How to Make Pizza on a Submarine - Smarter Every Day 246 

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So what about the Pizza Recipe?
There's a thing called the "Armed Forces Recipe Service"
It's not your Grandma's Cook Book
Open this document and Ctrl+F for
I didn't know what "Carolina Gold" BBQ sauce was. Here's an amazon affiliate link:
There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about: www.navy.com/
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1. 11. 2020





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SmarterEveryDay Před 4 měsíci
I don't know why... but this was one of my favorite videos from the Deep Dive Series. It's so... personal and real. I had no idea that food is literally THE limiting factor on a submarine's ability to dive. Also, I had no idea meals were such a big deal for morale (Ice Cream on Waffles totally works by the way). I have an email list here if you'd like to get an email when I upload a video: www.smartereveryday.com/email-list Thank you to those who have recently chosen to support Smarter Every Day on Patreon ( www.patreon.com/smartereveryday ) . You're awesome, and I hope you have received your baseball! I've been seeing a lot of posts on twitter of people showing me photos of their baseball and it's awesome!! If you have not received your yet, please check www.smartereveryday.com/baseball for status updates! I'm grateful for your support and hope you really enjoy this one. The next video is both amazing certifiably insane, so please look forward to that! Regards, Destin
Legend 27
Legend 27 Před 7 dny
You make it the same as on land it dose t matter if your under water
ANCHOR Před 7 dny
You the best my man
Geoffrey Benedict
Geoffrey Benedict Před 8 dny
So my son loved the video, but we are dying to know, How was the pizza?
James Skelly
James Skelly Před měsícem
I assume they work in shifts on the boat? So I assume when the cook is cooking dinner, is he also cooking breakfast for the other shift??
Lisa Willis
Lisa Willis Před měsícem
@ddd aaa thank you for your service
Air Expedition
Air Expedition Před 4 hodinami
How do you burn all those calories in a sub? 🤔
Curtin Parsons
Curtin Parsons Před 23 hodinami
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Leo Před dnem
8:50 - Looks like you caught him with a tobacco dip in his mouth. Would explain why they were both acting funny, lol.
Leo Před dnem
YOU, SmarterEveryDay, NEED TO GO TO THE MOON W/SPACEX in 2023. Go Register ASAP.
UniqDnA Před dnem
Skunkworks was amazing, I’m going to download Thunder Below now
C Leal
C Leal Před 2 dny
It was reported that the guy that took a popper 12:29 received a Dishonorable Discharge once the Chief’s saw this video.
C Leal
C Leal Před 2 dny
NEVER just casually walk into the Chief’s Mess without permission if you are not a Chief. Even the Captain knows that.
Jade Mills
Jade Mills Před 2 dny
That's great. Dude puts pizza in front of Captain of Toledo a nuclear sub that could kill the world...where are my popers? GET this man his popers for gods sake!
Quy Tu
Quy Tu Před 2 dny
The upbeat domain intracellularly wreck because quotation technologically march aboard a lonely fire. sweet, eatable heart
Redien Před 2 dny
I would love to know if they have beer on board :)
Dharmang Patel
Dharmang Patel Před 2 dny
I know this video is posted a while ago and I am not sure if you will respond to my comment since you get a lot. But what if someone is vegetarian on a boat? I see there is a lot of meat on the boat. Do they serve a vegetarian meal? Thank you!
Guy Darby
Guy Darby Před 2 dny
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Leslie Robertson
Leslie Robertson Před 2 dny
The well-groomed microwave cytochemically concern because sort aerobically check towards a cloudy knot. halting, volatile beetle
Robotic Brain
Robotic Brain Před 2 dny
Why is no one concerned about that big radiation hazzard sign inside of the kitchen?! It seems like the last place you want to see something like that...
aiRCoft Před 2 dny
"Rock 'n Roll".
