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THE SINGLE HAS LANDED! The first track off our new album "Helloween" is now available for streaming and in various CD and vinyl formats! Go check it out! We’re so excited to hear your reactions! Written by Kai Hansen, "Skyfall" is a storming more than 7 minute ride into the Helloween universe (and beyond!) The epic track describes an alien landing on earth and a dramatic chase while Michael Kiske, Andi Deris and Kai Hansen duel each other in a breathtaking manner and create a vocal broadband adventure. Produced by Martin Häusler, it is the most elaborate video clip in the history of the band.

The new album "Helloween“ will be released June 18th, 2021.
Order the single Skyfall here: nblast.de/Helloween-Skyfall
Pre-order the album 'Helloween' here: nblast.de/HELLOWEEN-Helloween
Listen to 'Skyfall here: helloween.bfan.link/skyfall

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2. 04. 2021





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Gary Fel
Gary Fel Před 51 minutou
Master Tama
Master Tama Před hodinou
I am not a super fan of Halloween, but I really like their philosophy: to combine all their different souls to create good music, many in their place would just fight and insult each other.
Leoni Herrera
Leoni Herrera Před hodinou
GREAT and power Song!!!!!! For the space and the eternity helloween...
Andre Yamamoto
Andre Yamamoto Před 2 hodinami
Kai Hansen trazendo a essencia do Gamma Ray, e o Kiste trazendo a voz classica, isso q faltava!!!!
Mario Gaida
Mario Gaida Před 3 hodinami
Finally a new Unisonic song 😋
roque a gallegos g
roque a gallegos g Před 4 hodinami
April Halloween Rock Star...
Cesar Antonio Blondet Del Aguila
Sounds like Gamma Ray.
Coruja Biruta
Coruja Biruta Před 8 hodinami
MAN I lived enough to see Iron Andi!!
김현철 Před 10 hodinami
Mateus Barbano
Mateus Barbano Před 11 hodinami
Kai Hansen e Michael Weikath só podia dar nisso !! Sensacional !
Clayton de Freitas Lima
Clayton de Freitas Lima Před 11 hodinami
Came for Adele stayed for the metal
Christofer Olsson Kedborn
Christofer Olsson Kedborn Před 11 hodinami
Really good! All I could wish for, Kiske is back, Kai is back, Kai has his pink ESP guitar, and space theme! :)
Zach Martin
Zach Martin Před 11 hodinami
This is absolutely incredible! I've probably listened to it a hundred times since it came out! LONG LIVE HELLOWEEN! PUMPKINS UNITED!
age18ぬらこう Před 12 hodinami
こんなん反則やん(っ・д・)=⊃)゚3゚)'∴:. ヴォーカル3人揃うなんて考えたことも無かった。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 一生語り継がれる名曲( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑
Johnny Staccato
Johnny Staccato Před 12 hodinami
Manfred Sordal
Manfred Sordal Před 14 hodinami
Great stuff! I would wish more Gamma Ray Power. Hail to Kai and stuff ! Hail Hail Hail praise the Metal Gods forever an ever !!!!
Monika Schweikardt
Monika Schweikardt Před 15 hodinami
very good!!!!!!!!!!!
Monika Schweikardt
Monika Schweikardt Před 15 hodinami
wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
やしろかずりん Před 17 hodinami
great! helloween🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
bruno shutter
bruno shutter Před 20 hodinami
1 million !!!
Geovanny Acaro
Geovanny Acaro Před 20 hodinami
Maldito CoVid; que gran LineUp con la que están ahora, posiblemente llegaban a Ecuador
G K Před 22 hodinami
so geil....
alexei Před 23 hodinami
I enjoy this track
Maik Tremel
Maik Tremel Před dnem
Raul Oscar Esquivel
Me ha gustado, buenos como siempre larga vida a hell🎃ween...
Вадим Никодим
Раньше говорили,в Хеллоуине было три эпохи,Хансен,Киске,Дерис.Теперь три эпохи сошлись и это круто.Мне нравится,желаю дальнейших успехов.
Soner Beyoğlu
Soner Beyoğlu Před dnem
I love it! can't wait to hear it live at 23rd of April
Spellmaker Niar Official
Michael Weikath, Markus Grosskopf, Sascha Gerstner, Daniel "Dani" Löble, Andreas "Andi" Deris, Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske are actually '' 7 KEYS '' / angels! :D
Tronderose Před dnem
00:06 This G will have the same following for pumpkinheads as it has for MCR fans! xD
evgen hlopez
evgen hlopez Před dnem
аенто ахуееееенто!
