Nobody can explain this Rainbow Six Siege gameplay 

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You can't explain this Rainbow Six Siege gameplay, the weird kills and waffle are not what the developers intended for...
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The new rainbow six siege operation neon dawn just released so it is time for another funny moment video, with the new operator aruni! This isn't a challenge video, or alpha pack opening for black ice, but just a collection of the normal Marley, Custard, and Dom elite waffle. With a LOT of ACES!


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4. 12. 2020





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Marley Před měsícem
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Galaxy Před hodinou
Baked Fries
Baked Fries Před 3 dny
U doooo know that it was a cam and not a invisible box
Alain Gauthier
Alain Gauthier Před 21 dnem
Ur so good
Zack Goode
Zack Goode Před 21 dnem
@poopsock 2x l pool
Fahad Al-Azzawi
Fahad Al-Azzawi Před 23 dny
Marley i saw your videos and i loved them so i told my brother to buy rainbow six siege deluxe edition so he bought it
Bazinga Ha Ha
Bazinga Ha Ha Před 16 hodinami
Nathan Todorovski
Nathan Todorovski Před 17 hodinami
5:00 is 100% my favourite part
stract Před 2 dny
Do you have any tips on how to get renown fast for a causal player?
Its Yamii
Its Yamii Před 2 dny
thats why i hate r6s even in casual i see ppl playing like its ranked im saying that as new player
Killbow Bro
Killbow Bro Před 3 dny
At 2:25 I didn’t know they added death reactions with that desk slam
dougie7056 Před 3 dny
Hi, my name is Dougie. I’m a very small twitch streamer who averages 2 viewers per stream. I would appreciate it so much if u could go follow me on twitch and watch my streams. I streamed twice daily. I’m a plat 3 Xbox player. My name on twitch is xXdougie07Xx. Have a great day
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin Před 3 dny
Need to see it to believe it
Hudson Fitzgerald
Hudson Fitzgerald Před 3 dny
85k people: WHY ARE YOU GAY?? 930 people:...
Senne Van dorp
Senne Van dorp Před 3 dny
He just has a good gaming chair
John Abraham
John Abraham Před 4 dny
By the way demo man is from TF2
John Abraham
John Abraham Před 4 dny
It’s confirmed to tanker is demo man
Brian Miller
Brian Miller Před 4 dny
Mortal Kombat movie
Christian Magana
Christian Magana Před 4 dny
why dont i see marley in any tournements liike bro those one taps that aim your cracked bro
kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv
Because marley plays casual most of the time
Maddison Buck
Maddison Buck Před 4 dny
The title of this video should be in all of his videos lol
Vlxne Jxsh
Vlxne Jxsh Před 4 dny
4 mill subs and a face reveal
CurseYT Před 5 dny
I can explain He’s just vibing
Ssgt_Noah YT
Ssgt_Noah YT Před 5 dny
My only dream is for Marley to sub to me
SM Pulse
SM Pulse Před 7 dny
Bro I’m surprised Marley doesn’t get banned like wthhhh
William Townsend
William Townsend Před 8 dny
2:48 what is this song?
JJ Před 9 dny
Song? At 0:48
Just3Luck Před 10 dny
“Not quite pro league but waffle league” LMAO😂😂
A Mysterious Gamer Approaches
Marley.... the police are after you for these shots at the moment I wrote this there is 911 dislikes the police are after you man
Elite gamer#9026
Elite gamer#9026 Před 11 dny
Jayden Ordmandy
Jayden Ordmandy Před 11 dny
I got one
Keeles Před 14 dny
anyone notice that the video is "13:37" minutes long That L33T
iiSupremePizza Před 14 dny
I really want a Marley youtooz, too bad I missed it :’)
George Lloyd
George Lloyd Před 14 dny
Can we have a whole episode of just monkey marley
Eli Alazar
Eli Alazar Před 14 dny
0:13 thats song is fucking dangers mate
Deyazan Deumah
Deyazan Deumah Před 14 dny
Marley I love your content bro keep it up
basic Pb
basic Pb Před 14 dny
dude one thing i just love about marleys vids his he makes subtitles acceptable like i usaly hate them but i like this
Aaron Cox
Aaron Cox Před 16 dny
Sooo that was me the Mira on the stairs!!! Can I get my free gift now😃
EvilJäger Před 16 dny
8:17 I love that MATEEEEE!
