Is Linux always the answer? - Librem 5 Smartphone 

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Would you sacrifice performance for privacy? Well Librem 5 can give you that level of privacy you desire, but you might be giving up more than what you are prepared to, but hey at least it has Linux!
Check out the Purism Librem 5 Smartphone at lmg.gg/fQQnS
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19. 01. 2021





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Ivan Hegedus
Ivan Hegedus Před hodinou
the "lacking courage" comment made this vid pure bliss ^^ awesome stuff
Mayon Go
Mayon Go Před 7 hodinami
Try sailfish os
MBA COF Před 16 hodinami
just use old nokia phones.....much more privacy :D
clint cole
clint cole Před 23 hodinami
I wonder if they have a version of Ubuntu Touch for this hardware. you should look into that, or cover some Ubunutu Touch phones on this channel.
kaostical Před 4 dny
Owned a Mobile phone running linux in 2010, a Nokia N900 (800x480 with resistive touch, 256mb ram, cortex 600mhz A8). It was running maemo, which was based on debian. It also had terminal and full physical keyboard. Alot of fun :-)
Linux Jedi aka Big Evil
you have the beta version, the librem 5 usa hasn’t even been released yet
Linux Jedi aka Big Evil
ubuntu LTS is clunky fresh install i have a list of things to remove to improve performance
Linux Jedi aka Big Evil
with android you can root the phone..
Bob Stringer
Bob Stringer Před 8 dny
Question: Can spy software FlexiSpy be installed onto a Linux phone ?
Arroyo Herrero Daniel Gaspar
What!? That phone has earbuds AND a charger included in the box!? impressive, that's like... revolutionary
Rannon Před 8 dny
So I'm guessing that Librem 10 (sorry, uh, Librem X ;) might be when it's viable for normal users
AlmostVegas | Joey
AlmostVegas | Joey Před 9 dny
The os isn't even stripped down, it's literally the same os as the desktop version according to their site which is kinda neat
Amolith Před 9 dny
I've been watching the development of the Librem 5 for a while now and ended up shaking my head at nearly every one of Purism's decisions. The idea is awesome, the hardware is good, and the specs are alright but the software is still immature the price absurd. $800 is ridiculous even thinking of it as an "investment in the future of Linux on mobile". I would really be interested to see Anthony take a look at Pine64's Pinephone (once it's back in stock). In my opinion, Pine64 have done everything right. They make the hardware and sell the product without making very much profit. If I remember correctly, they're actually not making any profit from the Pinephone though I could be very wrong. In any case, it's a smartphone running Linux at only $200. The hardware is not great but you can always throw a lightweight distro on it like postmarketOS with i3, Sway, or even Sxmo for a better experience until the fancier DEs are more polished.
Michael Před 10 dny
Hmm.. I guess ill have to go with an iPhone 😔
ted rebel
ted rebel Před 10 dny
Linus would be proud of that segwey.
Bryan Taylor
Bryan Taylor Před 10 dny
In 2004 I was huge Linux fanboi and was tinkering with a compaq ipaq pda that originally came with win ce, and I replaced it with OPIE Linux. It ran pretty good I was streaming yt with a huge pcmcia wifi card pack and opera mobile browser and with a data cable from my lg flip phone. tcpdump, aircrack, it was all there. Opie had the IPKG 'itsy package manager.' I thought it was going to be the future with some kind of seamless mobile/desktop with compiz, remember compiz? Then the iphone came out, and corporate doesn't support Linux for employees, and ended up on a mac for daily driver. So, I'm kinda disappointing this can't work the same way it is with grabbing a motherboard and installing Linux. The thing I miss the most about running Linux as my daily driver is that, you're not forced to change, you can have the same workflow for decades.
Reezuleanu Před 11 dny
Is it possible for the phone to get updates that actually optimize the OS for the hardware? I really don't think it's already optimized to be on a phone.
garGANtuan Před 12 dny
A thicc phone for a thicc man
Aayla Fetzer
Aayla Fetzer Před 13 dny
Put i3 on it lol
TwoTailedBeast Před 13 dny
What I'm getting from this is you're still better off with a basic phone and small Linux laptop for privacy.
Ville Väinö
Ville Väinö Před 14 dny
799 for that piece of shit. Haha
Viacheslav Romanov
Viacheslav Romanov Před 14 dny
That’s the reason why I ditched Linux desktop
Thomas smith
Thomas smith Před 2 dny
Linux is the reason I'm using a Pentium 4
gusherz Před 14 dny
Anthony looks like a discord moderator
Dez Před 15 dny
Why is this thing 2000$ for the USA variant...it's like they don't want us to get this phone...smh
Pitchfork Rebel
Pitchfork Rebel Před 15 dny
$2K better mean more than 3GB RAM
Red Rain
Red Rain Před 14 dny
It's the same specs...just made in the USA* *And it's not even fully made in the USA... I suggest checking out the Pinephone instead.
