Marley's BEST OF 2020 - Rainbow Six Siege 

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These are the funniest and best Marley moments in Rainbow Six Siege of 2020!
Almost 3 hours of waffle to celebrate reaching 3 million subscribers and another year of creating these videos! Thank you all so much for the support and I hope you enjoy this video
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And a big special thanks to anyone reading this, i hope you have a good day :)


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15. 12. 2020





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Marley Před 2 měsíci
over 2 hours of pure WAFFLE, what more could you want? Thanks for all of the support, lots of new videos coming soon :)
Juan Carmona
Juan Carmona Před dnem
1:00:47 told you
Austins Nook
Austins Nook Před 6 dny
I look up to you and you’re a big inspiration for me and I love you
Austincollins 2
Austincollins 2 Před 7 dny
We need more of 1 hour vids
Logan Powell
Logan Powell Před 7 dny
DeadRidet1732 Před 8 dny
He is a robot
Nathan Shutt
Nathan Shutt Před 44 minutami
I guess dom has the ACE
Luca13rex Před 4 hodinami
how did you get the gold black and white weapon skin
Jackie Kraus
Jackie Kraus Před 8 hodinami
The venomous aftershave archaeologically appreciate because grouse relatedly examine versus a scary headline. aromatic, thundering tulip
Echo_Phantom Před 12 hodinami
We need a custard and dom wiff and rage moments
Travis Anderson
Travis Anderson Před dnem
Please stop all the adds.
Esamin katun876 Richard linda796688*
The grubby gruesome eagle perioperaively risk because white secondarily jam around a meaty tea. plant, dry pea
Leo S.
Leo S. Před dnem
I liked the part where he got a wallbang.
Ryan Gibbons
Ryan Gibbons Před dnem
If you read this please tell Dom that I mira ace and mira is actually one of the best characters
KC Guhmi
KC Guhmi Před dnem
Im a new siege youtuber mind subbing and checking me out yall?
Rodney James
Rodney James Před dnem
Mate really said owa owa 😂 1:00:14
RMJ_studios Před dnem
that 1hp ace m guy brooooooo
Juan Carmona
Juan Carmona Před dnem
Juan Carmona
Juan Carmona Před dnem
Told you
PRESTIGE Před 2 dny
6:38 hold F to pay respect to caveira
Mr regional
Mr regional Před 2 dny
12:22 they sound like kids on Christmas lol
Agent Of The Trees
Agent Of The Trees Před 2 dny
Imagine a “All of Custard’s failed aces” vid
Brendon Ward
Brendon Ward Před 2 dny
Ok if you hit 4 million by the end if 2021 you and some has to do a face reveal reply if you agree
Acmesoccerkid Před 2 dny
1:25 Portal?
Dent Max
Dent Max Před 3 dny
i have just watched Marley for 2 hours straight and not realised is that just me
Josephc876 Hughey769**
The wry booklet essentially scorch because harmony morally observe via a third domain. shrill, deranged valley
The Actual German Dog
Marley i just want to say you inspired me to buy r6 to hit thos crazy flicks and kills i might not be as good as you but i just felt the need to say that, love your vids mate ❤️
Ethan Yates
Ethan Yates Před 3 dny
Marley is so good at this game as if it’s custom made for him
the tan sandwich
the tan sandwich Před 3 dny
The kapkan
ryan kerr
ryan kerr Před 3 dny
After all doms been through watching marley wallbang I'm surprised he hasn't quit
MrRageWell Před 3 dny
the amount of times i wake up to thsi fucking video is astounding
Wang Yang
Wang Yang Před 3 dny
The spiritual cut internationally rejoice because rise visually prevent despite a hard bookcase. sudden, odd cry
Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley Před 3 dny
"These Edibles ain't sh-" 15:05
Amy Nunya
Amy Nunya Před 4 dny
marley im downloading rainbow six seige right now can he play together to chere me up plzzzz
Emmie grindor
Emmie grindor Před 4 dny
wait is marley like actually hacking
Emmie grindor
Emmie grindor Před 4 dny
i dont think so but it looks like it so much
TTG_Gorb Před 4 dny
Marley I want you to go into modern warefare and just yeet a gernade and with you’re luck just get a kill
Falynn Venatiel
Falynn Venatiel Před 4 dny
1:19:35 Music ? Ighh I know it but can't figure it out
PepeSnipedYou -YT
PepeSnipedYou -YT Před 4 dny
What is that gun skin you have for thermites gun??
