Star Wars - How To Kill A Franchise 

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0:00 - Introduction
4:45 - Part 1 - The Whole Trilogy is a Bad Sequel
21:52 - Part 2 - A Boring World
54:11 - Part 3 - A Confused Vision
1:06:40 - Part 4 - A Better Story
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5. 07. 2020





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The Closer Look
The Closer Look Před 10 měsíci
Hey guys, I hope you like this video. I'm not joking when I say this took over a month to make. I don't think I even took a day off in that month. All I did was make this, but I hope you appreciate the work I put into it :D I'd like to quickly mention that I'd love it if you could join my discord server. I'm always active on it, and it's where viewers of this channel meet to discuss writing related issues and have a lot of interesting conversations. If you're interested in joining my community or just saying hi to me, feel free to click the link below. Join my discord: discord.gg/y54YT8s
Highlight Hilltop
Highlight Hilltop Před 2 dny
Wow you put so much work into this and it shows. I rarely leave a like on a video, but you earned one here
Kevin W. Clark
Kevin W. Clark Před 10 dny
Actually the start of the Throne room fight scene starts to annoy me the more I think about it. Why?? Why did Johnson shoot it from a wide angle?? It's so impersonal and uninteresting for a camera angle which is completely the opposite of what you want in a scene like that. The only reason I can come up with for shooting it in that manner is because you think all the people running around looks cool. Shooting it to where you can see everyone like that kills any of the weight or severity to the fighting. Its such a bad directing choice that's once again shows absent minded thinking of the craft.
LUGERshom Dela Cruz
LUGERshom Dela Cruz Před 10 dny
@Kevin W. Clark Indeed Kevin, indeed. It's TELL a story Disney, NOT SELL a story.
Kevin W. Clark
Kevin W. Clark Před 10 dny
I would scrap Starkiller base altogether. It's so stupid, a planet that absorbs suns to use as a weapon?? Did the writers not understand how a solar system works?? You are doing unbelievable damage if you get rid of the sun that a solar system relies on. Even if there was more than one it would change the planets in it's gravitational pull. It would change the weather. StarKiller base was a terrible idea.
Kevin W. Clark
Kevin W. Clark Před 10 dny
The irony of Disney being so afraid of taking risks is that the company was built on Walt taking the biggest risks.
NotAGamersDey Před 2 hodinami
You’re pitch is now canon and no one will change my mind
Harry Langdon
Harry Langdon Před 4 hodinami
*Prepares to watch 1 hour 40 minute video* 15 seconds in - "What makes for a good story is subjective" *Turns off video*
Niven42 Před 6 hodinami
So, I agree with you... But I don't agree with you. You can do whatever you want as far as taking risks go, but any story that doesn't present a cohesive narrative is doomed to fail. Also, we needed a lot more story about the new characters - Finn, Poe, Kylo and Rey, and how their choices lead them down the same roads as the OT characters, but they realize that they are destined to repeat the past. The sequels were a great setup for good stories, but there's no overarching narrative that we can sink our teeth into.
Nathan Russell-Raby
Nathan Russell-Raby Před 9 hodinami
Rian thought it was more important to shock the audience with stuff that didn't make sense, in spite of the organicism of the character. I genuinely believe Rian Johnson is a sociopath who doesn't understand the connection between humanity and story.
Mario Giresi
Mario Giresi Před 10 hodinami
It wasn’t killed. It was murdered.
TrickRrTreat Xbox Live
TrickRrTreat Xbox Live Před 10 hodinami
I'm never buying the new 7-9 STARWARS
TrickRrTreat Xbox Live
TrickRrTreat Xbox Live Před 10 hodinami
Disney ruined Star Wars ;,,,(
jorge cameras lopez1
jorge cameras lopez1 Před 12 hodinami
¿ver? 2014-2015 star wars.
Ryan Mencl
Ryan Mencl Před 18 hodinami
Really wish this was the movies we got. Loved it!!!
A Freeman
A Freeman Před 19 hodinami
liking something is subjective. however, the writing in the sequel trilogy is objectively bad. example, i love sharknado, however it is objectively bad in many many ways. i subjectively like sharknado, it is still an objectively bad film.
KH AKA DG Před 20 hodinami
The sequel trilogy is an incredible achievement. The films were infinitely worse than the prequel trilogy - did anyone ever think that was achievable before their release? I couldn’t even conceive of the possibility.
