😍😭❤😎☺😁
SMILE Před měsícem
Moun zebiri
Moun zebiri Před měsícem
They don't like pure pop songs they use to see boobs butts and sexual tools as we know that half of the people in this planet have ads instead of brain or taste of music 👌👌👌👌👌
Noel Forbes
Noel Forbes Před měsícem
You have a good voice
Banihilal Před měsícem
Never seen Never smelt Never felt The thunder
Gerda Rauhut
Gerda Rauhut Před měsícem
Great 👍👍🤗
SMILE Před měsícem
Peggy McDermott
Peggy McDermott Před měsícem
I am back and still loving the song.
Emma Berger
Emma Berger Před měsícem
I love this song tone and I never seen the rain
Amanda Lockard
Amanda Lockard Před měsícem
Just found this song & I love it! Powerful lyrics
Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin Před měsícem
This song is good,❤️
SMILE Před měsícem
Reza Parsaee
Reza Parsaee Před měsícem
I heard this first last year right after the long drought and the bushfires that raged across our land. Even before the fires, I really missed a proper a rain. I checked the forecast everyday just to see a - seemingly - neverending row of sunny days. And then there was fire, for months. Rain radar started detecting smoke and Sydney air smelled like it. Many of the hardy plants including younger Ecaliptus trees in city wiltered or went completely yellow. It was hard to see these icons of resistence give up. In mid January, it finally started raining. A PROPER rain, rathat than 5 muddy drops. One that made you actually turn on your windscreen wiper, and one that made water run on streets, one that brought some releif to our exhausted firefighters. This song was quite on time. It made me cry, gave me goosebumps and still continues to do so. I hope we won't have another drought like that one for a long time to come. Didn't get the point of video though.
Brooke Harrison
Brooke Harrison Před měsícem
Great Southern land produces another great Southern songwriter brilliant tones and I keep up the good work
ItsKeishaShardae Před měsícem
heard this playing in meijer now i can’t stop listening
SMILE Před měsícem
Barbara Mahati Schäfer
Barbara Mahati Schäfer Před měsícem
That's a hell of a voice. This woman knows life and has something to tell. -- There is always light or rain.
Asmahan Carrim
Asmahan Carrim Před měsícem
I love it its my fav song ❤❤❤❤❤🏴🏴👍👍👍👌👌👌👌
Asmahan Carrim
Asmahan Carrim Před měsícem
SMILE Před měsícem
Quamaine Thomas
Quamaine Thomas Před měsícem
The whole world should hear this song
James Space
James Space Před měsícem
I work in retail. This song comes on twice a day. And this song also makes me want to kill myself more than any other
Moni Archer
Moni Archer Před měsícem
It has a good meaning behind it
Spread kindness
Spread kindness Před měsícem
babypinktae Před měsícem
And why is she not nominated for Grammys again???
Spread kindness
Spread kindness Před měsícem
sparkdala Před měsícem
this plays constantly at my retail job and I came here just to say that this style of singing is nails on a fucking chalkboard and should be Banned
sparkdala Před měsícem
@Spread kindness no
Spread kindness
Spread kindness Před měsícem
sparkdala Před měsícem
@Spread kindness yeah
Spread kindness
Spread kindness Před měsícem
Leanne Smith
Leanne Smith Před měsícem
sunflower 88
sunflower 88 Před měsícem
Love this chick just gets better n better 🤙
Spread kindness
Spread kindness Před měsícem
laurentia thiqmadam roman
Heard this today for the first time...shazam it..had to come listen to it again...😭❤ First the voice then the lyricz..combination deadly🎶💗
Mahjoub Naje
Mahjoub Naje Před měsícem
Im a fan Tons .. sorry for taking this long to find this song 😍
Kristal Martin
Kristal Martin Před měsícem
Your great. Words and tone is GOLD.⭐
The ree kid 2
The ree kid 2 Před měsícem
In my opinion this is the best song I have ever heard
Malissa Sain
Malissa Sain Před měsícem
First time I really listen to these guys 😅 there great why don't I hear this on radio more love ❣️💓💓💓😘😘😘😘💓💓💓 it
Kelly Willis
Kelly Willis Před měsícem
Your voice goes right to my soul..... I can feel your emotion in my bones! I’m hooked, addicted, obsessed, jonesing
Jo Jones
Jo Jones Před měsícem
Genius and genuine
Deyanira Salgado
Deyanira Salgado Před měsícem
I love it
Little Chess Mates
Little Chess Mates Před měsícem
Hoping this artist reaches the top.
