Marketing to women - Girl Gamers 

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Rowan has just realised girls are gamers too - and he wants to help out
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19. 04. 2021





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Komentáře 100   
Kjarthan Před 5 minutami
Don’t hurt Rowan!
Bors Mistral
Bors Mistral Před 2 hodinami
Is this meant as a parody on Woke culture? Because it is, then good job.
MrRushSkies Před 3 hodinami
And there it is...
HustlerOne Před 6 hodinami
hire a gay man . . .
Daniel Viking
Daniel Viking Před 6 hodinami
Haha great
Mike Spark
Mike Spark Před 7 hodinami
LMAO "And there it is" too right!
Mykael Lafournaise
Mykael Lafournaise Před 9 hodinami
Hi mr julien drainville
Booze Machine
Booze Machine Před 12 hodinami
beer is good food
Zorak Před 12 hodinami
Rowan is going to be talking in high C for the rest of the show.
Harris Burdick
Harris Burdick Před 14 hodinami
Ngl I want Cat Pet
Eva Apple
Eva Apple Před 18 hodinami
Ron - you are a dead man walking
Liam James
Liam James Před 21 hodinou
So where can I get this Cat Pat game?
martino branca
martino branca Před 23 hodinami
ahahahahahaha Rowan, your ideas are always awesome!!!
Shiftstart Před dnem
Proving, yet again why females can’t be relied upon when under heavy stress during video game tournaments.
movax20h Před dnem
This is bulshit, promoting and normalizing violence against men. Stop it.
Adam Dadds
Adam Dadds Před dnem
Girls are allowed in offices meetings now? Not if Sheisnt serving tea, not on my watch.
Ghali Farouk
Ghali Farouk Před dnem
lol clean the house
Jan Uzzell
Jan Uzzell Před dnem
He was lucky she didn't follow through ....
Therrydicule Před dnem
Kick dick City?
Sylvo Totem
Sylvo Totem Před dnem
Is that an allusion to modern feminists and their supporters? Haha good one
Chade Fallstar
Chade Fallstar Před dnem
I know plenty of girls who would actually love all that pink shizz.
Secret Treasure
Secret Treasure Před dnem
This is literally google and their "Genderless controllers**
Secret Treasure
Secret Treasure Před dnem
Was there ever a time women were shamed to be called gamers???
FordPower5288 Před 2 dny
Just glorious.
Zmeu MD
Zmeu MD Před 2 dny
look at twitch right now , a gaming streaming platform , is infested by half naked thots sitting in a pool and doing nothing and getting thousands $ from simps , they are using twitch for promoting their onlyfans ,this is what is wrong with society , and then they call us men , sexist and why we sexualize and objectify women lol , they are doing this ! because this is their buisness! i know there are still legit gamer girls who have a pasion for gaming but they are in the shadow of 90% of ethots .
Zmeu MD
Zmeu MD Před 2 dny
90% of women dont play video games , and 90% of those who play ,play mainstream casual bulshit and do it only for twitch or other reasons , prove me wrong .
Dark Angel
Dark Angel Před 2 dny
To be fair... I was in a very friendly game and in a very friendly Clan and seen guys reaction took a complete 180 when they found out someone is a girl... not saying all guys but some...
Tristan Daniel
Tristan Daniel Před 2 dny
A typical meeting at the EA Games office
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Před 2 dny
Did uh... did anyone else think that was Derek from Veritasium in the thumbnail?
Jana Před 2 dny
That was the only appropriate reaction to that crap. Go girl. And yeah, ehg. Good comedy thou, unfortunately, very aptly showing the most annoying problems a girl gamer encounters.
Πάνος Βασιλειάδης
Morning! Nice day for ball kicking, huha!
ST0RMTOSSED Před 2 dny
Unironically great marketing strategy
Bryan Vaughan Duke
Bryan Vaughan Duke Před 2 dny
This is so how EA thinks lol ... fook EA
Bush Bumkin
Bush Bumkin Před 2 dny
Loserfruit left the party
J Gál
J Gál Před 2 dny
"female women"
Diana Jones
Diana Jones Před 3 dny
Was fully expecting a punch put of this, but that was much better
kolz4ever1980 Před 3 dny
Well it is true in everything in life. The bitches always need help from the guys in one way or another easily.