German Carranza
German Carranza Před 3 dny
Poor guy has stress bald spots
Eddie Lyles
Eddie Lyles Před 3 dny
These guys are so cool! God bless
Ryan Hannigan
Ryan Hannigan Před 3 dny
The uptight parent increasingly surround because trombone climatologically protect notwithstanding a forgetful snake. robust, anxious boot
Scott Před 3 dny
Put 3000 on the end of anything and it makes the perfect nickname, every time
Dan Brit
Dan Brit Před 3 dny
Idk if it's true but I've bin told since sub crews have it so tuff the food is the best in the fleet as a reword
xREDxAXx FIRE Před 4 dny
Today on smarter every day is how to cook food. We are going to a culinary school.
Tehran Kizaki
Tehran Kizaki Před 4 dny
Anyone wanna explain why their kitchen has a radiation warning?
Nirotix Před 4 dny
Kudos to those cooks. I can only imagine when you are 200 ft down or more on a boat with no other food options your stomach is something all the sailors want to please.
Sqoou Too
Sqoou Too Před 4 dny
Does being below se level effect pressure? I know pizza cooking in high elevation is different than sea level. Does the pressure of the sub mimic sea level or is there a difference?
Jean Ross
Jean Ross Před 4 dny
The milky radar conceivably blink because donkey byerly grate between a tall duckling. toothsome, kaput kohlrabi
Samurai x Shogun
Samurai x Shogun Před 4 dny
I wanna be with this crew when it’s munch time
Steve Way
Steve Way Před 4 dny
Goofy looking fuckers for officers
андрей долгов
The glamorous kale decisively glow because firewall dolly look absent a fascinated makeup. nutritious, stormy home
Aube Reitema
Aube Reitema Před 4 dny
The low sharon seemingly delight because expert practically rob round a young australian. muddled, dapper step-sister
R. Blakehole
R. Blakehole Před 4 dny
Can you imagine an anti-social personality on a submarine?
Joe McConnell
Joe McConnell Před 4 dny
If Das Boot was filmed today
Holly Y
Holly Y Před 4 dny
How do they get water
Pavel Moskalyuk
Pavel Moskalyuk Před 4 dny
This guy is straight up the American version of Shmee150
Connie King
Connie King Před 4 dny
The phobic degree philosophically match because bank orally sneeze pace a vigorous impulse. eight, even excellent excited pastry
Mari Corp.
Mari Corp. Před 4 dny
Any real sailor knows that pizza probably don't taste like pizza.. I shared a berthing with CSs
Miss Understood
Miss Understood Před 4 dny
That moment when you want to grow up to work in a Submarine and not a Spaceship because of the fooooood 😍
travelvideos Před 4 dny
That guy is too tall for submarine.
Loona is a goddess
Loona is a goddess Před 5 dny
Cyrus Francisco
Cyrus Francisco Před 5 dny
i will use the "permission to enter with pizza" line every now and then lol
Wee Bee
Wee Bee Před 5 dny
In the mid '80s I was on a boat some place in the Pacific. And there was Pizza Night. (Note: "Night" is a relative term herein used) What is special about Pizza Night is that pizza, in general, is easy to make as long as someone made the dough and the base sauce in advance. What is really important about Pizza Night is that some crew members will volunteer their time to relieve the galley crew for a few hours of pure down time. Even though I often heard the term NAVY = Never Again Volunteer Yourself, I did as a 1st class nuke PO. I came armed with pervious knowledge as a pie tosser in a pizza shop pre-Navy and 4 tins of anchovies (one should always plan in advance for long deployments). Although the overhead was barely inches above my head I was able to hand toss dough to the delight of some fellow crewmembers. But the real surprise for them was when I made some pies with only marinara sauce and anchovies and a very little bit of cheese (on one side only). The odor of cooking anchovy pizza ala Napolitana spread as even biological gas will on a sub and suddenly there were many people hanging around the crew's mess. There were even officers who had their own mess and were not generally encouraged to mix with us enlisted types during chow times. But it was Pizza Night and they got their slices too. Pizza Night was a huge 'Thank You' to the galley crew and a bit of having fun with the crew, even O-gangers. And maybe a bit of showing off for those who can. Now I will shut up and watch your video.
Crillikin Před 5 dny
10:00 *Caution Radiation Area* I guess they don't need a Microwave to nuke food.
