Rosamund Pike on Crazy River Rafting Trip, Kids’ Toothpaste Reviews & Golden Globe Nomination 

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Rosamund talks about living in Prague, taking her kids on what she thought was going to be a very wholesome rafting trip before running into a bachelor/bachelorette party, her kids reviewing various kinds of toothpaste, and being nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the new movie I Care A Lot.
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18. 02. 2021





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Wj Girl
Wj Girl Před 18 dny
Hey it's Eiza's wife
liquidSpin Před měsícem
Her accent. I had no idea! Toothpaste reviews were hilarious!!
Allen Freeman
Allen Freeman Před měsícem
Why do they say it's a dark comedy? I just watched it and it's a tense action movie, psychological thriller. (Not funny)
English Muffin
English Muffin Před měsícem
She plays psychos so well
Elizabeth Escamilla
Elizabeth Escamilla Před měsícem
Eres brillante Rodamund Pike y súper sencilla
pangrac1 Před měsícem
Try elmex or some bio toothpastes without added artificial sweeteners.
Hey Now LS
Hey Now LS Před měsícem
Excellent role. She was great in movie
Tomas Cabak
Tomas Cabak Před měsícem
18 mesicu v Praze a ani jsme spolu nezasli na jedno.. skoda.. tak treba priste, paní Štiková.
Tomas Cabak
Tomas Cabak Před měsícem
One of my most favourite actress. She´s gorgeous !
Andi Ananto
Andi Ananto Před měsícem
she's so beautiful and brilliant actress, love her movies
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Před měsícem
I Care A Lot , is a terrific movie! I was truly surprised and shocked at some parts but most importantly, her acting is excellent
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Před měsícem
I was drunk on the river in Cesky Krumlov too! 🤓
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Před měsícem
the way she opens by calling Eiza Gonzalez her wife 💕✨💘
Pepe Silvia
Pepe Silvia Před měsícem
Gone Girl comes right after Goodfellas on my list of greatest movies of all time...That list has two movies.
Andy Chow
Andy Chow Před měsícem
She is gorgeous
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Před měsícem
Don't trust her,Jimmy. She managed to get Ben Affleck fallen into trap
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Před měsícem
That's my wife
Elvia Carrillo
Elvia Carrillo Před měsícem
I couldnt watch that movie. I know it is a movie, but just the thought that a judge can technically reduce to an object for others to decide your fate is too scary for me. Same reason I am terrified with the Spears' case. It is more real than we think... if you are rich that is....
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Před měsícem
so boring
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Před měsícem
I loved her in Pride and Prejudice. Amazing!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Před měsícem
shana4731 Před měsícem
How did she hide her accent in movies 😵👍🏻
Lidia Lopez
Lidia Lopez Před měsícem
Beautiful accent
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Před měsícem
I wonder what she thinks about our government lol. Also kudos for not calling us eastern Europe haha.
Alex G
Alex G Před měsícem
(f) I love the dark hair.. very flattering!
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Před měsícem
Such an incredible movie ! 🎥 🔥
dolita windo
dolita windo Před měsícem
Don't trust her,Jimmy. She managed to get Ben Affleck fallen into trap
Diego Peña
Diego Peña Před měsícem
Although I didn't like the movie, I think Rosamund was superb there..as always. Well deserved her nomination to the golden globes
castawayonthemoon Před měsícem
She’s so good at story telling though. She’s really into it.
Jlee Před měsícem
“I care a lot” was the worst movie I've watched...... it motivates people to be the worst human being because that’s the only way to live comfortably financially and get away with it. Sad.... Classy lady in a trashy movie....
Jlee Před měsícem
@dolita windo me too! I feel like her character deserves more punishment
dolita windo
dolita windo Před měsícem
I was so glad when her character died in I care alot.
doire aintu
doire aintu Před měsícem
the way she opens by calling Eiza Gonzalez her wife 💕✨💘
UHFStation1 Před měsícem
Makes me think of Winona Ryder calling Keno Reeves "wife" when they see each other because they may have accidentally married in Dracula. Lol.
Heidi Ho
Heidi Ho Před měsícem
I Care A Lot , is a terrific movie! I was truly surprised and shocked at some parts but most importantly, her acting is excellent
doire aintu
doire aintu Před měsícem
She is a brilliant actress. I have seen very rare actors like her, her talent is incredible on screen.
JP Sartre
JP Sartre Před měsícem
She is so beautiful that it's unfair.
doire aintu
doire aintu Před měsícem
She is beyond talented ! I love her
Molecular Před měsícem
That's my wife
Donald Baker
Donald Baker Před měsícem
What a sweet lady. I love British accent.
C F Před měsícem
Ugh, she's so British.