Superblue Před 15 dny
that's a hacker phone is not for n00bz, they have iphone
MrStevetmq Před 15 dny
I found this when I was searching for 100euro smartphone and it took me a long time looking at the website just to find out that this is not close to 100euro.
twkbtw Před 15 dny
they should do better with that price point. they're hijacking our privacy enthusiasm and love of Linux. *sad face*
startand0 Před 16 dny
what a voice
Aile Nozzam
Aile Nozzam Před 16 dny
It's meant to be for developers interested in developing linux on smartphones, not for regular users.
Hoystein Před 16 dny
Calling Linux a "fat" OS is a bit silly if this is your reason. You're looking at what is for all intents a BETA and saying it's bloated based on the fact it does not have GPU acceleration work yet when it has a third the layers of added bloat of android or iOS. It's not as polished as other linux distros yet. We will have to wait a while for that.
Jamie Owen
Jamie Owen Před 16 dny
Or you could just change the os to something like post mark os
Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes Před 17 dny
I'm curious how the battery does. Very important for phones and from what I've heard Linux phones have horrific battery usage. Canonical dropping Ubuntu Touch support makes you think Linux OS's will never really become a thing.
Danilo Kordic
Danilo Kordic Před 17 dny
It's very secure whrn it's off.
TheDeathmail Před 17 dny
To be fair; if they had more time, it might improve... but they'd need a user base... but a user base only wants what's best in performance... it's a catch 22...
rylixav -
rylixav - Před 17 dny
13:09 "I wanna like it so much. It's got a lot of really good ideas. As for the usability though..." Yeah, that's Linux in a nutshell.
Skeptical Caveman
Skeptical Caveman Před 17 dny
The Fairphone 3+ a better choice for a Linux phone, better screen, performance and replaceable and upgradeable parts.
Eoghain Lebioda
Eoghain Lebioda Před 18 dny
my god I'm so sick of that error message on my browser
Megamanx1978 Před 18 dny
Anthony If you want a affordable Linux privacy phone why not get a Pinephone?
Blood Raven
Blood Raven Před 18 dny
As far as I know, you can install pretty much any of the mobile linux distros on this thing besides purism. That would be Ubuntu touch, Mobian (mobile debian) and there were a few others I think. Maybe do a follow-up video exploring how those stack up to PurismOS?
Epsilonsama Před 19 dny
It looks like they are running GNOME on a phone. Pretty interesting concept specially for security minded individuals and intelligence agencies.
Aditya Před 19 dny
This guy is so respectable Edit: Or should I say admirable? 🤔
Aditya Před 19 dny
Anthony: I use an iphone 11 pro max Me: He's an isheep! Also Anthony: I use mac os, windows, linux Me: Ohh 🙁
Asimo Cloud
Asimo Cloud Před 19 dny
Bill gates: so... when can I buy you Linux? Or... winux??? Edi: lol I couldn’t spell bill gates
Brothers in Metal
Brothers in Metal Před 19 dny
800$ for a janktastic phone....This will never go anywhere with that price unfortunately.
Brothers in Metal
Brothers in Metal Před 19 dny
You guys should a video on the Lumia WOA project.
Yash Pal Goyal
Yash Pal Goyal Před 20 dny
11:02 ohhh my gooodnesss - soooo goooooood mimicking of that advt voice
Yash Pal Goyal
Yash Pal Goyal Před 20 dny
why did u not test the convergence idea of this phone?? i.e. tried connecting it to a dock and trying that. That is an important part of librem 5 for me.
Rob Před 20 dny
I have been so excited for this phone for nearly 4 years now. It took them this long, and it's still not remotely done. I understand some of the compromises required on the hardware side to keep the entire package FOSS, but that doesn't excuse the absolutely abysmal software side of things. No touch screen file manager? I mean seriously, it's a touch screen phone. No camera app? No recording app? There's been a lot of thought put into the hardware here, but this software is awful. You couldn't daily drive this phone, ever. Well, I suppose you could but... I wouldn't. A cell phone's use in an emergency situation is completely destroyed by this clunky OS.
Timrek Trax
Timrek Trax Před 20 dny
The phone mic sounds better than their studio mic.
