How Weed Eaters Work (at 62,000 FRAMES PER SECOND) - Smarter Every Day 236 

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31. 05. 2020





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SmarterEveryDay Před 9 měsíci
Hey there! This one was a lot of fun to make! Ever since the lawn mower video I've been wanting to do this, and I've been working on it all week. Thank you for those of you who support us on Patreon! You bring stability to my family's life. My goal is to be a light during this time. www.patreon.com/smartereveryday I know the world is a bit crazy at the moment. I wish you and your family peace and love. Spread the love and help others where you can. Look for the positive stories of people coming together in unity and try to amplify them. There's a lot of disinformation at the moment so if you recall what we learned together in the social media disinformation series, think twice before you share something! Warm Regards, Destin
Stephen Hawk JR
Stephen Hawk JR Před 2 měsíci
For the slomo shots
Stephen Hawk JR
Stephen Hawk JR Před 2 měsíci
I’d really love to see and understand how the sounds are recorded for these.
Steven Riley DeLeon
Steven Riley DeLeon Před 3 měsíci
Shane Bat
Shane Bat Před 4 měsíci
Süleyman Tüfekçi
Süleyman Tüfekçi Před 4 měsíci
Hey Destin, is that a Hamilton on your wrist? :)
The Dominator
The Dominator Před 21 hodinou
What is this language where you call it a bloody ‘weed eater’
Rj gaming
Rj gaming Před 3 dny
6. 24 _6.40 quick silver aaaah worthy opponent
Lost Marimo
Lost Marimo Před 3 dny
Slow motion when it hits our skin and flesh
MikeC19100 Před 3 dny
Wow! I never guessed that there was that much tension on stationary objects when the weed-eater line connected with the objects. Now every time I use that tool I will be thinking of how it's banging against walls, fences, posts, etc. If you ever do this again how about recording how it looks when the line comes into contact with various wall typess, street signposts, and the sidewalk.
Evan Fabri
Evan Fabri Před 5 dny
Booo to every weedeater that has ever been used. Atrocious noise pollution. Incredibly selfish to use one.
Dancan799 Před 5 dny
Sees title expecting some sort of chemical, sees a strimmer. Oh you funny chaps with your strange names for things
Johnny Rep
Johnny Rep Před 7 dny
There is something so satisfying in watching the slo-mo chopping of grass.
MaximalistTrader Před 8 dny
That string is trash.. it’s tearing the grass and not cutting
Kyle A
Kyle A Před 10 dny
Most intense anime I've seen in a while
Steven Willmy
Steven Willmy Před 12 dny
Tune your carb!
jimmy white
jimmy white Před 13 dny
WTF is a "weed eater"? It's called a lawn trimmer, or just a trimmer!
Stevooo 1
Stevooo 1 Před 13 dny
I was sad when Mythbusters stopped making episodes. However, today I found this channel and feel rejuvenated! This is internet gold for science lovers like myself
Aaron Azazagoth
Aaron Azazagoth Před 13 dny
Next on Smarter Everyday: Hairdryers and the amazing thermal qualities that they have.
Mayur Patel
Mayur Patel Před 13 dny
When they are playing in slow motion, it feels like torturing small innocent plants.
ToastedDoughnuts Před 13 dny
Did anybody else notice the smarter every day logo on the rotating part of the weed eater?
yoni591 Před 17 dny
Do you fake the sounds in slow motion footage? Cause i know slow mo guys do
Noneyo Business
Noneyo Business Před 17 dny
Is a weed eater any way related to a weed whacker?
Brad Jefferies
Brad Jefferies Před 18 dny
We call it a whipper-snippa in australia
Marcos Roberto
Marcos Roberto Před 20 dny
7:13 fruit ninja
Noah Siegel
Noah Siegel Před 20 dny
the bling-bling cheese 64
Michael Garza
Michael Garza Před 23 dny
Who stole my grandmas gate and fence 😡
JAW Media
JAW Media Před 24 dny
Hey I am not sure if what I was hearing was combustion cycle or not but if so. That engine fired 22 times in 1 rotation of the head. Granted it's a 2 cycle engine but still if that's true that is almost unfathomable
Lukáš J.