Vincenzo Laguardia
Fantastic GREAT SINGERS Thanks HALLOWEEN 👏👏🎤🎤👍
Antonio McFly Morelli
03:34 and 03:46 Megadeth references? wow \m/
Ricardo Passarelli
O melhor dos Brasileiros é a postagem em português, comentários em inglês e espanhol kkk .... Just us to do that shit kkkk... Arriba los hermanos de Helloween!!! 3 fckn awesome singers!!! Vídeo de alto nível tbm!! Up the Irons \m/ Up the pumpking's head!
Dóris Před dnem
Rizzy Rockett
Rizzy Rockett Před dnem
1M views in just two weeks! :)
Grey Webs
Grey Webs Před dnem
Helloween have reached 1 Million views 🎃 Congratulations 🎃🎸🎤🥁
Nikos Outsikas
Nikos Outsikas Před dnem
sorry but no.......
Dóris Před dnem
sorry but yes
Oscar Sandoval
Oscar Sandoval Před dnem
Wow!!! Esto si es heavy metal ... Qué pedazo de voces, músicos, vídeo... 🤯😯👽🎃
Acoustic Jams
Acoustic Jams Před dnem
Pure badass! \m/
DoliSkipper Před dnem
Imagine when the whole covid s**t is over, and they'll be able to walk out on stage and perform this live in front of an enthusiastic crowd; we can only dream!
Elder Dragon
Elder Dragon Před dnem
Just divine! Best idea in years! And this song, in my opinion, is one of the best of Helloween!
Fernando Roberto
Fernando Roberto Před dnem
Caralho que final épico 🖤
Bryan cap
Bryan cap Před dnem
Xavfire Před dnem
whatever that guitar is on the left, I WANT ONE!
Pedro Luan Magalhaes
Epic! Iconic! Helloween! 🎃🤘
Michele Ghiraldo
Michele Ghiraldo Před 2 dny
Miguel Ordóñez
Miguel Ordóñez Před 2 dny
Lauren Glenn
Lauren Glenn Před 2 dny
This is what NASA needs. When they fly a human mission to mars, we must have the crew be able to play an epic metal song on the way.
thelonespecter Před 2 dny
Yeah, a million viewers!!! More than deserved, guys...
The Metal Head
The Metal Head Před 2 dny
Nabataea: reached 1M views after 8 years Battle's Won: hasn't reached 1M views yet Skyfall: reaches 1M views… IN 2 WEEKS! - and that's the proof how amazing it is. 🤘🎃🤘
dc setiawan
dc setiawan Před dnem
Nabatea "underated" song 😔
Rômulo Pedrosa
Rômulo Pedrosa Před dnem
i watched this video at least 150 times (no joking)
country heart
country heart Před 2 dny
Awesome song! great to see you all working together! can't beat the lineup. best voices around along with great musicians.
Annia Squires
Annia Squires Před 2 dny
1 million views in 2 weeks!!! That's crazy for a metal band in 2021!!! Unreal!
Konstantinos Davertzikos
Patrick House
Patrick House Před 2 dny
The boys have come back home just wish Ingo was still with us then it would truly be something to explode our metal heads....the pumpkins have finally united
Walter Thompson
Walter Thompson Před 2 dny
Awful vídeo, good song
DAVID Franzoni
DAVID Franzoni Před 2 dny
Halloween is another reality of music
Ana R.
Ana R. Před 2 dny
Céus, que emoção! Me senti com 16 anos de novo!
sftgVEVO Před 2 dny
Será que Está Banda Será La Banda del Año Superando a AC/DC y Ozzy Osbourne
Au osa
Au osa Před 2 dny
MrAwesome84 Před 2 dny
In Germany we say: Zu viele Köche verderben den Brei
jack black
jack black Před dnem
Der beste Brei seit langem, gerne auch als 7 Gängemenue 😉
MrHornet05 Před 2 dny
4:42 G Ray
Angelo Fantino
Angelo Fantino Před 2 dny
The only thing that the band needs now is a traffic officer to help them to keep the order on the stage while playing!
aggelos m
aggelos m Před 2 dny
Kai hunsen is back and this is the result.
alida flus
alida flus Před 2 dny
The best Helloween ever, the 3 eras reunited,that walls of jericho vibe with kai ,the kepper vibe with kiske and that master of the rings vibe with ma boy Andi!!!
