Fortnite Galactus Event on PS5 | No Commentary (Chapter 2 Season 4 Live Event) 

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Here in full is the final event from Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4. The devourer of Worlds Galactus attacks the nexus and the infinite power it holds. No commentary on this version. I hope you enjoy.
Adam's Twitter - adamgrenade
Discord link - discord.gg/grenade
Name in video...
It's simple! Use Code ADAMARU when buying something in the store. Take a pic and DM me it on twitter @adamgrenade (if it's an old item please take a video as people lie about things in the store, sorry)
I'm having trouble with scrolling credits... I'm super sorry if your name isn't here. I'll make it up to you.


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1. 12. 2020





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PlayStationGrenade Před měsícem
Best live event ever?
superspy016 Před dnem
no doubt
praveen pandey
praveen pandey Před 26 dny
Lucky Před měsícem
Gail Pascoe
Gail Pascoe Před měsícem
Nothing can top OG days rocket event 🚀
Liam PCK
Liam PCK Před měsícem
@Elias Robinson 👎
Abel John
Abel John Před dnem
bruh im probs the biggest avengers fan for mr this event WAS SO FRICKING EPIC
D Chompers
D Chompers Před 3 dny
10:00 its not a good view
D Chompers
D Chompers Před 3 dny
iVex Před 3 dny
Beware! I hunger!
No Username
No Username Před 4 dny
This event is stupid.
daniel vlogs
daniel vlogs Před 4 dny
What a racist super hero i just saw
Lena Bowman
Lena Bowman Před 4 dny
You can also see storm and groot.
evan tejas
evan tejas Před 5 dny
I saw dead pool go to 8:57 into the video and pause right there u can see dead pool hanging
Bruh Ivan
Bruh Ivan Před 5 dny
This AC/DC song was about driving like a deamon so it fits the live event
AdamGames Před 5 dny
I know
OmegaThe1st Před 7 dny
Last thing ants see 1:45
PenguinGGPlayz Před 8 dny
Me: Defeats corona virus Iron man: thanks the bus driver* Bus driver gets covid.
PenguinGGPlayz Před 8 dny
8:17 "Wow i am thinking of a lot of robux"
PenguinGGPlayz Před 8 dny
r o b u x?
Griffin 5G
Griffin 5G Před 8 dny
Is it me or is there the Astro Jack ball from the Travis Scott event?
Amazing Mr Punch!
Amazing Mr Punch! Před 8 dny
Wow galactic has nice teeth
Gameplay Videos
Gameplay Videos Před 8 dny
Why did where the fat skin that ruined everything
Devin Fullilove
Devin Fullilove Před 9 dny
Did anyone else see Astroworld behind Saturn 8:36
Benson Rae
Benson Rae Před 9 dny
Demon fire 🔥
MOON RISING Před 9 dny
I like how we murdered them countless times and they are like "so wanna help save the island"
L2Joshuayt Před 10 dny
That event = good Jk it’s trash
L2Joshuayt Před 10 dny
I hate the song and the band I hate AC/DC
wap :D
wap :D Před 10 dny
galactus really said “mr. stark. i don’t feel so good...”
big one9732 allairw
big one9732 allairw Před 10 dny
*R.I.P bus driver*
mr_ morphius17
mr_ morphius17 Před 10 dny
Best part is wen tony says thax bus driver
Kaylee Před 10 dny
Panda Gacha
Panda Gacha Před 10 dny
the Backyardigans are safe
Ziane Salapayne
Ziane Salapayne Před 10 dny
I like your skin
The Devourer of Worlds, Galactus
Don't worry, I shall rise again. To take my revenge. I'll come back soon....
