Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix 

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It's time to meet your new maker! Lucifer is back with eight thrilling new episodes. Season 5 Part 2 premieres May 28th.
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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Lucifer makes a tumultuous return to the land of the living in hopes of making things right with Chloe. A devil’s work is never done.


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30. 04. 2021





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d legend
d legend Před 7 minutami
Im waiting
J.A Salazar
J.A Salazar Před 13 minutami
I have followed Lucifer since season one, sadness to me this is the last season to watch. Also, cannot wait to watch what is going to happen in season 5 part two.
Kevin Ashley
Kevin Ashley Před 14 minutami
I'm sorry t I don't even care about Chloe and Lucifer... WE GET A WAR BETWEEN ANGELS!!! Why am I the only one stoked about that?? Also, in the last episode, we get that great image of Amenadiel with the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. And here is Linda, literally a therapist to the Devil and God!! And someone correct me if I'm wrong, but all major characters know about Lucifer except Miss Lopez, right?
Alyssa Herren
Alyssa Herren Před 2 hodinami
Marissa Smit
Marissa Smit Před 2 hodinami
Linda smacked dan
Marissa Smit
Marissa Smit Před 2 hodinami
Look at 1:41 maze and Eve kiss
whotf areyou
whotf areyou Před 2 hodinami
If I ever told you those three words it would be a lie😳? Please we have waited so long for them to get together
DrawingShiritHoldeman Před 2 hodinami
I feel like if the three words are that he "doesn't love her" maybe it's because they're gonna make it like a thing that "the devil can't love". So even though he might like love her.. it is literally impossible in the show?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Před 3 hodinami
I think if Lucifer tries to lie it'll end up stopping the time, that's what happened in the end of Season 5's last episode.
Mayada Alazab
Mayada Alazab Před 4 hodinami
I am going to be God😂💔
Jawshoeaww BG
Jawshoeaww BG Před 4 hodinami
“It would be a lie” SHEEESH xD but nah i feel like its gonna be something good 👍 🔥
LONE WLF Před 5 hodinami
F*CK Lucifer
Smooth Hitman
Smooth Hitman Před 6 hodinami
13 days left
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Před 3 hodinami
If you see me everywhere,it means you are everywhere.
Colin Sushiboy
Colin Sushiboy Před 7 hodinami
Seen all the seasons and just bad. They should quit making them
Shayan khan
Shayan khan Před 9 hodinami
God knows Everything Also God : Where is your desk😂
Morgz Hudson
Morgz Hudson Před 9 hodinami
Is he the guy from brooklyn nine nine?
farhan sejan
farhan sejan Před 9 hodinami
Ok.. devil is going to be good now!!!! I must say "oh my devil"
Abdulrahman Ammar
Abdulrahman Ammar Před 10 hodinami
Watch the video again in 0.25 speed, your welcome
Touhid Sk
Touhid Sk Před 10 hodinami
Matt Allen
Matt Allen Před 10 hodinami
Things I'm going to binge...
moonchild Před 10 hodinami
Will Ella find out the truth though? I really want her to know 😭
FUN WITH COLD GAMING Před 10 hodinami
I like Lucifer being devil cuz he's devil and he's savage
Aspect Před 11 hodinami
Oh my god this looks so silly now
Musical Beats
Musical Beats Před 11 hodinami
Coming on 28th may
Adebayo John
Adebayo John Před 12 hodinami
Wow this is lit
Xavier Před 12 hodinami
If you see me everywhere,it means you are everywhere.
Lakshit Choubisa
Lakshit Choubisa Před 12 hodinami
I'm going to be God. 😂😂🤣🤣
Lord Seven
Lord Seven Před 13 hodinami
Does anyone know the music that starts playing at around 1:23?
ansar basha
ansar basha Před 14 hodinami
At 1:41 Eve nd Maze😜
Alexiane Před 15 hodinami
I hope that when Lucifer says "If I say these 3 words it will be a liar" it's a bad dream of Chloe T_T (sorry if my english is not english I'm practicing)
Parvinder Sethi
Parvinder Sethi Před 15 hodinami
In every TV show/ movie, God takes a retirement or quits. He is clearly fed up of his job.😂😂😂
Philis Binoy
Philis Binoy Před 16 hodinami
I haven't watched Lucifer. But i am waiting for it's second part
My Monster
My Monster Před 16 hodinami
He is good but comic's Lucifer is much more fascinating than him.
Shreya Vora
Shreya Vora Před 16 hodinami
Tell me about it. I didn’t sleep 10 hours to watch this whole. Series. Can’t wait for season 6.. I love this . Especially lucifer being lucifer Dan being annnoying but silly, Chloe being detective , Ella being so positive and happy. Everyone did great. Lucifer and Chleo have a great chemistry
burak inak
burak inak Před 16 hodinami
Çarpılmayız inşallah
Mad Gunner 117
Mad Gunner 117 Před 16 hodinami
Only if netflix had the other seasons.. Also what happened to the original one that played god in Lucifer
Sai Min Thit Ko
Sai Min Thit Ko Před 16 hodinami
Why God is black?
Amsterdam Español
Amsterdam Español Před 16 hodinami
Am I the only one who thinks that Lucifer will not become God? Because the mc never gets to be the all-powerful cool guy plus there is a 6th season coming as well so it doesn't make sense. My guess is that Amenadiel will become God instead somehow.
Dr.Tehreem Ghafoor
Dr.Tehreem Ghafoor Před 16 hodinami
