Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer 

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The Zero Point has been unearthed and Agent Jones needs the help from the greatest Hunters across all Realities.www.epicgames.com/fortnite/battle-pass/zero-point
Only the best Hunters can get the job done on the Island. Take on Bounties as The Mandalorian, but don’t get too close to The Child with him around, you might regret it.
Take down your enemies with Mave, a shapeshifting barbarian warrior and defender of her land.
Of course you can’t go anywhere on an empty stomach right? Battle threats (and hunger) with Mancake, a flapjack that was created on a griddle of rage.
There’s plenty of more Hunters to be recruited, can you unlock them all?
As a hunter, it’s your duty to help the Island’s Characters in their unstable new Reality. Take on their quests and bounties, get intel on your surroundings, or hire them to be your ally. Don’t want to negotiate? Challenge them to a duel and reap the rewards.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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Learn More: www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/


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1. 12. 2020





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Geegs Gaming
Geegs Gaming Před 6 hodinami
I'd love to see the return of the old battle pass level up system with the battle Stars like if you agree
LegendaryMonsterGodKing Před 7 hodinami
It would have been cool if they had added the Witcher in this season. As well as the Field Team Leader from MHW with a Giant Jawblade backbling and a Ratholos glider.
Jeremiah Dabir Blake GCAEC OWN AVGCP
We now return to our regular scheduled Battle Pass.
CocaCollan Před 8 hodinami
Can you please just put back old items never seen in 2 years for the daily rotation again, and not just items from a week ago?
Mohamed Abdul Razzaq
Mohamed Abdul Razzaq Před 10 hodinami
اسلام تكفى رد الحين متى تنزل فورت نايت في الجوال ابل متى تكفى رد
Bald martin
Bald martin Před 10 hodinami
Please keep salty towers, tomato town, pleasant park, greasy, flush factory, bring frenzy farm, fatail, and lucky landing back
Epic Memer
Epic Memer Před 10 hodinami
Fun Fact: In this trailer, when Mave shoots a Dragon Breath Shotgun, it makes the sound of a SPAZ.
Ibitheking Vlogs
Ibitheking Vlogs Před 13 hodinami
AndyPlays VR
AndyPlays VR Před 13 hodinami
I want to play fortnite on mobile
unikitty cutie
unikitty cutie Před 13 hodinami
Fortnite is my favorite game Epic games ❤
unicorn gamer naya
unicorn gamer naya Před 13 hodinami
Fortnite please bring back the pump and spas
Leon Behrami
Leon Behrami Před 14 hodinami
Pls ai nid a fortnite ai love to play in iphone 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Yiğit Ünsal
Yiğit Ünsal Před 14 hodinami
Bring the marshmallow back to the shop
Goku Black
Goku Black Před 14 hodinami
Me: NEW SEASON THIS DAY COULDN'T GET ANY BETTER My dad with the milk(0:04): I'm back🙋 Me: OH MY GOD IM DREAMING turns out I was... at least I can buy the new battle pass😅
Shadowxl Před 14 hodinami
Epic game pls bring back the 2 fe4rless skins pls pls 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Micah Hill
Micah Hill Před 14 hodinami
Love the season even plus of to the game
Skye Witherspoon
Skye Witherspoon Před 16 hodinami
Epic games i redeemed a wildcat cat code and i didnt get the skin can i get a new one i dont wanna waste my parent's money on nothing
Caprisun 28
Caprisun 28 Před 16 hodinami
I can’t connect to do the dream hack cup
BDY1256 Před 16 hodinami
Bye guys see y’all in season 6
YT Gamer2300
YT Gamer2300 Před 17 hodinami
No one is leaving the video without subscribing. not on there watch
Blaz3s c1!ps
Blaz3s c1!ps Před 17 hodinami
daniel vlogs
daniel vlogs Před 17 hodinami
i got permanently banned from playstation 😔🥺
Branson Nesselrodt
Branson Nesselrodt Před 17 hodinami
This is the season bois
lilprime Lollipop
lilprime Lollipop Před 17 hodinami
Who agrees we need more refund tickets
Jude Moua
Jude Moua Před 19 hodinami
Please put samus and mega man
Fake Hero
Fake Hero Před 21 hodinou
U don’t need to know Ok buddy
I feel so sick to my stomach rn what have this game turn into 🤢🤦🏽‍♂️
Sir Bluvus
Sir Bluvus Před 9 hodinami
@U don’t need to know Ok buddyK As a fan of the storyline in my opinion this season is greate, they litteraly made more relevan all the events form the previus seasons.
