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Stream/download 'Fly Away' here: TonesAndI.lnk.to/FlyAway
Contact Management Worldwide:
Lemon Tree Music + Artists Only

Production Company: Visible Studios @visiblestudios
Directed by:
Nick Kozakis @nickkozakis
& Liam Kelly @liamkelly.x
Executive & Post Producer: Timothy Whiting @tim.whiting
Produced by: Fabiana Weiner @fabestelle
Cinematographer: Carl Allison @carlallison
Nick Kozakis
& Liam Kelly
1st AC: Anthony Littlechild
Focus Puller: Meg Perrott
Production Designer: Callum Preston @callumpreston
Art Asst: Mo Wyse
Costume Designer / Stylist: Eva Schelling @style_believa
Wedding Dress Designer: Holly Butler
1st AD: Madeline French
2nd AD: Robert Fantozzi
Sound Designer / Playback: John Servedio
Gaffer: Branco Grabovac
Best Boy: Scott Pope
Grip: Sean McGlynn
Lighting Asst.: Alexander Angliss-Wilson
MUA: Danielle Ruth @wowfx_makeup
MUA Asst:
Gina Nomachi
Jacquelene Tong
Molly Lee
Susan Hughes
VFX Supervisor: Theo Touren

Composite Artists:
Vince Bufalino
Theo Touren

Rotoscope Artist: Tom Downie
VFX Artist: Timothy Whiting
Colourist: Timothy Whiting
Unit Manager: Carlia Capozza
Behind the Scenes: Luke Jeffs & Jesse Leaman
Production Manager: Fabiana Weiner
Production Asst: Olivia Altavilla

Production Runners:
Emily Seif
Heshi Wijerathna
Production Coordinator / Location Scout: Emily Munroe
Risk Advisor: Trent Bekis
CovidSafe Monitor: Olivia Altavilla
Gear Hire:
Creative Head Rentals
Savage Film Services
Locavore Catering
Yum Catering by Elizabeth Andrews
Two Boys One Beagle Coffee Shop
Casting Director: Olivia Altavilla
Rommel Daroya
Fortuna Kebede
Philip Eastment
Ruby Vidor
Vateresio Tuikaba
Jacqui Whiting
Ashleigh Stewart
Carlia Capozza
Choir Organiser: Alice Blake
Ian Lee
Judd Field
Josh Gullo
Stasia Lilomaiava
Michaela Jayde
Holly Clarkson
Akosia Sabet
Tristan Kellart
Amy Kuruvilla
Mareshah Lawton
Nat Delahunty
Randi Lilomaiave
Abbie Thorpe
Kurt Harbord
Marietta Ouzas
George Kozakis
Chrissy Kozakis
Eleni Modinos
Julia Ponte
Emily Seif
Nicholas Peric
Ronn Kurtz
Vateresio Tuikaba
Jack Katu
Henry Katu
Rye Dyson
Stephanie George
Robert Newbold
Annabelle Newbold
Ian Carpenter
Ollie Reading
Sunny S. Walia
Catherine Stone
Ernie Stone
Stephen Clements
Jacqueline Whiting
Luke Jeffs
Carlia Capozza
Stunt Coordinators / Wirework:
Showtech Australia
Tiny Good
Robyn Good
Gareth Lieberman
BTS Photographer: Anthony Littlechild
BTS Videographer: Luke Jeffs
BTS Director: Jesse Leaman
Special Thanks:
Jill Jiaquinta
John Giaquinta
Rod Micallef
Rohan Robertson
Amber Saunders
Tom David
Tony Coombs
Vince Clark
Zonzo Estate
Showtech Australia

