Tones and I - DANCE MONKEY before fame 

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Video from January 19/ 2019 - 4 month before she release the song.
TIKTOK: vm.tiktok.com/n7SQmj/
Instagram: @ianzogby
This was in Byron Bay

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13. 04. 2020





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Frank J
Frank J Před dnem
Love how hard work pays off.
J Bird
J Bird Před dnem
Damn, she has some serious talent! Keep it going!
Jack Nunez
Jack Nunez Před dnem
She's got sooo much talent
rex0000_ Před 2 dny
i like that the unedited sounds better to me than the actual recorded and fx added. its talent
Toan Nhan
Toan Nhan Před 2 dny
Must be good ecstasy 💊
jack nitro
jack nitro Před 3 dny
Una voz majestuosaaaa
kama A
kama A Před 3 dny
Crowd is boring , they are not interacting with so g
SB salhi
SB salhi Před 3 dny
Janet E
Janet E Před 5 dny
I'm at a loss for words ❤❤❤❤
Mario Cervantes
Mario Cervantes Před 5 dny
Damn, much respect for this woman.
Har5280vest Před 5 dny
If this isn't giving you chills all over you body, you might need to get yourself checked!! Shes amazing 👏🏼💯✊🏽🔥!!
Mythic Katie
Mythic Katie Před 7 dny
Hi Ian it’s me
Mythic Katie
Mythic Katie Před 7 dny
This song is classic. How many people were watching?
Sheljo Vlogs
Sheljo Vlogs Před 7 dny
10 $ cd Now no one is getting concert tickets Things change very fast God is great Hard work pays off
Breezy 305
Breezy 305 Před 7 dny
What a voice!!! Wow!!
WOOOW COOL !!! one of the extremely rare moments you can witness a star in the making - such a hammer!!
Cori Sanz
Cori Sanz Před 9 dny
One hit wonder 😎
Brandon Craparotta
Brandon Craparotta Před 9 dny
LOL 999 comments let’s make it 1k
IWM Před 9 dny
Joe Zinck
Joe Zinck Před 10 dny
Fire, that level of confidence is unreal
Byron Bay has some excellent Artists and musicians, Tones And I and the boys from Skegss, Skegss is very good vibe band
Cynthia Magoon
Cynthia Magoon Před 12 dny
I really thought it was an Asian Girl that sang it...I'm surprised 😮..
kanth raj
kanth raj Před 12 dny
Masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥
Jay R
Jay R Před 14 dny
Amazing!! Wish I had been there! I know a “hit” when I hear it!
Faimeouz Ink
Faimeouz Ink Před 14 dny
I like this song when hearing it on Pandora but seeing this makes me love it so much more. I RESPECT THE HUSTLE! Love seeing people win this way!
guyonthecouch007 Před 14 dny
Sickest beats!!
Prinzessen Lea
Prinzessen Lea Před 15 dny
Queen PushyCat
Queen PushyCat Před 16 dny
She was giving free live show, now...we gonna pay to see her jam!!!!
Rueschdi Gallow
Rueschdi Gallow Před 16 dny
No reality Tv show and just pure talent... much respect
natalia alviz
natalia alviz Před 16 dny
No sabia la historia de esta artista antes de tener su éxito mundial, admirable, es una artista total, y lo ha logrado por si misma, solo se necesita talento y carisma , ella lo tiene todo. Éxitos por muchos millones, bien merecido. La vida te da sorpresas.
John Dickson
John Dickson Před 16 dny
A Very Popular Song.
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins Před 20 dny
Well, she don’t have to do this no more. She has a real crowd to perform now and making MONEY.
Claudia Rodriguez
Claudia Rodriguez Před 21 dnem
Igualito uwu me encanta 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😘
Daniel Loaiza
Daniel Loaiza Před 22 dny
You can tell that song was going to be hot
Greg Heffley
Greg Heffley Před 22 dny
Trash song how do people like this
Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce Před 22 dny
Shes fucking killing shit right now. 29 seconds.. take my money ALL OF IT
Axel Fernandez
Axel Fernandez Před 22 dny
Haven’t read it in the comments yet so... believe in your dream or dreams it’s more than possible it’s literally waiting for u
Roberto Hernández
Roberto Hernández Před 23 dny
OMG!!! Thought that voice it was just computer stuff. Respect.
Blvntz Před 23 dny
Where’s the original and organic video? 😏
Jaime Cuevas
Jaime Cuevas Před 23 dny
Dude she fucking killed it
Nihilist_4_life Před 23 dny
Garry Rawat
Garry Rawat Před 24 dny
Hard work pays off
adam dave
adam dave Před 24 dny
Crazy this song made $12 million in 2020 on Spotify streams alone!
Sidharth Před 24 dny
It made me cry
Sidharth Před 24 dny
It gave me goosebumps
Sidharth Před 24 dny
Real struggle dekh lo Bollywood walo 😂
Jeff Woods
Jeff Woods Před 24 dny
Honestly don't really like the song but damn she's got a voice!
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Před 25 dny
Fucking made me tear
moondust xelf
moondust xelf Před 25 dny
My little sister loves her song sm🥺💕
Strong nd soft it's an art
Anyone from Insta reels 😁
moon light
moon light Před 26 dny
This is so inspiring! Wish her blessings in this journey, oh my gosh! (:
초코파이 Před 26 dny
Pratik Chaudhari
Pratik Chaudhari Před 27 dny
What's her name.
-.S -.S
-.S -.S Před 27 dny
KEEP THE FUCKING UNDERGROUND ALIVE FOR EVER BABY. We don't need more details about how we sounds. the underground talks about himself fam. THEY CAN'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND
