Hellas Verona 1-1 Juventus | Hellas Verona Fight Back After Ronaldo Goal | Serie A TIM 

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Juventus leave Verona with only one point after Barák's equaliser | Serie A TIM
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27. 02. 2021





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Edi P.O. 6 Edi Eri Před měsícem
Edi P.O. 6 Edi Eri
Edi P.O. 6 Edi Eri Před měsícem
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Amsung a10
Amsung a10 Před měsícem
Ronaldo its a nice player And Naymar is a nice player 👌 👏
laila mn
laila mn Před měsícem
Varun Rawat
Varun Rawat Před měsícem
Imagine if Juve have midfielders like de bruyne,Luis Alberto, Fernandez then how many goals ronaldo would have scored!! 😱😱😱😱
mas mantan
mas mantan Před měsícem
change pirlo with zidane
Rock girl
Rock girl Před měsícem
Whenever I see rabiot in the starting lineup..I don't bother watching Juventus!!.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Před měsícem
1:16 Cr7 got them boys slipping 🏄‍♂️🥶💀
Youn Daviken
Youn Daviken Před měsícem
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Před měsícem
Juventus are out of the title race, for the time being
Xachadur Cholaxyan
Xachadur Cholaxyan Před měsícem
+рр+ррррр+ргррзрргро(9 шшш щ
HENRY ff Před měsícem
Cheesa e Ronaldo grande dupla
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Před měsícem
A number 7 player scores a header
Epic Patrol
Epic Patrol Před měsícem
Two 7 scored
Rock girl
Rock girl Před měsícem
Like ??????
ياسر عثمانيΨ
ياسر عثمانيΨ Před měsícem
Luckily ramsey didn't score we all know the curse
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Před měsícem
I miss the old Juve so much, the grinta, the integrity.
o o
o o Před měsícem
3:36 머리크기 차이 실화가 이게말이되는 사이즈인가
ابراهيم الوصابي
Duong Thai
Duong Thai Před měsícem
Chiesa is getting better and better
Nrd 10
Nrd 10 Před měsícem
Ronaldo should leave juve while he still can
Isaac Rongmei
Isaac Rongmei Před měsícem
rabiot n bentacur has been terrible
daniele Před měsícem
Per il bene della Juve Cr7 a fine stagione deve andare via, purtroppo Paratici e colleghi hanno fallito e non sono riusciti a costruire intorno a lui una squadra forte che potesse competere per la Champions, in 3 anni é stato un fallimento totale ed é inutile tenere uno dei migliori calciatori della storia solo per vincere lo scudetto, l'avevano preso per la Champions e hanno fallito, quindi nulla ripartire da un nuovo ciclo a fine stagione e via le mezze seghe strapagate come Rabiot-Ramsey-Bernardeschi ecc...bisogna prendere una 1 punta forte, il Top sarebbe Haaland e con Dybala formerebbero una coppia pazzesca, Dybala non si discute quest'anno ha avuto troppa sfortuna e poi abbiamo assolutamente bisogno di un allenatore che valorizzi i giovani perché abbiamo dei giovani molto interessanti come Fagioli-Dragusin-Da Graca-Correia-Aké-Ranocchia ecc...Nagelsmann mi piacerebbe molto e al posto di Paratici dentro Rangnick per un nuovo progetto vincente e ripeto che punti fortemente sui giovani facendoli crescere al fianco di campioni che abbiamo in squadra, detto cio' ringraziamo Cr7 per quello che ha fatto é stato un'ispirazione per molti giovani che sono nella Juventus!!
Over Billion Views
Over Billion Views Před měsícem
*766 goals 8)*
FULL FUN Před měsícem
Rinaldo is the best of all
Pacy The Boss
Pacy The Boss Před měsícem
Funny thing all of you are blaming CR7 for Juve underperforming when he is doing his job correct which is .... SCORING. Idiots!!!
MuzBar GAMING Před měsícem
Formation: 3-0-2
HongPhuc LeNgo
HongPhuc LeNgo Před měsícem
Ronaldo should retire already
Sunil Karki
Sunil Karki Před měsícem
juve depend on ronaldo makes juve lower performance in any games . juve mjst sale ronaldo
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Před měsícem
A number 7 player scores a header
Henri Virtanen
Henri Virtanen Před měsícem
I miss the old Juve so much, the grinta, the integrity.