Guillermina Meza
Guillermina Meza Před 11 dny
Wolverine: get me up there bub Me: let’s team up bub
A Fork
A Fork Před 12 dny
dude I was right next to you in the event
Nawfal Ilham
Nawfal Ilham Před 12 dny
Miguel M
Miguel M Před 12 dny
I am so angry that you defeated my partner
Goat Ninja
Goat Ninja Před 12 dny
When did iron man have a hologram backbling
Vedran Nedelkovskl
Vedran Nedelkovskl Před 12 dny
I have seen the galactus event but I haven't seen other events
Liljohngamer Is the best
Azlaan Shaikh
Azlaan Shaikh Před 13 dny
I am not joking but the helicarrier went in the water no jk I'm not joking btw
Justin Delorme
Justin Delorme Před 14 dny
When he said this is not possible he technically inhaled the corona virus
Ryan Chavez
Ryan Chavez Před 14 dny
best event ever boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Kripto Para Kazan
Kripto Para Kazan Před 15 dny
"0:35" *when anyone desire many Gift Cards then try 𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬 .𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐛* best on all people!! ⭐️ මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ
Larwaz Před 15 dny
7:07 did thor just say to the battle bus?
Super Owen 64
Super Owen 64 Před 15 dny
7:27 is this how a bug feels flying up my arm?
bruh mode active
bruh mode active Před 15 dny
thank you adamaru for letting us (the ones who didn't play\ want to play fortnite) see this masterpiece
Messiah Panisse
Messiah Panisse Před 16 dny
Anyone notice that shrek and zenyata are in the credits?
SF Matthew
SF Matthew Před 16 dny
Of coarse I wish i did not miss it
abaldsupergirl Před 16 dny
The galactic redisign it’s stupid
tfhfkg 2
tfhfkg 2 Před 17 dny
Best event I got to witness
LunaLoudFan1998 Před 17 dny
Nintend_Fan64 Před 17 dny
2:31 What my food sees when they look up
Ivan Mayorga
Ivan Mayorga Před 17 dny
I’ve saw Astro world in fort nite when you re in space
David Crosen
David Crosen Před 17 dny
This was one of the slowest servers in this event
Edi Leo
Edi Leo Před 17 dny
I missed the event ;(
Neon Doggo
Neon Doggo Před 18 dny
Did anyone see Astro world
Anthony's world
Anthony's world Před 18 dny
So when I was in second grade, sometimes the driver would say “you drive the bus”, and I would say “no u”. So here is something. Stark: You can drive a battle bus, right? Me: NO U! Also me: proceeds to drive the bus
Aidan_playz ROBLOX
Aidan_playz ROBLOX Před 18 dny
4:44 that’s the same realm that u were in when Kevin died, and 8:38 if u go in slow speed u can see Astro world next to Saturn
Abear10 Před 17 dny
Oh shit
caleb rucka
caleb rucka Před 18 dny
tony had a stroke
RHINOGAMER Před 18 dny
Imagine showing this to someone in season 1
Popzicle Před 19 dny
4:25 is how I feel going into 2021
Atom Viktor
Atom Viktor Před 19 dny
zero point vs galactus at: 3:56
Jayden Del Rio
Jayden Del Rio Před 19 dny
I loved the event
Mrcookie Před 19 dny
He should of been a skin with 2 variants 1, Normal 2, Gamma green cracks
Zeemo Craft
Zeemo Craft Před 18 dny
And the back long as either a laser battle buss or zero point
izuku midoriya uwu
izuku midoriya uwu Před 20 dny
Dang I hope galactus is okay cuz it took him a while to get here I guess that taco bell got em good
X-PRO-MAX Před 20 dny
Iron man Helps Fat Girl (Epic Scene) Also How Is Iron Man Not Scared Of Galactus If His Hand Is The Whole Map And He Is Huge? (?)
