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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is 4 years old, and it still feels like a breath of fresh air. I recently got into it, and I must say, it is a blast... literally... because you go boom... a lot... here's everything you need to know about R6 Siege
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The Intro song for this video is "I Think I'm Normal" by Carter Ace
Check him out here: awal.lnk.to/nWCQv
Shout out to my buds David and Odanis for blowing up my wall, and shout out to my brother Danny for helping film it.
Check out Odanis the Rapper open.spotify.com/artist/2yssKhvYbgUIYOOC8GHbGt
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21. 06. 2019





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Macro Před rokem
They may copyright claim my videos, but they can’t claim my tweets twitter.com/TheMacroShow
Bayernmunich 10
Bayernmunich 10 Před 7 dny
@Marc Poisson bc every video I saw it always has to say for noobs
Marc Poisson
Marc Poisson Před 7 dny
@Bayernmunich 10 why not?
Bayernmunich 10
Bayernmunich 10 Před 7 dny
@Marc Poisson NOO
Bayernmunich 10
Bayernmunich 10 Před 7 dny
@Marc Poisson no he's a noob y tf is he making videos when he calls every freaking game for noobs
Marc Poisson
Marc Poisson Před 7 dny
Anyone else think this would be a good “For Noobs” series for the operators. Like “Castle... For noobs” or “Alibi... for noobs?
Mees Mahieu
Mees Mahieu Před 20 hodinami
I love gassing enemys whit smoke while wearing furry headgear 🙃
Shadowshard fox
Shadowshard fox Před 21 hodinou
You're under-rating the game. (my opinion)
cyrus Rolon
cyrus Rolon Před 2 dny
wellllllllll immmmmm a noooooooooobbbbbbbb:::::::))))))
Hans De Castro
Hans De Castro Před 4 dny
You suck
Daniel's animal's '
So its this call of duty plus cs go
Lucas Rice
Lucas Rice Před 5 dny
TheRussianPigeon Před 5 dny
Frank Mazzola
Frank Mazzola Před 5 dny
Macro i not stop ontal you do Halo 3 FOR NOOBS
Mixer Elixir
Mixer Elixir Před 6 dny
I like how he says you can be a silent solider while playing ash
Treyker Dodds
Treyker Dodds Před 6 dny
Can you do rainbow six siege for Nubes 2
Banana Army
Banana Army Před 6 dny
2:53 did he really call Ash stealthy haha
Purple Dodge Challenger
Fuze on offence, Kapkan on defence
Mohammed Alwendawy
Mohammed Alwendawy Před 7 dny
Man says a stealthy solider when he is running ash 2:53
Justin Y Minecraft brother
I i have 98 lvl in siege
King Cr1mson
King Cr1mson Před 8 dny
4:49 that one guy that was like umm ackshually those are welcome mats
Will Pritchard
Will Pritchard Před 8 dny
Yes Před 8 dny
My favorite operator has to be Mozzie because Martin Copping
JustLarry Před 8 dny
Idk if a lot of people watching this plays Destiny 2 But please do a destiny 2 for noobs ( by the People who made Halo)
Kurt Koivunen
Kurt Koivunen Před 9 dny
My favourite is fuse for attack and kapkan for defending
dr. coomer clone • 6 years ago
My favorite operator is WARDEN Wanna know why? Look at his suit Look at that shotgun Look at that flashbang and have no consequences Look at his quotes "Remember: prone gets you home."
SpaceRune Před 9 dny
I have always wanted to learn this game properly
K G Před 9 dny
9.5 lol wut
OneIroPhobia Před 10 dny
Take away his computer "Takes away just the monitor"
Poggy Před 10 dny
Nokk and Doc are my favorite characters. So I understand how infuriating it is to get spotted on cameras as Nokk, and how annoying it is when your teammates come begging to you for a dart when they’ve only lost 15 health or when Caviera gets knocked when roaming the building. Damn you Cav, damn all of you! Doc Mains: F**k you Cav, I’m not walking all the way across the map to heal you. Nokk Mains: I use my ability when there are no cameras around, but I take pride in not using my ability when there are cameras around.
