Rainbow Six Siege - ALL OPERATOR VIDEOS SO FAR (YEAR 1-5) 

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In Todays Video im going to show you all Rainbow Six Siege Operator Videos including Zero / Sam Fisher
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17. 09. 2020





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GRIZZ Před 16 hodinami
Ash’s video: I can go through concrete. Ash in reality: sOrRy I oNlY dO sOfT wAlLs
Homeless Official
Homeless Official Před 19 hodinami
I'm a big simp of IQ ngl
Sara Crysis
Sara Crysis Před dnem
PLAUGE BOI Před dnem
Can we say that jäger elite tells smoke to trap ash in a room and smoke the place up you will understand the joke
reusablestorm 37
reusablestorm 37 Před dnem
Best quote:A real hunter always watches his steps -Kapkan
Ryan Caputo
Ryan Caputo Před dnem
Love how nomad forgot to load her gun
xKeatonKingx Před dnem
Fooookin’ laza sights
DFS Blastify29
DFS Blastify29 Před 3 dny
Where the try hardship were born
XtremeDripp Před 3 dny
Thatcher's video is my favourite by far... *FOOKIN LAZAR SIGHTS*
The mobile Gamer
The mobile Gamer Před 3 dny
frost be like, it’s an snap
Snatchy Snansy
Snatchy Snansy Před 3 dny
Wamai literally black manta
Ashton Chin
Ashton Chin Před 3 dny
Who will win? Modern fookin lazer sights? Or WW2 era LMG mounted and loaded
Trixter Před 4 dny
R6 year 6
Juan Arbaiza
Juan Arbaiza Před 4 dny
My favorite video would have to be Montagne just because of the fact it shows all the damage on his shield, he pushed through grenades, explosions, gunshots and more. It’s shows that no matter what he kept pushing. And with little lighting he looks like he’s impossible to push through. Fitting for a name of the mountain. Truly the best in my opinion
Cristescu Stefan Cosmin
So wait if I'm right couldn't you have a three some with Iana
Нус Атман
Нус Атман Před 4 dny
Well, guys. Who is best girl now? And best men?
giovanni salzillo
giovanni salzillo Před 5 dny
fan fact: maestro means master but in italian
Stefan Michaelsen Zegarra
16:00 what happened to the rapid fire Scar H bruh
Family Guy Ostrich
Family Guy Ostrich Před 6 dny
Blitz just made a gaming montage
GoldenBoi552 Před 6 dny
It sucks that tchanka doesnt have an op video anymore
Jackson Meads
Jackson Meads Před 6 dny
Fookieng lazeah soights
Gruby Před 6 dny
Every time I watch Montagne's vid it still somehow gives me shivers
Max Hayward
Max Hayward Před 7 dny
I know what your wondering. What’s in the canister
Napoleon Сохроков
Fucking lazers
Ovidiu Lisnic
Ovidiu Lisnic Před 7 dny
ghostmly 26
ghostmly 26 Před 7 dny
9:55 D R U G S
UltSxf Před 8 dny
Blitz operator video music is like some dubstep 6 year old music
_Billbobobthefirst ツ
All I hear from clash is “U F’IN MUFFIN”
Some Supreme boi
Some Supreme boi Před 8 dny
Blitz operator video is my fav
TheUglyOne Před 9 dny
Arsenic Flask
Arsenic Flask Před 10 dny
26:09 when the Geneva Convention figures out what's in the canister
A Toaster
A Toaster Před 10 dny
Fucken lazer sights
marisol castellon
marisol castellon Před 10 dny
At 17:20 u can hear it last offer last operator standing
Bruce Sia
Bruce Sia Před 11 dny
Whats in the canister
7orsaken Před 12 dny
You forgot the best operation of all time...Operation Health
Kissbuli GAMING
Kissbuli GAMING Před 12 dny
20:13 Finka why not talk about covid? (jk)
Gamerbro XX
Gamerbro XX Před 12 dny
I love the Kapkan music, it’s so upbeat for a man who murders people for entering rooms.
Keyshawn Gurley
Keyshawn Gurley Před 12 dny
Bro ash is Hebrew?