_Nines Před 5 dny
Nooo, stoooop you're making me huuungry
Rock Lobster
Rock Lobster Před 5 dny
9:10 these guys are really eating pizza, watching the discovery channel, and playing Madden on two flatscreens
Daniel G
Daniel G Před 5 dny
Arguably the most important people on the whole boat.
plasmathunderdx Před 5 dny
I've worked in a kitchen that was a total of 147sq feet and you gotta be really efficient.
Bardrick Před 5 dny
So . . . why can't they grow food on a nuclear sub? Is it just not space efficient enough to create a ship that never needs to surface, or could it actually be done with compact hydroponics and small plants like strawberries?
Bittertokken Před 5 dny
Mad respect to the chefs! Pizza night looked so dam good!!!
Harley Grit
Harley Grit Před 5 dny
God Bless them, everyone!
Benjamin West
Benjamin West Před 5 dny
I'm even more hungry now
zJoriz Před 5 dny
Must suck to be a vegan on that particular boat.
Electricity taster
Electricity taster Před 5 dny
What if you're vegetarian and lactose intolerant? Do they just shoot you out the torpedo hole?
Electricity taster
Electricity taster Před 5 dny
@T Boman But what If I did?
T Boman
T Boman Před 5 dny
Don't join the service.
Larry Byrne
Larry Byrne Před 5 dny
There's some research on using insects as food. Grass hoppers and meal worms. So there you go.
kenzy Sostuuupid
kenzy Sostuuupid Před 5 dny
🤣🤣🤣i remember cooking drunk on board all the time after a weekend of parting
William McKenzie III
Is there really no food on board that is actual food and not flour, sugar, and grease? This is nuts to me. Everything is processed and fake, might as well be a dive bar.
Nekri Před 5 dny
Yeah you try being that long underwater in a confined space
wanderer1125 Před 5 dny
How about the vegan crew members? How do they survive in that submarine?
T Boman
T Boman Před 5 dny
straight sav
straight sav Před 5 dny
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Jeongyeon Im
Jeongyeon Im Před 5 dny
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alejandro Před 5 dny
4:19 the wet dream of a british, more than 5 crates full of tea
Master Cheif
Master Cheif Před 5 dny
And i thought i eat unhealthy food. Wow
silpeamak Před 5 dny
Everything surrounding the kitchen was covered... except how the pizzas were made.
cvramen Před 6 dny
This is amazing. Really. They've got basically their own community down there. Every single thing has been thought of. Planning how much of each resource they need, what happens when they get resources from a different location than what they're used to, and how much resources they use over time. I know I might just be lying to myself, but THIS video makes living on a submarine look fun. My fave part was when they demonstrated, how, even in this boat, with narrow passages, that people have to try to avoid colliding with and getting in other people's way, you get to have absolute right-of-way, just by being the one carrying a hot pizza.
John Koeberlein
John Koeberlein Před 6 dny
Thunder below is brilliant!
Charlie Loughlin
Charlie Loughlin Před 6 dny
0:10 - Is that a V/O fixup where they redacted the exact amount of years?
Michael Matter
Michael Matter Před 6 dny
The guy explaining why the movie is funny is the most wholesome thing on CSshows, dude's just having a great time...thanks D
g g
g g Před 6 dny
09:09 you can see them watch tv. so the question is do they pre record/download television program to watch it later or are they able to recieve this while underwater?
CREEPERTRON3000 Před 6 dny
my main takeaway from this is that as long as you're not claustrophobic a submarine is pretty nice
Monty Cantsin
Monty Cantsin Před 6 dny
Jim's making pizza dough! Live yeast! Better burn another candle...
Pascal Renaud
Pascal Renaud Před 6 dny
that is a chef who is very proud of his job.
Paula Lawton
Paula Lawton Před 6 dny
when that roll happens it will happen fast because it is the result of something really bad gone wrong on board. SS-580 1978
cp _coolieo
cp _coolieo Před 6 dny
How do they watch tv and get internet does it ever not not work or does it work all the time?
Daniel Newell
Daniel Newell Před 6 dny
Any vegan free range, vegetarian, gluten-free options??!!!🙄
electronzapdotcom Před 6 dny
Loving this video series 🙂 sad that most military documentaries just want to show stuff being blown up. Logistics is just as cool to learn about.