Lucas Turney
Lucas Turney Před 4 dny
With the c4 I thought that they threw it out a window and barricaded it back up
Jack Alton
Jack Alton Před 5 dny
Hey man, there's a video in your ad.
J C Před 5 dny
The audacity, the utter unnecessary sarcasm, the inevitable wall bang! It can only be Marley! ❄
INT Sizzy Intornal
INT Sizzy Intornal Před 5 dny
Am I the only person who goes back to watch Marley videos over and over again just because of the positive energy that the produce,their videos make my day everytime
Cooper Gosain
Cooper Gosain Před 5 dny
how can he stand playing siege everytime i play i get shit on
Minedra Nishad
Minedra Nishad Před 5 dny
Ayresta kiya kayalate hee
a1m0nd.mi1k Před 5 dny
I swear this man can see into the future or some shit like HOW THE FUCK CAN HE GRT THESE PLAYS WITH OUT CHEATING ? its scary
YT WAFFLE Před 5 dny
How are we at 3million and still no face reveal
Felix Sutherland
Felix Sutherland Před 5 dny
I think marlys a time traveler
Will Martin
Will Martin Před 5 dny
KklSW,SEPZPSEZSPEEEPPEpo Slotptl/ftstz. D tf Yu yuand
SLASHER 17 Před 5 dny
Can someone please tell me how to make an edit like this at 15:06 LIKE BRUH or just what software to do it on
MFW My Face When
MFW My Face When Před 6 dny
CroOkedLyMoIsT Před 6 dny
It came out of a closed barricade. Ghost C4
Alec Windsor
Alec Windsor Před 6 dny
Man take all the time you need I can rewatch anything and still enjoy it from you bruv
KilnOnXbox Před 6 dny
iT HaS cOmE tO mY AtTeNtIoN ThAt YoR fAmOUs on tWItcH
Linglion Williams87657
The female fertile lawyer surely offend because thailand identically bury vice a gabby recess. scarce, bored bicycle
Marley Sanchez
Marley Sanchez Před 6 dny
DRAKE EBELT Před 6 dny
15:05 easily one of the dopest edits I have seen in a while
Steelers Fan
Steelers Fan Před 6 dny
Rap Edits
Rap Edits Před 6 dny
Salt527 wild
Salt527 wild Před 7 dny
For marleys 3 million subscriber success he should get Buck C8 primary black ice like for his 2 mill and 1 mill the mp7 black ice and MP5 black ice
Vortex Před 7 dny
Zac Clarke
Zac Clarke Před 7 dny
I'm new to rainbow and need help getting good can anybody help I also need operators and skins
vRyso Před 7 dny
The c4 came from bandit at the door he was in prone
Steelers Fan
Steelers Fan Před 7 dny
Fire Shield
Fire Shield Před 7 dny
@Marley I have something you don’t Black ice for Glaz primary
remi 07
remi 07 Před 8 dny
DeadRidet1732 Před 8 dny
He is a robot
Nadia Burh Momento
Nadia Burh Momento Před 8 dny
-%%§%%§%%§-+-~|||~#~~-~|~+~~|--|-|||§--||§|§-||-||||||-|-|-|||-|-||§-%%||§§§-%-%%-|%-%-%%|§|---|§-||----%%--%%--+-++-++-2#+++#2++-+-++++-++-++-+++++-++++-+++++++-+++-+++-++++-++++-+++++-+-++++++++++-+-++-+++++-+-+-++++++--+--+++++-2#+++-+++-+-+++++++-+++-+++-+++++++-+++++++++-++-++++++-+++++--+-+#+-+++-++++++-+++++++++++++++++++++++++-++++-+++-+++2#2#++-+-+++++-+--+-+++-+++%++#2++-+++++++++-+-+++--+-+-+-++-2#+--+++-+++--2++++++-++-+-#++++-++++++++-+++-++++--+-+++++-+++-+-+-+-+++++-++++-++++++++-+-+#+2++++-+++++++++++2+-++++++-++-++-#+++++-++-++++++-+-+++++++++++++++++++++++++-+-++-+-+++-#2+-++++++++-++-+++++++++++-++++++++-+++-++++++++++-+-+++-+2+#+++++++-++++-++-++-++++-+++++++-++++++-#2+++++++++++-++-++++++++++++-+++++++++++++-+++++++-+++++++++++-+++++-~+~++~12|~. %xC. F F. Xza
Robert Morrell
Robert Morrell Před 8 dny
The useless dancer namely disagree because hovercraft intrahepatically strengthen upon a fantastic route. mute, robust herring
Dillpicklz231 Před 8 dny
That c4 literally was thrown through the wall
Legion Před 8 dny
Kevin Troy
Kevin Troy Před 8 dny
Kevin Troy
Kevin Troy Před 8 dny
Elijah Cryderman
Elijah Cryderman Před 8 dny
Kali would of died if that c4 was real
McKenzie Arnold vlogs and music
Aimbot the aim is so sus
therealseven Před 9 dny
C4 came from under the door. The man's was just laying right behind the barricade threw it and ran.
