How NOT to teach your Girlfriend Rainbow Six Siege 

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Convinced my Girlfriend to play Rainbow Six Siege and oh boy was it an experience...
Btw OBS pooped out on me for most of these clips so apologies if some clips look laggy
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14. 09. 2020





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AnthonyPit1 Před 4 měsíci
I better not be seeing any "AnthonySimp1" comments or I tell your mother you're bullying... Btw OBS pooped out on me for most of these clips so apologies if some clips look laggy :( Download Opera GX free: opr.as/AnthonyPit
Known_as_BOT Před 7 dny
Are you dead? Or you just gave up on CSshows? At least tell your answer in a video so everyone knows. Plz
Chill Dude
Chill Dude Před 8 dny
I will post in next 2 weeks -AnthonyPit1
Sushi Boi
Sushi Boi Před 14 dny
PicklePapi ツ
PicklePapi ツ Před 16 dny
Kiska Goes brrr
Kiska Goes brrr Před 16 dny
Cooper Kittsley
Cooper Kittsley Před 4 hodinami
homie is still dead
Storm Před 7 hodinami
Yeah im done with Anthony dude im unsubscribeing. This schedule is terrible
Jonathan Před 15 hodinami
wtf happened to posting a video
itzz schlumo
itzz schlumo Před 15 hodinami
,,when the world needed him most he vanished..."
monke flip
monke flip Před 15 hodinami
MANERD GARCIA Před 20 hodinami
bruh Anthony died again he won’t be back for another 4 months
iDunnoSorry Před 22 hodinami
rip tony xdddd
Johnny Před 23 hodinami
Mr.Pit dead
davi michel maradei kehde
davi michel maradei kehde Před 23 hodinami
Where is the vid, it's been four months already :(
firm ape
firm ape Před dnem
been 4 months and we doubled the like goal, anthony
The Expert
The Expert Před dnem
PokePabs Před dnem
Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only anthony master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished.
NIBBERno0b Před dnem
My name is Anthoni with a i lol
박스가면 Před dnem
Are you die?
Phantom Skull101
Phantom Skull101 Před dnem
You died
Sledge Master EEE
next week huh
Watermelon Před dnem
Next two weeks huh
ShotoClan Před dnem
PhatPeePee Před dnem
What happened to you Anthonysimp we miss you cum back
Sleepy _
Sleepy _ Před 2 dny
Everyone gangsta till Anthony post the next video 4 months later: So that was a fricking lie.
epifanio miera
epifanio miera Před 2 dny
2 weeks interesting 4 months later. Interesting
Dead by Tactics
Dead by Tactics Před 2 dny
Do you have an concept of time? cuz its been 4 months...
Matteo Před 2 dny
"As i promised, i'll post again"
Wexerly Před 2 dny
Damn dude it’s like ya channel is going to die if you keep this up. Like at this point just stop uploading all together.
Eli F
Eli F Před 3 dny
2021 and still no new upload 😔
DerArty Před 3 dny
What if he is dead?
Ilovegames K
Ilovegames K Před 3 dny
Where are you man it’s 2021 it’s been 4 months
Reiter Před 3 dny
I realized why anthony not uploading...The grills took him away from us, from the BOYZ
Lobo The Lobster
Lobo The Lobster Před 3 dny
Imo he’s just lazy and uses us as a paycheck when he needs money
Pavan Adit
Pavan Adit Před 3 dny
no video again antony pit1 died due to covid-19 lol XD
stone bench
stone bench Před 3 dny
4 months later ..................
GETH5 Před 4 dny
Anthonyshit1 is your channel dead
TAB.X Před 4 dny
Sigh 60k likes I'll post in 2 weeks 120k likes last posted 4 months ago
Cameron Stevens
Cameron Stevens Před 4 dny
4 months later
Alex Cho
Alex Cho Před 4 dny
Ligmaballs ._.
Ligmaballs ._. Před 4 dny
124k likes? And haven’t posted i think your dead fly high
Bonktonial Před 4 dny
Mr. Pickle Guy
Mr. Pickle Guy Před 4 dny
Ok in the time period that anthony has not uploaded I stopped playing but ill still want you to upload pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
vegastar 21
vegastar 21 Před 5 dny
''subscribe for daily content''
YES Před 5 dny
mike oxmall
mike oxmall Před 5 dny
You should upload again, or something.
carpet pw
carpet pw Před 5 dny
lol antony is dead, rip tony xddddddddd
Connor Tuohy
Connor Tuohy Před 5 dny
"subscribe for daily content" scamthonyPit1
Marco Urizzi
Marco Urizzi Před 5 dny
yayyyyyyy mr pit died another time...
Game Mash
Game Mash Před 6 dny
nice 2 weeks Mr Pit
Alex KG
Alex KG Před 6 dny
4:56 im dead
MR.DEADPAN Před 6 dny
It doesn't feel the same Anthony :( i am sorry but this felt like a filler video.
Santi Rodríguez
Santi Rodríguez Před 6 dny
"ill post in 2 weeks" well is 2021
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor Před 7 dny
3 months mr pit ples upload
Zuko Před 7 dny
at this point we can’t forgive anthony man said 2 weeks turning into 2 months next will be 2 years
KvngJaiden Před 7 dny
Anthony died again F's in the chat :(
Blanket Thief
Blanket Thief Před 7 dny
He really played Demon slayer Ed 19🤣 3:21
Quantined Helsz .