Fyend Před 3 dny
Nice day for marketing to women. Ha hu.
MarK Graham
MarK Graham Před 3 dny
Hire a Gay Man hahahahahahahaha
Jamin Busack
Jamin Busack Před 3 dny
So Isaidtogod
So Isaidtogod Před 3 dny
Laughing at the real world is better then crying about it. Right ladies?
Quinton du Plessis
Quinton du Plessis Před 3 dny
Should have had mobile games in this.
DushikaClover Před 3 dny
Eeeee giiirrl!!!
Saeri Fae
Saeri Fae Před 3 dny
I am only giving a thumbs up because of that extremely accurately, concisely, wisely, technically ambitious dunk in his balls of that wonderful lady
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Lopez Před 3 dny
I like this marketing for women lol
Nuke Mecca
Nuke Mecca Před 3 dny
I saw that even as she got up off the chair.. :) ha ha!!
Sir. Jonathon Daniel Gregory Sr. V the third Jr.
I kinda wanna get a copy of the "Hire a Game Man" poster and put it up in my room.
Zombie Killer
Zombie Killer Před 3 dny
Pakistaan chutiya
Mike Morris
Mike Morris Před 3 dny
How did I know there was gonna be a pink gaming setup
ember Před 3 dny
actually...that marketing campaign is ok to ship just add "guys" cuz they can be into that too! who needs to pet cats? GUYS DO! i downloaded a cat game and my husband was hooked! showed it to his work place...male boss was also into the SAME CAT GAME! 0_o tis the time we give guys also some variations. no longer do they need to be ashamed that they have delicate fingers or that they like pink! PLEASE SHIIIP THIS!
Tarajeet Laishram
Tarajeet Laishram Před 3 dny
Good day for fishing, isn't it? Aww.
Eddie Loius
Eddie Loius Před 4 dny
It's funny because it's Sexist lol
conradowl Před 4 dny
That's why there aren't kitty headphones on market, we are better people then in this movie, right? Wait ... 🤔
John van den Bos
John van den Bos Před 4 dny
My hat's off to these fine folks who manage to play their part! Man!
ZeeNom Před 4 dny
Daaaaaaamn I FELT THAAAAAAT 😖😖😖😖😣😖
Fuzz Fuzz
Fuzz Fuzz Před 5 dny
I hope English accent in New Zealand is not hard as Aussie or Brits
Daniel Fell
Daniel Fell Před 5 dny
Seems very beneficial.
Swish Fish
Swish Fish Před 5 dny
You know it's bad when 2/3 men in the room recognize how sexist it is.
Zayne Van Day
Zayne Van Day Před 5 dny
Ha ha ha I love it 💗 ❤️ 💕
Klomster Před 5 dny
Lulz, with "rgb's that only go in pink" i felt that's what i want :P Spot on in stupidity, reminds me of when british labor tried to appeal to women.
weahhh63 Před 5 dny
...I still want the hello kitty computer.
Gordon B
Gordon B Před 5 dny
Why are you Booing? He's right!
Pink Kitty
Pink Kitty Před 5 dny
Hey!!! 2:09
Jim Haney
Jim Haney Před 5 dny
Cat Pet! They got that in PC? :D
mRoorY ##
mRoorY ## Před 5 dny
Yashvardhan Thapa
Yashvardhan Thapa Před 5 dny
And it's free real gamer girls state
Kcknb Před 6 dny
hallo? frauengold nehmen!
Hazelmarie B
Hazelmarie B Před 6 dny
As a female gamer I just want to say yesterday I bought Resident Evil 8 to play on my plain white xbox one s. That is all. oh and I'm gay and currently spoken for so don't hit on me just because I play video games.