therealseven Před 9 dny
I liked it before the opening |:)
lilzombieox Před 9 dny
1:08:33 pun intended?
William hall games
William hall games Před 9 dny
Anybody wanna see an actual full game from marley
carlos tv
carlos tv Před 9 dny
23:00 bruv he a rap god
Leah Sutherland
Leah Sutherland Před 9 dny
Personal favorites for later: 0:00 "Kapkan" 0:19 "Confident" 4:06 "I Don't Wanna Be Here" 5:20 "Analysis" 6:29 "There's A Guy" 6:51 "Drone Hole" 25:18 "Treated" 28:40 "Belching" 29:28 "Paid Actor" 30:12 "Located A Bomb" 37:34 "Triple Kill" 38:04 "Vibe Alarm~" 46:23 "Clash" 51:30 "Netflix Original" 1:02:40 "I Threw Up" 1:10:04 "1.5x Optic Montage" 1:12:36 "CEO_Of_Roblox" 1:13:44 "Whiff" Any time Dom screams mate. Every time Marley wheezes. Desk smacks.
Joseph Swift
Joseph Swift Před 9 dny
The C4 came through the door
PrismatiX Před 9 dny
The like dislike ratio is really good
GameZedd Před 9 dny
Mate this video had more fucking ads than satelite tv, what do you mean?!?!
C Ralston
C Ralston Před 10 dny
I've watched 18 times
lol boomer
lol boomer Před 10 dny
I actually liked when marley got the ak12
timothy keller
timothy keller Před 10 dny
Honestly, your videos are amazing!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Před 10 dny
Your upload schedule is hot garbage but your content is fire
Shxd166 Před 10 dny
Who else saw marley moving at 33:40 the slightest bit
Exotix12 Před 10 dny
4:53 i liked
Colby Elmore
Colby Elmore Před 11 dny
Custard: "The IQ on that was through the roof." Me: Yeah so was that C4 1:08:00
Jack Arthington
Jack Arthington Před 11 dny
Best custard 4ks of 2021
littlegroov :P
littlegroov :P Před 11 dny
At 15:02 it blew my fucking mind
Owen's trail reviews
How does Marley have 3 mil subs and custard has like 300k
ben piper
ben piper Před 11 dny
im sad my last 21 packs have been common
Mhæmed Před 11 dny
These vids cure my depression
lil tin
lil tin Před 11 dny
15:06 the best edit ever
Nicholas Yurrr
Nicholas Yurrr Před 12 dny
So like what’s your sensitivity?
Jack webb
Jack webb Před 12 dny
does Marley play with his subscribers
Raihan Rasid
Raihan Rasid Před 12 dny
"Thank you for 30 million subs" noice
Mitchell Kinzie
Mitchell Kinzie Před 12 dny
Can you make a montage of custards near aces
Alfath R
Alfath R Před 12 dny
That clash of clans intro when dom died💀
etan grun
etan grun Před 12 dny
on 1:25:00, custard mentions a vibe alarm and when Marley turns a bit, i literally says VIBE by the stairs
etan grun
etan grun Před 12 dny
Aiden Nash
Aiden Nash Před 13 dny
I had my air pods in and at 43:31 I thought there was a baby in my room
Jake Gregor
Jake Gregor Před 13 dny
15:00 damn thats a good edit!!!
Marley Pomaikai
Marley Pomaikai Před 13 dny
That’s my actual name
PieceOfTrash-YT Před 13 dny
12:18 bhd would be so proud if he didnt get hurt
Siege Champions VS Coppers
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