Quantined Helsz . Před 7 dny
Rip Anthony again
backie Před 7 dny
we miss u
Hans Von Tausend Meilen
that ending is sad i hope anthonysimp1 is ok
Dillpickle Před 7 dny
You haven't posted a video in Months
davi9640 davi9640
davi9640 davi9640 Před 7 dny
within the next two week.....4 months later
spoonkid87 Před 7 dny
"I'll post again within 2 weeks" so that was a fuxking lie
mj {TEXP}
mj {TEXP} Před 7 dny
next 2 weeks ok
Korhan R6
Korhan R6 Před 7 dny
We hit 124k Likes but the Video is 3 months old and no new Video 😂
Silver Dollar Agaming
This is quite the long 2 weeks
Finger Eater
Finger Eater Před 7 dny
"Next two weeks" We miss you PapaPit
Gamerbro XX
Gamerbro XX Před 8 dny
Indian guy on CSshows: you can stop worrying about your tests now.
Gamerbro XX
Gamerbro XX Před 8 dny
She’s gonna step on a crack and she’ll break her boyfriends back
Binging with Obama
Binging with Obama Před 8 dny
i see that his bank account isnt empty yet well i will wait
Tokyo Dragon
Tokyo Dragon Před 8 dny
still hasn't uploaded r.i.p Ap1
Qi Smith
Qi Smith Před 8 dny
oh man two weeks feels rlly rlly long
Itsbenzo Před 8 dny
Pit is more dead than among us
Pavan Adit
Pavan Adit Před 9 dny
still no uploads???? AP1 got covid?? its time wake up and make some funny contents we are waiting pitttt wake up god
Chopp Před 9 dny
he uploads so much
マット Před 9 dny
the day he uploaded this video, his girlfriend broke up with him, that's why he stopped uploading again.
Sacco Před 9 dny
Your misses sounds like a miserable bat.....
Noxx Před 9 dny
He is dead again 🙁
Daniel Ployer
Daniel Ployer Před 9 dny
Heroes Never Die
pierre loemau
pierre loemau Před 9 dny
Well i guess hes no hero
SHwan Před 9 dny
It’s literally 2021 and you still haven’t posted yet can’t trust anyone anymore :(
Snapturtle 123
Snapturtle 123 Před 10 dny
First two weeks he said.
Duncan 05
Duncan 05 Před 10 dny
where's the daily content that channel banner promised me
TosicPigeon Před 10 dny
Who's here 2021..
TouchMeSM Před 10 dny
lol atony is dead, rip tony xddddddddd
Connor Espinoza
Connor Espinoza Před 10 dny
Grant Rinehart
Grant Rinehart Před 10 dny
2021 has entered chat
Robert The Ruler
Robert The Ruler Před 9 dny
man I just , I want more anthony
mXso Před 11 dny
Anthony: If this gets 60k likes in 2 weeks I'll post again. *gets 110k in 3 weeks* *almost 4 months later* Us: So that was a fuckin lie
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell Před 11 dny
Yo marry x-mas and nehw yrs peples antonyput1 is ded and wont upload idot caint evehn 5 k
Fresh siege Memes
Fresh siege Memes Před 11 dny
Ap1 dead
SpongyMeerkat43 -.
SpongyMeerkat43 -. Před 11 dny
Anthony is legit fearless but for siege he uploads and is gone
DerArty Před 11 dny
William Allen
William Allen Před 11 dny
Anthony simper 2
Angry Slav
Angry Slav Před 12 dny
We never heard from him since
miguterman Před 12 dny
"60K likes and I'll post again within 2 weeks" Me: I'm gonna believe him *123K likes and 3 months later* Me:🤡
1 tap.
1 tap. Před 8 dny
Anthony: 😔🤙
Poof Před 12 dny
Hey ant, been subbed to you since 40k and just first off wanted to say thanks for all the content you’ve been making for us. Just a suggestion this but you should make other content from games you like to play aswell. Can bet rainbow isn’t the only game you like, and think that fans would like other content aswell. You playing games like rust for example would be amazing. The community there is just so salty and toxic it delivers great experiences and content. You should also bleep the cussing if you’d actually do this whis is probarly unlike, if this actually happend this would be fucking awesome btw if you actually read this. oh yeah about the bleeping, you will be getting demonetized every rust video. Which you probably already knew but had to say it to be sure it wouldn’t happen if you’d do this. Love your videos man love from the netherlands ✌️
1 tap.
1 tap. Před 8 dny
I agree. I’m subbed from 30k too and want see content from other games.
Poof Před 12 dny
Also a great idea is to make a video about the buffed tachanka
Poof Před 12 dny
Ignore the people demanding for you to upload, do what you like.
XAntonio 01
XAntonio 01 Před 12 dny
When new video?
MrPixelWolf Před 12 dny
I dont care what you think 7:20 is cool
Floatingamer Před 12 dny
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy Před 12 dny
Come on Anthony it’s 2021
Uhvg Před 12 dny
I was promised a video do more stuff with your girlfriend you two make a good couple unless she ever breaks your heart then she’s canceled
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Před 13 dny
Came here looking for good news after the Capitol Hill b-site rush. Sadly New Year, same Pit.
zekewapo Před 13 dny
Don’t worry he is storming the capital
Lenz Před 13 dny
Ceo of Gay Shit
Ceo of Gay Shit Před 13 dny
Funny how he only post when he gets a sponsor, shows how much he cares about his fans
Rogue Kermit
Rogue Kermit Před 13 dny
3 mounts bruh
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