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It is finally here! When @Justin Bieber walked into West Coast Customs over three years ago, we never knew it would turn it this. The one of one Rolls Royce has never been seen before until now! We hope you enjoy watching the journey!
Thanks to:
Rory Kramer
Jack Bell
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19. 02. 2021





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Komentáře 100   
TonyD180 Před 10 hodinami
So how you meant to turn the wheels then? Right cowboy outfit these West coast customs are, them off pimp my ride
Sajinath Ggah
Sajinath Ggah Před dnem
how do you change a flat tire?
Metro Koopa
Metro Koopa Před dnem
Just realized this is what Los Santos customs comes from
Jose Torres
Jose Torres Před dnem
Steeveo McJameson
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas Před dnem
It's hideous
Marie Jones
Marie Jones Před dnem
Abomination what an obscene waste of money! But he loves JESUS 🤣🤣🤣
Jesus Marquez
Jesus Marquez Před dnem
I guess he's not gonna be able to wash his rims from now on.
Ro Ro
Ro Ro Před dnem
Must be nice to be rich and famous
Gourabjit Singha
Gourabjit Singha Před dnem
Apart from the side looks "he fucked up!!!"
Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson Před dnem
This will be featured on Hoovies Garage as the cheapest RR in the US in a month or two...
Gregory Bryant
Gregory Bryant Před dnem
That was three years of wasting time and money,he probably drove it to Mulholland Dr. and drove it off a cliff.
marco polo
marco polo Před dnem
This car is hideous lol. Are guys joking . I love rolls Royce but this car is ugly
Miyo Sh8t
Miyo Sh8t Před 2 dny
It only looks good at night lmao😂
Erratic Skribbla
Erratic Skribbla Před 2 dny
it feels like they are trying to sell it to Justin, telling him how its going to look driving around and its a night time car and how good the audio is, I appreciate the effort and workmanship, but the result is really bad
Isaac Diaz
Isaac Diaz Před 2 dny
Lol wtf. They wittier widened the car or put bicycle tires to turn. Shits disgusting. Turn radius is probably horrible.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Před 2 dny
Just don't open the boot when it's raining... HAHAHA.
Jahaziel Verde
Jahaziel Verde Před 2 dny
uh naw not feelin it
Birdman Před 2 dny
*This is an absolutely amazing, drivable work of art!* ...The many negative comments represent the dark side of humanity. People generally don't like to applaud other people's extreme success stories. All people care about is where they fall within the spectrum.
{supah comix}
{supah comix} Před 2 dny
imagine trying to change the fucking tires on that thing
Simon G
Simon G Před 2 dny
Shit car for a shit guy
Dexter Lime
Dexter Lime Před 3 dny
Yeah maybe this would have been a good idea on a Chrysler 300
Vishesh Arora
Vishesh Arora Před 3 dny
Nobody will talk about the side mirrors they took out normally from the car.
Agam Ghai
Agam Ghai Před 3 dny
dumb car for a girl
AYoo Před 3 dny
How dose it turn
johnkoh69 Před 3 dny
Whole front looked like a sad sad robot face
Axle Rod
Axle Rod Před 4 dny
Money can't buy class.
Adel Ayed
Adel Ayed Před 4 dny
Widebody rose Royce 🧨
Alexander Oliva
Alexander Oliva Před 4 dny
Not of my liking
Cedric Mcpeak
Cedric Mcpeak Před 4 dny
What the fuck did you sob's do to my car?🤬
Philanthropic Nightmare
If you couldn't see the wheels at all and you drove it on a really smooth road I think it'd look sick. whenever there's even a tiny bump it just looks like a big metal shell.
franken beans
franken beans Před 4 dny
That’s hilarious
thurgesh gesh
thurgesh gesh Před 4 dny
Looks fucking hideous
B V Před 4 dny
its a Geely, right ??!!
Government is Violence
take your damn muzzle off....people cant be this stupid
Joseph Consoli
Joseph Consoli Před 4 dny
It's funny, I have so comments I could make about the car, but I started cracking up thinking that I just went to my Hyundai for a bungee cord to hold my jeans up because the button came apart here at work. LOLOL!! As Jerry Vale sang in '63 - "Two different worlds....we live in two different worlds..."
jettstap Před 4 dny
Vulgar and degrading - I would not want to be seen anywhere near that defacement
Kevin Dragonbringer
they should of made the ground effects go all the way down, with metal strips with studs, so it would spark, alot!!!
E low
E low Před 5 dny
I present to you a piece of junk this looks awful
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson Před 5 dny
Rolls joyce
Shane Kasper
Shane Kasper Před 5 dny
Beautiful car
Stuart Barriskell
Stuart Barriskell Před 5 dny
Homer designed this for Unkie Herb
tizmack Tarczak
tizmack Tarczak Před 5 dny
looks like shit
Thomas B
Thomas B Před 5 dny
We have a term in german language "verschlimmbessern" which means an attempt to improve something while making it actually worse. This is what West Coast custom stands for...
chris mcleod
chris mcleod Před 5 dny
Can you say FUGLY ... looks like something from an 80' Arnie / Stallone movie
Alberto Olivieri
Alberto Olivieri Před 5 dny
Alex Před 5 dny
ngl that is the ugliest rolls royce ive EVER seen.
Dalber_ TMT
Dalber_ TMT Před 5 dny
3 years to build a bodykit? Lol nice car tho
Royston Van Wyk
Royston Van Wyk Před 6 dny
Not looking good..i just dont like it..