Nyaaa UwU
Nyaaa UwU Před 12 dny
Cooking laser sights
Jbo 2405
Jbo 2405 Před 13 dny
Who here thinks lord tachanka should have the best vid Leave a like I I
Mitchell Ucchino
Mitchell Ucchino Před 14 dny
Amazing how many maps theyve made and i only play like 4 of them it feels like
DefNotMe Před 14 dny
Jayde Animations
Jayde Animations Před 14 dny
*Sad aruni sounds*
Aperture Photography Co
I swear ace looks so dumb
matthewdavies27._. Před 14 dny
Everyone cool vids explaining their gadget Blitz: DUBSTEP
Keith McPherson
Keith McPherson Před 15 dny
26:10 when u realize ur cousins r using ur pc
FURKAN Před 15 dny
Echo's voice actor kinda like dio from jojo's bizzare adventure
BlueWolfBOI XD
BlueWolfBOI XD Před 15 dny
Every defender in rainbow six seige is a terrorist
Stuart Hawkins
Stuart Hawkins Před 15 dny
For all elite skins within 3 minutes visit "stuhaw_24" on ebay👍👍quick and easy
LUPIE PLACGI Před 15 dny
What's in the canister
윤성민 Před 15 dny
Why did they stop working on operator videos? Is it all about the money? I wish new operators could have cool videos like the old guys.
soapy 78
soapy 78 Před 16 dny
Fuze use to be op
A BCD Před 16 dny
I swear Kapkan music is like chill not war music what
Stealth Boi
Stealth Boi Před 16 dny
18:36: they know damn well she got way more recoil than that
Cheezy Munny
Cheezy Munny Před 16 dny
These remind me of the tf2 meet the team vids
SdSavage54 Před 16 dny
No sign of xofia
Thorny Před 16 dny
Is it just me or does the French GIGN Rook sound more American than French?
Tamás György
Tamás György Před 17 dny
20:10 they comed from the future
Wjoming Před 17 dny
20:43 I wish Chimera would come back
ZephyrAlpha7 Před 17 dny
Nobody: That one player with high sens: 16:35
red is sus
red is sus Před 17 dny
glaz is so fire
mimikyu C
mimikyu C Před 17 dny
I miss the night favela so much. The firework is just pretty especially in MVP animation.
Martin Hernandez
Martin Hernandez Před 18 dny
25:30 operators name please
Scoot The Boot
Scoot The Boot Před 7 dny
Wamai and Kali
Yaya On Sticks
Yaya On Sticks Před 17 dny
The FOOD Slayer
The FOOD Slayer Před 18 dny
1:57 i know that ash is Jewish (like me) but did she just said "Savta"? (It means grandma in Hebrew)
Wjoming Před 17 dny
I guess you're right
Ratryox Před 18 dny
Ash in the cinematics: I am tactical, professional, and deadly. Ash now: **rapid breathing**
Art h ur Barb os a
Art h ur Barb os a Před 18 dny
Why has every medic in every game have this cool foreign accent
兎神だちお Před 18 dny
Matheus Marques
Matheus Marques Před 19 dny
Fbiisnottrue Před 19 dny
Ah yes, smoke the war Crime comitter
scp 049
scp 049 Před 20 dny
8:00 r.i.p the lord
Jack Outlaw
Jack Outlaw Před 20 dny
Doc is my favorite
Jack W
Jack W Před 20 dny
22:08 BOI he broke his spine
Dorota Zarzycka
Dorota Zarzycka Před 20 dny
I miss old tachankansooo much 🙁
Magma Před 21 dnem
Fooking lazar soights
AT Silent
AT Silent Před 21 dnem
8:58 The real best quote
tsmult amate
tsmult amate Před 21 dnem
20:10 the next line sould be fokin lazar sights
Yellomello Před 21 dnem
wtf does rook sound like an american 17 yr old like he is ffrom france if u look in his bio (everybody with the gign patch is from France that is doc rook monty and twitch).
Tycho Ward
Tycho Ward Před 21 dnem
I like how blitz just has a faze montage
ToxicMortisBS Před 22 dny
I saw all 550 comments and read them all I am a legend
Spitfire Před 22 dny
"Do you know what a artist and a sniper have in common?" *DETAILS*
tsmult amate
tsmult amate Před 21 dnem
No it's Fokin lazar sights
Atomic Lazercat
Atomic Lazercat Před 22 dny
Everybody is so cool and then there's virgin Rook sounding like an anime protagonist.
Stewieternity Gaming
22:09 what the fuck?