Lukáš J. Před 24 dny
I wouldn't say the torque is function of length of the line. More likely the longer the line the higher the torque needed to reach certain speed. One could then argue that torque is function of speed which is correct but the torque was not measured. The speed was derived from the sound so the speed is function of length of the line. Which is in line with the torque being the same with more resistence to movement caused by the lengthening of the line causing lower speed.
Austraya Před 24 dny
It’s called a whippa snippa
maruku jimu
maruku jimu Před 25 dny
Joe's Youtube
Joe's Youtube Před 26 dny
What is 2 + 2?
[ S o l i t a ]
[ S o l i t a ] Před 26 dny
8:43 a small piece broke off to the left
William Hulse
William Hulse Před 26 dny
I call it a weed waker but ok
Nesddy X
Nesddy X Před 27 dny
I usually call them vegans
ROBLOX pro700
ROBLOX pro700 Před 28 dny
weed eater
Cracked Před 28 dny
I only speak weed wacker
Tobi En
Tobi En Před 28 dny
That park is your GARDEN?
HenryManson Před měsícem
Slapping the Shiznit out of Plants at 62k fps
Guilain Bohineust
Guilain Bohineust Před měsícem
i am amazed at how amazed i am by this video.
Petreeteus Před měsícem
All those micro plastics coming off 💀
Márcio Vianna Júnior
Márcio Vianna Júnior Před měsícem
I'm starting to consider subscribing because SCIENCE that's why
Two Owl Candies
Two Owl Candies Před měsícem
It doesn't eat anything, it whacks: Weed Whacker.
Márcio Vianna Júnior
Márcio Vianna Júnior Před měsícem
I have passed the curiosity test
user ing
user ing Před měsícem
Imagine it touch our naked skin😱😱
Larry Bane
Larry Bane Před měsícem
Where I live we call it Grass Cutter
Matt Derynioski
Matt Derynioski Před měsícem
The part where you’re cutting the grass looks like something out of the Matrix.
J.C Officiale
J.C Officiale Před měsícem
I always wondering this man
the Channel with no name
the Channel with no name Před měsícem
is this your garden?
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee Před měsícem
A-ha, the source of micro plastics in my lawn.
IenjoyBiscuits AndGravy
IenjoyBiscuits AndGravy Před měsícem
Glad to know I'm not the only one who has accidentally put holes in my vinyl siding with the weed whacker.
matthew anderson
matthew anderson Před měsícem
Cut fire with that thing in slow motion
Kenton Bubela
Kenton Bubela Před měsícem
My dad took the guard of of his so he can weedeat big areas at a time🤣
/00\ Před měsícem
Terlalu banyak bacot
mightilybix Před měsícem
Horror movie for grass audiences
theRIPwagon Před měsícem
For the reccord hog wire will be lower gauge. That's called hardware cloth
Михаил Г
Михаил Г Před měsícem
А у нас это триммер, и он мешает спать по утрам воскресения
UpVoltage Overclocking
UpVoltage Overclocking Před měsícem
It’s like putting a smaller or bigger prop on an airplane engine, it effects rpm
Garrett Reynolds
Garrett Reynolds Před měsícem
1:04 come on! Finish what you started!
Jeany Luisa
Jeany Luisa Před měsícem
I think that automatic cutting of the line is only smart for people who dont dislike plastic particles in their lawn. I never really liked those little pieces of line in our garden. If you want to make it look even more like science, measure things in millimeter ;-)
👈👈Without any video 20 subscriber challenge.....
Leeroy Před měsícem
RIP... Poor fence 🙃
JegDeg Před měsícem
Sponsored by reycons? Edit I saw him wearing them so I was like what, but then I watched more and it turns out it actually was
Shannon Wiegand
Shannon Wiegand Před měsícem
The wire around the fence be like: 🎵🎵We'll begin with a spin, traveling in a world of my creation! What we see will defy explaination! If you want to view paradise--🎵🎵
logan750a Před měsícem
...that's not a "WEED EATER"..."WEED EATER" ...is a brand name of "LINE TRIMMER" machines, this looks like a "STIHL" brand...same as when people say "ROLLER BLADES"...that's a brand name among many...they're real name is "INLINE SKATES"...