Gesa Nalapunda
Gesa Nalapunda Před měsícem
Владимир Литвиненко
Abu Ibrahim
Abu Ibrahim Před měsícem
Huh. Difficult to get Scudetto
Lewis Chola
Lewis Chola Před měsícem
nema znachenie
nema znachenie Před měsícem
Ronaldo needs to leave Juve. If he stays he’s be wasting his time winning nothing
Caso à Parte
Caso à Parte Před měsícem
Força Juventus. Bela arte do craque Cr7
Legend 7
Legend 7 Před měsícem
3:37 asking for Ronaldo's jersery
후링고 Před měsícem
Pirlo... (ꐦ ◣‸◢)
김클생 Před měsícem
Samuel Andres Medina Rivero
Ronaldo Fenom enal💋
sulaeman jebot
sulaeman jebot Před měsícem
Inter 😎
Ondyzz Před měsícem
@antoninbarak follow on ig!
JC Olive
JC Olive Před měsícem
No more Pirlo (and his boring jacket) for Juventus. In 4 years more, not now!
DAVID Charlestin
DAVID Charlestin Před měsícem
I'm happy that juventus got alister 1 piont
jide Před měsícem
Lorazo needed that CR7 shirt! 4;00
Maximo Tort
Maximo Tort Před měsícem
Ciesa vende humo pasa el balón ⚽
Z B Před měsícem
where is Bonucci with his big mouth on the bench?
RD Před měsícem
“A player who even defies gravity when he rises into the air”😭😭
Vuk Cevu
Vuk Cevu Před měsícem
Without Dybala they cant win any big trophy.
sai dhoni
sai dhoni Před měsícem
Ronaldo got me here
Miguel jasso
Miguel jasso Před měsícem
All ronaldo fans are crying about how “the team doesnt help him” but for all the years barca have depended very heavily on messi all they could say was “pessi” “fake retirement” and all the other things. The tables are evening out now so you guys can finally understand
John Mclane
John Mclane Před měsícem
Paratici out!!!
Sosma Ramage
Sosma Ramage Před měsícem
Donde esta Morata?
PhilipChris Před měsícem
We need Dybala back
# Cam_Critic
# Cam_Critic Před měsícem
Actually many players were not available, so not entirely pirlo's fault. But needed more energy in the midfield.
M.K. S.
M.K. S. Před měsícem
I think, that SERIE A_ Should (surely); Lobby the Italian_Government, to: "give the best possABLE Incentive's, (E.G. "Tax -deal's etc."); to: "Bring Messi, to play along-side; "Ronnie"; @ Juve": what this would do; for ALL of Italian FOOTie/Marketing; I am sure; would be worth a hefty price!!-(M.K.S.).
Herry Adza
Herry Adza Před měsícem
Arda Cosar
Arda Cosar Před měsícem
Arda Cosar
Arda Cosar Před měsícem
@Sfigatto_01 Sorry bro ı dont undrestand ı am turkish
Sfigatto_01 Před měsícem
I’m Verona fan and I don’t agree with your statement, Cetin keeps making silly mistakes like against Genoa that costed the victory. He lacks of concentration
Vegem 0・2
Vegem 0・2 Před měsícem
Que firto juega la juve mamita posho
モモタ カイト X Momota Kaito
Cristiano should leave the sinking ship while he still can. He's still more than capable of winning a major trophy but this Juve side isn't winning anything worth mentioning anytime soon and Ronaldo isn't getting any younger. Juve have consistently been disappointing for the past 3 Seasons and have constantly flopped when it matters. It's time to stop.
Muhammad Ishaq
Muhammad Ishaq Před měsícem
What a tap in Ronaldo 😂
Юрий Антонов
Юрий Антонов Před měsícem
Well, how can you advance further with such a game?
Muhammad Ishaq
Muhammad Ishaq Před měsícem
Hahahha Ronaldo went there.. so Juventus can lose the league at last 😂😂
Carl Truscott
Carl Truscott Před měsícem
Ronaldo was involved in both goals
e Xqurat
e Xqurat Před měsícem
Ronaldo without Chiesa = average striker.. change my mind (ChL we will see:))
Karykatura Sportu
Karykatura Sportu Před měsícem
Game Juventus is realy sand . Juve dont have Ronaldo and be to maybe in 5 positions over league . they dont dream for win Champions league
Jorge Vieira
Jorge Vieira Před měsícem
Juve didn’t play with heart Bye bye title
Ilyas Krksz
Ilyas Krksz Před měsícem
スレスタキラン Před měsícem
rojan op
rojan op Před měsícem
Keeper can't stop Ronaldo,s shoot 😅
Pižola Parker
Pižola Parker Před měsícem
Darko Lazović the goat winger
Sfigatto_01 Před měsícem
Sadly is not at the same level as the last year...