Omega Flowey
Omega Flowey Před 20 dny
5 year olds be like but galactus is purple and blue
Annette Kilkenny
Annette Kilkenny Před 20 dny
If galatus was real ild just get some superheros, 1 bil battle busses, and a helicarrier
Zachs Front
Zachs Front Před 21 dnem
When i post a funny comment but nobody likes it: 9:21
Striker Clip
Striker Clip Před 22 dny
Best event hands down it was marvel and ac dc fucking wicked 🤩
Trashyy_. Před 22 dny
Travis scott: *I'm the highest in the room* Galactus: *Hold My Helicarrier*
abramGamer 3
abramGamer 3 Před 22 dny
9:23 me when i fail the test
Fantastic OOF
Fantastic OOF Před 23 dny
Galactus goes super saian
steakdogsteam Před 23 dny
This feels like a god of war scene to me idk why
isucc Před 23 dny
To be honest why would they pick galactus
ImadTheLegend Před 23 dny
Couldn’t Thor just put the hammer on Galactus since we don’t know that he’s worthy
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard Před 23 dny
Fun fact: Galactus in this event is 32 thousand feet, just in case anyone wants to know how big he is
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard Před 19 dny
The entirety of Galactus is 32 thousand feet. His hand is a few miles long
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Před 22 dny
Which size is that of
Romeo Buelva
Romeo Buelva Před 23 dny
Guys i think this is the galactus live event
Bendy Bendy
Bendy Bendy Před 24 dny
Why do I have a feeling that the alarm in this live event should have been the one in the device event
kittyMalitty Před 24 dny
Galatus: "spots out the avenger ship" Also galactus: "about to take a ferm backhand" Poeple on the ship: IMA GONNA GET A FERM BACK HAND!!! ☠☠
Benjamin Wayment
Benjamin Wayment Před 24 dny
Big Boy!
Montariath Před 25 dny
I'm still sad that marvel season is gone.
Zeffo __
Zeffo __ Před 25 dny
Damm megolophobia really do be setting in tho
Dumifyed Před 26 dny
Galactus: opens mouth and let’s busses fly in Also Galactus: this is not possible 9:20
Jaden r
Jaden r Před 26 dny
This event was the worst event I’ve ever seen in my life
RWQFSFASXC Před 27 dny
Haha take on theese hands galactus!
Devil's breath 64
Devil's breath 64 Před 27 dny
What's wrong with the iron man voice lines when we first went through he black hole
LJ Před 28 dny
Imagine watching ths is vr
Ok animations
Ok animations Před 26 dny
That would be insane
flickplay Před 28 dny
When you find out the galactus is TBD 9:35
Terminator Boi2.0
Terminator Boi2.0 Před 28 dny
I was so annoyed that I missed this it's because I was at my mum's house and I couldn't finish the battle pass so I missed out on all the cool characters
Cozmic cozmo Gaming
Cozmic cozmo Gaming Před 29 dny
The music is called the rise of the devour
Garruage YT
Garruage YT Před 29 dny
This is so cool I almost wished fortnite wasn’t bad
Ok animations
Ok animations Před 26 dny
Crazy Bot
Crazy Bot Před 29 dny
9:24 Me when my teacher gives me reading homework for the holidays
Landon Před měsícem
ツMilty Před měsícem
Elite the gout
Elite the gout Před měsícem
Bro i literally saw the astro world
Ok animations
Ok animations Před 26 dny
ty _546 bot
ty _546 bot Před měsícem
Thank you bus driver
Alex Reyes
Alex Reyes Před měsícem
@PlayStationGrenade they could've done better like More to it
Alex Reyes
Alex Reyes Před měsícem
I don't get nothing at the end like he ate the super Heroes like iron man like what why they do that me confused and I thought Wolverine lost his mind and he Became to attack us but now he's helping wait waaaaa lol and where are groot mystique and more like Come on Donald Mustard and then they canceled the Galactus skin and thw free gifts we were going to be gifted like why fortnite I feel like Even Chapter 1 season x has a better live event and why did Donald Mustard said that this was littleraly going to change Fortnite Next season everything normal Were just getting hunters each 2 weeks or 1 like why you do this
Katavin Evans
Katavin Evans Před měsícem
I missed it fell asleep
mukbang gang
mukbang gang Před měsícem
Thanks for the recording of event I missed it it was way to late at my place
Commander Jeff
Commander Jeff Před měsícem
My brother has friends think a rip-off version of the event is better than this and it’s on creative
GALACTUS EVENT (very cool)