Shot on RED Monstro


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12. 11. 2020





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Julie Tigermoon
Julie Tigermoon Před 2 měsíci
Love it 😻🥂🎵Great song another brilliant clip 💜
Diana Nyatichi
Diana Nyatichi Před 14 hodinami
Diana Nyatichi
Diana Nyatichi Před 14 hodinami
Bunny Chan:3
Bunny Chan:3 Před dnem
Vem aqui m
Cynthia Ballantyne
Cynthia Ballantyne Před 2 dny
@Tones And I love your songs great voice ❤️👍
Gabriela Vistrain
Gabriela Vistrain Před 3 dny
Anshul Narayan259
Anshul Narayan259 Před hodinou
anglahatngitoy lilipasdin
She sounds a lot like Ellie Goulding! 😁😊😊
Gianluca Paffumi
Gianluca Paffumi Před hodinou
Meravigliosa come sempre, come tutte le sue canzoni. Non puoi star fermo, non puoi non battere le mani, non puoi sonare volando lontano. Wonderful as always, like all his songs. You can't stand still, you can't not clap your hands, you can't play flying far away.
Ali Hameed Ali
Ali Hameed Ali Před 3 hodinami
sweetXtoxic bear
sweetXtoxic bear Před 4 hodinami
This voice omg 🙇🎵🎵🎶
Anders Jønsberg Nyquist
Anders Jønsberg Nyquist Před 4 hodinami
MDG da hadde dere vunnet🤗
MR X Před 13 hodinami
MR X Před 13 hodinami
MR X Před 13 hodinami
MR X Před 14 hodinami
Pesky Bird
Pesky Bird Před 17 hodinami
kind of overdone
Andy Yi
Andy Yi Před 20 hodinami
Lover her voice so much!
Evelyn Escobar peña
Evelyn Escobar peña Před 20 hodinami
Hello love dance moytey
UNICORN channel
UNICORN channel Před 22 hodinami
My favourite song now😘Thank's so mutch! You're the best singer i know! Love u!!!
BangBang Top
BangBang Top Před 23 hodinami
Elsker deg
Gilberto Silva
Gilberto Silva Před dnem
Linda maravilhosa,passa uma energia fantástica.te adoro
isuatam Před dnem
This song is overplayed on the radio. It's so fkn annoying now.
NoName #Schleich
NoName #Schleich Před dnem
I love you songs❤️I love you Musik ❤️💓
Alisha Mabel
Alisha Mabel Před dnem
TheTraveller09 Před dnem
Love her tunes but there is cognitive dissonance in talking about inclusion and then excluding based on unchangeable assets
avoriella Před dnem
Guy with nose ring has been on a ad.
__xntx nxx__
__xntx nxx__ Před dnem
I love this songs😍it just give me chills
ladidon_ لاديدون
ladidon_ لاديدون
mk. Před dnem
Like she’s an amazing singer but she just sounds like a baby groaning
FunkyFreak Před dnem
Dance monkey is the only song that made her famous, and that famousness is over, the guy with the song in my bones has only 36k subs while this chick with a terrible song has like million subs just because she is a chick. Plus she is a racist.
Amanda Life
Amanda Life Před dnem
Fly away 🎶🎶🎶🎶
Lilah Cary
Lilah Cary Před dnem
Is it just me or does this song seem like it would be good for a bushfire add?! Btw love the song keep the awesome work up!
Lilah Cary
Lilah Cary Před dnem
Ok just me :P
paula alexandra rueda romero
A Ahañ😕🤓😜 ññ
Chanel Nilsson
Chanel Nilsson Před dnem
Omg i just love this song 🎊💗 iam dancing to this song on my school 💗
Pas the Churro
Pas the Churro Před dnem
naynay ausgrl
naynay ausgrl Před dnem
Loved this from the first time I heard it. Her songs are all catchy ❤
Lucas_86 Před dnem
Shit song
Ian W
Ian W Před dnem
This ain’t it.
Roan Luimstra
Roan Luimstra Před dnem
Who’s here after the Apple event
Denise Rogers
Denise Rogers Před dnem
Nice song
Jon Bohon
Jon Bohon Před dnem
suspicious observers
The Kirby Family
The Kirby Family Před 2 dny
Tones and I~ you are so beautiful * sweet kind you make the world smile I love your music its amazing* 🤗🤗
smokey T
smokey T Před 2 dny
I think she's brilliant
Shubh Před 2 dny
Who's come after APPLE event lol
Michel Bablot
Michel Bablot Před 2 dny
OH LÀ LÀ ¡¡¡Que voz tienes!!!.... I can listen to a whole album.
shadman mirza
shadman mirza Před 2 dny
If you’re looking for something to inspire us all over again please let this be possible thanks 😊
shadman mirza
shadman mirza Před 2 dny
A massive fan thanks 🙏 love ya
Megan Jordan
Megan Jordan Před 2 dny
Seriously there isnt more views than this for real.......
JorVanne Před 2 dny
NL J Před 2 dny
Eleftheria Barla
Eleftheria Barla Před 2 dny
Cartoon voice 😂
hricbc xbxh
hricbc xbxh Před 2 dny
Lilah Cary
Lilah Cary Před 15 hodinami
Ellie Pain
Ellie Pain Před 2 dny
She doesn’t need autotune, autotune needs her ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹
Mikaele Milord
Mikaele Milord Před 2 dny
Wish I could like this song over and over again 💜
Peyman Kakavand
Peyman Kakavand Před 2 dny
Karen Manyin
Karen Manyin Před 3 dny
I love it ...this song is so cool
Hindi Me Baat
Hindi Me Baat Před 3 dny
She looks like Pakistani singer Angel Angel
Princesa Cuento Infinito
emma and ellie
melissa moss
melissa moss Před 3 dny
Don't fly just yet little one
fun comedy dance craft entertainment 2020
At very little age you have learned vary...
