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Christopher Cano, a police officer and SWAT commander is back to react to Rainbow Six Siege, a shooter game by Ubisoft.
Chris will review the drone system, the robots used in the game and during the SWAT missions, how they open doors, use grenades or flashbangs in R6 and in real life, what is the best way to shoot in a close environment, what is the real use of a stimpack or a grappling hook. He also gives us information about the bearcat (SWAT) and the use of a lot of different shields during a gunfight.
#Rainbowsixsisege #Police #ExpertsReact
0:00 Intro
0:21 Presentation
0:34 Drones
1:27 non-lethal grenades
2:29 Sledge's gameplay
3:17 Way to shoot
4:14 explosive devices
5:09 stimpack + medic lessons
6:30 grappling hook
7:08 bearcat (SWAT)
7:42 Shields
9:49 Conclusion
Christopher Cano:
Chris THE COP: csshows.info/label/FMCehWVg9W3BPqmZXUMkMQ
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Thanks to dayiali and Skittlzfor the gameplay:
dayiali: csshows.info/label/Exqg3mHS4uaKEKuZv75Lig
Skittlz: csshows.info/label/ppDHJVQMHqeDvQ-8byOEEA
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Chris THE COP Před 4 měsíci
Hey Everyone, thanks again for supporting and watching. In about two to three weeks, I will do a wrap up video of this video where I respond to your questions and comments. If you want to see that video, head on over to my channel at Chris THE COP or click the link. We are currently playing L.A. Noire, SWAT 4, Among Us, and now adding Alien Isolation. Thanks again! csshows.info
Zach gamer Konrick
Zach gamer Konrick Před 7 dny
Loved reaction for the rifle shield In game it does slow him down quite a bit tho 😁
warrior KM
warrior KM Před měsícem
Hope you are staying relatively safe from the "protests" as they call them
ITZ SIR Před měsícem
Chris the cop in my EE
Chris THE COP Před měsícem
@Cheshire Smile wish that was real
Cheshire Smile
Cheshire Smile Před měsícem
i believe that the stims the player uses have some type of coagulant in them to stop any bleeding that could possibly be fatal
Medix MTF SCP Foundation
I like how he say eeeeeeeeeeeee
Mr. ET
Mr. ET Před 2 dny
This is not what I expected. The expert knows the game aswell and they use good players to show the gameplay.
Jortboyo Před 2 dny
He would be a perfect e-sports commentator
Dylan Harrell
Dylan Harrell Před 2 dny
anyone realize Yumi was in this
caslerr Před 4 dny
ay it skittlz
Jose Rubio
Jose Rubio Před 4 dny
Love the vid ...Chris the cop is a genuine awesome man 📢🙌🏽
Eclipse Před 6 dny
Just realised he is watching skittlz
Greg Beigel
Greg Beigel Před 6 dny
I want a terrorist to react to terrorist side "yeah we use these kinds of foldable enforcements all the time to keep cops out"
Anuj Patel
Anuj Patel Před 6 dny
Anuj Patel
Anuj Patel Před 6 dny
Dude burned 1000 calories with that hand movement
Anuj Patel
Anuj Patel Před 6 dny
This is the type of dude where if he laughs at your joke, it'll give you life.
Steve Minecraft
Steve Minecraft Před 6 dny
they all playing 20 fps lmao
Filthy Casual
Filthy Casual Před 6 dny
Thanks for telling me how to avoid the SWAT. That's a joke, by the way.
TM-Owl Před 7 dny
That skitllz gameplay doe
Dr Johnson
Dr Johnson Před 7 dny
2:17 stomp
linus Před 8 dny
i think the computer that the player played on was a potato
John Triantafyllou
John Triantafyllou Před 8 dny
Yo that Zofia on Border is cracked
I'm You
I'm You Před 8 dny
My man was watching Skittlz gameplay. I love everything about this.
PeñyaGaming Před 8 dny
Me thinking this guy can be a commentator for a tournament and kill it
Ivory. Před 8 dny
why they using a lot of skittlz clips
Random Person028
Random Person028 Před 9 dny
I would want him to be my support/coms player.
KuriousKoopa Troopa
@ 5:00, look at chat
Showz -_-
Showz -_- Před 10 dny
I love that you guys use skittlz gameplay
öö Před 10 dny
This Guy is really nice tho :)
NTB Před 10 dny
Imagine if it was Casual. Tk’s would be everywhere..
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Před 10 dny
I want to get good in R6
Dafork Izdeez
Dafork Izdeez Před 10 dny
Alternative title: Gamer SWAT Commander reacts...