Marco Castiglia
Marco Castiglia Před měsícem
What a waste... I prefer Weed Smokers, arme much funnier
L3X0R Před měsícem
1:24 involuntar asmr move
GL3NT1NO BEATS Před měsícem
Umm...Weed whacker
Sully Před měsícem
Jay S
Jay S Před měsícem
It certainly doesn't eat the weeds
Diesel Před měsícem
Today I learned, that Americans call a strimmer a weed eater lmao
AusRs -
AusRs - Před měsícem
Are Australians the only ones to call them whipper snippers? Haha
Sybelle Esguerra
Sybelle Esguerra Před měsícem
Cutting grass suddenly looks so gruesome. The grass bits t]flying around look like blood spattering out when you shoot a zombie or something.
Sean Keane
Sean Keane Před měsícem
What if u cut a hot dog as a finger
Surviver Před měsícem
All those microplastics...
James Walker
James Walker Před měsícem
Friction also would have effect.
Erma Dawson
Erma Dawson Před měsícem
The sad plot paradoxically consider because doctor rahilly moan barring a sneaky swiss. soft, puny narcissus
Erma Dawson
Erma Dawson Před měsícem
The shy clave supply separate because quill optically mine aside a pretty slime. hideous high, forgetful television
Sovereign Strength
Sovereign Strength Před měsícem
Purdy cool
Sriram Gadiparthi
Sriram Gadiparthi Před měsícem
Now this is how I wanna study physics
MrDeltoric Před měsícem
ah yes, i am a consumer of weed as well Mr. Eater
Hydra Boi
Hydra Boi Před měsícem
6:32 grass got hit with a midair combo
beautifuldurian Před měsícem
This guy must be some scientist or physician material 🧑‍🎓👨‍🎓. He dissects every part, I feel much smarter now. Not being sarcastic. 👍🏼👏👌🇸🇬
I will join bruhify
I will join bruhify Před měsícem
Robot: Why did the chicken crossed the road? Robot Jr. : I don't know, why did the chicken crossed the road? Robot: *WEED EATER*
will mccoy
will mccoy Před měsícem
you've got a white clover issue
Jarod Doust
Jarod Doust Před měsícem
I'd like to correct you my theory on why the tips of the weed eater line are still curved at full speed is because the tips make first contact with other objects, it takes more beating from the outside which causes it to bend and form memory in the line.
Kaipulla Talkies
Kaipulla Talkies Před měsícem
i've already subscribed after seeing 14:35 i changed notification setting to all
mohd aman
mohd aman Před měsícem
When you have a slow motion camera every thing you shoot is content 🤣
DoomTrooperTV Před měsícem
Dude 1: "check it out, if you swing this Branch around fast enough it cuts through plants" Dude 2: " Sick bro, put a motor on it lol" Smarter Every day: "There's actually a lot of physics behind the design of a weed eater"
A random guy
A random guy Před měsícem
I call my brother a weed eater because he smokes that devil's lettuce like no tomorrow
Rohan Preis
Rohan Preis Před měsícem
Weed *wacker*
Kirodeth Před měsícem
Angry spaghetti monster attacks local fence.
Restu Bazar
Restu Bazar Před měsícem
Thanks for all technology, we know event we never imagine before. That awesome and make us smarter
Branden Belanger
Branden Belanger Před měsícem
Dislike because of raycon
Vladislavs Lisovskis
Vladislavs Lisovskis Před měsícem
Kung Fu grass cutter))
Dr. Remulack
Dr. Remulack Před měsícem
Anyone else eat gummies for the first time and somehow end up here?
Dr. Remulack
Dr. Remulack Před měsícem
7:20ish. Anyone else feel bad for the blade of grass?
Мишаня Бо
Мишаня Бо Před měsícem
Like 👍 👍 👍
Destin Henderson
Destin Henderson Před měsícem
First person that i came across with the same name as me...
Nakli DYNAMO Před měsícem
This Is Not A 62,000 Frame Rate Video Fact You Can't Watch High Frame Rate Video On A Low End Device Even On 120 HZ Frame Rate Device & the vidoe is available in 1080 60FPS So There Is Nothing Like 62,000 FPS As Mentioned In The Title
҉ ҉
҉ ҉ Před měsícem
Tea Cup
Tea Cup Před měsícem
I thought weed eaters were like my father.
Mark W. Harbolt
Mark W. Harbolt Před měsícem
My IQ went up 120 points just listening to this.
Mark W. Harbolt
Mark W. Harbolt Před měsícem
Making aerogel
zhlédnutí 13M
Customizing a Rubik's Cube