Seweryn Dybowski
Seweryn Dybowski Před 2 dny
Nice Ufo Diesel he he
Михаил Базунов
Hansen forever.
Elias Metz
Elias Metz Před 2 dny
Amazing video 🤘🏼🎃
Dank Abbott
Dank Abbott Před 2 dny
holy fuck balls batman, this is epic af! i cant stop rewatching this vid
cika Před 2 dny
Tá aí lembrança Boa que teremos dessa pandemia
Hartmut Greiner
Hartmut Greiner Před 2 dny
Das beste an Euch ist die Vergangenheit und die Zukunft mit so großartigen Sängern!
Hartmut Greiner
Hartmut Greiner Před 2 dny
Hammer Lied! Danke
meatplow24 Před 2 dny
Epic!! ImI
Christian Santorun
Christian Santorun Před 2 dny
Lo mejor de mejor
meta fora
meta fora Před 2 dny
This ia helloween
Andrea Pipo1988
Andrea Pipo1988 Před 2 dny
Carlos Teixeira
Carlos Teixeira Před 2 dny
A great metal opera!
Ian Schultz
Ian Schultz Před 2 dny
Almost at 1 million views!
Widi Sixx
Widi Sixx Před 2 dny
Helloween Always Give The Best For Us...
welcome back heloween of 80s we waiting you so many years
DEJ MU! Před 2 dny
Why aliens are always naked? They have such a fancy ships but refuse to wear clothes...
Gunawan Yuniardi
Gunawan Yuniardi Před 2 dny
I like this new formation from Helloween
RobTCGZ Před 2 dny
Please take your time to comprehend how incredibly awesome this is. Seriously, I cannot believe this is actually a thing. Helloween, with Michael Kiske, Andy Deris, and Kai Hansen in 2021. Recording an album. Filming music videos. Again... THIS IS ACTUALLY A THING On top of everything, it sounds fucking awesome!!!
Anthony Rynjah
Anthony Rynjah Před 2 dny
Recollection of the past for a wonderful future. Unique as it is. Happy that Metal Band is still alive and Kicking.
Metal Cris
Metal Cris Před 2 dny
GOD!! This is perfect in every sense of the word, I mean the lyrics, the solos, the intervention of each singer and the amazing !! video could not expect less from these LEGENDS! HEIL!!!! to the Pumpkins 🎃🎃🎃🎃 Hell🎃ween 🎃🎃👽🎃 FOREVER!!!!
Daniel Santana
Daniel Santana Před 2 dny
Vocês são incríveis Isso é mais do que um sonho
Супер Пупер
Хэловин в три ебала, по мотивам какихто детских комиксов...
D AFG Před 2 dny
Que perron! Va a estar chingon el álbum, espero que sigan haciendo más música, aunque sea sencillos.
Alfredo Fettuccine
Alfredo Fettuccine Před 2 dny
Comeback to Costa Rica! 🇨🇷
Thalita Costa
Thalita Costa Před 2 dny
Chorei? Chorei! 🤧🤧🤧❤️❤️❤️❤️
R C Před 2 dny
Im too much fan of this band! The best ever! Love Helloween!!👏🤘
Imkong Akum
Imkong Akum Před 2 dny
Love from Dimapur, Nagaland
ĐoĐo Před 2 dny
Now I can die. I finally can say that i am not born in the wrong era.
alida flus
alida flus Před dnem
Michael Kiske, Andi Deris e Kai Hansen, sonho/verdade! O clipe é um presente para os admiradores não só do heavy metal, mas também da música/mundo. P.E.R.F.E.I.T.O
Paulo Bessa
Paulo Bessa Před 2 dny
Best band of all time 🎃
Adhi A
Adhi A Před 2 dny
This alien remembering me to Mission Motherland
Semen Pija
Semen Pija Před 2 dny
I hear some "ytse jam" influences in the guitar riff at the beginning.
Whoa 90's special effects... Love it :va
impatient waiting for the gig in vienna next year...great song...love you guys
levy1e Před 3 dny
Me emociona, me salen lágrimas al escuchar a mi banda favorita hace 15 años que los escucho, gracias por permitirme escuchar a estos maestros 🎃🤘 los llevado tatuados en mi piel, fue un sueño haber salido de mi país para ir a verlos el 2017 y 2018
Diogo Odelli
Diogo Odelli Před 3 dny
Fazia tempo que um lançamento novo de heavy metal não me animava tanto.
leoncris80 Před 3 dny
muy bueno
Rybičky 48 - Svatební hymna
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