The Kid LAROI, Miley Cyrus - WITHOUT YOU (With Miley Cyrus - Official Video) 

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Official video for "WITHOUT YOU (with Miley Cyrus)" by The Kid LAROI & Miley Cyrus.
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Directed by Miley Cyrus.
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29. 04. 2021





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Komentáře 97   
Simone Mastrogiuseppe
Simone Mastrogiuseppe Před 17 minutami
Love them together. This song is even more beautiful 😍💪🏻❤️🔥
Tim Martin
Tim Martin Před 24 minutami
Ok he's 17 and Miley is like 40 or 30 SOOOOOO ummmmmm.
Tim Ohlrogge
Tim Ohlrogge Před hodinou
9Four_SoulChild Před 3 hodinami
When this is your current situation...
Hit Dancy
Hit Dancy Před 3 hodinami
Janna Oakley
Janna Oakley Před 3 hodinami
lowkey getting the dtf vibe from both ends😂
itz event
itz event Před 3 hodinami
Idk why the hell all these comments are going crazy over Miley’s voice. Its Laroi’s song and was so good in the remix too. I personally think Miley linda low-key ruined the song. TKL is king. ✌️
FreeDumb Před hodinou
miley made this song perfect
Jules T
Jules T Před 3 hodinami
Gay Miley just ruined the song her voice has no part in this guys amazing voice smh
FreeDumb Před hodinou
huh??? Miley made this perfect
Mr. Verneuil
Mr. Verneuil Před 3 hodinami
Why is he wearing pearls!?
Sergio Neftali
Sergio Neftali Před 4 hodinami
Miley is the queen
Sentinel Dembil
Sentinel Dembil Před 4 hodinami
Ewwww miley cyrus voice
James Hollingsworth
James Hollingsworth Před 4 hodinami
He looks like he just popped out of a 90s after school special about just saying no....
Robert Ramirez
Robert Ramirez Před 4 hodinami
Val is bad
ReconPlaneWillFindThem Před 5 hodinami
Miley Cyrus sounds like she eats ten packs of cigarettes and sausages a day
Amazing Angela
Amazing Angela Před 5 hodinami
1:54 my favorite part 🙃
Maxtheboyy Gaming
Maxtheboyy Gaming Před 5 hodinami
Ages Miley Cyrus 28 years old that kid larol 17
Ricky Calleja-Delgado
Ricky Calleja-Delgado Před 6 hodinami
Sorry, some people will hate me for this, but this song ain't it I prefer the original
Ridicula Nojenta
Ridicula Nojenta Před 6 hodinami
awesome song :D
Kidney Santos 2‐B
Kidney Santos 2‐B Před 7 hodinami
silentnight22Z Před 7 hodinami
this kid is really going places...
Ben Bolland
Ben Bolland Před 7 hodinami
Suzette N
Suzette N Před 7 hodinami
twin flames
john james
john james Před 7 hodinami
She loves that aussie noinch boyy haha
Lucas McEvoy
Lucas McEvoy Před 7 hodinami
I'm addicted to this song. But this video is trash. Great song tho
Hardik Yadav
Hardik Yadav Před 8 hodinami
Miley's back on crack SHIT HERE WE GO AGAIN
FreeDumb Před hodinou
nah Mileys sober
Davis Pol
Davis Pol Před 8 hodinami
Notice how there getting so close but not a couple!?
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Před 4 minutami
@FreeDumb Your name says it all. LOL!!! Very heavy on the dumb part.
FreeDumb Před hodinou
theyre friends
Fallon Marie
Fallon Marie Před 9 hodinami
I really like the natural footage of the music video and how they didn’t try hard with a bunch of bullshit directors. Raw song raw footage 💯
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Před 8 hodinami
Really? Maybe they were just trying to spend as little as possible. You people will eat it up anyways.
Deftnesslobster 28
Deftnesslobster 28 Před 9 hodinami
Does anyone else find this shot really weird? or is it just me
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Před 9 minutami
@FreeDumb No, that is not "exactly how friends act." Friends do not try to kiss one another. And how convenient that you ignore the fact that he is a minor. You are without morals.
FreeDumb Před hodinou
@William Sawyer THATS EXACTLY HOW FRIENDS ACT!!! and yes i know their ages
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Před hodinou
@FreeDumb Are you that gullible? Friends don't act like that. Laroi is a minor and Miley is 28.