The Centry
The Centry Před 11 dny
Have him react to zero hour
0noel999 Před 11 dny
Imagine they using @Skittlz gameplay😂
Coby Fong
Coby Fong Před 11 dny
I always thought that rainbow six siege gameplay is unrealistic because its so fast.
Muhammad Reza Yusuf
Muhammad Reza Yusuf Před 11 dny
Skittlz gameplay😂 chris the cop love it😂 , wonder what he would think about yardy gameplay😂
PhoenixDZK Před 12 dny
Love this game, and glad to know the toddlers who scream abuse at me when I play it will at least grow up as decent SWAT operators
sm0qked Před 12 dny
Shelton Golden
Shelton Golden Před 12 dny
I'm a long time CS player and I'm complete dogs*** at R6:Siege. It's so complicated! So confusing with all the different operators and gadgets. I have great respect for players who are skilled at it. I'll stick with CS and it's more refined gameplay.
paul keeble
paul keeble Před 12 dny
My boi skittlz
Cxntrxl Před 13 dny
interesting piece of lore that probably doesnt make a difference: doc's stim pistol contains both epi and a bunch of small pellets that are meant to distribute themselves through the bloodstream and fix up any internal/external bleeding *temporarily.* It is designed in the lore of r6 to keep someone fighting for those precious couple minutes before they can get medical attention during an operation.
SnipezzRage Před 13 dny
Actual police officer and medic : * talks about infiltrating like in Rainbow Six Siege * Me : "Woah, black ice :0"
Milo Mcconlogue
Milo Mcconlogue Před 13 dny
Rainbow six seige player reacts to swat situation
cool cod
cool cod Před 14 dny
We need a whole team of experts on this subject going against each other in siege
NotFamous Před 14 dny
3:19 he really gonna ignore that
XDGame On
XDGame On Před 14 dny
He say amaru is going to break her leg. Does he know amaru grappling hook is making the window weaker?
Stephen George
Stephen George Před 14 dny
Skittlz is an actual god at siege 😩😩😩
explosions and shit
explosions and shit Před 14 dny
-We won, how did you know how to defeat them -They made a CSshows video that explains their equipment
Mr Honk
Mr Honk Před 15 dny
i just saw the plasma gun from fallout in the back
micro husky
micro husky Před 15 dny
Cop, swat, paramedic, youtuber. My boy has a Resumé a mile long
Fanatic Gaming
Fanatic Gaming Před 15 dny
They Should have this guy as a pro caster
jabba wockezz
jabba wockezz Před 15 dny
We need the real expert “Wings of Redemption” 🤣
GIAN Aligarbes
GIAN Aligarbes Před 16 dny
I wish i had a uncle or grandpa like him who understands whats the difference between online and offline games
Devin Yanuardana
Devin Yanuardana Před 17 dny
Does he even talk about don't kill teammates? Like we see the in the intro that one of the teammate died by their own team.
Dontae B
Dontae B Před 18 dny
Skittlz must feel really good hearing this
Computer Blue
Computer Blue Před 18 dny
We've found our last attacker op......
Jamari0306 Před 18 dny
Shoutout to Erron Black's MKX X-Ray that made it here
Michael Howard
Michael Howard Před 20 dny
This dude would be great to have on the squad he would be boosting morale the whole time I can tell. People in this game or so toxic, if you even try to be nice they want to roast you. God bless you Chris!
shinboi samurai
shinboi samurai Před 22 dny
fun fact its actualy a game
Obitobi Před 22 dny
My only question is do swat teams have to deal with spawnpeaks irl
ThatRandom Dude
ThatRandom Dude Před 22 dny
I like this guy he says gameplay and game so he knows how this is a game
Jody Highroller
Jody Highroller Před 23 dny
Breh how does he play siege like that, he moves like its cods
agility Před 23 dny
He low key looks like capitao
Håvard Viks
Håvard Viks Před 23 dny
"That is probably a very ominous sight to see" Me, who gets chills down my spine whenever I hear Montagne clunking towards me: buddy, you have no idea
Tristan Lambert
Tristan Lambert Před 25 dny
I really like this guy because he understands it’s a game, he understands game logic and knows it’s not going to be 100% accurate, but he’s still able to compare it to real life situations. A lot of these types of videos you just get the person giving the feedback always saying “that’s not very realistic” but we all know that already lol
shmuel1979 Před 25 dny
Mom this game is educational i swear
Supery Zezo
Supery Zezo Před 25 dny
damn doc clutched that 1 v 3
ApolloOnMars Před 26 dny
He should be a broadcaster for esports, he be great
Troy Carter
Troy Carter Před 26 dny
i bet this guy knows some filthy spawn peaks
lil crayon
lil crayon Před 27 dny
I love how it's skittlz clips
Jc 1968
Jc 1968 Před 27 dny
Have you tried experts reaction to rainbow six siege tournament?? No one has made such video, think it'll be cool
Zelene Před 27 dny
This guys son play video games.. You can tell.. He understands..