César Laurent Mutondo
César Laurent Mutondo Před měsícem
To believe this song, these lyrics are meant for all of us
Jo Jones
Jo Jones Před měsícem
To believe this song, these lyrics are meant for all of us
avoriella Před měsícem
It's raining while I watch this, maybe I'm depressed???
music lover
music lover Před měsícem
Never seen the rain 🎶🎶🎶
Megan Jordan
Megan Jordan Před měsícem
I legit just bawled listening to this song wow shes amazing
selena Před měsícem
this is amazing , it needs billion viewers
Spread kindness
Spread kindness Před měsícem
Chrissy B
Chrissy B Před měsícem
Such a deep meaningful song...am in love with tones n i ,its like a ritual to me to listen to her everyday because she always makes you feel better 😁💕 thanks Toni...💕
gerard chirelli
gerard chirelli Před měsícem
I know it
Candy candy
Candy candy Před měsícem
Encore un succès ,,elle enchaîne...top cette voieeee moi j adoreeeeee 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Amari Před měsícem
I hear this song 5 times a day at work...now I’m forced to love it 😂😂
MR X Před měsícem
selena Před měsícem
why is this so?
Herdork Talktalk
Herdork Talktalk Před měsícem
Don't ever film those people again
Sue Bryce Bryce
Sue Bryce Bryce Před měsícem
Just love her music
arlothedino Před měsícem
I love this song. It's a happy sounding song but the lyrics are talking about how people aren't allowed to feel their emotions. The rain is associated with sadness and crying and Tones and I is just letting you know "hey, it's okay to be emotional and cry" and I love that. Crying is a natural way to relieve tension and trying to force yourself not to cry is what leads to a build up of stress.
Thomas Tewksbury
Thomas Tewksbury Před měsícem
This is literally my all time favourite song, and I cry all the time listening to this song. This is the first time watching the music video, and it screams everything I feel when I listen to this song. Such a beautiful piece of art.
Mauro Silva
Mauro Silva Před měsícem
The best song ^^
Mason Avery
Mason Avery Před měsícem
She makes me cry like baby
Sam Khan
Sam Khan Před měsícem
Still listening in 2021 😚😚😚
Rochelle Allen
Rochelle Allen Před měsícem
Barry Macockiner
Barry Macockiner Před měsícem
The secretive david causally level because pepper curiosly trouble astride a pushy cabinet. descriptive, stupid tree
Amber Beckford
Amber Beckford Před měsícem
Powerful song😍😍
MrPikachu YT
MrPikachu YT Před měsícem
Thanks to spotify playlists :) Love this song
Carley Před měsícem
I can relate to this..
Cecile Corbett
Cecile Corbett Před měsícem
I love this song it is a great one
Bambi Bambi
Bambi Bambi Před 2 měsíci
This song is so wonderful ❤️❤️❤️
Adam Watson
Adam Watson Před 2 měsíci
Dance monkey new song never seen the rain excellant x
Lisa Mccall
Lisa Mccall Před 2 měsíci
Rhis is so inspiring
TheLuctech Před 2 měsíci
Powerful and beautiful!
Mats Håverstad
Mats Håverstad Před 2 měsíci
This will be the last song i listen to in 2020.
Pammy Před 2 měsíci
I prefer the live version... slowed down perfection. Doesn't even sound like a song of today... amazing! I definitely did not associate it with the Dance Monkey artist 🙈
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