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Comparing the brand new Toreador from GTA 5 Online Cayo Perico Heist update with Stromberg. Both Toreador and Stromberg are vehicles which can convert from car to a submarine making them amphibious vehicles. The new submarine vehicle is especially useful around the new island which was added in GTA Online as part of Cayo Perico dlc update.
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16. 12. 2020





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Onespot Gaming
Onespot Gaming Před 2 měsíci
Accepting all the comparison ideas now !! Just comment below :D
Maurice Torin
Maurice Torin Před dnem
@Emilio Korbyn Trying it out now. Looks to be working.
Emilio Korbyn
Emilio Korbyn Před dnem
dont know if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password by using insta portal. Just google for it :)
sunstar repair shop
I love when you can park the toreador on the koastaka
Ali Yıldız
Ali Yıldız Před 16 dny
@SJG GAMERZ ğğğşüüü
Eve Burrows
Eve Burrows Před 16 dny
Love the go cart goin past with homer Simpson saying "weeeeeee"
Halo Elite
Halo Elite Před 2 dny
Stromberg is basically a underwater deluxo
André Pereira
André Pereira Před 2 dny
The toreador completely destroys the stromberg, it's a direct upgrade
cRoko Před 3 dny
Buzzard vs sparow And nice video
Dana Lukačovičová
Zac Duke
Zac Duke Před 4 dny
Stronbord is cheaper but after watching this I've decided to just get a sparrow for my pool of moonwater
Cheems Před 4 dny
Toreador: you’re weak Stromberg: *im you*
Tanisha Před 4 dny
This name stromberg is like a German name
Uninspirational Lizard
I bought the stromberg and a week later the Toreador came out lucky me
Sprayzzz Před 5 dny
It’s kinda sad to see my favorite combat vehicle get passed
y tho
y tho Před 5 dny
Do you use mods to make these? If so, what mods do you use?
Antoine Mozart
Antoine Mozart Před 5 dny
Strom and Toreador are weak. When you drive those, a single missile kills you. A Nightshark would destroy a toreador easily.
zainal habsahni
zainal habsahni Před 5 dny
I will buy stromberg
k Před 6 dny
4:41 this is wrong. Toreador's windows will never break, no matter how many bullets you shoot. Yes, you can get hit, but the glass will never be destroyed. It's shatterproof, but not bulletproof
Digital UFO YT
Digital UFO YT Před 6 dny
I love stromberg more than Toredor, Toreador is shit and Look at dis dead =Toror wtf
NightMare Před 7 dny
who watches this not to choose cars but just to be enertained
ÇØKË PĖPŠĪ Před 8 dny
I would actually buy these vehicles if the oppressor mk2 didn’t exist in the game
Ozi_ツ Před 8 dny
Toreador is best
K1nG0fBl4d3s YT
K1nG0fBl4d3s YT Před 8 dny
Stromberg looks nicer tbh
TheBodarkMan Před 9 dny
This is a problem with gta online. Most of the vehicles, guns, and whatever else you can buy is redundant because there are just better alternatives and so most of the games content isn’t worth it
akineiru Před 9 dny
"I don't want to play with you anymore"
Teige Eternal226
Teige Eternal226 Před 9 dny
Toreador better
Canadian sport_fan
Canadian sport_fan Před 10 dny
I dont play gta online but i was thinking. 1 guy has a giant sub and a few buds have these and they haven't hunt and destroy the giant sub
Hcv Hjgg
Hcv Hjgg Před 10 dny
Dünyanın en kötü kanalı
Frank Styles
Frank Styles Před 10 dny
I see the Toreador as an improved submarine of the Q Branch, I know he'll love it, so for me this is a James Bond car.
Joe Burton
Joe Burton Před 11 dny
And i got the Toreador for free too 🤣🤣🤣
troncrash7 Před 12 dny
Stromberg vs The cooler stromberg
Alexander javier Araya salas
Oye es so esranpa
Cat Bot
Cat Bot Před 13 dny
Who would win? A car that transforms into a submarine Or A car that transforms into a submarine
Malik M
Malik M Před 13 dny
The toreador is too good
Vitor Vena
Vitor Vena Před 13 dny
Stromberg looks better but its so inferior lol ;(
SC Před 13 dny
Toreador is Spanish for "stromberg killer"
Emilio10 Před 14 dny
it feels like the Toreador was just made to especifically replace the Stromberg
M.L Před 14 dny
stromberg is done
Adam Kenaan
Adam Kenaan Před 14 dny
Thanks now i know wich car i will buy :)
Muffy Crosswire
Muffy Crosswire Před 15 dny
These cars are fucking awesome.