KarayalçinSalih Před 6 dny
You fucked that car all over damn 🤮😢
Albert N.
Albert N. Před 6 dny
Imagine he crashes it
Real Mart
Real Mart Před 6 dny
Oh no they ruined this car 🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤣🏃🏻‍♂️and just blow this kids money on shit
M Guzman
M Guzman Před 6 dny
There's some thai guys, doin much better work in copying exotic cars, maybe they should build your next "Dream", am sure they doin much better😁
buds world
buds world Před 6 dny
Get that ugly shit out the streets bro
Max Před 6 dny
good time to do a insurance job on this car west coast destroyed. drive the car of the cliff. what a waste of money destroying something that was good.
David cmkubai
David cmkubai Před 6 dny
Nice one, I will be sending the Rolls Royce Cullinan for such modifications.
Larry Panus
Larry Panus Před 6 dny
Looks like hitler's shit!
Hans Ignals
Hans Ignals Před 6 dny
Impressive, I would have liked to see it turn a corner or two.
എബാൻ റോബി
This is the ugliest RR I've ever seen 🤦🏼‍♀️
Scacco Matto
Scacco Matto Před 7 dny
The symbol of elegance and classicism completely overturned ... Horrible
Hashir Khan
Hashir Khan Před 7 dny
They destroyed a beautiful car and made it look like a replica
Hashir Khan
Hashir Khan Před 7 dny
They murdered a wraith 😭⚰️
Tony Tony
Tony Tony Před 7 dny
Diego Salazar
Diego Salazar Před 7 dny
UGLY! Should have kingdig it make it instead of these clowns
Wick Beavers
Wick Beavers Před 7 dny
at least he won't lose the hood ornament. Or maybe he'll steal it?
Adm Fello
Adm Fello Před 7 dny
i present to you: the urinal
Andrea Sidoti
Andrea Sidoti Před 7 dny
"what we accomplished with this car is...." to ruin a beautiful rolls royce and make it look like an overweight delorean
Rick Metal
Rick Metal Před 7 dny
Ar Fa
Ar Fa Před 7 dny
12:15 Justin: Oh my god! Wtf did I do!?
Santiago Burboa
Santiago Burboa Před 8 dny
people talking shit about the design dont know how to hold a screwdriver. how can you judge someones work if you dont know what it took ?
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness Před 8 dny
Oh cool, a 12:51 video on how a diminutive dirtbag throws away big bags o' 💰💰💰 to ruin a Rolls Royce!
jesse toms
jesse toms Před 8 dny
That poor car....
tyemaddog Před 8 dny
3 years... L. O. L. They hired Homer Simpson to design this👆
Guram Barbakadze
Guram Barbakadze Před 8 dny
Polsnulspace Před 8 dny
Sorry guys but it's ugly as sin. I'm not knocking the skills of those involved as I'm sure the workmanship is top notch but as stated elsewhere in the comments section, it looks like a shitty Chinese knock off.
Ian Griffiths
Ian Griffiths Před 8 dny
Wcc still in business?
Lee Mart
Lee Mart Před 8 dny
Sorry WCC but this is pure caca
mcsofty Před 8 dny
Fuck me thats horrible.
Justin Slidell
Justin Slidell Před 9 dny
Dumb AF looking
Nick Venture
Nick Venture Před 9 dny
Justin's body language is saying he fucking hates it 🤣
Radu Popa
Radu Popa Před 9 dny
I’ve just skipped the video till the end. How does this sh*t turn? He goes straight until it gets to water..SEAWAYS lmao!!
Rushil Nakhre
Rushil Nakhre Před 9 dny
They spent so long asking if they could... that they forgot to ask if they should....
Sean Blak
Sean Blak Před 9 dny
Everything having anything to do with this guy comes out cheesy af.
STR8 DAPPER Před 9 dny
I'd rolls that thing into a lake
Alphahydro Před 9 dny
Very dystopian-esque
Xlrators Před 9 dny
I think everyone at West Coast Customs was on that CALI ZAZA when making this. "Oh my goodness... What the F*** is this pile of s***!" - Biebz
Sha Sha
Sha Sha Před 9 dny
лебедь превратился в гадкого утенка и ты за это 💵
Colby Wood
Colby Wood Před 9 dny
People are going to think thats the fucking dumbest looking rolling $500,000 hunk of shit
Kwabena Owusu
Kwabena Owusu Před 9 dny
how does it turn
Cronixity Před 9 dny
yes officer it's stock
Edgardo Santillan
Edgardo Santillan Před 9 dny
LOL that thing looks like an adidas Kobe 2
S Whalen
S Whalen Před 9 dny
Umm... no.
Something, something playlist stuff
Anyone else willing to donate to the More Speed Bumps for Justin's Neighbourhood charity?
Tim 105
Tim 105 Před 9 dny
Have to be honest.. one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen...
Adnan Asif
Adnan Asif Před 9 dny
he took it to drive but never returned😜😜😜 WCC is crying for money
amit nagpal
amit nagpal Před 9 dny
This is why trickle down economics doesn’t work. Rich people find insane things to burn their money on.
Antoine Před 9 dny
Shits ugly
周均丞 Před 10 dny
JB:omg omg what what .......(started crying) WC:This is our dream right? JB:HELL NO !What the fck did you do to my car
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turbo Flacko
turbo Flacko Před 10 dny
BRO with some change he can make something other worldly this is rolling! ...
turbo Flacko
turbo Flacko Před 10 dny
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