HermitCraft 7: 67 | PRINTS FOR PACIFIC 

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HermitCraft 7: 67 | PRINTS FOR PACIFIC iskall and MumboJumbo once again meet up for some more work on the EMPIRE. This time, iskall comes very prepared with blueprints of the entire idea! IskallMAN also makes a comeback as he does a VERY good deed!
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864

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24. 11. 2020





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iskall85 Před měsícem
HALLO! Make sure you dont miss out the BONUS part of this episode, in the end card :)
Ved !
Ved ! Před měsícem
Great content
Bueno Před měsícem
Yo sup iskall, what's happenin?
yoyo the player
yoyo the player Před měsícem
Umm I do have I question to every hermit.... ummm why doesn't Mojang let you add more time in your vids(not just you everyone)
The kidney Monster
The kidney Monster Před měsícem
James Staab
James Staab Před měsícem
Iskall! I have a suggestion. You should ask Rendog or Grian to sponsor the construction of the tower. Rendog or Grian because their shops make lots of diamonds
Luc T
Luc T Před 2 hodinami
Iskall: "we'll ask mumbo to make a piston door, a 7x7 piston door" me: KOLVDÖRR!!!!!
Elise Taggart
Elise Taggart Před 3 dny
Someone should make a rival empire named Atlantic.
MaKenzie Brooks-Winkler
Gme stock
Garrett Hughes
Garrett Hughes Před 8 dny
Little Otter
Little Otter Před 9 dny
When only Iskall is laughing, it’s omega. When only Mumbo is laughing, it’s wholesome. When Iskall and Mumbo collab and laugh together, it’s omega-wholesome
Lukas Nogueira
Lukas Nogueira Před 12 dny
Iskall Laughing compilation 3:08, 4:37, 9:15, 11:41, 15:51
Speedofefficiency Před 21 dnem
"Great success!".. have you been watching Manny Khoshbin iskallman?
Kayden Sanchez
Kayden Sanchez Před 23 dny
I feel like grian should be a part of this
Toit Nups
Toit Nups Před 26 dny
season 6: a cod, a mustache man and an omega sveedish man of doom start a techincal minecraft company named after the largest dessert in the world season 7: the mustachio extravaganzo and the meatball break away from this grain character to create a similar company named after the biggest polar opposite to a desert
Keep Happy
Keep Happy Před 27 dny
I really would have loved to see a giant penguin as the building to go with the meeting room, it would've been eye catching and bring in alot of people
Voleta 55
Voleta 55 Před 28 dny
Oh Iskall, Zombiecleo is after your head for a build in the Christmas district.
Carter Hall
Carter Hall Před 29 dny
i like how iskall still hasn’t collected enough leaves for his omega tree, but decides to start spending his time collecting 10,000 pieces of a different material.
YTcDoDo Před 29 dny
India Swearengin
India Swearengin Před 29 dny
literally iskall would be the best actor with all of his personalities 😂
bruh ?
bruh ? Před měsícem
are the __ of doom t shirts still available
bruh ?
bruh ? Před měsícem
i really want one lol
The Geat King
The Geat King Před měsícem
I think it should have been called oasis
Quilisma Před měsícem
Could grain join the pacific
Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis Před měsícem
Make a pier
elayna gerner
elayna gerner Před měsícem
Last season: Sahara This season: Pacific Next season: ?
Jules Před měsícem
I can't with that aheago Mumbo face
Marina Hill
Marina Hill Před měsícem
So, Mumbo lives with his girlfriend, right? And she works for him. I just cry laughing at the idea of what she could possibly say to him when she sees their shenanigans.
Soulless Gang Mauriana
Soulless Gang Mauriana Před měsícem
When its all built, it would be so cool to have your meeting room inside and its still an ocean room with the ducks
Alex i
Alex i Před měsícem
pacific is not specific
A Cheesepuff
A Cheesepuff Před měsícem
Random fact of the day: Every c in pacific ocean is pronounced differently
G Wright
G Wright Před měsícem
Pacific poger incorporated
Hades OGG
Hades OGG Před měsícem
Season 6: Massive Desert Season 7: Massive Ocean The only thing that could have been more opposite would be a small ocean lol.