FreeDumb Před hodinou
@William Sawyer its not wrong. they did nothing wrong. theyre friends acting like friends
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Před 8 hodinami
Yup, a 28 year old rolling around in the lap of a 17 year old. It's weird because it is fake and wrong.
Pecinta Tetanus
Pecinta Tetanus Před 10 hodinami
*Close my eyes, empty my mind, listen to the lyric one by one* This song reminds me of my best friend who slept with my crush, even before the incident happened I told my friend about my feeling for that girl. I'm not mad at my friend but all I feel is betrayal. ( Just a story from my life) Edit: idk why but I feel relieved after sharing this story
Mharcel Anne
Mharcel Anne Před 10 hodinami
I love both of them. Mad respect for Kid LAROI. He deserves all his achievements. And btw.. (he literally looks like he badly wants to kiss Miley)
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Před 8 hodinami
I saw that too. Now he regrets shooting the video with the Virus.
7.3 gang
7.3 gang Před 10 hodinami
Just listen to the damn song stop looking for stuff to gripe at
Camry Před 11 hodinami
This video is horrible but the song is incredible
Lovette Valeuzla
Lovette Valeuzla Před 11 hodinami
Why in wtf I ship them 💀
KICKIN COUSINS Před 12 hodinami
nobody going to talk about how much the 17 year old cusses this much lol but great song
S. Arcos-Paniagua
S. Arcos-Paniagua Před 12 hodinami
AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT THINKS IT SOUNDS LIKE HE BEAT HER LOL I guess like I lost my shit and hit you my bad why you gotta tell everyone? maybe I'm projecting - good song tho
India Evans
India Evans Před 12 hodinami
I was only on season 3 how did we go to season 8?
SUELEM SANTOS Před 12 hodinami
ourHsystem Před 12 hodinami
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Před 12 hodinami
If this song isn't played at my funeral I am not dying
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Před 8 hodinami
Very strange.
Mariah Magdalena Flores
Mariah Magdalena Flores Před 13 hodinami
I like this song wthout miley cyrus without her it sounds more better
Arovah Hadi
Arovah Hadi Před 13 hodinami
The best collab in 2021 😍
fredrick griffin
fredrick griffin Před 14 hodinami
they look like they are in the early 2000's
fredrick griffin
fredrick griffin Před 14 hodinami
Laroi rocking that haircut though
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Před 12 hodinami
Ivo Marston
Ivo Marston Před 15 hodinami
I hope he continues to make Juice Wrld proud and makes sure no one forgets him as well as continues to keep his memory alive
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Před 15 hodinami
The Virus is back! This time with a 17 year old...
FreeDumb Před hodinou
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Před 8 hodinami
@Reaper SF Miley loves her "fans" so much, that she charges $160 for a used t-shirt. What a rip off!
Reaper SF
Reaper SF Před 12 hodinami
Cry more 🤡
Manon Devilez
Manon Devilez Před 15 hodinami
Miley's crush on Aussie boys I love it haha xo
Megan Fox
Megan Fox Před 15 hodinami
Ansioso pro seu álbum novo dona miley
THE XOXO FAMILY Před 16 hodinami
He is 17 & a colla with Miley .. here I start a CSshows channel & seeking a colla with the ace family 😭
Mathew Chance
Mathew Chance Před 16 hodinami
My ex remimds me of miley. This song hits hard. Proud of Laroi! Doing Australia proud homie ❤
J C Před 18 hodinami
miley waiting for Kid laroi's 18th birthday ;)
bigboycain Před 18 hodinami
John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
maring mg
maring mg Před 18 hodinami
Dana Draughn
Dana Draughn Před 18 hodinami
Guess we are here living to find out what its like living without me without you
Attila Attila
Attila Attila Před 19 hodinami
Miley feat yungblud
kusakco Před 20 hodinami
Bret Před 20 hodinami
Miley is Amazing her voice is iconic and I'd say the best female vocalist of this generation
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Před 15 hodinami
↑↑↑ Endorsement Paid For By Miley Cyrus ↑↑↑
Keilly Daniela Diaz Heredia
Keilly Daniela Diaz Heredia Před 22 hodinami
Apricot Smith
Apricot Smith Před 23 hodinami
Stinging rich step father and oldest step daughter**~~
Mathieu Gagnon
Mathieu Gagnon Před dnem
Amazing song, godd for the kid, looking fir more of him in the future
jennifer half
jennifer half Před dnem
Her voice....man....she keeps getting better and better!!
jennifer half
jennifer half Před dnem
Wait....how old is she....