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 9 hodinami
The prequels are good. The dialogue is what needs improvement
gpzx Před dnem
You were spot on with the world building aspect. The sequels have none of it.
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Před dnem
Did Attack on Titan take notes on this for their freaking finale??
Mr Troll
Mr Troll Před dnem
Maybe the sequel trilogy could have been as good as you imagined if they didn’t try to rush it or switch directors
SecretIdentity Před dnem
Holy shit you made such an amazing trilogy! Someone please, write this into a fan fiction!
DemonKingHiei Před 2 dny
What if aniken liked sand
John W. Black
John W. Black Před 2 dny
I'm sorry but people conplain about the prequels? The prequels expanded, they enchanted kids and adults for years. The sequels killed star wars.
Matt Hinves
Matt Hinves Před 2 dny
Why is he not executive creator director of Disney? Luke seriously, so many of the guys who make the big bucks frankly don’t deserve it, let the fans make the products because they come out 100x better every time.
Tyler Před 2 dny
I don't think star wars is dead, it's fans just have more passion than ever before because they wanted the final trilogy to be epic, it could have been epic. We grew up watching star wars, it's shaped us growing up. We wanted to see our favorite characters but above all we wanted the best finale to the saga possible, i dont think star wars is dead, it's gonna take alot more than a bad trilogy to kill our favorite story
Ilya Seletsky
Ilya Seletsky Před 2 dny
I remember watching skywalker rises and immediately thought, hey wait, why have speeders with treads when return of the jedi had those fast hovering speeders in the forest. Also, they fly now? That's never been new either OMG lol...
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Před 2 dny
Please excuse my pseudo-contrarian argument, but I disagree with the general consensus that Han Solo’s apparent lack of growth between episodes 6 & 7 was “bad” writing/storytelling.. (insofar that, at least from the onset of this _new_ saga, it seemed to be a potentially interesting starting place to setup the character eventually having to reconcile his self-perceived abilities/career/place-in-the-world with what is, in fact, the true reality of his situation; & the turmoil in coming to accept that the ravages of time have long since placed his prime years behind him, while contemplating what a smugglers retirement should look like..). I felt it could have been an interesting arc to explore anyway... & even tho it’s basically cliché at this point to kick the dead-bantha that is Rian Johnson’s shitty attempt at “subverting everybody’s expectations”, I definitely believe that if Disney hadn’t eff’d everything up by playing writer-russian-roulette, then JJ could have done a much more satisfying job with *ALL THE CHARACTER ARCS!* (but in particular, without such wildly shifting focus, the story would likely have evolved to justify Solo’s initial character stagnation)
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen Před 2 dny
Hey there. Yes you sold your pitch (albeit to a penniless online ghost). I wanted to point out that @The Closer Look 's multiple twists detailed in part 4 have historic parallels. They are powerful and many have happened. History tracks with the sith and jedi being forced to work together or die when communist Mao Tse Tung had to ally with his sometime despotic enemy Chiang Kai-shek. This happened or else china wouldn't have been able to push back the Japanese invasion just prior to the American experience of WWII. Once the Japanese were finally defeated (by Russia sorry Yankee), they just went back at it and Mao won. You can easily get away with putting Jedi and Sith on the same loose side for the time being (some great tension ripe for portrayal) and then go right back to hitting the classics civil war if you want to because it's happened already. The second I've seen so far is the use of the insignificant imperial to become so integral to saving the galaxy from evil. Sure it's more complex than that, great, but the planet has been documented and proved to have been saved by people like Wren's proposed daddy. In the real world, from an American perspective, one of these people is named Colonel Stanislov Pertrov. Basically at the height of the cold war he was the Russian commanding officer in charge of nuclear revenge. One fine day his state of the art launch detection system told him yes, there are, right now literally multiple and increasing launches of missiles against his country and if he doesn't give the order to return fire his nation will die without a last gasp. Done, right? You push the button of course. nope. This hated ruski rechecks his conscience and it comes down to him, one dude, his comrades shouting at him to push the button and he literally stated that his only thought was, "the Americans have no reason to do this, it must be a mistake." One dude said No based on literal faith in humanity and the rest of us get to live despite all the odds specifically stacked against it by actual world superpowers.
Ignacy Stefańczyk
Ignacy Stefańczyk Před 2 dny
There's a million problems with that fanfictiony rewrite and its STILL better than what we've been served by the disney clowns
Glorious Bastard
Glorious Bastard Před 2 dny
But Im actually here to hear the rumblings of cynical english man... ;(
Le défenseur de Star Wars sauf le Holiday Special
I think you clearly misunderstood Luke in The Last Jedi. It was very consistent and it’s not objectively bad. You didn’t like it, which was fine, but the version made sense.