Jean Marie Nadal
Jean Marie Nadal Před měsícem
pancakesssandbacon Před měsícem
I can listen to Rosamund speaking for hours. Her voice is sooo good
ANETA Ryšavá
ANETA Ryšavá Před měsícem
I wonder what she thinks about our government lol. Also kudos for not calling us eastern Europe haha.
Ruby Star
Ruby Star Před měsícem
Such an incredible movie ! 🎥 🔥
Charmaine Joy
Charmaine Joy Před měsícem
My Bond Girl 🧡
Stefan Geisler
Stefan Geisler Před měsícem
Well, welcome to Czech Republic :D come for the lovely scenery, stay for the beer...
naj Alegrado
naj Alegrado Před měsícem
I literally had a headache in this movie 😨
Iridescent Noise
Iridescent Noise Před měsícem
I was so glad when her character died in I care alot.
Iridescent Noise
Iridescent Noise Před měsícem
@C F 😐 sorry
C F Před měsícem
Just popped in to ruin the movie eh?
Le mail del cuore
Le mail del cuore Před měsícem
O dio oooo I live in Pragueeeeeee
Amylia Před měsícem
She is beyond talented ! I love her
Namrata Das
Namrata Das Před měsícem
She is a brilliant actress. I have seen very rare actors like her, her talent is incredible on screen.
Jared Vlogs
Jared Vlogs Před měsícem
I just watched the new movie and to think she is the same woman who played jane bennet in pride and prejudice... she's unbelievable it's almost scary.
never seen drunker human beings, yeah that's kinda what we are
Tomáš Dvořák
Tomáš Dvořák Před měsícem
Yeah... well... the Moldau (Vltava) river has been slowly transformed over the years to a very tourist-friendly almost lunapark experience which is perfect for rafting with kids. But sadly also for getting trashed on a raft as the exact actual canoeing skill is required for both groups! :D Anyway, hope you will enjoy Prague, Rosamund, and feel free to overstay the initial welcome. Czech Republic has so much places and activities you oughta see and try! Sending my regards from Žižkov, Prague!
Jiří Mareš
Jiří Mareš Před měsícem
Grace Sullivan
Grace Sullivan Před měsícem
She’s 🔥
Michel Před měsícem
shes such a joy!
Lu Ci
Lu Ci Před měsícem
Amazing actress!!! xD
John Pepper
John Pepper Před měsícem
Rosamund I can show you much better places than Český Krumlov :D Its too cheesy :D
Brian Navarrete
Brian Navarrete Před měsícem
Rosamund: I've been in Prague since September 2019 Jimmy: Sweet. So how long have you been in Prague?
Sam Haneef
Sam Haneef Před měsícem
LOL...exactly! Is he snot listening?
Tigerlilly Před měsícem
menthol, fluoride, tobacco, rum, nicotine..you know "adult flavors"
Bon Brenda
Bon Brenda Před měsícem
Dario di Marzia Salvatore
Sjíždět vodu v Krumlově musíš mít dvojku na žíle a nepotřebuješ ani pádla :D
Petr Šípek
Petr Šípek Před měsícem
Yes, we drink a lot here in the Czech Republic 😄. We just wanna have fun. This is what life is about 🙂🇨🇿
The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen Před měsícem
Hostlies, one of movies she played in and I absolutely recommend it
izeizei Před měsícem
I think you mean HOSTILES, love! LOL!
Dan Hýsek
Dan Hýsek Před měsícem
Yep, that is a pretty accurate representation of Czech summer and rafting. 😂👌
yanky22 Před měsícem
It's funny how she explains herself the plot holes in that crap movie ..
Cris Tumang
Cris Tumang Před měsícem
I wonder how many people are aware that 3 hours prior to this interview, Rosamund Pike opened a whole Pineapple barehanded
I said what I said
I said what I said Před měsícem
Weird Aquarius energy for sure lol
LMAO I seen her open the pineapple but didn't know it was 3 hours before this
Lenka N.
Lenka N. Před měsícem
I'm so glad that the Czech Republic is mentioned on an American talkshow that I don't even mind we are portrayed as drunks once again 😀 Well it is, what it is..😀 🇨🇿
Allen Freeman
Allen Freeman Před měsícem
Calm down. Only the people she saw were drunks, not the entire country.
bratmoj mojbrat
bratmoj mojbrat Před měsícem
@Subbox Junkie No Czech girls love that D that is a fact they know it too. :)
Subbox Junkie
Subbox Junkie Před měsícem
That’s anywhere probably college students partying. There is the same thing in the U.S. I’m sure it’s a beautiful country!
bratmoj mojbrat
bratmoj mojbrat Před měsícem
@Jan Bervida Drunks and girls with low morals on vacation, i love that people in general. Every year im in Croatia so i see them bunch.