Forever ks
Forever ks Před dnem
SN Mender
SN Mender Před dnem
Mad respect for him what a collab
Matty Mccolgan
Matty Mccolgan Před dnem
Just asking random questions on random popular videos. Did you know! On September 11 the day the twin towers were hit 300BILLION dollars of gold was stolen from a secure facility very close to ground zero and apparently nobody knows what happened?? Did you hear about this before now?
Ceasar Před dnem
Ceasar Před dnem
NOOO zjebałas wszystkoooo
Doo Doo
Doo Doo Před dnem
Juice Wrld proudly looking down rn
Geoxfighter5 Před dnem
Without you
braddie77 Před dnem
Directed by ? It's covered by next clip screens. Someone help me out. Is it Steve Cannon?
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo Před dnem
The cords of the song is a Eminem Love the way you lie rip off.
Laroi Love
Laroi Love Před dnem
This hits harder every time I listen
Jesús Pacheco
Jesús Pacheco Před dnem
Michel Tete
Michel Tete Před dnem
Bryan Lumsden
Bryan Lumsden Před dnem
can someone forward this link to my ex..... I dont have the *$&# to do it......
Enemyx Před dnem
when video budget was 10$. Or 10 words of Miley Cyrus are too expensive?
Bacons Souphairlook13
Need BellieEilish
Vih Souza
Vih Souza Před dnem
pelo jeito so eu de brasileira aqui
I love u Little mix
I never thought i would really fall in love with song But i did damn! God job Miley
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres Před dnem
Top 8 song on billboard thanks to Miley
Gemgina Ates
Gemgina Ates Před dnem
#1 winning piece with Miley unique voice it makes whole lotta difference
Gemgina Ates
Gemgina Ates Před dnem
Pretty cute Miley right for Liam #Malibu
Trisha Stratham
Trisha Stratham Před dnem
I knew Miley Cyrus would be absolutely horrid and loud and used it to find my $160 headphones. Thanks Miley ❤️❤️❤️
Buryo TV
Buryo TV Před dnem
Miley I deeply love u,Rwandan love u
No One
No One Před dnem
What happened to taking pride in one's craft. Poor editing and an adult with a high school kid. Someone has peter pan syndrome.
Ceres Reina
Ceres Reina Před dnem
5.3M ✅ 6M ➡️
Dj Safdawg
Dj Safdawg Před dnem
Original is far better. 1st chorus miley sounded like she was choking, vomiting and singing at the same time. She is good singer but not here.
SpaceFN Před dnem
Charanjit Lalli
Charanjit Lalli Před dnem
if Juice was still alive the kid laroi and juice would have a Album that slaps everyone else
ashphyxiated Před dnem
man I love Miley but this felt weird to watch.. especially if the roles were reversed and it was a 28 yr old guy with a 17 yr old girl you know people would be flipping tables lol
amber levesque
amber levesque Před 14 hodinami
I just found that out and I totally agree
Platinum IK
Platinum IK Před dnem
The collab we never knew we needed
Merçè Před dnem
Up the power feminism in the industry music.💪🎵
PUVI Před dnem
having Lana on this mv would've been interesting
5uh44n M4h1ndru
5uh44n M4h1ndru Před dnem
I feel like she completely ruined it.
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Před 15 hodinami
@Kevin Torres ↑↑↑ Endorsement Paid For By Miley Cyrus ↑↑↑
Ethan Owens
Ethan Owens Před dnem
​@Kevin Torresit was on the radio so much before the remix​
Ethan Owens
Ethan Owens Před dnem
@Kevin Torres "finally has a hit"... so your saying the original without you wasn't a hit?...
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres Před dnem
@Ethan Owens it could go to the whole world but if people don’t like it they ain’t gonna listen. Sales for the remix were up 200% people physically bought the remix. Thanks to Miley he finally has a hit.
Ethan Owens
Ethan Owens Před dnem
@Kevin Torres and her part of the song in this sucks.
Rosa Perez
Rosa Perez Před dnem
I love this song and video 🌸👌
Alexa Sings
Alexa Sings Před dnem
Everone: omg I love Miley’s songs Me I used to watch Hannah Montana
Alexa Sings
Alexa Sings Před 17 hodinami
@wnnalis cioov lol
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Před dnem
Amazing ❤❤❤❤
sassy pandora
sassy pandora Před dnem
It's not my type of song but i love it♡︎♡︎♡︎
Jd dubs
Jd dubs Před dnem
The remix sucks
Robert Monz
Robert Monz Před dnem
That kid is so..... and shows heart