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 3 hodinami
@Le défenseur de Star Wars sauf le Holiday Special George Lucas never planned to make Luke a hermit in the sequel trilogy. Where the hell did you get that? Pablo Hidalgo? There wasn’t any information on Luke skywalkers role for the original George Lucas sequel trilogy
Le défenseur de Star Wars sauf le Holiday Special
Neo's danger this isn’t what YOU wanted. But this is logic with what the Force Awakens set up. Luke did give up at some points in the OT : he had flaws, and didn’t always what we wanted him to do, that is what makes him interesting : in the OT he gave up a few times during his training on Dagobah when the difficulty was too hard, he gave up the bargain with Jabba and tried to kill him but overestimated his power, and he gave up bringing Vader back to the light after seeing Vader didn’t follow him : « Then my father is truly dead. », and then he fought angrily against Vader when he threatened his sister, and nearly killed him, before making the right choice at the right time. Also, Luke as an Hermit was an idea of George Lucas himself, he planned to do that in his version of the sequel trilogy.
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 4 hodinami
@Le défenseur de Star Wars sauf le Holiday Special but they didn’t. Hermit Luke skywalker isn’t Luke skywalker. That’s a completely different character. George Lucas already established Luke to be a character that will never give up hope no matter what. This isn’t Luke skywalker. That’s Jake skywalker. A completely different character. The last time we really saw Luke skywalker was with the mandalorian
Le défenseur de Star Wars sauf le Holiday Special
Neo's danger expanded universe ≠ movies. Characters can change.
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 9 hodinami
No the Hermit Luke never made sense from the beginning. Read the expanded universe. Luke in the expanded universe never became a hermit and always stayed the same. There isn’t any sense in hermit characters unless they where always hopeless.
Patrick Combs
Patrick Combs Před 3 dny
I was extremely disappointed how they chose to write fin, disappointed with reys story, disgusted with Luke's story and well you get the message. It is the new grand standard for totally missing the mark or missed opportunities.
Patrick Combs
Patrick Combs Před 3 dny
New characters will not be beloved by the masses.
_ind1ana Před 3 dny
finally, someone makes my toughts into words
Staal Burgher
Staal Burgher Před 3 dny
Mark Hamill is the epitomy of a limp-wristed woke man. His fate is of his own making.
Michael Schwab
Michael Schwab Před 3 dny
Just hire Kathleen Kennedy
Pisyanggg Před 3 dny
Reviving samuel l jackson as mace windu is better than palpatine. I can just imagine him saying “I’m still alive motherfu**er
Vlad Stark
Vlad Stark Před 3 dny
When you have whole series an INFJs as main heroes and INTJs as main villians and for last 3 episodes you switch those characters for INFPs, and then for boring sensors and feministic guygirls EXFPs.. you just screwup everything interesting there🤷🔥
opz1k Před 4 dny
I personally don’t even consider it what actually happened, and just consider it a weird 3 movies that a man who isnt part of real star wars
John Krider-Gonzalez
a bit strange how kal suddenly died there would have liked to see a bit more about him
Nio Lund
Nio Lund Před 4 dny
Space invaders universe, inside a star wars story, dont do that, thank you very much.
Nio Lund
Nio Lund Před 4 dny
You forget this is movies not series. If your trying to tell to much in a movie it gets boring. I think to many have been spoiled with too many Netflex and HBO series , which is good of course, but lets all remember a movie will always be liniar story telling.
Josh Barnick
Josh Barnick Před 4 dny
Omg that rewrite was awesome !
Lady of Ways
Lady of Ways Před 4 dny
I love your "what if" additions to the story. I would have watched and loved the movies more
Weldon Sirloin
Weldon Sirloin Před 4 dny
I really love how you touched on the prequels building an amazing world. Everyone is death set on claiming that anyone wants to "pardon" the prequels of any wrongdoing when they say anything positive about them but they fail to realize the films refueled the imagination tank of many new generations of kids. Personally, I prefered SW's space battles way more than the lightsaber battles because of the sci-fi warfare aspect of it so the prequels were more entertaining than these reddit-tier fan fictions sequels (sans those cool action sequences of course).
