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Bill Shepherd
Chris Cassidy
Jonny Kim Bio
Learn More about the Navy Seals
Learn about the US Navy
I visited the Navy Seal - UDT Museum in Ft. Pierce Florida
(Not Officially Affiliated with the US Navy)
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27. 09. 2020





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SmarterEveryDay Před 5 měsíci
Chris Cassidy is currently ALONE on the US section of the International Space Station. How crazy is that? I really enjoyed speaking with him and Jonny. I started this process thinking the Seals probably focus on the ability to overpower the enemy and smash things, but it turns out humility and the ability to work on a team is by far the most important attribute. You can follow Chris and Jonny on twitter and Instagram (I'll put the links in the description). Thank you to those who are supporting Smarter Every Day on Patreon! ( www.patreon.com/smartereveryday ) Did you get your baseballs?
Ken Graham
Ken Graham Před 3 dny
Great to see a Navy SEAL in space. I was a submariner, retired now, but used to deliver any where you guys wanted to go. Proud to call a step brother. We submariners share a similar brotherhood and since you guys also hide below the ocean and just as comfortable in the ocean depths, I always thought of you SEALs as a step-brother. Not sure if you are still up there but stay safe and return home soon
Randy Peddycoart
Randy Peddycoart Před 12 dny
Randy Brumbaugh
Randy Brumbaugh Před 2 měsíci
@EARTH IS seriously FLAT o
Vasakhi Před 3 měsíci
Isn’t he back already recently?
David Smith
David Smith Před 3 měsíci
If we brought China and ISRO into the ISS, then Nobel Peace Prize
Daquan Adams
Daquan Adams Před 15 hodinami
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liamskimac Před 2 dny
What inspirational men
Don Clay
Don Clay Před 2 dny
This was an awesome video! Really enjoyed it.
Banks Dennis
Banks Dennis Před 3 dny
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Ken Graham
Ken Graham Před 3 dny
Great video. I spent a lot of time with SEALs because I am a submariner and was on a submarine that would deliver them to their area to depart and sometimes return. They are a great group of men and I am proud to call them a step brother. See, as submariners, we share a lot with our submariner brothers that was blood sweat and tears. We are also at home in the ocean depths and you got the chance to make a great cruise with some of my brothers. The SEALs I have a great respect for because when they see that Trident, they know that is a fellow brother just as when I see dolphins, I also see a brother. Keep up the great work
GФФŦЏϾКΞЯ Před 4 dny
dumber with every episode
Miguel S Enriquez
Miguel S Enriquez Před 4 dny
Hay bros
laith elayyan
laith elayyan Před 4 dny
why is the flag displayed in the museum shown at 0:52 hanging upside down? I mean if you want it to be more identifiable in a deployment situation then the large white text is above the white circle not below it. Just sayin
r j
r j Před 4 dny
the brotherhood ! hmmm
Stijn Před 5 dny
Is there an international (since im not from the US) or US part of the military that is basically exactly like the seals but doesnt aim to harm others, I would love to be a part of that. I just don't want to handle a gun or intentially harm anyone even if they are an "enemy", the training and brotherhood part are still very important though.
Stijn Před 5 dny
YES!!! Soo much yes! in this video, I loved it sooo much!
Omar Salih
Omar Salih Před 5 dny
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elftax Před 6 dny
Just noticed that Chris shows very little emotion when alone with Destin but his demeanour changes when with the other Seal
Daniel G
Daniel G Před 6 dny
Julian Před 6 dny
I discovered your channels around a month ago or so and I'm trying to catch up :) Thank you :) a big hug from Bulgaria
Life Is Turd
Life Is Turd Před 6 dny
probably the coolest part of this video was when the camera floated when Chris let it go
William Lamy
William Lamy Před 7 dny
SO GLAD you spotted the cyrillic name! I was amazed at it while watching him talk and you pointed it out at the end :D
tvx gamer
tvx gamer Před 7 dny
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Make Money
Make Money Před 8 dny
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Pastel Assassin
Pastel Assassin Před 9 dny
Starting from around 31:31 it seems like the footage up on the ISS has some white dots impairing the video. I know at higher altitudes above the Earth's atmosphere, astronauts have been said to experience high energy particles enter their retinas and impair their vision somewhat. Could the white dots on the footage be evidence of high energy particles entering the camera's lens?
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz Před 9 dny
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K-9,TheCat Před 10 dny
Yazmeli Ayzol
Yazmeli Ayzol Před 11 dny
Hey Destin, Chris and Jonny. I have a simple but potentially interesting experiment proposal. Similar to the biaxial rotational oscillation seen by the T-tool after it spun off while under 0G conditions. Essentially the experiment would consist of the same thing except this time doing it with a modified T-tool. Two T-tools inverted and rotated 90°. Or something of similar nature providing a full x,y,z axis profile. Then create a slight imbalance at both +/- (x .2, y .2, z .2) on opposing sides. Then give it a spin. I'm curious how it will react. Will the biaxial rotational oscillation repeat or will it have a multiaxial rotational oscillation..?