Rogue_Machina Před 27 dny
I think this lady is going to be famous
Created so I can comment
Man there is so much soul in this song. I can feel her energy oozing through my computer screen,
Bryan B2
Bryan B2 Před 27 dny
Had me clapping in my living room at the end
David Bradley
David Bradley Před 28 dny
Sounds like Elmo struggling to take a shit.
The Enforcer007
The Enforcer007 Před 29 dny
LIKE SERIOUSLY... WTF halfway through every dam song does this dumbarse change her tone to SOUND like bloody TWEETY BIRD ffs??? She needs a name change from tones and I to - TWEETY and I !
Tobias Ohlsson
Tobias Ohlsson Před 29 dny
so this is the original? OK
A R Před 29 dny
Had the pleasure of working with her. She is extremely humble and besides her talent I understand completely why she was chosen to be so blessed now.
CrabbyCakes702 Před 29 dny
Cant stand this fuckin song but respect for the hustle and making it big
Andrea M.
Andrea M. Před 29 dny
I wanna know when was this!
lopezpaul Před 29 dny
I Really Like the song and I hope they bought the CD!
Jönathan 69
Jönathan 69 Před 29 dny
They lucky to hear it for free
Scott Murray
Scott Murray Před měsícem
You Would Of Got All My Change And I Would Listened Till The End Song And Then Helped You With Packing All Your Equipment.. Scottie-Mate.
Shaham Khan
Shaham Khan Před měsícem
She sang better then original loved it👍👍👍👍 clearly showes her efforts
Bong Chatpata
Bong Chatpata Před měsícem
I am totally addicted to this song.. Its meaning, beat, rhythm everything out of the world..
Nakoda Hoksina
Nakoda Hoksina Před měsícem
Why am I crying lmao hey Alexa, play Dance Monkey 🥲
David Scott
David Scott Před měsícem
The most horribly fake voice I have ever heard.
Deleted Videos
Deleted Videos Před měsícem
Seems like the lyrics are a lil different in this one the the official version
Deleted Videos
Deleted Videos Před měsícem
I just went onto Spotify and they didnt match up
Strate "A"
Strate "A" Před měsícem
Nearly made me cry watching this. Amazing
leonel francisco galvan lobato
Cristy Hernandez
Cristy Hernandez Před měsícem
El que es buen gallo en cualquier gallinero canta; ella es excelente muy merecido su triunfo; grandiosa canción ...bravo!
Deleted Videos
Deleted Videos Před měsícem
Yo jan 19 that was my bday
Npra Mtzdf
Npra Mtzdf Před měsícem
Junior Rodriguez
Junior Rodriguez Před měsícem
vonsuthoff Před měsícem
*What is that magic that connects with thousands... millions of people? Is it the rhythm... the beat... the lyrics... the voice... all off the above? And can there possibly be a formula, or does it have to be naturally occurring?*
míster jota
míster jota Před měsícem
Esta mujer si es talentosa, no como la Billie ailich
Tugz Před měsícem
i got goosebumps from that
Brendan Temme
Brendan Temme Před měsícem
She's a one hit wonder, she won't be around in 10 years time you watch...
fred fer
fred fer Před měsícem
La original excelente
xumairx Před měsícem
chris pevey
chris pevey Před měsícem
Fun fact, those people dancing were all mannequins brought to life by music
Adam Raby
Adam Raby Před měsícem
James Gadd
James Gadd Před měsícem
0:19 - Girl that walked past probably now has this song on Spotify.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Před 4 hodinami
Smask Blox
Smask Blox Před měsícem
Not a very emotional guy, nor is this typical my type of music but for some reason I can feel this. I don't feel much anymore so its really nice.
Casey Obryan
Casey Obryan Před 5 dny
Same man, so surprised to see this
Moll Berg
Moll Berg Před 16 dny
I feel the exact same way. Didn't care much for the song at first, but it is catchy. After learning she started as a street performer, being an actual genuine performer, it does make me emotional.
Syed Iqbal
Syed Iqbal Před 22 dny
Well said. Exactly my feelings as well.
Astrid Rivera
Astrid Rivera Před měsícem
And now she has 2 billions on Spotify
FrankVirginia87 Před měsícem
I thought a black chick sang this
Mrwatchdog1000 Před měsícem
One hit wonder
Beryl Brown
Beryl Brown Před měsícem
Loving her Vibe 😻 well done ✅
Brett Dabilis
Brett Dabilis Před měsícem
much respect, must be surreal for her to watch this.
Carla Ramos
Carla Ramos Před měsícem
This gives me chills!
blux Před 2 měsíci
Now crowd is bigger
Switch It with DC
Switch It with DC Před 2 měsíci
Just hurts my ears.
Sherhtet Nyo
Sherhtet Nyo Před 2 měsíci
I really respect you
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez Před 2 měsíci
Anyone have her CD from that day? I want to buy one!!
ET Ram
ET Ram Před 2 měsíci
Was this before she became famous?
Someone Just
Someone Just Před 2 měsíci
This song is too fucking catchy that I can’t listen to it in public with out bopping my head like a mad man
Zach Menuez
Zach Menuez Před 2 měsíci
Horrible, absolutely horrible song! Wth
Jeremy Tanner
Jeremy Tanner Před 2 měsíci
I'm so happy she realized her dream. God bless her. Happy 2021 everyone.
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