Karl Cattegut
Karl Cattegut Před 4 dny
I started crying around 1:34:10, more emotional reactions to your story than the new trilogy.
UnderWorld Před 4 dny
I'm going to tell my kids that the sequel trilogy is a fan remake.
Matevž Jaušovec
Matevž Jaušovec Před 4 dny
Actualy, dry pasta has a quite unique and memorable texture. Fight me.
Strong stonks
Strong stonks Před 5 dny
I would rather rewatch this video 3 time than rewatching any star wars sequel
Lavish Leviathan
Lavish Leviathan Před 5 dny
I'd rather have The Closer Look version of the sequels with the same budget and technology of Disney.
Lavish Leviathan
Lavish Leviathan Před 5 dny
Sequels get an F on the chekhovs gun test
Paul Raudenbush Jr
Paul Raudenbush Jr Před 5 dny
Rogue one was Awesome..So was Solo . So was the Mandolorian !..But Those other new ones don't seem original or important or line up to the story(or character) in any way..Even had Gullum as a dark Lord. I left the theater when the asshole behind me spoiled that Han gets killed during the Han wanna be jet fighter scene and they pulled the corny Nazi Hitler copy crap SMH. Audi 5000
Lavish Leviathan
Lavish Leviathan Před 5 dny
Prequels = Good story, bad movies OT = Good story, good movies sequels = Bad story, good movies Story includes worldbuilding
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 9 hodinami
Correction: Sequels: Bad story bad movie
Lavish Leviathan
Lavish Leviathan Před 5 dny
Pretty accurately explains the sequels. Disney can make a movie that is captivating to watch but as soon as you leave the theater you forget all about it. Also good defense of the prequels and what they did right.
odeerg Před 5 dny
How to kill a franchise? The fans bashing the fuck out of the guy who makes them for over a decade and him losing all interest in it and dumping in on an evil corporation is how. Do not blame Disney or Johnson or anyone who made any Disney Star Wars. Blame the "fans". They are the ones that are the reason Star Wars is shit now and just corporate bullshit. Star Wars "fans" are the most toxic, horrible fans of anything in history.
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 9 hodinami
Keep complaining. It was Disney and Ruins, Jar Jar, Krapleen Kennedies fault. George Lucas never lost interest in Star Wars. He was gonna make the 3rd trilogy but he was having a child so he had to retire to raise him. Disney also fired Gina Carano because of Twitter stans. You defending the mega corporations shows how stupid you are
Dylan thomas
Dylan thomas Před 5 dny
the templin institute did a video on what the first order would have been like if they wrote the squeal trilogy and anoth on why the on in the films mad no dame scene check it out there was mutch better and would have been a mutch better primise to make fils around I’d like to here your trouts on it.
Darth Clanker
Darth Clanker Před 5 dny
the jedi master dooku was a great touch. Also this is infinently better than the sequel trilogy. It deserves to be made real
Bretton Scrima da Roma
I just remembered that Coruscant alone has a population of over 1,000,000,000,000 meaning the First Order killed up to 5,000,000,000,000 by annihilating 5 different planets.
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 8 hodinami
That wasn’t coruscant. It was just a copy of it. Also Star killer base blew up only billions and that’s it. Nothing else. 5 planets out of the thousands there suddenly shatters the republic
Sophie Karnstein
Sophie Karnstein Před 5 dny
Mark Hamill is still fighting the empire this time it's the disney empire.
Sophie Karnstein
Sophie Karnstein Před 5 dny
Gotta thank disney for spoiling my favorite series, which i grew up watching star wars will never be the same again
ymir Před 6 dny
1:32:00 I actually like ur pitch very much. but if I may Improve it. I would love to see ray as a force in the middle and make the Jedi back to its original roots using both sides of the force. while I love the fact that you use the Yuuzhan Vong from legend, I think there is a better alternative in canon. if you use Grysk Hegemony as the new antagonist it will be in the canon and it would introduce us to the Chiss and their ascendency. also, it would be nice if Ray is a Chiss and her father like Thrawn may be a spy of the ascendency and her mother only mate with her father because he is an admiral or her mother is a chiss sith. also, the chiss use girl that has a strong connection with the force as a navigator with the title of skywalker. so at the end of the episode after she nods to luke her padawan called her master skywalker. as she isn't just taking luke name but actually a skywalker as in her title. also, this could connect with Thrawn, Ezra, and Ashoka connecting the Mandalorian series as well the clone wars and rebel. but this is just my idea and I don't think having a chiss protagonist is the best but I think is just me that likes the chiss very much. I wish Disney or Lucas sees ur pitch and make a what-if different world trilogy, in the end it's a good pitch u have.