God is God. God knows everything He created everything. You guys shows satan and God as they are amazed with human working. Why ??? No one can't do anything wothout His will. What are you doing is Disrespectful !!
Irvin Tandiono
Irvin Tandiono Před 18 hodinami
Less than 2 weeks , oh my DAD , can't wait
Luke White
Luke White Před 18 hodinami
As much as I've enjoyed Lucifer I wish it was darker, less PG, for example we've only gotten to see Maize's Demon Face once and even then it was only a reflection, Maize needs to be more demonic things, at best she just Trixie's Ninja Nanny, for angles devils and demons it's way too snow-flaky. The Detective is boring, at this point most people are only watching to see if her and lucifer live happily ever after The Doc and Amenadiel are my favourites.
N S Před 18 hodinami
How the hell did Michael get the flameing sword back 😯😯
antonis-0 2
antonis-0 2 Před 20 hodinami
Like no one saw the flaming swird again
Part 2 caming soon
Deez nuts
Deez nuts Před 21 hodinou
LORD I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teresa Oldenbourg
Teresa Oldenbourg Před 21 hodinou
I guess they are in good hands.
adrimare1 Před 22 hodinami
Actually, who wants to bet that the whole 'I'm going to retire' thing is Dad (I am NOT calling this sorry excuse of a being 'God') trying to make a point to Lucifer about his idea of retiring from Hell?
adrimare1 Před 22 hodinami
I am DEARLY hoping this isn't going to be what it looks like it's going to be... Yes yes, I know Lucifer in the comics basically got handed the reins to the universe at one point, but this version? Who was never all that big on responsibility and stuff? Total retcon. Granted, none of that family seems suitable for the position so far (ignoring that it's not supposed to be a position in the first place), especially not Michael, but yeesh. Though oh, poor Linda...
SlowFudgeBalls Před 23 hodinami
How much money are they dumping into this show because I'm loving it.
Amilkratos Romero
Amilkratos Romero Před 23 hodinami
No, Chloe is not pregnant!!! Geez, people are dumb!!!
Grimoire Weiss
Grimoire Weiss Před dnem
Lucifer: "I'm going to be GOD" Me: well that possibly can't go wrong 😏😏
Michael Hahn
Michael Hahn Před dnem
Is that Azreal who says Michael is gathering the others
Mike Před dnem
Saw this on Supernatural already
Adryan Ramos
Adryan Ramos Před dnem
Huh. doesn't this trailer give away all the questions that were left hanging?
OMG I'm so hyped! I've been waiting for so long.
SLIMZLIM Před dnem
im bouta BUST
MaCk mAcK
MaCk mAcK Před dnem
Who was maze kissing?? Honestly idec who as long as she is happy!!
Timur S
Timur S Před dnem
Timur S
Timur S Před 10 hodinami
@vbddfy euuyt ?
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Před dnem
Spaghetti Před dnem
I mean the rest of this is great and all but... EVE IS BACK
IcyB2012 Před dnem
God goes to a shrink. 😂😂😂 Now that's new
Ahoy Pc
Ahoy Pc Před dnem
why on earth is god a BLACK GUY CMON
Lisa Moren
Lisa Moren Před dnem
What's the problem?
Silvana Před dnem
And why not....
Iris Před dnem
MD Akhjar
MD Akhjar Před dnem
I see no one is talking about the last scene between chole & lucifer.
Ashley Elizabeth Herrick
Lucifer Fallen provokes.
itzsmolbeanhere :D
Waaaaaaaitttt.... So you're telling me that, lucifer told chloe- if i said those 3 word to you, which i think are i love you, it's a lie...BUT I SHIP THEMMMM WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE DOESN'T LOVE HERRRRRRRRR but maybe its not i love you, I HOPE IT'S SOMETHING ELSE AND, IF IT'S NOT, y'all have to redo that scene-
Ana Kandel
Ana Kandel Před dnem
I am in love with this series ❤️
ZuroGT Před dnem
Bruh God is taking courses from Linda i’m dead
laciee Před dnem
About damn time.
Sotv Stream
Sotv Stream Před dnem
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Sotv Stream Před dnem
AYŞE KOÇ Před dnem
Baya eğlenceli sezon😂 tanrıya bak😝
Asif Alam
Asif Alam Před dnem
Waiting ❤️❤️❤️
ഗീതിക ഗീതിക
Lucifer will be the coolest God..oooh my Luci's father..😂😂
Calmz Před dnem
omg i cant wait holy shit been waiting so long :) HURY HURY HURY!!!!
Nishh Chhabria
Nishh Chhabria Před dnem
Can't wait for the episodes 😅
Alee Mohtashim
Alee Mohtashim Před dnem
Been waiting for this
Dark Vador
Dark Vador Před dnem
Raul Před dnem
I watched all seasons just to see lucifer and chloe together. If season 6 will not have a happy ending with lucifer and chloe being together it means that it was a waste of time
Szymon Górski
Szymon Górski Před dnem
This is not realistic story :C ... trust me God job is more hard than any job and nobody want take it if have more part in IQ imagine
Capuchino Sofia
Capuchino Sofia Před dnem
Barbara Stanley
Barbara Stanley Před dnem
rich dad
rich dad Před dnem
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rich dad
rich dad Před dnem
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Jay Verma
Jay Verma Před dnem
Aryan shah
01: MEGAMIND Před dnem
OMG so excited about it
Left Vassis
Left Vassis Před dnem
The unforgiven,sympathy for the devil and highway to hell should be in these episodes
Gopi Kishore
Gopi Kishore Před dnem
We want his series in tamil
Promo 98
Promo 98 Před dnem
God... Lucifer... Same same 😅🤷🏽‍♂️
HellKnight 254
HellKnight 254 Před dnem
God and Lucifer going to therapy
Happy EggDough
Happy EggDough Před dnem
Cant wait
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