U don’t need to know Ok buddy
@Sir Bluvus it’s just that the game is bad to me and it’s not even because of the sweats it’s because what their doing to the whole game it just doesn’t feel right anymore
Sir Bluvus
Sir Bluvus Před 10 hodinami
Prashanta Padhan
Prashanta Padhan Před dnem
Amir TYhchc
Amir TYhchc Před dnem
Dance Dualipa dont start now
heera thai
heera thai Před dnem
Plsss Fortnite have fresh an icon skin:(
Hank Bob
Hank Bob Před dnem
Bring peely in the item shop plz
Louis 747
Louis 747 Před dnem
Please unbanned Jarvis
Louis 747
Louis 747 Před dnem
Please unbanned Jarvis
Scottc82 YT
Scottc82 YT Před dnem
I want someone to make the trailer fit with the season x trailer song because at this point reality is destabilizing FAST...
F8te Před dnem
please bring back fortnite mobile
ava cash
ava cash Před dnem
hay my parents wont let me biy tuff fortnite you think i cond have some vbuces or skins
DawsoPlays Před dnem
Fortnite is one of my favorite game
NRG Zoomiez
NRG Zoomiez Před dnem
I get some free skins like clixs
AgentWuT Před dnem
Did epic just used a song without crediting the person who made the song "Gold"
Darren Plays Games
Darren Plays Games Před 18 hodinami
They paid for the rights
NFS_PAWEL GG yt Před dnem
My epik is go pawel pl
NFS_PAWEL GG yt Před dnem
Fortnite I didn't get my v bucks on fortnite crow
notfierce Před 2 dny
Fun Fact: Everyone didn’t notice tilted
MarioplushJean Před dnem
Lol what
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson Před 2 dny
I cant wait till the next season, EPIC PLS MAKE NEXT SEASON LIKE CHAPTER 2 SEASON 2
MATTHEW 1 Před 2 dny
Why isn't coral Castle there? Hmmmmmmmm 😲
Swed Před 2 dny
l2 de mierda
rdg Gh0st
rdg Gh0st Před 2 dny
The IO Guards are annoying and almost Got me quit the game
Portia Ava
Portia Ava Před 2 dny
Epic games I think that next seasons theme should be Avatar
Portia Ava
Portia Ava Před 9 hodinami
@Cason Jarrell sorry hehehe I meant the James Cameron's Avatar
Ardy Meredith-Numia
Ardy Meredith-Numia Před 10 hodinami
@Cason Jarrell the movie with the blue creatures
Cason Jarrell
Cason Jarrell Před dnem
The last air bender or the movies
Ardy Meredith-Numia
That's a really good idea
Lil Bear
Lil Bear Před 2 dny
When will there be a season battle pass without a marvel dc or Star Wars skin?
Janice Bjarnason
Janice Bjarnason Před 2 dny
Also your snipers suck in your game
Janice Bjarnason
Janice Bjarnason Před 2 dny
Cason Jarrell
Cason Jarrell Před dnem
Just dont use them lmao
On pc Jayden
On pc Jayden Před 2 dny
Fix you game I just died when I hit someone with a CAR
Игра дерьмо
Dakxiel M RIOS
Dakxiel M RIOS Před 2 dny
Can u plz add ikonik back 🥺
John Kekeridis
John Kekeridis Před 2 dny
guys plz can you add some xxxtentacion music?
urdadcool Před 2 dny
@Kickspam tf u mean yuck
Kickspam Před 2 dny
Halo Force
Halo Force Před 2 dny
Epic games I know it’s you
Nle Choppa
Nle Choppa Před 2 dny
Can you guys give us a refund tickets when Travis Scott comes back so most people that don’t have Vbux can buy it
Tomas Rivero
Tomas Rivero Před 2 dny
Can you take out the io gard
Fritjof Møller
Fritjof Møller Před 2 dny
season 3 16 march is the new map back omg and jan 22 the new secret man is ravealing himself
Riel Campbell
Riel Campbell Před 3 dny
Baby Yoda in fortnite :D
luis ramirez
luis ramirez Před 3 dny
Hi epic games can you get me a skin cuz I have no money
Kickspam Před 2 dny
Kiare Rojas
Kiare Rojas Před 3 dny
Put super hero skins in item shop
Tomas Vicente Masciotra
What I liked the most about the trailer for Fortnite: Season 5 Chapter 2, is that old places have returned
Pats colts 95
Pats colts 95 Před 3 dny
Omg fortnite
Kerry dainty
Kerry dainty Před 3 dny
Epic games put take the L in the item shop for 500 vbucks or 800 vbucks my epic is cloud863dark
Sammie Mac
Sammie Mac Před 3 dny
I lost it when bilted Bowers was shone What yt said bilted Bowers whoever gets it right gets a cookie😊😊😊
Kevin Rivera Soto
Kevin Rivera Soto Před 3 dny
Ayo fortnite since Ruckus was a boss at that place near slurpy? What if Chaos Agent was a boss at Steamy?