OWEN CONWAY Před 10 dny
Just watched it I’m going to get it now and liking the video
Primus_03 Před 11 dny
actually overrated
Fishy Swiftly
Fishy Swiftly Před 11 dny
infected noodle
infected noodle Před 12 dny
did you call ash steathy!!!!!!
Heartless Vulture
Heartless Vulture Před 12 dny
anyone wanna tell him thats a moniter not the computer and plus he only took one moniter not both
Bootleg Caesar
Bootleg Caesar Před 13 dny
since its not freeto play i believe a 8/10 is justified since its just shitty to put microtransactions in a game that yyou already have to pay for
Elliot Lim
Elliot Lim Před 13 dny
I used stairtraps and it worked 100% of the time
Billy Fordyce
Billy Fordyce Před 14 dny
Noobs? The laser has a use bro
Uh Marshy
Uh Marshy Před 14 dny
I just got the game idk anything about it I saw some people playing it so I got it cuz it looks like fun
meowscles meow
meowscles meow Před 17 dny
My favorite cinematic in blitz because dupstep
meowscles meow
meowscles meow Před 17 dny
I main thermite on attack and smoke on defense because thermite can break almost any wall And smoke is good for ground control and good at trapping 1 person in a corner And if someone takes thermite, sledge If someone takes smoke,Frost
The Amigos
The Amigos Před 17 dny
the password for boom boom boi is 123464
Flaming Orange
Flaming Orange Před 17 dny
Macro: "You can be a stealthy soldier" Also him playing ash: "You don't see anything"
Pumba Před 19 dny
I like ash
Raven _
Raven _ Před 19 dny
Fuse for noobs plaz:)
JackBulliet Drew
JackBulliet Drew Před 20 dny
The Operators I use are IQ on attack and Pulse on defense.
megumin Před 20 dny
Macro: "you'll get alot to start with" Me: ???
ToMasz Kotki
ToMasz Kotki Před 21 dnem
I love Blitz
Yolo King
Yolo King Před 21 dnem
I’ve been playing this game for a long time but I’ve only won like 1 or 2 times.
cromedude gaming
cromedude gaming Před 22 dny
Boom boom boi😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jairo Alvarez
Jairo Alvarez Před 22 dny
Aiden Marsh
Aiden Marsh Před 24 dny
When is the stair trap merch coming?
Johnny Asher
Johnny Asher Před 24 dny
Favorite operator has to be jackal or pulse
Coolkidmiah Před 24 dny
That baby look cute ngl
Dark ninja’ 67
Dark ninja’ 67 Před 24 dny
my favorite operates are ash and cav
Kimbetley Merry
Kimbetley Merry Před 26 dny
mecha bros
mecha bros Před 26 dny
my favourite operator is maverick
I’m One Funny Guy
I’m One Funny Guy Před 26 dny
You do not want to play this game, look I’m a long term siege player, I’ve been playing for like 4 years now, I’ve had my fair share in ranked and reached plat 2, this game is nothing like what you’re watching, fun doesn’t exist, on a pc lobby you’ll get put against hackers, yea this includes casual and ranked, you’ll get DDOS pretty badly and you’ll just get spawn killed, console is a different story, you can’t go into a ranked game with a controller expecting to be put against controllers nowadays, gold 2+ is MnK. I’ll repeat myself this game is not fun I’ve only addressed a small section of the issues.
Caleb Hoogstoevenbeld
but leroy :(
Neon Před 27 dny
Defenders have 10 reinforcements now
Sibling Quality
Sibling Quality Před 27 dny
You should do for noobs for every rainbow class
Aachman Khurana
Aachman Khurana Před 27 dny
Monetizeation go boom
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Před 27 dny
Mozzie is great
Cameron Fielding
Cameron Fielding Před 28 dny
My mains: Offense: Dokkaebi, Ace and Lion Defense: Smoke, Mute, Jager
Anti Kawaii
Anti Kawaii Před 28 dny
I love how the bomb is called boom boom boi
Pulkit Prabhav
Pulkit Prabhav Před 28 dny
The beginning of the masks
WickedTester176 Před 29 dny
6:06 what were you shooting at?