Algorithmically Puzzled
Saw the thickness of that phone and had to quickly check what year this video came out. Chunky boy
Farid Jozami
Farid Jozami Před 20 dny
La Grasa (LG)
Tesseract95 Před 20 dny
I like fat phone
noname Před 20 dny
No, I’m using this phone for a while, but it’s too thick to hold like a brick. If you *really* want to try a Linux phone, go Pinephone.
aires69uk Před 21 dnem
You've never owned a OnePlus phone then... no messing around.
GoFirst Website Design
Phone without CSshows is a brick
Icyhate Před 21 dnem
peep the pinephone
Darthlegoman Před 21 dnem
Penguin phone reeeeeeeee
Aleksandr Trohhatsov
Aleksandr Trohhatsov Před 21 dnem
Would personally prefer to flash Linux onto an older phone with better specs. Think Nexus phones or Sony phones are good candidates
Joseph Carter
Joseph Carter Před 21 dnem
The real problem here is that this thing is an $800 Raspberry Pi _3_ with more RAM and privacy switches. It's chonky, but … I'd deal with chonky if it means I get headphones, replaceable batteries, and a device that doesn't feel like it's gonna break if I look at it funny. But you're running Gnome on hardware that begs to be running something like LXDE. Yes, the more RAM helps. They've gotta get the specs up or the price down. I mean at $5-600 every Linux tinkerer would be seriously thinking about this. If it had a SoC somewhere near the budget-end of 2020 but 4GB of RAM, $800 would be a no-brainer for the right audience. But as it stands, the Librem 5 feels like a not-quite-finished toy for nerds who can afford it. That's not me. Especially since I'd need an XL version anyway, and they haven't got one.
Jamie Lambrecht
Jamie Lambrecht Před 21 dnem
i'd bet u could add the video format support to that browser or another one, plus there was SMTube right there.
BulbasaurUseVinewhip Před 21 dnem
its an anti-spying phone you don't get this phone to look at youtube or use google maps
Chef Před 21 dnem
799$ for this laggy clunky smartphone? Thats a joke. The camera isnt even working
Julien Taming
Julien Taming Před 21 dnem
The price difference for made in China vs made in USA is INSANE.
SD48 Před 21 dnem
Linux's tinkering through radio and micro waves? oh dear security... : )
Jojo DiAc
Jojo DiAc Před 21 dnem
Hmmm I really don’t like the thought of a Linux device without a physical keyboard
Martin Costa Picazo
Martin Costa Picazo Před 21 dnem
You can use Sailfish OS
Zombies Byte
Zombies Byte Před 21 dnem
Didn't actually test it as a phone. You assumed that would work. Like the changeable batteries but that means it's potentially got waterproof issues which I think is part of the reason why phones don't have interchangeable batteries (that and thinning). The buttons on the side look like you'd easily knock them when putting in and out of pocket which defeats the privacy idea should you not be aware you just logged back onto the network. The UI also doesn't look like any attempt was made to make a mobile version of Linux for this device which just illustrates the Android efforts and the serious money behind that. Anthony, why not try Google's phone, that's the purist Android experience you can get?
Benjamin Ehrlich
Benjamin Ehrlich Před 21 dnem
Reminds me of one of my first laptops, Chromebook with Elementary OS (ubuntu based). Clunky, slow, open source... When I needed to get work done it just didn't deliver, but as far as coding and messing with it went, it was perfect.
Wh00t?! Před 22 dny
Can you make phone calls without issues ? Because the point of having a phone is to make phone calls. Otherwise it's a raspberry with a screen on it and kill switches.
sinekonata Před 23 dny
That Audacity demo made me all tingly inside. I think when my phone dies I'm getting the Librem5 or whatever will be the best Linux phone by then. Or I will just get the Pinephone for 200 dollars, I don't really need to have good hardware to tinker and code in it. Plus the Pinephone has working cameras, I don't think I could do without one on my phone.
sinekonata Před 23 dny
Oh and yes Linux is always the answer. It's just a matter of being courageous when it comes to technology and not being afraid to get to work.
electrohacker Před 23 dny
p p p pine phone
Bluey Před 23 dny
I never understood the "this is what you get when you put a desktop on a phone", like the back-end of android or ios isn't capable of running anything Linux can do if that was the goal? Its just about getting the hardware cheaper, which will come with bigger production runs, and about having many more people developing to progress linux as a mobile system... something that will come in time.
mohawksniper79 Před 23 dny
Apple the best usage of underage slave labor in china🤠👍 also anti fix company of the decade.
