All The Mistakes I Made With My Project Car 

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Buying a project car can be an exciting moment in any car nerd’s life, but it can also be super easy to find yourself in over your head. Today I’ll show you my current project car, help you learn from my mistakes, and tell you plan to get going again.
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18. 01. 2021





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Donut Media
Donut Media Před měsícem
Hey everyone, thanks for all the encouragement in the comments. Clearly there are a lot of things I should have done differently, but from what I've read from some of you, that's just part of the hobby. I'm fire d'up to get going on the Imperial again this year. Just yesterday I was at James' installing some new brake hard-lines to match the fresh brake components, and it just felt good to be wrenching again- even if I was on my back in the dirt with decades-old grease and grime falling in my eyes. Thanks for watching. - Nolan
lars kristensen
lars kristensen Před 12 dny
you need to find a guy who is into these older cars. like the youtuber running vice grip garage. he is a special character on screen but know his way around these old machines and their issues. he drives around the country buying and repairing old cars that have been sitting for decades. often fix them on the spot so he can drive it home.
DragonSword Před 20 dny
LIke you said, these things can take YEARS of constant work or off and On work. Plus money. Also since your a 'black-thumb[fuk yeah mad max reference!]' it's easy to assume that "even if I was on my back in the dirt with decades-old grease and grime falling in my eyes." you'll get a face shield now that their SUPER plentiful in stock this year [lol covid, sorry covid really sucks] but the memories will fade abit and the patina of "awesome build memories" will form on that vehicle. Much like leaving the military I'm told. You leave with ALL the bad memories fresh, but years later you consider re-upping because you remember the good times. The camaraderie, easy answers because of rigid rules etc. Then someone reminds you of burning tubs of human waste in the desert with diesel fuel for several hours every other week and you IMMEDIATELY give up those bad\good thoughts! Suffice to say, your Imperial, and Dart projects will be Alot better memory wise! I'm not saying good luck with your projects because, Hey. You don't need it! Have fun.
Pissed up Gamer
Pissed up Gamer Před měsícem
U boyz r class
Charlie Miles
Charlie Miles Před měsícem
Luck with it Nolan, it will be a lot of work, but we know you can do it.
ThePatUltra Před měsícem
Nolan; getting an old engine running is basic if it's not locked up or internally damaged. Pressure check your cooling system, do an oil pressure check with the plugs out, and a compression test thereafter. Once those have been sorted, On your Polytech V8; I seem to remember you set the point gap for .0006; ignition timing at 12 degrees BTDC and unless you have a factory carb, you'd do well to go for a Holley 600 CFM if your intake is 4-barrel. Use a GM P7127SE 1-wire to convert your car to 12 volts so you run a normal battery and stuff. As it's Automatic, you'll be setting idle at 1100 RPM +/- 75RPM. If you do an automatic choke; set the spring where it just barely has the strength to close the choke flap at room temperature. If you need to anything else, consult ALLPAR dot com; there should still be articles on the Polytech Hemi. Have fun; good luck!
Tre Rauch
Tre Rauch Před 12 hodinami
I respect that everyone has their own taste in cars, and Nolan has the right to choose whatever project car he wishes, but the 4 door imperial is just kinda boring IMO,
Striker STR
Striker STR Před 2 dny
Old cars very hard to find the parts but easy to fixed
bmh67wa Před 3 dny
I sometimes wonder how well I would make out if I opened up a carburetor repair/rebuild shop. It seems like everyone is converting their classic cars to fuel injection lately though, especially since companies like Holley have bolt-on kits that install easily and quickly. It would definitely be a business more catered to the purists but I could do it.
John Holmes
John Holmes Před 3 dny
The gun cocking sound when he adjusts his glasses got me. I wish mine did that!
PagmsSilver Před 3 dny
3.4k is like 6.8ish k here For that you could get the a broken car like yours and some Japanese car from the 90s to do up
Hydroッ Před 4 dny
The lesson I learned from Money Pit is that you should buy the car you want in working condition and then add to it in a way that fits your wants
Tony Blackie
Tony Blackie Před 4 dny
Awesome Nolan! This should be required viewing for all those buying projects. Wish I had watched and learned before buying an old series 1 Jag, two Mk1 Golfs, an Audi, two old Land Rovers...
