He's Finally Free 

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This is the greatest twitch history of All Time


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14. 04. 2021





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leonu ydus
leonu ydus Před 4 dny
i would cry too if if i was making that much money for that month
leonu ydus
leonu ydus Před 4 dny
"no one else deserves more success then ludwig", why is that? he seems pretty basic nothing different from any other streamer?
Juan Silva
Juan Silva Před 6 dny
All that money can pay his electricity bills because holy hell, 31 days without shutting his computer off..?
Aziq Akiq
Aziq Akiq Před 6 dny
The hero we need 😫
Josh Stiles
Josh Stiles Před 7 dny
"If I was a betting man, which I absolutely am, I have a problem with betting" I appreciated that moment of honesty.
Its Freddie
Its Freddie Před 10 dny
31 days? I don't even need to watch it to know foulplay went down, guisness world record for no sleep is 14 days lol....I stayed up for 10 days and my body auto passed out. #FullOfShit
This One
This One Před 11 dny
You can see in Ludwig's eyes that he's REALLY happy to finally be able to severly fuck.
Toasty Pete
Toasty Pete Před 12 dny
so your saying hes a quitter... damn, WEAK!
Pat Nope
Pat Nope Před 13 dny
you should write the first twitch history book
Anthony L
Anthony L Před 13 dny
i did all the math so you don’t have to. he made 267,000 subs minimum probably more but that times five (assuming every sub was tier one) he made 1,339,200 dollars minimum
James Gish
James Gish Před 14 dny
How do ppl know who this person is? Ive never heard of him and dont want to
Osaka Hotline
Osaka Hotline Před 14 dny
James Franco?
MysticWaffle Před 14 dny
Wes_The_Hunter Před 15 dny
The amount of subs lagged the stream, so it got stuck at 25 seconds. And never ended.
cameron barnes
cameron barnes Před 15 dny
I double dog dare you to stream a year
Lucidity Před 15 dny
Let me check if I have enough
Top Hat
Top Hat Před 16 dny
Dame so twitch had its own Unus Annus moment.
Dongle Před 18 dny
The end of the stream gives me an unus annus vibe (the black screen)
Luca Stoica
Luca Stoica Před 18 dny
*We didnt know we were making memories,we were just having fun* Winnie the pooh:
Neshant Thakur
Neshant Thakur Před 18 dny
what a bait to lure 19 year olds of their pocket money.. nice scam
Damn you just ruined the ending to toy story 3 for me wtf
A Z Před 19 dny
He just ripped y’all off💀💀
Tomas Viane
Tomas Viane Před 19 dny
Ludwig? Who the hell is he and what did he do in those 30 days? Finding the solution to Fermat's Last Theorem? Wrote some classical music or some manic jazz? I assume he just looked pretty and cute during those days. That's something too.
Wither_Strike Před 19 dny
What about ranboo? I thought he had 400K sub
Owen Cherry
Owen Cherry Před 19 dny
Imagine the vod
Aqua Lizard
Aqua Lizard Před 20 dny
Go over the stuff happening with EDP, please. I'd like to hear your opinion on the matter.
The Hh
The Hh Před 20 dny
You missed him really tearing up in the final seconds lol
Nafis Sadat
Nafis Sadat Před 20 dny
Reminds me of the Unus Annus end
Just Joshin.
Just Joshin. Před 20 dny
Mans finna shatter the earth with his first nut in over a month.
KendoruSlink Před 21 dnem
Lazy Rat
Lazy Rat Před 21 dnem
At first glance i thought the guy in the thumbnail was Dantdm.
Worldly ‘
Worldly ‘ Před 21 dnem
Be honest this stream is exactly like Unus Annus but with one person on twitch and it’s a twitch stream than a video daily
Win arsih
Win arsih Před 21 dnem
what about tommyinnit 200k raid on ranboo
Order_of_Chaos Před 21 dnem
You people are abusing the technology
Corey Lukic
Corey Lukic Před 21 dnem
Start of the video:😊 Middle of the video:🤨 End of the video:😊
ClingSters Před 21 dnem
Son of bitch is now a millionaire. Proud of him. The donations he did are amazing. Such a hero
Rocks D Xebec
Rocks D Xebec Před 21 dnem
Waiting for that 1 year subathon from Charlie
Harry G
Harry G Před 21 dnem
This is genius though, he made a million by convincing his stream to continuously give subs that would make him “suffer” by having his stream never end. Props to him.
Just Someone We Used to know
The fact that he was jokingly jealous of Ranboo's world record, that he made twitch history
Invalid Před 22 dny
Got him beat by 10 months
ZACH Brummett
ZACH Brummett Před 22 dny
A youtube video of a stream of someone watching a stream ......
megs Před 22 dny
No comments about this man not even brushing his hair before jumping on camera?
sonia sharma
sonia sharma Před 22 dny
love your vids
Kreftos Před 22 dny
Imagine getting ddossed from getting twitch subs
Todd Howard
Todd Howard Před 22 dny
Can’t wait for some simp streamer to kill this record and make the whole platform cry
Dennyspuncakes Před 22 dny
I didn't realize how Ludwig's stream was so important to me. Whenever I went to Twitch, it was really comforting seeing that he was live. I was crying in his discord with everyone else and gave a ludwig7.