GaLoS Před 11 dny
Amazing men, amazing video!
waszap j.
waszap j. Před 11 dny
Johnny Knoxville
Johnny Knoxville Před 11 dny
You had me Chris, until you said "Woman" SEAL - You've been politicized.
Adam Marinos
Adam Marinos Před 11 dny
Very cool. Amazing men
Randy Peddycoart
Randy Peddycoart Před 12 dny
Navy Seal Astronaut! Drop the Mic :)
Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang Před 12 dny
Listening to Jonny on the Jocko podcast was a treat. The meat head idea of SEALS is from Hollyweird. Except Jocko lol. Question: Do SEALS extract from a target with the sub they arrived with, the one Destin sat in?
yasen king
yasen king Před 13 dny
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fargneta Před 13 dny
The first "frog-men" were the Italians, during the 2nd World War. They rode torpedoes which they then hooked under the keels of the ships ... Durand de la Penne and many oyther ....
Chuck Kern
Chuck Kern Před 13 dny
very cool stuff. thank you
Yoram Alon
Yoram Alon Před 13 dny
Imagine a submarine skin made of a self tuning split ring resonators metamaterial. That submarine would be invisible to any active sonar. An equevalent evolutionary solution should exist on certain fish skin. Biomimicking engineering?
JONNIE TRUTH Před 16 dny
The international Space station does not exist… It only exist in your mind…
Nic Boulay
Nic Boulay Před 17 dny
I can see a lot of dead pixels on Mr. Cassidy's camera sensor. Is that from space radiation hitting the sensor?
Bram Hengeveld
Bram Hengeveld Před 19 dny
That... was wholesome.
Marion S.O.
Marion S.O. Před 19 dny
Mit meiner Kurzsichtigkeit, muss ich mein Handy vor meiner Nase halten....🙃 Kleine Anmerkung!
Marion S.O.
Marion S.O. Před 19 dny
Ob wir jemals dieses Museum besuchen könnten....wahrscheinlich nicht😔😔😔, bin so traurig
StarWolf 621
StarWolf 621 Před 19 dny
StarWolf watched this.
Luis Salgado paredes
Not much difference between Johnny sins and Dr. Cassidy as far as titles talks LOL
Miky ॐ
Miky ॐ Před 20 dny
The Channel
samuel p
samuel p Před 22 dny
Lewis Hachmeister
Lewis Hachmeister Před 22 dny
Olympus EM1 Mk3 > Panasonic GH5
Mystery Mayhem
Mystery Mayhem Před 23 dny
They're going to need to amend the acronym for S.E.A.L. teams to S.E.A.L.S. (SEa, Air, Land and Space)
John Kean
John Kean Před 23 dny
Hate these vids they make one feel under accomplished 😢
John Kean
John Kean Před 23 dny
So if u want to become an astronaut: get a Harvard degree, become a Doctor whilst youre improving you're navy seal skills ... mmm l don't think its gonna happen 😭
John Kean
John Kean Před 23 dny
What l don't get is, with all the technology around, why they have to go outside to space-walk _AT ALL_ 🤔
John Kean
John Kean Před 23 dny
On the ISS: "Running around, with bags ... " 🤔
John Kean
John Kean Před 23 dny
Chris has the eyes of someone whose seen over the wall. 😮
Ben Harris
Ben Harris Před 26 dny
say someone falls ill on the s.s do they have emergency shuttle to get up there ??? loving all your work Destan
Josh Fields
Josh Fields Před 27 dny
Destin, I LOVE your content! I’m a detail guy. And on this video, one detail that struck me is while Chris was answering your questions on board ISS his nametag/SEAL device on his EVA suit in Russian! And I noticed BEFORE you mentioned it at the end.
Keith Waggoner
Keith Waggoner Před 27 dny
Wow. The ISS is living proof that all of us, regardless of color, creed, sexuality, upbringing, religious beliefs or station in life, can get along... Maybe we all need to move there...
Chris George
Chris George Před měsícem
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krazziee2000 Před měsícem
very cool ..
Brain Freeze
Brain Freeze Před měsícem
What’s interesting to me, what mission is a Navy SEAL on to be on the space station?? :)
Roger Whiting
Roger Whiting Před měsícem
In the first BUDS film the instructor looked like Jocko with hair. Was it him?
Michael Demetriou
Michael Demetriou Před měsícem
Well if you can become a SEAL then I guess you can make it as an Astronaut they are really special people.
Col Richard Gallaher
Col Richard Gallaher Před měsícem
This is extremely odd... because most SEAL rates are not what would be called ‘smart’ rates.
Bella Curcio
Bella Curcio Před měsícem
We need to be envisioning a long term future for Earth where we can operate globally, as one, and not competitively against each other as nations or cultures. That's the only way we are going to really transcend our little life here on this planet.
Adric Braithwaite
Adric Braithwaite Před měsícem
For those wondering about all of the dead pixels in Chris' footage from the ISS, it's caused by increased radiation from being in low Earth orbit.