Andrew Widman
Andrew Widman Před 4 dny
Carbureted cars ARE easy to work on
Zachary Archbold
Zachary Archbold Před 4 dny
Relatable, I got a 1963 Corviar van 3 months ago and it still doesn’t run
Jorge Basulto
Jorge Basulto Před 5 dny
I would add to de recomendations to consider how important is the condition of the project car, "small detalis" could cost a lot more time and money than you think
Broseidon Před 7 dny
I got an AE86 GTS coupe that hasn't ran in 17 years at the time of purchase. I had no car experience whatsoever aside from basic car maintenance like oil and brake change I really felt like I was way over my head with this car and still dealing with so many issues to include rod knock. After two years I finally got her to run and it was the BEST FEELING EVAR Anybody who is feeling discouraged from their project just remember to take it one step at a time. Do everything that YOU can do, save money for professional service when something is truly out of your realm of skill level. Remember that it's a project car. Have fun with it
Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez Před 8 dny
Everything said in this video is DEAD ON ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colin Chung
Colin Chung Před 8 dny
alright, ill take it from you Nolan
Clay3613 Před 9 dny
Are you only 30 or something?
E P Před 9 dny
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רועי קניון
I’m 17 and me and my dad bought a project car, I was so worried that it would happen to me too but along the way I realized that the solution is to just never give up and most important, find friends who have the experience and would like to help
capn Před 10 dny
Where’s the Slant six video?!?!?
Horacio Gonzalez
Horacio Gonzalez Před 10 dny
6 ads ?!
Wanna be Retro
Wanna be Retro Před 10 dny
I have an mgb that I’m determined to get it done by Summer
DatBoi correa
DatBoi correa Před 10 dny
James gives it to pimp my ride.....
Zach Pel
Zach Pel Před 11 dny
Fix the Dodge Dart
ANYTHING 23 Před 11 dny
theres a 1953 Buick super i found for $500 it has engine, body trim, easy to fix rust (door and rocker), but no upholstry, the engine is also not a popular one so theres no performance parts for it and theres no luck finding easy upholstery, also if i decide i need more power i don't want to take up my dads time having him help me do a engine swap again like he did in my truck because he's the one with all the tools, the knowledge, and the garage and his own project car that hes been waiting to build since he sold his truck and duster before i was born and he deserves his share of fun so if i do buy it, it will be getting the side yard treatment like that 350 Chevy block sitting in my backyard under a garbage bag, wheelbarrow, and 2 ft of snow
Remko Kentrop
Remko Kentrop Před 12 dny
Very much been there. Luckily I had a friend that taught me. My current car is a rolling project. Bought a good base car I knew I wanted to rag around trackdays as often I can afford so left the engine alone. Reliability trumps power for that purpose. Nolan's advice is sound. Know what you want from your project
brandon hodge
brandon hodge Před 12 dny
I wanna get salvage 350z and fix it up
Alex Před 12 dny
Well, you have the space, lockdown brings the time and you have people around that know what they are doing. I cant see any way this should not be a new moneypit series. The miata is cool and all but I want to see an old car done where tha aftermarket isnt mega large.
JLOL Před 12 dny
awesome video... maybe I won't LS swap and supercharge my 2008 honda accord daily driver... on my own... while in college... and working part time... with absolutely no experience
Sean Bailey
Sean Bailey Před 13 dny
That's why you have a spare carb that you know works...switch it out, if it runs then it's the carb. If not check the next thing on the list.
Dave P
Dave P Před 13 dny
Nuff Said
Nuff Said Před 14 dny
Lazy ass
D. En G. Av
D. En G. Av Před 15 dny
I don't have better words than yours to explain what starting and successfully finish a project car is, anyway, that doesn't stopped me starting two project car. At last I had to admit my semi failure a I had to ask for help to friends with more knowledge.
_ Před 15 dny
FortuitusVideo Před 15 dny
You won't love it when you fuel up that 70 year old v8.
Pascal Mössinger
Pascal Mössinger Před 15 dny
Damn I want to see dat Dart brought back on the road by you !!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
v65sabreking Před 15 dny
Great video.. getter done
hyper pixel
hyper pixel Před 15 dny
You should start to restore your dodge dart
Christopher Rhoads
Christopher Rhoads Před 15 dny
Still better than my truck
Mike Aux
Mike Aux Před 15 dny
You need some Vice Grip Garage in your life?