Potato Potato
Potato Potato Před 23 dny
12:18 no I’m coming for you
Joao Vasco
Joao Vasco Před 23 dny
Lets just aporeciate the fact that on amaru trailer there is juan in there
ELITE_Jude _
ELITE_Jude _ Před 23 dny
1:05 haha
Gerson Chiguano
Gerson Chiguano Před 23 dny
Gracias tía
Cormac Hale
Cormac Hale Před 24 dny
For the people who came here for the only good quote in the game, it’s 1:05
TheMacho Nacho
TheMacho Nacho Před 24 dny
Focking laser sights
SummerBreezes Před 24 dny
0:01 Sledge 0:23 Smoke 0:59 Thatcher 1:26 Mute 1:53 Ash 2:19 Castle 2:44 Thermite 3:11 Pulse 3:40 Twitch 4:15 Doc 4:48 Montage 5:23 Rook 5:53 Glaz 5:26 Kapkan 6:59 Fuze 7:36 Tachanka 8:04 Blitz 8:26 Jäger 9:03 IQ 9:41 Bandit DLC 10:10 Buck and Frost (Operation black Ice) 10:57 Blackbeard and Valkyrie (Operation Dust Line) 12:02 Caveira and Capitão (Operation Skull Rain) 13:16 Echo and Hibana (Operation Red Crow) 14:46 Jackal and Mira (Operation Velvet Shell) 16:18 Ying and Lesion (Operation Blood Orchid) 17:50 Ela (Operation Blood Orchid) 18:16 Dokkabei (Operation White Noise) 18:47 Vigil (Operation White Noise) 19:22 Zofia (Operation White Noise) 19:54 Finka And Lion (Operation Chimera) 20:48 Maestro and Alibi (Operation Para Bellum) 21:53 Maverick and clash (Operation Grim Sky) 22:44 Nomad and Kaid (Operation Wind Bastion) 23:36 Mozzie and Gridlock (Operation Burnt Horizon) 24:00 Nøkk and Warden (Operation Phantom Sight) 24:40 Amaru and Goyo (Operation Ember Rise) 25:28 Kali and Wamai (Operation Shifting Tides) 26:09 Oryx and Iana (Operation Void Edge) 26:56 Ace and Melusi (Operation Steel Wave) 27:54 Zero (Operation Shadow Legacy) NOT IN THIS VIDEO Aruni (Operation Neon Dawn):csshows.info/up/video/Z7KF2IXIaXe3020.html
Carter Koss
Carter Koss Před 24 dny
anjak Před 24 dny
whats in the canister*?
ExactPeak599 Před 24 dny
Every operator: has a cool gadget to aid him/her. Oryx: I'm fast as fuck boi
GRIZZ Před 16 hodinami
My guy really downloaded speed hacks
Sara Crysis
Sara Crysis Před dnem
@Mustafa Simsek Yeah Cav doesn’t really have a gadget. Her skill is her ace-up-the-sleeve.
Mustafa Simsek
Mustafa Simsek Před 5 dny
Cav: i'm silent as fuck boi
TheHybridpigGaming Před 8 dny
More like OH YEAH!
alex music
alex music Před 9 dny
@phnx. He's playing FPS in FPS
Spaghtti Před 25 dny
Vigil's parents be like: 19:11
GalacticGaming Před 25 dny
*Rook sounds more American than French tbh*
OUTLAVV Před 26 dny
It beautiful how 90% of people in this comment saction prefer the old operators over the new ones. After 5 year of releasing operator after operator i can say all old ones, year 1 and year 2 are the most popular ones
Guvyyg Vuhh
Guvyyg Vuhh Před 26 dny
"I turst that the ceramic trauma plate I'm wearing will stop a .357 Magnum" LMAO a ceramic plate can stop a .338 Lapua Magnum and you have doubts about a pistol round?
Guvyyg Vuhh
Guvyyg Vuhh Před 15 dny
@JustSomeRandomGamer at least that lol
JustSomeRandomGamer Před 15 dny
At least he trusts in the right things lul
JoesIceCream622 Před 26 dny
9:08 am I the only one who realizes she’s holding the m1014 shotgun, not a gun she has?
Juzt Anuder
Juzt Anuder Před 27 dny
All that Sam Fisher training paid off
OJ CARRÉ Před 27 dny
Maestro is best 20:49
Kaga Před 27 dny
did old valk and new hibana swap faces
cyber wolf
cyber wolf Před 27 dny
i like how it shows sledge breaking brick but he can only break wood
Výměna SMRTI 4 ! @Klarisa