Benjo Clerigo
Benjo Clerigo Před měsícem
ShiestGuy Před měsícem
CoulroTheClown Před měsícem
To be specific, Pacific is terrific.
Hayden Pieterse
Hayden Pieterse Před měsícem
guys is Iskall a secret mycelium supporter his throne has mycelium on it
Lizzie - Beth
Lizzie - Beth Před měsícem
Grian, Scar, Bdubs, Ren, Impulse: Serious Barge Quest *meanwhile* Mumbo and Iskall: hahaha ducks go squeak
Foo Lessig
Foo Lessig Před měsícem
Iskall I know you’re really excited about your new empire but are you ever going to finish your tree
Rafay Idrees
Rafay Idrees Před měsícem
Why is grian not included
Branch & Vine
Branch & Vine Před měsícem
Mumbo and Sons :)))))
Mila Tredoux
Mila Tredoux Před měsícem
I love how Grian invented Architects - and now they make Sahara 2.0 without him🤣
bobObob Před měsícem
I can’t stand the hermit craft people it’s super cool to see the builds but my god Mumbo makes me want to throw my phone. Grian is the only one I can watch because he’s not literally just acting like a child, he’s just a chill dude.
Fishy Friend
Fishy Friend Před měsícem
“10,000 logs” *OHHHHHH BERNIE*
Dominic Po White
Dominic Po White Před měsícem
The squeaky rubber noises made me so inexplicably mad
Squid Hgf
Squid Hgf Před měsícem
is it just me or do the bottom 4x4 pixels on mumbo's feet look like notch?
UmamiNoodles Před měsícem
Keralis Hallo
RC Galaxy
RC Galaxy Před měsícem
START GAME YT Před měsícem
This is how many times he said Pacific 👇
The_animal_ Ark
The_animal_ Ark Před měsícem
Why did you not call plushie man. Plushie skall ? Missed moment
Acid Quotient
Acid Quotient Před měsícem
Iskall: Pacific Me: Pathetic
Sandon’s YouTubesChannal
Sandon’s YouTubesChannal
Ok hallo hallo hallo
Basil Lewis
Basil Lewis Před měsícem
"is basil the thing you have in tomato sauce?" Poggers guys, I'm a supplement
Sanne Bov
Sanne Bov Před měsícem
Season 6: Sahara Season 7:Pacific Season 8 Moon Season 9 milkway
Aelyn A.T.L.
Aelyn A.T.L. Před měsícem
I feel like by the end of this season, there are going to be three shopping district empires. Grian's Barge, Pacific and Aqua Town. Don't tell me that wouldn't be fun for the server lore.
dailygame Před měsícem
How do u change the paintings?
blake miller
blake miller Před měsícem
y'all should make it go all the way to the world build limit.
Metric Mimic
Metric Mimic Před měsícem
14:29 How is Mumbo & Son bad? Its the best reference lmao
CurD Před měsícem
Did you get your diamonds out of your "vault" in your starter base? I dont remember seeing you grab them when you moved into your tree.
Leena A.
Leena A. Před měsícem
Idan Talker
Idan Talker Před měsícem
Nathan Sargent
Nathan Sargent Před měsícem
lol whenever he says Pacific all I can think of is Union Pacific.
JoMath 1729
JoMath 1729 Před měsícem
you dont need to be specific of your choice. Just be Pacific Slogan Idea
Patrick Larson
Patrick Larson Před měsícem
lol wow i haven't laughed that much in a while. turned a sh**storm of a Monday into a good day
JoMath 1729
JoMath 1729 Před měsícem
Overkill Megadesk
João Dias
João Dias Před měsícem
Does anybody know who won stress' haunted house
I_Play_Games Před měsícem
basil's is the name of my dog to!! :)
Calvin Jo
Calvin Jo Před měsícem
Hawaiian shirts for uniforms and rubber inflatables for a meeting room, a gift involving a pogger head. What’s next?