imfabio 16
imfabio 16 Před 16 dny
you didnt kiss the rook tho
Graham Armstrong
Graham Armstrong Před 16 dny
Dom probably pays people to dislike these aimbot videos
hahzweioh Před 16 dny
Peter Griffins Laugh is Custard
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace Před 17 dny
Pog for Jesus Christ lord amen bless
jerrin mon
jerrin mon Před 17 dny
At 2:23 I thought Marley was a time traveler and did that to get dom mad.
Danny Worrall
Danny Worrall Před 17 dny
Imagine Marley does a 5 mil face reveal
Dalin Johnson
Dalin Johnson Před 17 dny
Marley is too good
Ojpoj Playz
Ojpoj Playz Před 17 dny
8:51 isn’t that just a bullet proof camera
Lolo’s Drawings
Lolo’s Drawings Před 18 dny
12:55 he died coz he used Nokk w/o J U A N
daniel kocmoud
daniel kocmoud Před 18 dny
See the c4 should say waffle on the screen
24% Done
24% Done Před 18 dny
Who else has the same skill as marley besides me
Ethan Perkins
Ethan Perkins Před 18 dny
how is he so good with a pistol
Anonymous .0
Anonymous .0 Před 19 dny
7:59 dads in traffic be like
fraggin out
fraggin out Před 19 dny
I just got siege, lovin the game, people aint as sweaty as i thought
Brian Wade
Brian Wade Před 19 dny
Detective WishBoi
Detective WishBoi Před 21 dnem
Marley: "The vibe brings the beans!" Homeless people: *singing starts*
Tyrga Před 14 dny
@Who Knows who me?
Who Knows
Who Knows Před 17 dny
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez Před 21 dnem
I got it ya
Adrian Mikhael
Adrian Mikhael Před 21 dnem
I like the action figure it has a sticky bomb
Ishwan Dhanoa
Ishwan Dhanoa Před 21 dnem
Hmmm hey Marley, where's the uh Magnum toy or black ice
tomato boy ortiz
tomato boy ortiz Před 22 dny
I got a wall bang for you
LtDarkk Před 22 dny
marley’s wheeze sounds like my ears at night
Preiqt Před 23 dny
you know your good when you can play around and still win
Ohscar Před 23 dny
Guys I just did a yt vid of a R6 montage, its my first video so I'm just asking for support. Thanks!
Brice Ford
Brice Ford Před 23 dny
Marley mate I love ur content and I hope I can play with the God of siege Marley, hit me up if I can ever play with u, also I only have to black ices and they are the, f2, and the c8
Just Gabbben
Just Gabbben Před 23 dny
WHAT IS THIS MAN 12:36 *the laugh*
TheTheriotBoi Před 24 dny
A dangerous animal named marley
Blxtsツ Před 25 dny
Hi I’m new to siege pc how do I type in game ?
the Hunter c:
the Hunter c: Před 25 dny
Ur bad
Patrick Sim
Patrick Sim Před 26 dny
Was marmite Now it's moorgley
CoolCleverFunnyName Před 26 dny
He is really good I know bit let's all admit he's not going against the most cracked gamers
Timothy Janczak
Timothy Janczak Před 26 dny
I can explain this video it's just cause you are a god and u attract wafflers
Endy on YT
Endy on YT Před 27 dny
“Daily dose of waffle” Laughs in last uploaded 1 week ago
cyprian Pilat
cyprian Pilat Před 27 dny
Pls play cs go i want see you skill
Nezuko Před 27 dny
epic gamer
David Swasbrook
David Swasbrook Před 27 dny
“Lali di” Me: *lali ho*
David Swasbrook
David Swasbrook Před 27 dny
Anyone know what I’m referencing?