Pedro Pony
Pedro Pony Před 6 dny
Who else is waiting for that one sequel trilogy defender
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 8 hodinami
There is already lots of them here. I saw one right now blaming the fans for the garbage movies
IvanDPhantom Před 6 dny
Imma be honest the part with the president and Kylo was brilliant
XboxProdigy1 Před 6 dny
This man made a better story in 2 hours than professional directors hired by Disney did in 5+ years
James Crawford
James Crawford Před 6 dny
How do you kill a franchise? Let Disney get their hands on it.
David B
David B Před 6 dny
Can I live in an alternate reality where that was the actual sequel trilogy of movies? Sounds amazing!
The Germanic fanatic
42:35 I love this video but north korea only has one neighbouring country which is SK
Terrorsaur Před 6 dny
Original Trilogy: Started strong, ended strong. Prequel Trilogy: Started weak, ended strong. Sequel Trilogy: Started strong, *ended weak.*
Pedro Pony
Pedro Pony Před 6 dny
Original Trilogy: Started strong, ended well. Prequel Trilogy: Started great, ended strong. Sequel Trilogy: Started weak, ended weak.
제규형 Před 7 dny
Star Wars is one of those thing I always just heard about and always thought was going to be big. But after watching what Disney has done to it I realize that nothing is really immortal, even amazing and large legends like Star Wars. Thanks for the interesting video.
DUEY Před 7 dny
Looks like Johnson needed skillshare
Jan L
Jan L Před 7 dny
The Last Jedi was just a HUGE middle finger in so many ways. The lore? Don't care. Common sense? Don't care. The previous film in your own trilogy? Pff, who gives a shit. I mean even if we assume that some jackass at Disney got a hard on from Johnsons "vision" to "subvert expectations", HOW ON EARTH did they sign off on even their own films contradicting themselves? A multi billion dollar trilogy and they had no overarching storyline? They just fucking *winged* it? I can't even
Matt DeMouy
Matt DeMouy Před 8 dny
They could of easily rammed the Death Star also
Rowan Davis
Rowan Davis Před 8 dny
The way that the prequels were basically ignored never made sense. Why did Luke never go to the Jedi temple on Coruscant? Why Obi Wan never tell Luke the reason Anakin gave into the dark side?
ElectroMatic Před 8 dny
Man, you just transported me to your story, I actually wondered about the whole story, got emotional even... The direction The sequels went actually got me frustrated till this day... Thanks for the video
Florida man
Florida man Před 8 dny
The fact that we didn’t see young jedi in awakens makes me so sad...
Florida man
Florida man Před 8 dny
I know everyone hates the starship ramming scene... but literally why would that not work?
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 8 hodinami
Starship ramming does work but in when hyperspace in involved it doesn’t work. Once you jump into hyperspace you are transported it it’s own dimension. In Ruin Johnson’s case you just go super fast. That’s not how it works
reptilespantoso Před 8 dny
This is part of the culture wars. Disney (and the CIA) or, rather, the people controlling those, want americans to be confused, angry and without any heroes. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.
blackMAsk Před 9 dny
I'm not a Star Wars Fan ...not at all...I mean I saw the original Triology when i was young and even then i thought " okay nice but nothing really great" and i saw the prequels and thought " at least the action scenes are good" .....and i have to admit i only saw episod 7 and never have seen the other two because i was underwhelmed by episode 7 BUT i have to say i would pay good money to watch your version of the new Triology
John Doe
John Doe Před 9 dny
Oh my gosh, the ending was so good
Jose M
Jose M Před 9 dny
Why does starwars suck now? well aside from the annikin/jar jar merchandise trilogy - the most recent Ren trilogy sucked because it was no longer a story, but a social justice warrior pulpit - just about every scene was preaching some stupid snowflake issue.
ahoneyman Před 9 dny
Palatine can destroy an entire fleet by himself. Why build anything? Just have him zap the ships for free.
James Sheppard
James Sheppard Před 9 dny
never say pasta again. also nice video.