Young Victor
Young Victor Před 5 dny
Dolan Darkerest
Dolan Darkerest Před 6 dny
based Rowan
111 111
111 111 Před 6 dny
Rowan's hype 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Doyle
Kevin Doyle Před 6 dny
As always, the hypocrisy of claiming that A is wrong (which it clearly is), and then justifying violence against men as a comedic point. Using that as a sales point of humor is kinda like if you actually meaning part of the toxic sexism part :( You are part of the problem that you claim to point out. Sad.
eatshiftndie Před 7 dny
"female woman"
Snicker Uker
Snicker Uker Před 7 dny
The PowerPoint was pretty solid not gonna lie
qbasic16 Před 7 dny
"female women" :D
moroz98 Před 7 dny
"PinkPinkPink224, what a hilarious name, ha-ha-ha!" Also: the name of the best k-pop girl group is BLACKPINK.
Satuor Před 7 dny
its aaaaaalllll true
MAD Mitch
MAD Mitch Před 8 dny
According to Harvard Med they’re not women anymore. They are referred to as “birthing people” now. That’s Newspeak for ya.
Ailon Rouge
Ailon Rouge Před 8 dny
The only part of that I could see working was the pink rgb's and that's it
Aaron Dolney
Aaron Dolney Před 8 dny
Lol Rowan was on a good roll there for a bit then he just had to say "what do female gamers wanted? To attract men" 3:28 i can imagine they might had to reshoot the scene a few times. I wonder if he made a mistake and didnt wear a cup on any of those reshoots?
gromsbard Před 8 dny
Rowan is a genius. He is so damn right. Why didn't someone thought of this sooner.
Gerculy Robert
Gerculy Robert Před 8 dny
that's some raw feedback right there lol
Nine Breaker
Nine Breaker Před 9 dny
Mornin'! Nice day for fishin ain't it? Hua hua
ninjxxitty Před 9 dny
lol this was great
Solidsnipz Před 9 dny
TheFacebiters Před 9 dny
825 people don't get comedy that have been here.
Ville Kainu
Ville Kainu Před 9 dny
So when are we going to see violence against women in your videos? Sure to be a hoot! Ain't quite nothing like giving her the Irish sunglasses to elicit a good belly laughter, eh?
aRighteousDude Před 9 dny
fuckin hilarious
Shawn Kumangai
Shawn Kumangai Před 9 dny
I thought the first picture woman was holding a boomerang😂
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Před 9 dny
So woman are supposed to hire a man when playing games to tell them how to play "Dress up party" the video game? I'd like to see that skit.
Orthuzz Orthuzz
Orthuzz Orthuzz Před 9 dny
omggg these ideas are pure gold. i know all girls would love it. I mean what girl wouldnt wanna play Clean the house?
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis Před 9 dny
Man, she's been holding that one in for a LONG time.
Daniel Ryslink
Daniel Ryslink Před 9 dny
I don't know why women always succeed with this knee to the groin in the movies and videos. I mean look how she telegraphs the hostility. Just take a step back, that is usually enough, if not, double-block with your palms, and push her away. It's easy, she is just a girl!
Jean Vincent
Jean Vincent Před 9 dny
The end really don't get me laugh sad !
Dan Před 9 dny
T2 Před 9 dny
Honestly every women-specific marketing strategy ever is just take the products you already have and make them pink
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Před 10 dny
You can make more money marketing blue hair dye to them than actual games.
Pajaro Loco
Pajaro Loco Před 10 dny
Going to need RGBW for that pink hue.
Veen Před 10 dny
Thumbs down for the kick in the nuts.
Kaos Taishou
Kaos Taishou Před 10 dny
So the question is - how much would it work? I would suggest to focus more on daddie issues too. And before you say it would not work - check twitch.
BubbleFish Před 10 dny
I played Octopaths 2 days ago with my boss after work hours on his Switch. And... It was hilarious! You could choose between a male character and a female character. The male character was wearing full body armor. And the female character wore the dress of a belly dancer. He had only played the story of the male character. And it all went downhill from there. The female part of the game was hilarious and probably written by guys like in this video XD
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