Mellow Před měsícem
The name pacific just makes me think of the district in cyberpunk called Pacifica.
tanner guthrie
tanner guthrie Před měsícem
why does every big store get named after a biome
Lajbox Před měsícem
Your step son goes to my school :)
Tarannum Morshed
Tarannum Morshed Před měsícem
Wait what
Youthful Green Beast
Youthful Green Beast Před měsícem
Invite Grian to Pacific
Fraser Balasingam
Fraser Balasingam Před měsícem
Pacific, quite specific
Kaleb Parker
Kaleb Parker Před měsícem
KINTO UN Před měsícem
2 more...
Tagoldfine Před měsícem
Sahara, and now pacific, I’m starting to see an emerging theme here
Shinda Gaming
Shinda Gaming Před měsícem
The pacific corners look like cyan beacon beams
Saul Hanson
Saul Hanson Před měsícem
the pacific building should be like a massive computer tower with glass walls so you can see all the redstone on the inside!
Trudolph Rudolph
Trudolph Rudolph Před měsícem
You should shop SPECIFICALLY at PACIFIC :3
Mateo,Renato y Rebeca
Mateo,Renato y Rebeca Před měsícem
Please do a tutorial of how to build the Ω tree
IPADboii Před měsícem
Sahara 2.0
Dash Provan
Dash Provan Před měsícem
The block palette is s-pacific
Botblitz 101
Botblitz 101 Před měsícem
what glass are you going to choose for the windows
Alan Rogula
Alan Rogula Před měsícem
Tim Ie
Tim Ie Před měsícem
Please ask Loony to join Hermitcraft! Check his vids he’s a big Minecraft boss!
HTTYD_68 Před měsícem
Yesterday I was walking home from school and there was a van across the street that said “pacific”. Coincidence I think not
Steel- XL
Steel- XL Před měsícem
Aren't you supposed to put someone else's face on your tree?
Rilandas Před měsícem
The PlushyMAN is amazing!
James Kraatz
James Kraatz Před měsícem
Mumbo Jumbo: the clever mustache man
TheCrazyRcxd Před měsícem
"Service at pacific, is OMEGA terrific!" -PacificTM
zane ansell
zane ansell Před měsícem
"we are so in the vibe." *Throws fish*
Cody Dennis
Cody Dennis Před měsícem
Iskall's laugh is so contagious 😅
AEGIS Před měsícem
If there only were mugs
Adwaith Suresh
Adwaith Suresh Před měsícem
An idea more like odea
Icefox Studios
Icefox Studios Před měsícem
Buiful art iskall. You can sell it for more then the mono Lisa
Nicolas Carroll
Nicolas Carroll Před měsícem
Could throws in some yellow into the block pallet, add a little splash of color
David Arndt
David Arndt Před měsícem
Duck, Flamingo, and Peskyyyyy Birddddd
Joeuhquin Perez
Joeuhquin Perez Před měsícem
I’m probabaly gonna get a iskall plushie POGGERS!
Lars Adriaens
Lars Adriaens Před měsícem
Iskall, your merch is so great!! Its really good! Id love to buy PlushieMAN but i cant, im just too broke lol
Josh Guo
Josh Guo Před měsícem
Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” For our sins we deserve hell. But since Jesus came to this earth as a free gift out of God’s amazing love to pay for our sins and take the punishment we deserved we can be saved. We accept this gift with our genuine faith and not by works (Ephesians 2:8-9)
Sara Martinez
Sara Martinez Před měsícem
Why does Mumbo look like American Dad with that face XD
Simba Cho
Simba Cho Před měsícem
Instead of PlushieMAN what about PlushkallMAN ?
cool guy
cool guy Před měsícem
Sasha Kacal
Sasha Kacal Před měsícem
Why don't you ask grian to join you in mumbo
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Před měsícem
Before too long there will be another "conflict" on the server. The Barge vs Pacific vs Ocean Town