Austin Hiele
Austin Hiele Před 9 dny
I propose we make Kal actually Kal from the game!
b40 b40
b40 b40 Před 9 dny
6:00 totally wrong about hans character. han had changed dramatically by the end of the orginal trilogy the character JJ wrote for the force awakens is han from a new hope he disregarded how much hans character had changed between new hope and jedi
b40 b40
b40 b40 Před 3 hodinami
@Neo's danger a lot better too I might add lol
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 6 hodinami
@b40 b40 I know. I just expanded on what you said
b40 b40
b40 b40 Před 7 hodinami
@Neo's danger that’s what I said.
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 8 hodinami
Han took a huge leap backwards. Han was a smuggler in a new hope to becoming a rebel commander. In TFA he went from a rebel commander to a smuggler. He’s a deadbeat parent. Han only got little change. Return of the Jedi already completed Han, Luke’s, and Leia’s character arc. They didn’t need to be forced into a new one because of a 30 years time skip
Gaudia Certaminis
Gaudia Certaminis Před 9 dny
Brilliant pitch. I don’t much care for Star Wars but I had a lump in my throat at the end.
Luc Oliver Rautenberg
Man, you express my feelings exactly in this video. I was born 2005. So, there were no Star Wars movies which I was born in. But I started with Episode 4 to 6. They were and they are the most iconic movies I've ever seen. Then I watched the Prequels. They are ok. Some things are good, some are bad but the idea behind it, is great. Like I love Clone Wars. But then the Sequels. It is like how you describe it. Disappointing
Em Fernandez
Em Fernandez Před 9 dny
you can add Back to the future trilogy as for good sequels.
Luis Trujillo
Luis Trujillo Před 10 dny
I just closed my eyes and listened to his Star Wars reimagined and I have to say... It was a journey
M I R Před 10 dny
Disney should scrap the sequals, declare them non-cannon, one of Luke's bad dreams that fade away as soon as he wakes up and then smiles knowing that the shit in his dream was not real
FroztByte's YoutubeAlt
5 more views till 2.5 million views.
Masqueradian Před 10 dny
You just made the single best fan fiction I have ever heard.
Unknown Alien
Unknown Alien Před 10 dny
Lets go back in time, and give this guy the keys to Star Wars.
Tater Skins
Tater Skins Před 10 dny
Talking shit about North Korea is a nifty trick because what are they gonna do? Watch the video?
Yami5447 Před 10 dny
This is why I don't count the sequel trilogy canon, Disney fucking ruined my childhood franchise.
Sora Jones
Sora Jones Před 11 dny
So the whole crashing ship through things. It can work if you are warping however the effect is not what the movie shows. Thinkg of it like a sniper rifle with one bullet that doesn't stop. You take that one shot at an army and you could hit many people but they have to be in a line and you have to hit each one in the heart. In the movie they hit a wing with nothing overly important there so they shot one person in the arm and should have missed everyone else which in turn means that you wasted the one shot and you also died for taking the shot..... however the locations behind the arm you hit is a gas station next to an orphanage and a childrens hospital and now you have killed innocent lives to injure one guy. the reason no one does the trick is the after math is too costly as you have to warp to a planet and cause mass destruction. you won't destroy the planet but the parts will cause damage to many innocent lives that could be useful for either side of any of the wars. In a sense the cost for a single shot is too high and if you mess it up you would have killed yourself for nothing.
H M Před 11 dny
after hearing about the sequels: *impossible. Perhaps the archives are incomplete*
Santiago Saracho
Santiago Saracho Před 11 dny
I always tougth that Kylo was going to be the same as Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda. With some twists, now i see that you were thinking something alike.
Aj Ajaj
Aj Ajaj Před 11 dny
F Rian
boops badoinks
boops badoinks Před 11 dny
your rewrite is my new headcannon, it's legitimately phenomenal
magliadoro Před 11 dny
Jar-Jar Abrahms is a shit director. That's all you need to know.
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Před 8 hodinami
You forgot Ruin Johnson
SarmonOflynn Před 11 dny
Orrrrrrrr maybe you just hate women?
MicahJami 444
MicahJami 444 Před 11 dny
Dude you are recycling the story from Rise of Skywalker!!!! You just switched Kyle ren and Rei
MicahJami 444
MicahJami 444 Před 11 dny
Dude great ideas!!! Write a Star Wars story!! You can!!! You are just too focused on wanting to write for these characters
MicahJami 444
MicahJami 444 Před 11 dny
I’m sorry but Luke was a whiny bitchy teenager (similar to Anakin) how can you not see a grumpy old man developing as a possibility?!? Are you kidding? You are just being ridiculous
MicahJami 444
MicahJami 444 Před 11 dny
Terminator 2 was better the first
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