PHB slayz
PHB slayz Před 28 dny
I missed out😭😭
Bosley Před 28 dny
The number of likes of this comment is how many times they said mate in the video
J3ffB0b Před 28 dny
who else play r6 cuz marley
Elijah Moreau
Elijah Moreau Před 29 dny
Bakson_Hunter Před 29 dny
9:27 is prob the best play I’ve ever seen in this game.
CraigeeBoyX Před 29 dny
5:44 the editing here is too good😂
chubbles Před 29 dny
marley do u play ranked or quick match
Do you Know the way
Do you Know the way Před měsícem
This has bugged me for a long time but Marley can you tell me what to do with my Siegel always says disconnected from Xbox live or it says the siege servers are down I’ve restarted the game I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game nothing works can I get some help pleassss
Laurenn Dionisio
Laurenn Dionisio Před 28 dny
Just wait for like 30 minutes and try again
George Haynes
George Haynes Před měsícem
Evil Espeon
Evil Espeon Před měsícem
dom was like ‘im so big brain, OH MY GOD’ im like, bish ive done that for the past three RANKED seasons
Tucker Hoodini7
Tucker Hoodini7 Před měsícem
Jamil Akhtar
Jamil Akhtar Před měsícem
Thx marley ur conants amazing im getting way more dislikes den likes im rlly sad ppl hate me pls just like my vids they keep coming ... they keep coming
doni borisov
doni borisov Před měsícem
I can easily explain this video. COMEPLETE AND TOTAL MARLEYNESS
sock don
sock don Před měsícem
can we see a road to diamond ?
Kyle Jackson
Kyle Jackson Před měsícem
Yo Marley my dad wants to 1v1 you
Kyle Jackson
Kyle Jackson Před měsícem
Yo Marley my dad wants to 1v1 you
Louis McVey
Louis McVey Před měsícem
how can you get your scope color like you have
Laurenn Dionisio
Laurenn Dionisio Před 28 dny
Idk, it might be in settings
Kian Wigglesworth
Kian Wigglesworth Před měsícem
Get a tiktok account and we will follow you
Andrew Boutin
Andrew Boutin Před měsícem
Notice he took off the black ice on his mp5
Emerzon Mejia
Emerzon Mejia Před měsícem
Anyone else noticed the typo at 0:38 like if you did
we do love to see it
Lego_is_ cool
Lego_is_ cool Před měsícem
why the fuck am i not subscribed.
antonio martinez
antonio martinez Před měsícem
I finally got my limited black ice idot shirt and I’m so happy
Loopex the Gamer
Loopex the Gamer Před měsícem
caki Před měsícem
Cannabis Jones
Cannabis Jones Před měsícem
OMG OMG OMG @marley I found the PERFECT JUAN SOUND BITE!!! it's too good to be true, they even ask about ASH!!!! HAHAHAHA "i have one for Juan, just Juan, one hypothetical, Juan. As Juan the Juan-derkid, the rising number one..." csshows.info/up/video/aJhwsH-ocaK5q3Y.html
V3Glockz Před měsícem
Wow the charm
Omar Estrada
Omar Estrada Před měsícem
Why are these fools so annoying ?
ilickpeople Před měsícem
it doesnt need to be explained
yeet masta
yeet masta Před měsícem
Tell custard that a 12 yr old got an ace before him
SwiftyCheez Před měsícem
If I had a dollar for every mate said in a video I’d be rich.
Freddie M
Freddie M Před měsícem
Ur the fe4rless of r6 but uupload
$3 Mouse Vs $300 Mouse in Siege