Brant Ardrey
Brant Ardrey Před 16 dny
I'm not knocking your experience video problems Etc? But after 50 plus years of doing this old cars are my forte also it's a point ignition standard fuel system take the engine out take the engine apart clean all the guck out of it and you can get it running again if someone expects to put fresh gas in it and get the engine running that doesn't fly a project car is strictly that you tear it apart I wish I had that car because I love old cars if you paid too much for it maybe $500 too much or whatever? It's still a point, carburetor engine so shouldn't be a problem unless you expect to pay $2,000 for engine parts where in my case it's all labor and basics good luck
Moe Fitzgerald
Moe Fitzgerald Před 16 dny
That’s too funny! I bought a 65 Dodge Dart senior year of high school. 5 years later she is still my daily driver. Best advice for buying a project car is to find a car that will at least idle. It doesn’t have to run perfectly but at least when an engine is running you can diagnose problems easier. Plus if it runs... you know that you have compression, spark and fuel right off the bat. Makes life easier
StormDweller Před 16 dny
Thank You for this video! It is a bit eye-opening, but also uplifting. Would like to watch You fix that Imperial.
EFL Gamerz
EFL Gamerz Před 16 dny
"Very little rust”
Spectacular Spaghetti
I want to get a project car, but i also dont want to because im too scared to go bankrupt straight away
Trent Burbish
Trent Burbish Před 16 dny
"In the meantime, my grandpa gave me his old Taurus"
yael lopez
yael lopez Před 16 dny
Dude I’m 16 still reading the drivers handbook lol. and I like cars and love the channel and I seen many of your guys vids. You saved me hundreds if dollars in the future because I just think “lemme buy a car and put some cool mods in it and repair it” but never thought of all of these valuable things to put into concern
Alec Rinko
Alec Rinko Před 16 dny
Nolan is a dodge guy? Hmm
Stephen Covert
Stephen Covert Před 16 dny
You have to many commercials. Bye
Jan Valle
Jan Valle Před 16 dny
Junkyard Digs is the OG. Their videos are long, but they show pretty much everything that goes into these broken ass cars. Give em a holler if you haven’t y’all.
WLTS MASS Před 16 dny
Shit his 3v is a project car that shit is bone stock 🤢🤮
Car Hawara
Car Hawara Před 16 dny
Who you trying to fool by now Nolan? Acting like you didnt knew you had to weld the sh.. out of that car at the beginnig while you sourrended by every specialist about cars...
rich Před 16 dny
Mick Bakema
Mick Bakema Před 17 dny
you gonna ls swap that thing
Jonny 5ive
Jonny 5ive Před 17 dny
"If you want a project car, you probably can't afford it. Rich people don't have project cars." Sam Hyde
Elysian Flowers
Elysian Flowers Před 17 dny
This was a super awesome video, and is super encouraging
Jeff Richards
Jeff Richards Před 18 dny
B.Y.M.M. = Backyard mechanics matter lol
Rafa Stunter
Rafa Stunter Před 18 dny
you are rich. not a big problem for you. stop complaining. you didnt lose anything
Chris Klesmith
Chris Klesmith Před 18 dny
Thanks for keeping it real and emphasizing the work it takes to build your ability. Videos always make it look easy, doing the work isn't.
deathmare88 Před 19 dny
Thumbs up for the Meshuggah t-shirt!
Owen Storm
Owen Storm Před 19 dny
Using this to convince my dad to let me buy a 54’ Hudson Hornet
mchawk315 Před 19 dny
Wait wait wait, Nolan clearly said "when up to speed was on" so does that mean they have officially cancelled it? 😭
10gaugesbelow Před 19 dny
You can do it nolan!!! Get those two cars running! Just a bucket of youtube generalized tutorials and your on your way.