Jan Bervida
Jan Bervida Před měsícem
well it is an accurate depiction
Michele Před měsícem
Graham Norton also made a hostage joke about Rosamund's background, lol.
elcarlos3 Před měsícem
Vltava river is a must!! those drinking situations she commented sounds like a breakfast time there ;-)
YouthChaos Před měsícem
i wonder whether her kids rated "a tower of zelená shots" on their toothpaste list
ltejada09 Před měsícem
And she's definitely a fun mom.
ltejada09 Před měsícem
She's so well spoken.
Ondřej Andrle
Ondřej Andrle Před měsícem
Do Americans even know where Prague is?
bp51082 Před měsícem
@judy ervin not really. But I've been to 43 states, some multiple times, and met some profoundly insipid, xenophobic morons. Not to mention a few black sheep on my dad's side. Also have met their opposites. In general, pretty clear dividing factor of education level between the two.
judy ervin
judy ervin Před měsícem
@bp51082 Not too much snobbery in you, now is there? 😁
bp51082 Před měsícem
We're a large country. The cultured and educated ones that travel, absolutely. It's a favorite destination. Not sure the other half even know where Mexico is
Riza J
Riza J Před měsícem
This Asian-American does. Went there last September, 2019.
Annika K.
Annika K. Před měsícem
@Sam It was a joke 'cause people are still saying it's Czechoslovakia... I am from Prague, born and live her my whole life, I know...
Freddy A
Freddy A Před měsícem
I Care a Lot was suchhhh a good movie!!
Smalltronix Inc
Smalltronix Inc Před měsícem
just watched the movie.. seeing her now has re-ignited my anger towards the character she played
Jozef Fratrik
Jozef Fratrik Před měsícem
Cesky Krumlov .. is not a rafting :D :D :D you can have a 10beers 10 shots .. and still river is very calm ... :D
demacto Před měsícem
Saw the movie and it was phenomenal! Very captivating from beginning to end and the performance from all the actors were impeccable.
Frank Grimes
Frank Grimes Před měsícem
Lol, I went on one of those bachelor party rafting trips last year to Cesky Krumlov 😂
Czech Kate
Czech Kate Před měsícem
The mentioned Český Krumlov is close to České Budějovice which is the home of the European Budweiser. So if you travel around, you can also give it a try.
Daniel Hozak
Daniel Hozak Před měsícem
@Zaposh I kind of have to agree with you. There are better or same level bears. They just usualy come from smaller breweries. Pilsner is not a bad bear. I also probably don't like it any more after drinking it so much when partying 🤣
Zaposh Před měsícem
@Czech Kate overpriced pisswasser. I mean it's not bad, it's just nothing special, that would justify its pricing
Czech Kate
Czech Kate Před měsícem
@Zaposh How about good old Pilsner Urquell?
Zaposh Před měsícem
eh, Budvar gives me headaches...
Mary Ann Davis
Mary Ann Davis Před měsícem
She is awesome 👏
Phil Palmer
Phil Palmer Před měsícem
As a Brit i can confirm we adore Rosamund. A beautiful person inside and out and now she has gone back to her natural hair colour, hotter than ever!
David T.
David T. Před měsícem
I was drunk on the river in Cesky Krumlov too! 🤓
Ladislav Slanina
Ladislav Slanina Před měsícem
Me too. What a memories 😏🍺
Bongbillka Před měsícem
I also live in Prague and would love to meet her somewhere in the streets :)
Terezie Před měsícem
She said ,,Český Krumlov” very well!😳🇨🇿
Colonel Miles Quaritch
Colonel Miles Quaritch Před měsícem
@CliffuckingBooth Trolí se dobře koukám :D
Penguinable Před měsícem
@CliffuckingBooth škoda že nevidíš, že píšeš fakt nesmysly. To je to ego viď? Možná by sis měl konečně vygooglit co jsem to já psal, aby ses naučil, že Čech se anglicky řekne czech [ček].
Withered Flower
Withered Flower Před měsícem
Jsi strašně blbý člověk. Nevím, jak jsi mohl udělat maturitu. A už neodpovídej, nemá to cenu s tebou.
Withered Flower
Withered Flower Před měsícem
@CliffuckingBooth Takže když třeba nějaký Řek se naučí česky a bude s někým mluvit česky, tak o sobě nemůže říct, že je Řek, ale musí to říct v řečtině?
Penguinable Před měsícem
@CliffuckingBooth protože asi Czech Krumlov by nikdo nenasel???? Název města je něco úplně jinyho, bavis se o czech people, jako o čechovi. Nemá smysl dále rozvíjet tuto debatu.
Lana Del Queen
Lana Del Queen Před měsícem
She‘s my fav ever I love her so much
Mabbe Buigley
Mabbe Buigley Před měsícem
Alaaaaaaa la amo
kinda cool
kinda cool Před měsícem
I m addicted to her acting now
john P.
john P. Před měsícem
Never rooted for someone to die in a movie like I did for her character in this
Jaxx Enzo
Jaxx Enzo Před dnem
Omg exactly… it messed with my mind and morals
Eric Bonilla
Eric Bonilla Před měsícem
😂😂 she is a beast !