Marcello Chiodin
Marcello Chiodin Před 3 dny
Ma che cazzo ascoltate
Marcello Chiodin
Marcello Chiodin Před 3 dny
Che schifo incredibile..Per occhi e orecchie
Shilling Entertainment
Tell me who else came here because of "Home and Away" :) lol
Kylie Lynch
Kylie Lynch Před 3 dny
Brilliant song
super super
amanda norman
amanda norman Před 3 dny
Looooooove it love your voice lady❤
Padmé Amidala
Padmé Amidala Před 3 dny
I love this song and the clip, this song is so relatable to these past months 🙂
Alaina Thorne
Alaina Thorne Před 3 dny
Why are there so many dislikes? This song is so wholesome and shows the good in this crappy world
V Dog
V Dog Před 3 dny
tonei great song and cool song tone is a gteat singert
Johnatan Santana
Johnatan Santana Před 3 dny
Mas música así por favor, que sane a la gente que alegre a la gente. Menos música que enferme y que potencie la inconciencia de la gente.
Johnatan Santana
Johnatan Santana Před 3 dny
I had a dream that someday I would just fly, fly away And I always knew I couldn't stay So I had a dream that I'd just fly away I've been on my own for a minute Is it only me all day? Searching for the place to begin it Is it me? Is it you? Is it real? Standing on the line I was given People staring at me while I'm here No one seems to think that I fit in But I don't wanna be like them No, 'cause I don't wanna be like them 'Cause I know that I, know that I I had a dream that someday I would just fly, fly away And I always knew I couldn't stay So I had a dream that I'd just fly away, away, oh (Fly away, fly away) Woah, woah, I'd fly away No one knew how low I was feeling I was scared to reach for it all Knowing I was here for a reason But I was scarеd that if I tried, I'd fall So where do I go now that I'm in it? I nеver thought it'd be like this Dreaming all my life and I did it Thought the grass is greener than it is 'Cause I had a dream that someday I would just fly, fly away And I always knew I couldn't stay So I had a dream that I'd just fly away, away, oh Woah, oh (Fly away, fly away) Oh, I'd fly away, woah, woah, oh (Fly away, fly away) I'd fly away 'Cause I had a dream that someday I would just fly, fly away And I always knew I couldn't stay So I had a dream that I'd just fly away, away, oh Woah, woah (Fly away, fly away Fly away, fly away) Woah, woah, woah (Fly away, fly away Fly away) I'd fly away
Riccardo_TV Před 3 dny
Sei brevissima sono italian
Charlie Edwards
Charlie Edwards Před 3 dny
Who’s after the pandamic?
Kayla King
Kayla King Před 3 dny
✨Your voice is amazing and so unique!!!!! I can hear your voice for hours and hours✨ It’s so amazing✨🤍🦋
RYNX Před 3 dny
Phil Před 3 dny
They dont seem to be affected by corona.
milenaaaa Před 3 dny
Her voice is amazing
Paul Frey
Paul Frey Před 3 dny
This is shit.
Phumlani Dabula
Phumlani Dabula Před 3 dny
Strata Zero
Strata Zero Před 3 dny
That voice is perfection.
zip zip
zip zip Před 3 dny
Weird voice
ajay balakrishnan
ajay balakrishnan Před 3 dny
Awww 🔥
priscila garcia
priscila garcia Před 3 dny
She looks like a copy of Alma from Finland?
Love Music
Love Music Před 4 dny
🤔 Dance Monkey or Fly Away? Ans: ❤️I suggest Dance Monkey 👉 csshows.info/up/video/kbKz0WW3emjUs4Y.html 😍
pTop MD
pTop MD Před 4 dny
I LOVE YOU ผมรักคุณ มากๆๆๆๆ ของคุณเพลงมากๆๆ 👍🤟🤟❤️❤️❤️
Sangit ThapA
Sangit ThapA Před 4 dny
LOVE it ❤
Megan Polidano
Megan Polidano Před 4 dny
Best song ever 👌👌
Hindi Me Baat
Hindi Me Baat Před 4 dny
What a powerful voice.
water cate
water cate Před 4 dny
Amo su voz, es tan increíble... poderosa y angelical a la vez.
Sophia Mapes
Sophia Mapes Před 4 dny
IM UR BIGGEST FAN UR MY IDLE TONES AND I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hricbc xbxh
hricbc xbxh Před 4 dny
Private Před 4 dny
Thanks to the Apple event I love this song.
Candy candy
Candy candy Před 4 dny
J adore sa voie ,son puch ,son style elle devra allé loin sa voie pas comme les autres sa c cool et ces musique nous entraîne.....🤗🤗🤗🤗😊😊😊😊😊
Malika Sarina
Malika Sarina Před 4 dny
Извините, но это Игорь Синяк
Lilah Cary
Lilah Cary Před dnem
André Raudales
André Raudales Před 3 dny
Jaden Fofana
Jaden Fofana Před 5 dny
Banger song like always
UR4NI0 Ω Před 5 dny
Che voce mamma mia
benc1978 Před 5 dny
She’s got a great face for radio. She doesn’t even look interested and she’s just woeful live. I don’t get gen z ‘music’. Where’s all the musicians gone??
pf snopi ff
pf snopi ff Před 5 dny
JH Q Před 5 dny
Tones and I: Fly Away :I would just fly away~ TheFatRat : Fly Away : Come and fly away with me~
Darren Eilertsen
Darren Eilertsen Před 5 dny
Is this alma who sings chasing highs got a very similar voice n look
Magoomus The Nobel
Magoomus The Nobel Před 5 dny
I am very sorry that I only just discovered this woman!! She is brilliant! Love it!
Fly Away
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