Ys Cracked
Ys Cracked Před 29 dny
Rainbow is a great game I love it and you have some good facts
James Leshchiner
James Leshchiner Před měsícem
Lucas Bamana
Lucas Bamana Před měsícem
0:24 Boom Boom Boi..... makes sense.
Bravo bau
Bravo bau Před měsícem
Why never use laser sight?
Mefju Romper
Mefju Romper Před měsícem
The red dot of the laser only helps tell enemies where you are and gives almost no benefits exept beter hipfire something you should almost never do in siege exept if you are using a shotgun
david law
david law Před měsícem
I was playing a this for my brother and I want to be good like him
Liam MacQueen
Liam MacQueen Před 7 dny
what can you re state that also what platform are you because if your xbox we can play
Xbox gamer Kid
Xbox gamer Kid Před měsícem
Iana and mozze
Zweksinregain Před měsícem
My favorite op is buck
Gilb0 Před měsícem
LOL Im playing rn and stair traps work 100%
Z9xCodM Lee
Z9xCodM Lee Před měsícem
For me, even if I am a noob, who constantly get f**ked up, I would still rate 10/10, cosmetic wrap points is not a problem, it the gameplay itself. Simple and near realistic. Good job for once, ubisoft.
gnartastickid Před měsícem
Should I get it?
Dumb Life
Dumb Life Před měsícem
i think i wasted money on this game
zen tree
zen tree Před měsícem
"take his computer!" *takes monitor*
Taze Před měsícem
U can just buy a new monitor cpu is still there
MouldieTheSlav Před měsícem
On attack my favorite operator is Thermite on defense is either Doc or Jäger
Jeremiah Rogers
Jeremiah Rogers Před měsícem
My main is maverick
Cecilia Lollar
Cecilia Lollar Před měsícem
JAGER and blitz
Mack42801 Před měsícem
Underrating it
MrSuperSlav 2424
MrSuperSlav 2424 Před měsícem
I first watched this when i got siege now im level 97 and i re watch it
Captain Canuck
Captain Canuck Před měsícem
Honestly peaking is such an awesome feature in the game. Can't go back to typical fps I feel so naked without peaks
Michael Roach
Michael Roach Před měsícem
Your under rating it. Shoulda been a 10/10
red brick productions
red brick productions Před měsícem
U noob
Lucas Coppa
Lucas Coppa Před měsícem
“Take his computer” Takes his moniter
Kaiden Stevens
Kaiden Stevens Před měsícem
TheHollistic Před měsícem
i am going to buy it today maybe
Finn Francklin
Finn Francklin Před měsícem
Pls make a new video on the new operator in r6 Plsss
Charlie Dorman
Charlie Dorman Před měsícem
Operator: Take his computer Demonitize boi: *takes monitor*
Ryuki Uchiha
Ryuki Uchiha Před měsícem
"There are actually not bear traps, they are stair traps." - Macro, 2019
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Před měsícem
I’m plat 1 why am I here
Clammon 07
Clammon 07 Před měsícem
That is a monitor, not a computer tower
Archer FDG
Archer FDG Před měsícem
the tan sandwich
the tan sandwich Před měsícem
I play fuze and ace and mute and jaeger and bandit
beep boop
beep boop Před měsícem
I cringed when he compared seige to overwatch
Keith O connor
Keith O connor Před měsícem
My fav op is frost and hibana
Aziz Alkadi
Aziz Alkadi Před měsícem
It says rainbow six siege for Noobs But I feel like use the noob not trying to make fun of him but I’m i’m trying to be honest
Emr055 3
Emr055 3 Před měsícem
Oh finally i found that
Buster muster filibuster Kingston jr play mungius
You can use lazer dot it helps with bullet spread.
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