L Patricia
L Patricia Před měsícem
Same!!! I cheered at the end 😆
Arturo Bazalar
Arturo Bazalar Před měsícem
I finished watching "I care alot" is amazing great movie from the beginning to the end
yanky22 Před měsícem
Its utter infuriating crap ... with good actors.
Jim Heeren
Jim Heeren Před měsícem
What’s there to do down there. Oh well let’s see a 1000 year old city, capitol of once the greatest empire of Europe, great bars and restaurants, beautiful nature next door. Hmmm so boring
Jim Heeren
Jim Heeren Před měsícem
@Michal Neubauer yes. But she clearly stated that she lives there for a few years now. And the bars and restaurants will open again soon
Michal Neubauer
Michal Neubauer Před měsícem
You do realise those bars and restaurants are closed :D
Sy A
Sy A Před měsícem
It’s psycho girl!
Sufyan Ghani
Sufyan Ghani Před měsícem
Movie potrays negative image of how you can get rich and all the negativities encompassing it. Dont Mess with people’s family and especially not their Parents. I was actually smiling from side to side seeing the last part of the character’s demise. You Reap what You Sow. Karma Will Always hit Back. She said play Fair, Well i said a bunch of bull to that; Cuz she didnt start with that from the start. She was lucky to have her ending like that. Cuz in real truth, Things could have gotten alot terrible for everyone AND i mean everyone that is ACQUAINTED to her.
Jazz Prince
Jazz Prince Před měsícem
She can play crazy better than anyone.
Ros Sen
Ros Sen Před měsícem
Completely gorgeous! I love the shout out to Eiza.
skycat04 Před měsícem
Aaa... she wanted to speak more... 😭 stupid ABC.
george katsireas
george katsireas Před měsícem
She is amazingly beautiful,but she has more respect not because she is just beautiful outside.She is talented we all loved her in that tone girl,she is a normal person,at least never heard of her something bad...even light bad wouldn't be bad at all but most important we need normal people at high level in society to be an example for children cause no jokes here,if this world is full of abnormality is cause normal people blew it.....think about it for a second.Every action we take and I mean a bad one might effect negatively one person's life if not more ...so we don't know what kind of monster we create with our negative words or actions...
btetschner Před měsícem
Thank you for the video.
Shawna Edwards
Shawna Edwards Před měsícem
The couple in I care a lot whew Chile 🥵 🔥 ♥️
Randall Matthews
Randall Matthews Před měsícem
The bit on covid 19 the other night was in poor taste to say the least.Almost a half million people lost their lives due to covid 19.I think you owe an apology to people that are still suffering through this virus.I would hope you would show empathy like you did when people did not have healthcare to take care of their children.
Sebastian Bliss
Sebastian Bliss Před měsícem
I CARE A LOT is incredibly disturbing until it settles into the more traditional thriller genre tropes - when it is still very watchable - and Rosamund Pike is AMAZING. Darker then any Coen Bros. film, the screen has not seen an anti-heroine of this stripe since Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction. Her performance is NOTEWORTHY. And AWARD WORTHY. She is so cold and dastardly you can't take your eyes off of her and she pulls it off with absolute aplomb.
Lago Brian
Lago Brian Před 23 dny
Have you watched 'Gone girl' ?
CliffuckingBooth Před měsícem
Yeah I thought that the old lady will start fighting back the legal way but after about 20 minutes it turns into quite different movie. But I enjoyed it.
Lion23city Před měsícem
Just finished the movie. It's fantastic!
Astronaut Cricket
Astronaut Cricket Před měsícem
The toothpasting was hilarious
Jessica Před měsícem
Amazing actress. Deserve more and better roles, because every good role that she's offered, she nails!
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Před měsícem
Rosamund Pike is crazy beautiful.
Millie Says OK boomer
Millie Says OK boomer Před měsícem
Yeah she has such a unique look
Cara Angeline Oliver
Cara Angeline Oliver Před měsícem
fresh after opening a pineapple
loveforeignaccents Před měsícem
Why in the hell are her hands so red?? Is she in some sort of competition with Nicole Kidman?
loveforeignaccents Před měsícem
@Sasha Shall Not on Insta, but thanks for the info and have a good rest of your weekend!
Sasha Shall
Sasha Shall Před měsícem
She opened a pineapple with her hands just before the interview, can find it on Instagram
D J Před měsícem
Just watched I Care A lot on Netflix!!! It’s really good. I’ve been a huge fan of hers since Gone Girl. She’s a very talented and beautiful actress with so much range. Very underrated!
Assassinwolf731 Před měsícem
Didn't even mention Wheel of Time
o o
o o Před 2 měsíci
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