BuilderBot_ Před 15 dny
who else was mindblown when they saw the seat capacity of the toreador
GamerMan 57
GamerMan 57 Před 16 dny
You need to redo bc people were complaining about the toreador being bad so they buffed the tracking
eliteblueyoshi 11
eliteblueyoshi 11 Před 16 dny
I dont get why people think the toreador is so much better, its a weaker but Alot faster version of the stromberg pretty much, and Im not that fussed about the speed of it. I'd rather get the cheaper stromberg.
Leonel Perez
Leonel Perez Před 16 dny
0:23 name music?
Ayush Choudhury
Ayush Choudhury Před 17 dny
1:41 mosquito sound in background
inderjeet singh
inderjeet singh Před 18 dny
Zach of Cornholio
Zach of Cornholio Před 19 dny
So are the windows actually breakable or are they like the Stromberg? This video says one thing but other people say another and it’s kinda a dealbreaker so
Zach of Cornholio
Zach of Cornholio Před 19 dny
Really wanna trade it in but the nostalgia! I killed a lot of griefers with it. Stromberg also looks way better. Too bad..
Ammar khan
Ammar khan Před 19 dny
I had only 4 mil and I wanted to buy toreador but mistakenly bought this shitty stormberg!! Now idk what the hell should I do with this?! Any suggestions..? I am thinking of selling it
Israel Dorame
Israel Dorame Před 19 dny
Toreador: "I am a submarine car, like my father before me only better"
snazzer boi
snazzer boi Před 19 dny
ok i was expecting a equal comparison but the toreador is infinitely better
N00bM4St3r Před 19 dny
Look how they massacred my boy
MR Fantastic
MR Fantastic Před 20 dny
Anyone else just watch these in the middle of the night
Gamer's Storybook
Gamer's Storybook Před 20 dny
I am.
DJ JON804 BLENDS Před 20 dny
I should’ve bought the Toreador when it was on sale last week smh
Jose Retana
Jose Retana Před 21 dnem
I bought a submarine just because I thought I needed it to mod the toreador I won from the lucky wheel but I didn’t need it, still this car is absolutely great since it was able to tank the lazers stupidly over powered canon, with the boost and underwater capabilities with unlimited(I think) homing missiles, the toreador is the best weaponized car
dark-Seven Před 21 dnem
Hello im under the water
Smd Před 21 dnem
Sold my old stromberg I think of it as the same car that I just upgraded
Michael Sailor
Michael Sailor Před 21 dnem
Why this toreador is that broken? Normaly windows won't broke and boost in water version wasn't able to see
RyanMac13 Před 22 dny
The stromberg was a bad car from the start
Sultan Aqsha
Sultan Aqsha Před 22 dny
i have toreador and i didnt know it can swim
Forgetful Ryan
Forgetful Ryan Před 23 dny
I'm still getting the stromberg cause the toreador looks like shit
ACR Legends
ACR Legends Před 23 dny
We should still give the Stromberg great appreciation for the original and overall being a cool-ass car in general.
Yeetsiah Před 23 dny
to be fair, stromberg didn’t win the races because you used boost on the toreador sooo :/
Ashvithan Nathan
Ashvithan Nathan Před 20 dny
@Yeetsiah yes of course, but the fact that the toreador has boost in the first place is better
Yeetsiah Před 20 dny
@Ashvithan Nathan still seems kinda unfair tbh
Ashvithan Nathan
Ashvithan Nathan Před 20 dny
Yes making the toreador better
K4M1L _
K4M1L _ Před 23 dny
toreador is better
Marcel jurak
Marcel jurak Před 24 dny
Btw i saw that toreador just nitro on second race
Josh Boak
Josh Boak Před 24 dny
How do you expect us to keep track when you make two cars THE SAME COLOR
ryan jahanbakhsh
ryan jahanbakhsh Před 25 dny
Thank goodness I was too poor back then to buy the stromberg
Argo Asylum
Argo Asylum Před 25 dny
So only thing stromberg wins at is the damage
Daniel Starcevic
Daniel Starcevic Před 25 dny
i prefer the stromberg
D A Před 25 dny
I had both before the toreador and tha stromberg in my opinion the toreador is so much better it can take more damage it’s fast and it has boost and if you have a cracked or a missing window you can still go under water
D A Před 25 dny
And it’s also a 4 seater
the milk
the milk Před 25 dny
Your is cheater
Scharfschutze 99
Scharfschutze 99 Před 25 dny
only bad thing about this car is the headlights
Tanisha McLaughlin
Tanisha McLaughlin Před 26 dny
The toreador basically obsoletes the stromberg
ultraviolet banana
ultraviolet banana Před 26 dny
I don't think it is fair you used the toreadors boost though
Bobsamarly Před 26 dny
The toreado is just a much better version of the stompberg I don’t know which one costs more tho
T1 Savage866
T1 Savage866 Před 26 dny
Toreador rockets : play without limits Stromberg rockets : play with limits
Dad Před 27 dny
The toreador is better but I still like the stromber more because its cheaper and has the same amour and stuff And it's an James Bond car
youssef bazzoun
youssef bazzoun Před 27 dny
What’s the song at the end called please!