Redemerald0wns Před 24 dny
Can you try UBPorts Ubuntu on Pinephone or KDE Plasma on Pinephone? Apparently Pinephones decent
Buddhadeb Sarkar
Buddhadeb Sarkar Před 24 dny
It's late, but yaa.. you got it..
jeppsta1 Před 24 dny
Perfect phone for spys
Backyard Observatory
LOL. I still have the Tegra2 Moto I used to build a full on Ubuntu ARM release for (UbunTop). Used it for years as a netbook.
Genghis Khan Pepe
Genghis Khan Pepe Před 24 dny
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I just barely found out that this guy has his own channel!!! I'm so glad I can listen to his smooth, rich, honeylike, buttery voice continuously
Jamie Owen
Jamie Owen Před 16 dny
@Genghis Khan Pepe this isn't his own channel but he does feature more often on this one
Genghis Khan Pepe
Genghis Khan Pepe Před 16 dny
@Jamie Owen this one
Jamie Owen
Jamie Owen Před 16 dny
Which channel!?
Jojo Bob bubble
Jojo Bob bubble Před 25 dny
Is there a way to subscribe to Anthony's videos?
The Best Games 974
The Best Games 974 Před 25 dny
This phone would be cool if you could plug in hdmi, keyboard, mouse ,basically use it as a phone and as a desktop. I thin ubuntu phone was aiming in that direction
Rasmus Nielsen
Rasmus Nielsen Před 21 dnem
Ubuntu Edge. If Canonical could have delivered on that concept, I would have been throwing money at it immediately.
Vallarta Entertainment
Damn dude. One hour less of tech, one hour more of exercise.
Marco Ak
Marco Ak Před 25 dny
A channel with only Anthony and Dennis, would shine more than a Super Nova.
Thomas Pickens
Thomas Pickens Před 26 dny
Linux absolutely won't run everything. That's just an ignorant claim. The thing is a garbage one off just like everything based on the crap Linus Torvalds created.
Thomas Pickens
Thomas Pickens Před 26 dny
You don't want to mess with your phone all the time but you like Linux?! IN A PHONE?! Yeah. That absolutely defeats the purpose.
Sean Sweeney
Sean Sweeney Před 26 dny
Anthony's reviews are consistently awesome, just sayin'.
Chilean Guy Fleegman
why didn't you use it in desktop mode?
Miguel Aragon
Miguel Aragon Před 26 dny
I was curious about how phone calls on that thing works.
Martijn Venhuizen
Martijn Venhuizen Před 27 dny
you don't pronounce it gnome but G-nome.
David Brantley
David Brantley Před 27 dny
didn't Ubuntu try to do this???
D Ross
D Ross Před 27 dny
I want this
Shubham Bhushan
Shubham Bhushan Před 27 dny
James Chaney
James Chaney Před 28 dny
Yeah, but can it run SuperTuxKart?
UK Dashcam Guy
UK Dashcam Guy Před 28 dny
android is linux based....
Sean S
Sean S Před 28 dny
Firstly, yes there is a lot of work to be done on the Librem 5. Even the hardware was still evolving until recently. Hardware acceleration has been on the to-do list for a while now, but the focus is on privacy first, then user experience. Certain public and private entities have made the former focus a real challenge over the last year. Next, for those who want to order one, you will have to be patient. It may take literally years to get your phone. I've been waiting for my first since 2018. The supply chain is generally not privacy friendly; patience and tenacity are required in this fight. Finally, I would love to see more content related to emerging open-source options to mainstream devices. I thought this review was honest, insightful, and entertaining.
Karyl Kidd
Karyl Kidd Před 28 dny
I don't call it "ge- nome" because that's weird. Instasubbed
Nugget Před 28 dny
But can it run DOOM?
Wild Tangent
Wild Tangent Před 28 dny
I like this content, you can tell Anthony is genuinely excited about the potential it represents. And I second others that say Anthony deserves his own Linux/FOSS-focused segment.. I'd watch that religiously. Regarding this phone... I think other than smoothing out their manufacturing process, the hardware is there, if underpowered and a bit vintage by now... what's really lacking on this and every other Linux smartphone project is as always the software. There are efforts to develop a proper phone UI shell but as always... UI/UX seems to be an area that FOSS really struggles with 🙃
John Baxter
John Baxter Před 29 dny
I think that it's a bit young but it has potential
o k
o k Před 29 dny
Does it support the .net core in terminal? That's one of the major limitations of android terminal emulators.
MrJoltz Před 29 dny
If a fully desktop app is working, theoretically we can install chromium?
mazz's maker space
mazz's maker space Před 29 dny
Why didn't you plug a USB-C dongle with HDMI, USB, card reader, etc. to plug in an external monitor, keyboard and mouse? I am disappoint. I hope to see this on the LTT channel. It wouldn't have taken long to do..
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