Gaming Range
Gaming Range Před 27 dny
I wanna see this guy watch some CS gameplay
Dr.Nonsense Před 27 dny
giftko Před 28 dny
3:13 when did maverick get withstand?
Brazil Před 28 dny
Can’t wait to tell my cousins about this there will be confused af
MikeyRulezz Před 28 dny
Should have shown him Montagne's full shield from a different perspective
Πέτρος Κακουρατος
5:00 you talk a lot stfu (chat)😂😂
Jacob Alfaro
Jacob Alfaro Před 29 dny
I love how there watching skittlz
Lasse Salonen
Lasse Salonen Před 29 dny
R6S is far from realistic xD
Tfk Void
Tfk Void Před měsícem
I’m supposed to be doing school work😂
Their Teammate
Their Teammate Před měsícem
“Would you be able to not splatter yourself on the edge of the window?” Footage of Mira testing Amaru’s grapple plays
Their Teammate
Their Teammate Před měsícem
“That is probably a very ominous sight to see. Just a wall of Kevlar with a tiny window.” Wow he nailed it
thehamofdoomjr Před měsícem
Mans watching skittlz
CRACK GAMING Před měsícem
Three months late but live ping be hard in the video how many times you ganna live ping but also favorite video
CRACK GAMING Před měsícem
Oh it’s skittlz
RedWinter V1
RedWinter V1 Před měsícem
wait, what? riot shields aren't bullet resistant. i feel so cheated
The Stan
The Stan Před měsícem
Damn that black ice on SMG =))
Monique Barragan
Monique Barragan Před měsícem
Ah yes Giving information for Canimals but like the videos
Susokie Před měsícem
Conductor Před měsícem
Alberto M.
Alberto M. Před měsícem
When the movement and gunfight part it seemed like he played R6!
klose king
klose king Před měsícem
Lmao medicccc
Lord Cheburek
Lord Cheburek Před měsícem
Alex Před měsícem
Very critical precise and straight to the point I think his critiques are spot on
asian man
asian man Před měsícem
Skittlz new #1 fan
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Před měsícem
Lol imagine a heavily armored terorrist waits for his preys and then he saws a tiny drone and starts to shooting while screaming
Barış Oktay
Barış Oktay Před měsícem
"In order for glass to be bulletptoof it has to be THIS thock" Then there's Clash...
Savage Soviet005
Savage Soviet005 Před měsícem
i want say rainbow six siege is good and i had fun playing this game but delete this game bc i get shot not from enemy my teammates i delete this game 4 time bc of my teammates and i only remember 3, 1: i join in a match that was about to start dude shot me when the other team was about start coming in then in second another dude shot me, at the last round the guy say to me "dude u suck" i left the match and angrily punch my water bottle and wet my bed next to it, 2: i took a guy kill and he was last one so i ended the round, the round started he knocked me down and watch me die, i did get my vengeance that day. 3: i took another guy kill and killed me just bc i took his killed there is no point of killing me, if someone took my kill I'll be fine like at least i got the xp. This game but not for me anymore bc my teammate keep kill and they just ruin the fun and the game for me, i hope y'all get an ace or better goodnight or good day and im sorry for this long as paragraph of them ruining the game for me
James Pell
James Pell Před 25 dny
Yeah game can be infuriating but I laughed when you said you punched the water bottle lol
Quinn McFadin
Quinn McFadin Před měsícem
i with he also reacted to bealos most popular clips that would be funny
Red Copperfield
Red Copperfield Před měsícem
I liked this guy a lot.
agility Před 23 dny
Bro he looks like capitao
Will Harris
Will Harris Před měsícem
5:00 [ALL] Goonz: you talk alot stfu
Sceptical German
Sceptical German Před měsícem
real cops can learn tactics from rainbow six siege? o.O get shot and blame it on the team, then disconnect?
Manu Před měsícem
he should have watched a copper match XD
035haha Před měsícem
Bruh they got a diamond player for this lool
Orange Před měsícem
are some swat squads five stack champs
Broken video hry!
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