blaquesheep Před 3 dny
Donna Rankin
Donna Rankin Před 3 dny
fortnite what happen with the visiter why is he saying escape weird noise and zero point fortnite you have something to say
Daniel Alcalá
Daniel Alcalá Před 3 dny
Fornite please so the pink Bear is not human and i sped more Money on your Game
ttt3 carty
ttt3 carty Před 3 dny
This is the best season I seen
Chad Pelliccioni
Chad Pelliccioni Před 3 dny
Can you please add a mood music in the next item shop
•Mandaloriano Games & Animes•
fortnaite please partner with Naruto i really want his skin in the game
Corey lopez
Corey lopez Před 3 dny
Can fortnite just please re-release the merry munchkin cos I want it SO bad!
LD Scandic
LD Scandic Před 3 dny
@Corey lopez Almost No one cares About the item you want so epic games doesn't Even know it exist prob.
Corey lopez
Corey lopez Před 3 dny
On top of that, what about the crash test dummy skin which tons of people missed, until they re-released it because of a new style they made. :,
Corey lopez
Corey lopez Před 3 dny
Yes but if they were thinking of adding a new selectable style for the next fortnite Christmas ltm they could bring it back for the people who didn't have the chance to get it, such as me me who had an xbox 360 before so couldn't have the chance. :(
LD Scandic
LD Scandic Před 3 dny
If you don't have it you don't deserve it. It's exclusive to 2018 Christmas, It's the same thing asking for Renegade Raider coming back.
impossible gaming
impossible gaming Před 3 dny
People use aim bot wall hacks and you do nothing so why jarvis
impossible gaming
impossible gaming Před 3 dny
Unban jarvis
Jay Kent
Jay Kent Před 4 dny
Epic please bring back that Event were you when the skin please epic i’m literally crying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ri-lufo BR
ri-lufo BR Před 4 dny
Será que a Epic Games fala brasileiro
Maisen Waller
Maisen Waller Před 4 dny
Fortnite this kid is using aimbot
Luke Cullen
Luke Cullen Před 4 dny
Luke Cullen
Luke Cullen Před 4 dny
Next season you put at the bottom of game modes of all seasons in the past
The avenger tyler jeff
Why is there a purple cug splash at 39 seconds
Ludovic Cusol
Ludovic Cusol Před 4 dny
Mr. Cranberry Blueberry
Me at the end of the season: dats a doopsie.
Loluglg Před 4 dny
0:39 Dragon shotgun sounds like a pump? Coincidence I think not buster.
Flex_Sohail YT
Flex_Sohail YT Před 4 dny
Fortnite kiddies
LD Scandic
LD Scandic Před 3 dny
Joven puedes ser tú mismo. Miro tus otros comentarios que preguntas sobre skins jaja.
Firsty Athlete
Firsty Athlete Před 4 dny
Fortnite should make a double pump ltm
ro263 Před 4 dny
Why the crystals and the new portal on the map looks like they're from gravity falls?
Klxver Před 4 dny
Please we want the og map and graphics 🙏😢
Green Dragon
Green Dragon Před 4 dny
That will be nostalgic when season 16 starts
SheWolf Warrior
SheWolf Warrior Před dnem
Brisa Sanchez
Brisa Sanchez Před 5 dny
Please fix shooting trough cars
filbert pj
filbert pj Před 5 dny
when i see the menace,mandalorian,mancake, and kondor and i say to my mom: mommy give me vbucks 🥲
Faruth Miranda
Faruth Miranda Před 5 dny
Pongan alos dinosaurios en Fornite
Faruth Miranda
Faruth Miranda Před 5 dny
Sería buena idea
joannegodinet Před 5 dny
Ayhan Slvn
Ayhan Slvn Před 5 dny
wee all need chapter 1 season 1 back epic games chapter 2 season 5 30%100 but chapter 1 season 1 100%100
Toxic Taser
Toxic Taser Před 4 dny
Season 1 was average it’s just nostalgia there were still so many problems. I started in cha1season2
Kev Dot Com
Kev Dot Com Před 5 dny
Traig jr's master channel
What are they hunting for
Aiden Mac
Aiden Mac Před 5 dny
Yo I love your game
Blaine Claxton
Blaine Claxton Před 5 dny
Me:Epic remove the OI Guard Epic:no Me: *pulls out a gun* Epic:ok ok I’ll remove the guards
Stefan Timotej Kalezic
I am 69 tier and i have battlepass. This is so great !
Acilino Fernandes
Acilino Fernandes Před 5 dny
Put the Saitama in Fortnite bye❤️
zhlédnutí 21M
GALACTUS EVENT (very cool)
zhlédnutí 179K