Sunfishen Sunfishen
Sunfishen Sunfishen Před 20 dny
It’s pretty, I would have brought it too
1978garfield Před 20 dny
Your dad is super cool! Have you rebuilt/ had rebuilt/ replaced the carb yet? If you have never done one before see if you can find one like yours and try rebuilding it. There is no shame in admitting "this is beyond my pay grade" and trying to find someone local or opening up the latest Holley or Edelbrock catalog. Funny project car story, having learned my lesson from a Mercedes 300 SEL / Ford 300 Straight6 swap that I planned out when I was 16 that never happened (never count on help from a relative if that relative is an alcoholic) I vowed to only buy projects that would start and run. Many many years later I found a Galaxie 500 at a Yard sale for $500. It was a 2 door fast back and I knew it was as close to Richard Petty's Torino as my crippled checkbook would every take me. I handed over the cash, put in a battery and a couple gallons of gas and drove it home. I would start it every now and then, she always fired up no problem. My health kept getting worse and and at some point I had to take the dream of my Petty Blue Ford in to the back yard and shoot it. Not the first or last dream I have had to go "Ol' Yeller" on but it sucks every time. I finally found someone who was interested in her. By then the drum brakes had locked up and she would not start for anything. He got her loaded up and to his place. According to him the carb was full of asphalt like sludge and had to be replaced. HE also had to put some fancy electronic ignition on it to make it run. This is a car I drove home (about 12 miles) and that would start first crank no problem for years. This just goes to show even "simple" carb and point set ups can go bad just setting. Really bad. I have reason to believe the guy had worked on a lot more cars than I had, he had a lot more money to play with. SO I think he knew what he was doing. Best of luck with the Imperial and don't forget about that Dart. I hope your dad is still around and healthy. If so I hope you get to take him for a ride in both the Impearl and the Dart.
Khristian Gillespie
Khristian Gillespie Před 20 dny
NO just don't hotrod soul to made that car got the car for 3,000K USA too that srucb
Michael Sapulette
Michael Sapulette Před 20 dny
the intro song reminds me of the "No Strings Attached" video McLaren made.
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Před 20 dny
Take it to Scotty Kilmer!
So you show us this car and dont plan on doing video progress wtf , this would be the first realistic project on your channel take it over to your buddy and make a money show with that
Noah Hall
Noah Hall Před 20 dny
No offence to everyone else in the donut crew, but Nolan is my favourite
Mouthy Merc
Mouthy Merc Před 20 dny
This should be the new money pit car.... just saying
Onyx GT
Onyx GT Před 20 dny
Don’t buy a mustang with bent valves. Frgn 3 valves.
Sebastián Pérez
Sebastián Pérez Před 20 dny
Great video. If I only could listen with my ears instead of my heart. Damn you Mazda 929 1978 Luce I hate the idea that you dont let me go...great and down to earth video...I hate it...and love it. Keep up man...youll succeed eventually.
Robert Myles
Robert Myles Před 21 dnem
"What if you found a super rare car for cheap that only had a few issues?" What if you divided by zero? What if you invented time travel"? What if you traveled faster than the speed of light? What if Pumphrey's dad loved him? All of these questions have one thing in common: they're impossible and will never happen.
R1sk3z Před 21 dnem
Your first mistake was not counting the number of doors in the car, because it obviously has way too many for it ever to be cool.
Cristian Feliciano
Cristian Feliciano Před 21 dnem
Great video, I like videos that show what’s to be expected.Eye see that the donut merchandise got a little illuminated.(*meant “I” not “Eye”,I guess made the mistake because I’m not all seeing.😇)
Ozzy S13
Ozzy S13 Před 22 dny
Learn and make friends you’re a car CSshowsr I’m sure you have friends that know how to do it so help them with what you know and they’ll help you (hopefully)
Rattle-Can-Resto Před 22 dny
Quit being lazy yo
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia Před 22 dny
It's okay. My friend *TOOK OUT A LOAN* and bought a 95 Eldorado that didn't run, and swapped a motor in it, and still didn't run. Both the car and the memory of the project are deeply repressed now.
Laura Brown
Laura Brown Před 22 dny
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Vietnamese Plays roblox
Bro don’t worry! Me and my dad got a 63 impala that is in ROUGH shape but no rust! I understand where you come from bro and don’t get discouraged cause when it’s done it will be sweet and worth it!
Surms41 Před 23 dny
This car needs a money pit
Cameron Kelly
Cameron Kelly Před 23 dny
I bought my 96 cherokee for 1000 with out realizing how rusty it really was later I found out that the entire floor except for the trans tunnel needed replaced but I didn't have the money for the legit replacement panels so I used home depot sheet steel and rivets to at least give me some floors i don't regret the purchase since it was my first car I've had it for 2 years now i bought it with 212000 miles now it has 230000 miles that old 4.0s still kicking strong but the rust has gotten to severe for my experience if its even saveable period but ill never not want to have a cherokee parked in my yard because of it
RcCatFish 666
RcCatFish 666 Před 23 dny
Have roadkill help you there cool as shit lol
HereFishyFishy Před 23 dny
It's an easy place to start. Ask yourself this can you turn it over freely? If so check the oil make sure there's oil in it. Then try to turn key, nothing happens, jump the starter. Starter works? If so, pull a plug wire check for spark. Got spark? Ad starting fluid in cylinder directly. It's not that hard to diagnose these old cars.