Muhammad Raza
Muhammad Raza Před měsícem
daym that asian guy is insanely qualified
Monster Před měsícem
For those who don't know, last December he was selected for the 2024 moon landing mission.
Dr_khan4u Před měsícem
at #0:52 why the Muslims holy religious Frame is upside down? they did it on purpose or in ignorance?
chris kaprys
chris kaprys Před měsícem
This is why I love CSshows. Thank you, Destin. This is really special.
Black Man
Black Man Před měsícem
American pride at its best
Mihi Gyver
Mihi Gyver Před měsícem
the swiss flag on 15:37 has the worng format! xD
Tailhook MD
Tailhook MD Před měsícem
Dad: Son all men are created equal. Son: Yeh but dad I saw a video about this guy.
alejandro López
alejandro López Před měsícem
Wow awesome video!!!
John Roland Binamira
John Roland Binamira Před měsícem
SEALS Sea Air Land Space
Players Remorse
Players Remorse Před měsícem
you should check out the one in Canberra
Dog and React to Dog emoji guess.
Omg wtf
Col Richard Gallaher
Col Richard Gallaher Před měsícem
They will let anyone into space... just for publicity
dave stewart
dave stewart Před měsícem
Man we need a whole series on Kim well on all of them. Incredible humans. Great video!
Chiara Trionfini
Chiara Trionfini Před měsícem
Navy seal my hero, fantastic operation, I'm my heart👏👏
Mikey D
Mikey D Před měsícem
Chris was our neighbor years ago!
Oscar O
Oscar O Před měsícem
Just found your channel 2 days ago and have been binge watching your videos, freaking awesome! Thanks for creating such amazing content.
Jeremy François
Jeremy François Před měsícem
So proud to see my flag, the Belgian flag hanging above that pool :) we're a small country with great ambitions. Thanks destin for your video's as always.
JOJO GUERRERO Před měsícem
mike2nl Před měsícem
Build your own spaceship and go up and come back whenever you wish to. Jesus that would be great.
Jordan Walters
Jordan Walters Před měsícem
Can't believe these people will soon be standing on the moon.
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Před měsícem
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Mate Kovacs
Mate Kovacs Před měsícem
I like how Destin called the guy at 17:10 a diver. That poor guy, trained for his life.
Ilkanar Před měsícem
Razem w przyszłość \o/ (guys, can you comment "together into the future" in your own languages? I think that might be pretty cool to see all of these languages!)
JJ FERRARI Před měsícem
I`ll not be surprised if one day you get invited to go to space! And, I wish that it happens,
Alec Schmidt
Alec Schmidt Před měsícem
was that willinick in the dip clip?
B P Před měsícem
Watch Jocko Willinks podcast with Johhny Kim. Favorite podcast ever. Dr. Kim is an absolute American legend and should be every childs hero.
Psyche Pete's Channel
Psyche Pete's Channel Před měsícem
7:21 "if you were a seal in this..." I assume I would be very confused and assuming I would not get stuck in there somewhere, I would think its a very weird hollow rock and go eat some fish. :D
fahad ak
fahad ak Před měsícem
The only easy day was yesterday
Bertha Cox
Bertha Cox Před měsícem
The quarrelsome value greely overflow because sandra rationally add vice a poised record. acrid, hungry slip
Brendan Jordaan
Brendan Jordaan Před měsícem
I always thought Submariners would make great astronauts. They are used to cramped spaces, have excellent disaster management skills, and are used to a hostile environment on the outside of their craft.
Lows Laurie
Lows Laurie Před měsícem
6:51 Destin beating the desire path. "In the absence of orders I will take charge, lead my teammates and accomplish the mission."
Miles Rains
Miles Rains Před měsícem
Huge admiration for Navy SEALS. BTW, there are plenty of smart people but very few who are wise.
Valentin Hächler
Valentin Hächler Před měsícem
Shiveek Ali
Shiveek Ali Před měsícem
It's actually insane how much will power, hard work and determination he had to have and do, what a guy very insightful
Jonathan T. Ellsworth
Jonathan T. Ellsworth Před 2 měsíci
When I think "Navy Seal," i think MrBallen and how much of a fan i am of the *strange, dark and mysterious delivered in story format.* 🤷🏼‍♂️
Wrapped Goods
Wrapped Goods Před 2 měsíci
Astronauts are successful because they never watched the movie.
manu de hanoi
manu de hanoi Před 2 měsíci
Everybody so humble and everything so amazing and motivational and teamwork ........this feels like a high school motivational poster for a proganda for recruitment for the army. . It's the same kind of interview you get from hollywood actors: "how was it to act alongside XYZ?" "-it was amaaaaaazinggg, he's such a wonderfull person, I love him....." . So amazing , so wonderful so marvellous, so superlative, so american lol. plus that bro moan at 26:18
Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright Před 2 měsíci
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2A merica
2A merica Před 2 měsíci
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