Sach Alvarez
Sach Alvarez Před 23 dny
i thought this was about bobby shmurda, turns out he got released in february
Miles L
Miles L Před 23 dny
Oh is that why I watched Ludwig sleeping on stream
Jaywalker Před 23 dny
stream: *ends* ludwig: *immediately busts one*
Young Love
Young Love Před 23 dny
Artur Před 23 dny
Ryan Před 23 dny
This is one of my favorite videos now.
Lil Stupid
Lil Stupid Před 23 dny
Ludwig:We didn't know we were making history we were just having fun.
JacobThePyro Před 23 dny
I love Charlie
Ihabinion Před 23 dny
POV: You don't have a twitch account and you never will, but someone good did something great and it's cool
Damion Scarberry
Damion Scarberry Před 23 dny
Hey at least hes a dude not using there looks to con incels gotta thank ice Poseidon for all his coke escapades on irl he pretty much invited this idea
Romo Před 23 dny
Who is this man? Jail him
pajano Před 23 dny
Clap for the mods and Ludwig for compensating them
Andrew Renaud
Andrew Renaud Před 23 dny
Guess you missed where he took a 30 hour break in the middle of the 31 days lol rip credibility
Len Pounds
Len Pounds Před 23 dny
This is wrong. The most subscribed channel on twitch should just be the girl who is most simped from her hottub.
Klutzy. Před 23 dny
Aaron S
Aaron S Před 24 dny
He was listening to the song desperado.
Lillie Ampurra
Lillie Ampurra Před 24 dny
Ludwig's community: goated and loaded
Cody Thomas
Cody Thomas Před 24 dny
It’s sad and all but unnus annus tho
Google User
Google User Před 24 dny
He is only free because he had to end it lol
Joanne Stucker
Joanne Stucker Před 24 dny
Your not free stucker Bc u still did not get out your past so how can u move on when you didn’t fix with the last keep it in it will kill u WILL NEVER CHANGE TILL U DO THAT SO YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE COMMUNICATE LEARN
Abdul Hasad
Abdul Hasad Před 24 dny
icarly did it first
Emmyth Lux
Emmyth Lux Před 24 dny
he's free!
Aoiexe Před 24 dny
ok wtf he was livve for 31 days and i've never saw the stream WTTTTF
Sparse Před 24 dny
We all know Ludwig had to end the Subathon to squeeze a fat nut.
Totaly Před 24 dny
dude you just spoiled me toy story 3...
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia Před 24 dny
Damn bro that’s fucking crazy man an entire fuckibg month man AND LIKE 98,000+ DOLLARS AND DONATED LIKE 60,000 to charity MAN AND SHIT MAN HE FUCKING DESERVES IT MAN HES A FUCKING LEGEND
Ryan B
Ryan B Před 24 dny
How much did he make?
That wasn't an FC
H2sGremlin Před 24 dny
The horror.
lxv Před 24 dny
charlie charlie charlie yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Walleuh Před 24 dny
Forget about this. HE COULDNT NUT FOR A MONTH
Matt B
Matt B Před 24 dny
Did he also not shower for a month?
Karmatic Před 24 dny
This was like a smaller Unus Annus at the end goddamn
Matt B
Matt B Před 24 dny
Generosity is great, I just wish it was given to people that actually needed it, not streamers that make thousands everyday. But hey people can do what they want with their money.
Kyle fooblegoop
Kyle fooblegoop Před 24 dny
man had to make back all that money he donated through shroud
Jeremy Szpicki
Jeremy Szpicki Před 24 dny
Get back into hell.
KimoyaFTW Před 24 dny
comfort streamer indeed it was nice knowing no matter what time it was, ludwig was steaming. he's so entertaining, plus even his mods/chat were making content when he was asleep. it was nice having a streamer you love online every moment of the day when you were free ; w; I feel so empty now
AyoBigBrot Před 24 dny
How tf did I miss all of this
Sortable Soap
Sortable Soap Před 24 dny
Does this mean he didn’t masturbate for 31 days
prestonbonesteel Před 24 dny
3:59 “SCAM”
FuTure Před 24 dny
if 1 subscriber was a day he wouldnt been there for 34 years xd
Skarscat Před 24 dny
Imagine Ludwig on a mr beast video
2 BOBUX Před 24 dny
if this was a movie It had a great plot and great story setting
normalguycap Před 24 dny
A billion people are more deserving of this success than Ludwig, Charlie. What a dumb thing to say.
georgekush Před 24 dny
dude made millions doing nothing for a month whys everyone acting like hes a hero anyone would do that
MarMarVibes Před 24 dny
When I becomes least level 18 and live on my own ima do this without any day limit and just have chat as a roommate
Abhinav Dey
Abhinav Dey Před 24 dny
How did he go to toilet??
abigantimos Před 24 dny
Eh.... that was a lil bit Reddit, but still love ya anyway.
spamooses-. Před 24 dny
I love how Custard is on Charlies recommended
Aerosma Před 24 dny
See you, Space Cowboy...
male person
male person Před 24 dny
So how much money did he make?
Alex _
Alex _ Před 24 dny
The fact there was 230k watching
Alex _
Alex _ Před 24 dny
Also the mods found out the day one gifted subs expire midnight april 14th.
That1dumfriend Před 24 dny
The quarantine Jesús
goldybold Před 24 dny
unus annus 2.0