trapical Před 23 dny
The song is "LFZ - Popsicle"
SynerX Před 27 dny
I’m soooo buying the toredo now
pereda jose
pereda jose Před 24 dny
Do it before the sale ends
Saucedog 0559
Saucedog 0559 Před 27 dny
I’m glad I didn’t buy the stromberg
Ayan Vohra
Ayan Vohra Před 27 dny
This is not real He used mods. Total fake Fu*k
Navid Azimi
Navid Azimi Před 27 dny
roasting stromberg as much as possible
Can I get 10k subs Without videos?
So basically the toreador is crushing the stromberg
Scharfschutze 99
Scharfschutze 99 Před 28 dny
they should add a bulletproof glass mod for it, i mean it can be broken with enough shots but not with the 1st one
James Wallace
James Wallace Před 28 dny
I bought both not realising that they’re basically the same. Prefer the toreador though defiantly.
Plebulus Před 28 dny
Stromberg is cheaper and looks cooler.
When the sus is sus!!!!
Tobias GWR
Tobias GWR Před 28 dny
F Stromberg
Elias Ha
Elias Ha Před 28 dny
Actually the toreador machine gun is very strong love your vids onespot
Cyrus Villalon
Cyrus Villalon Před 28 dny
Guys how do i get my homing missiles on my toreador?
NonStopCusion309 Před 28 dny
Creo que ahora el Stromberg está en oferta ahora mismo en warstock de un millón seiscientos mil
Ryan Tucker
Ryan Tucker Před 29 dny
Wow I have the toreador and didn’t know it even went under water 😂
Ryan Tucker
Ryan Tucker Před 23 dny
@pereda jose cool bruh
pereda jose
pereda jose Před 24 dny
@Ryan Tucker it still shows on warstock
Ryan Tucker
Ryan Tucker Před 24 dny
@pereda jose I won it from the podium
pereda jose
pereda jose Před 24 dny
How tf you not see the picture in war stock
White Gaming
White Gaming Před 29 dny
I think the Toreador is more aesthetically pleasing, and it is now my second favorite vehicle. (I’m on team Deluxo)
Lujack Shaw
Lujack Shaw Před 28 dny
Love that deluxo
Elias Übelhör
Elias Übelhör Před 29 dny
Basically the same car with slightly better accaleration on land and in water + the boost...
kassie raine
kassie raine Před 29 dny
Jump test for the win!
GCO gameclipsonline
GCO gameclipsonline Před 29 dny
The toreador is amazing! And its on sale this week
GCO gameclipsonline
GCO gameclipsonline Před 24 dny
@Yasin Productions thanks, i'm gonna try it out
Yasin Productions
Yasin Productions Před 25 dny
@GCO gameclipsonline if a new car comes out on the wheel you really want to win, just do the close application method and you wont have to wait a day to spin again
GCO gameclipsonline
GCO gameclipsonline Před 25 dny
@Yasin Productions some People don't have that kind of luck xD i never won any car yet
Yasin Productions
Yasin Productions Před 26 dny
Well there's no reason to buy it if you just got it free off the wheel
JūraTu mene
JūraTu mene Před 29 dny
where the boost sound and animation
Andrew Munoz
Andrew Munoz Před 29 dny
3:05 anyone else hear that
JoseGames_YT Před měsícem
Stromberg:”I used to rule the world”
Dominic Colangelo
Dominic Colangelo Před měsícem
I won the Toreador from the casino! Hands down the best car I’ve ever won from there! 🤙
Nipixel Před měsícem
I like this *points to stromberg* But this is better *points to toreador*
Cazher Před měsícem
I.. I wish the Toreador can have some animation transformation like the Stromberg in missile & guns mode
Ashvithan Nathan
Ashvithan Nathan Před 20 dny
Yes between the lights when you switch to missiles
Beast Gamer
Beast Gamer Před měsícem
I bought toreado just because I watched ths video
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