Delta_Tesseract *84-72*
A real eye opener for people interested in space travel. I'd imagine the operation of a nuclear submarine is very similar to a space capsule, or the International Space Station. I never knew how tightly packed every critical system is. Thanks Destin. Fyi, I'm starting to second guess my dream of migrating to the Moon and Mars in 30 years time. But then again, I guess a person can adapt to just about any situation in the name of survival.
Kristofor McCullough
I'd be a good sub cook . Already the food I cook ends up covered in seamen.
Postu Alin
Postu Alin Před 6 dny
Hey but wat about toilets ?
danjf1 Před 6 dny
In an Iraqi meal test from a US camp west of Baghdad,I got to see on youtube, was 2 kinds of mystery meat (slimy or dry) and just horrible food. This was 2003 but still, US Gov't, get out frontline troops filet mignon! For real.
Twixx Před 6 dny
i really wanna join the navy, but i think i would be way too tall to be in the navy.
Anselan Buchanan
Anselan Buchanan Před 6 dny
oh, why did I think you were going to cook a pizza on a submarine and not in a submarine?
GokouZWAR Před 6 dny
Sunday is pizza night at my house. Today is Sunday. Usually have it at dinner, but it’s 2 past noon right now. I’m preheating my oven now. I want my pizza now.
T. L.
T. L. Před 6 dny
You could tell "Chop" was trying to watch his mouth when telling you how much food a submarine can store lol (i.e one of the biggest factors determining how long a sub can stay underwater). He took a few seconds before determining 9-0 days wasn't a classified piece of information lol.
Agung SP
Agung SP Před 6 dny
Do some general or high rank officer announce that youre gonna make these videos? the crews are polite and helpful, good manner 👍
Roaming Romero
Roaming Romero Před 6 dny
"Corn syrup" guarantees none of those boys don't know what real maple syrup is
Simon WoodburyForget
Derek P
Derek P Před 6 dny
From a former line cook that was very enjoyable! Looks like working a cramped diner
KarIgnishaYumi Před 6 dny
wow lot of education. lot of responsibility ability on the sub to.
TheRoyalPenguin Před 6 dny
Down Periscope is such a good movie, and it's absolutely hilarious
Yaku Korku
Yaku Korku Před 6 dny
In a submarine or on a submarine?
Brittany Levinson
Brittany Levinson Před 7 dny
This is my favorite series of yours ever! Love seeing these men and women and what they do!
Anthony Hart
Anthony Hart Před 7 dny
Burger day is the BEEEEEST
Caden Perry
Caden Perry Před 7 dny
4:03 *dead heads n frogs legs mmm cake mix*
Danny Salinas
Danny Salinas Před 7 dny
Craig Knights
Craig Knights Před 7 dny
radiation hazard in the food storage, no bunking or loitering... OK.... no sleeping in the fridge.
Chuck Floto
Chuck Floto Před 7 dny
I would love to know how they secure all the stuff in the galley when the ship is maneuvering. Diving, surfacing, hard turns. I assume they aren't using the deep fat fried then! Oh, I shouldn't have made this comment before 10:08. Great video and amazing series! Thank you!
John Caling
John Caling Před 7 dny
Connecticut, YAY, I have seen that base, it is many subs, scarry for CHina
Not Me Not Me
Not Me Not Me Před 7 dny
When I was in the military, we would know when a VIP was visiting the unit as the food would get better for that day. I'm impressed they can make better food inside a submarine than what we got on land!
Kiithnaras Ashaa
Kiithnaras Ashaa Před 7 dny
11:40 This is an excellent example of the pithy Maxim 7 of The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries: "If the food is good enough, the grunts will stop complaining about the incoming fire."
FfejTball Před 7 dny
Ok...why can't they grow food though?
Lavender-Rose Fox
Lavender-Rose Fox Před 7 dny
they're on a sub in the ocean they cant not have battered cod and chips lol
Get LIT Před 7 dny
GoldenDoom Před 7 dny
Should use refill submarines Kinda like planes refuel other planes
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