Robbong Entertainment
Robbong Entertainment Před měsícem
Berdan K
Berdan K Před měsícem
Ronaldo daha sizin nerenizi kurtaracak, oynayın biraz ya.
Bleacher Report FooTball
Bleacher Report FooTball Před měsícem
Vendimi per favore, grazie
Сергей Марченко
Тот в конце футболками хотел обменяться?
Ahmet Zahid Gülşen
Ahmet Zahid Gülşen Před měsícem
pirlo is very bad coach
Wahyu Thekill
Wahyu Thekill Před měsícem
Since being coached by Pirlo, the playing of Juventus has been less attractive, I think Pirlo is out😔😔
Mehdi psycho
Mehdi psycho Před měsícem
Dybala ??????
Zaragoza Sevensleepers
Zaragoza Sevensleepers Před měsícem
Juventus needs to get Ozil to be the deliver to UCL champions
Cem Eroğlu
Cem Eroğlu Před měsícem
Gördüğüm en kötü teknik direktörsün Pirlo 10 yıllık dominasyonu bitirdib
Firman Lasdo Sitorus
Firman Lasdo Sitorus Před měsícem
Too Much Fans Juventus To F. Chiesa , R. Bentancur , A. Morata , Danilo , Mckennie ...
luli riva
luli riva Před měsícem
Bravo Ivan Juric!
Neil Gibbs
Neil Gibbs Před měsícem
Juventus are carrying too many passengers.Rabiot is woeful , Bernardeschi is a bust , their best player is 35 , Danilo is a 3rd rate version of Cancelo ( Guardiola must be laughing his socks off ) and Bonucci and Chiellini are too old and slow . They have no chance of winning the Champions League and Inter will be deserved Scudetto winners. They lack pace in midfield but other than these issues Pirlo has little else to rectify .
tr1p1ea Před měsícem
With all of the misplaced passes from juve in the first 5 minutes you knew they would struggle. Ronaldo the only player with real hunger to win.
oliver gitto
oliver gitto Před měsícem
why not retire the great Penaldo?
URUKIRA SS Před měsícem
Ronaldo is kinda like DoubleEdge sword, if u can utilize him properly it means nothing . He is player with hunger to score goals, and he has been playing as finisher... its waste if no one provide him that, dunno current juve can provide that much for him.. with this kind of play, they wont get ucl and prolly losing their change to get 10times in a row scudetto
Đại Quang
Đại Quang Před měsícem
Hàng Thủ Juventus còn khá yếu
Heyyy Chssj
Heyyy Chssj Před měsícem
Eveyone talks about how cocky and selfish Ronaldo is but does not admit the efforts he has put in to football. I respect him for what he has accomplished so far and sure he will bring Juventus back to the top any time. He is a great player
Leg piece Aathal
Leg piece Aathal Před měsícem
Minas Solikhin
Minas Solikhin Před měsícem
Juve tidak membahaya kan musim ini..semenjak pjianic pergi lini tengahnya kurang kompak
Ysco Ouedraoga
Ysco Ouedraoga Před měsícem
Super CR7 t'es le meilleur
Tomi Hartedi Noor
Tomi Hartedi Noor Před měsícem
mantap, makin lama makin merosot, scudeto tinggal harapan
مشجع مدريد
مشجع مدريد Před měsícem
Who is better Ronaldo or Leo Messi
Mohammed Esa
Mohammed Esa Před měsícem
Ronaldo and Messi are suffering in their last seasons, it is so sad
Хожиакбар Сатимов
No Buffon no win's
Samuel olatona
Samuel olatona Před měsícem
juventus really needs to be taking these wins if they want to win the title
Wily kath
Wily kath Před měsícem
And Bey
And Bey Před měsícem
sang nguyen
sang nguyen Před měsícem
a7 đen quá
Sara Hadi
Sara Hadi Před měsícem
Ronaldo is doing all the work but his teamates don't even help him little
سيدي موسى أونلاين
Ronaldo's goal 1:35
Prabandi Subiano
Prabandi Subiano Před měsícem
Pirlo Out