Jake Stewart
Jake Stewart Před 23 dny
Wait he said “back when up to speed was on” dose that mean no more up to speeds?😢😢
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez Před 24 dny
I bought my first solo project car 2 months ago 1950 dodge coronet. Cant wait to have it out there
Giacomo Bettini
Giacomo Bettini Před 24 dny
Maybe not the best, but the realest
Patrick Carrillo
Patrick Carrillo Před 24 dny
You know what you should do You should pull the motor and unload the the wrapper then put the motor into the dart
Average Black Daddy
Average Black Daddy Před 24 dny
Dude I feel your pain. I bought a 67 Impala last year and quickly realized that parts are not as plentiful as Chevelle or Mustang parts. At least it has the original 327 though. Also never buy a car without a title unless you have a lot of time and aspirin on your hands.
Average Black Daddy
Average Black Daddy Před 18 dny
@1978garfield yeah you can kinda get away with it in Louisiana.
1978garfield Před 20 dny
Don't do it at all in IL unless you never want to legally drive that car.
I still don't understand why your car isn't going? Did I miss something?
Anthony Tah May
Anthony Tah May Před 24 dny
I think you didn’t watch enough Chris fix Nolan
Bare Rose
Bare Rose Před 24 dny
1st of all, great score on that Imp man you got a heck of a good one for sure. Only thing I could add is "don't get caught up on the Budget Build crap". Every build is a "budget build" but they NEVER tell you what that budget is. Resto-Mods, Rat Rods, LS Swaps are all ways to go, but it ALL costs money and it's usually 2-10X more money than you where expecting. When people ask me what they should do to their car it's simple. Drive it. Manual Drum breaks are FINE, they used them for YEARS, you won't DIE the second you hit the freeway because your car has 1950's Tech going on. Fix what it takes to get it on the road THE WAY IT IS, and upgrade from there. Back in the 70's and 80's we didn't have Rat Rods. Those where guys who where Driving Their Projects and having fun with them as they went along. Good Luck on the both these man. You have some real gems there.
AS_EV4D3R_ 1
AS_EV4D3R_ 1 Před 24 dny
So you’re telling me I cannot revive and rebuild my dream wrecked Toyota Supra body with a 1000hp 2jz engine with my minimum wage job on my parents driveway with CSshows video help!!!😳😤
Noppera bō
Noppera bō Před 25 dny
i’m literally in the exact same position except i’m 16, and it’s my first car so i feel screwed
Adam Meehan
Adam Meehan Před 25 dny
Nolan, I'm right there with you man. Back in April of 2020, I bought myself a project luxury car too. A 1976 Cadillac Coupe Deville D'elegance. The car was technically running when I bought it, but not very well. So, I began doing the standard things one does when they get an old car. Change the oil, replace the sparkplugs and wires, battery, alternator, etc. I ended up wanting to do more with the car though, such as replace the carb and intake for more power, and run a better exhaust system. It all started to become an issue of money, and as a result, the car has been parked up for some time now. I am committed to the project though and do hope to have it done or at least to my satisfaction by the end of this year. I wish you the best of luck with your projects.
Johnny Rico, Male Escort
Lol as soon as it cut to "we bought a 440 big block" I yelled WHYYYYY
Pinkamena Diane Pie
Pinkamena Diane Pie Před 25 dny
When you have 18 project cars and then see this video
elosada Před 25 dny
So true, having that same experience with my 76´ 280Z, now it´s finally starting to look like something, but I spent the first two years wondering what I got myself into. My advice, buy something that runs, so you can at least drive it while you are working on it
Np P
Np P Před 26 dny
Loosing interest in projects is a big problem when you don’t see progress you loose interest and slow down. Sometimes you have to force yourself to work just like getting out of bed in the morning when you don’t want to
Daniel Llanos
Daniel Llanos Před 26 dny
When’s the part 2 coming, we NEED it.
Paganbloodlet985 Odin
Where you fucked up was buying a other project car if you have one project finish it before you start another that way shit gets done
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