Falling In Reverse - "I'm Not A Vampire (Revamped)" 

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"I'm Not A Vampire (Revamped)" by @Falling In Reverse
Stream & download: fallinginreverse.ffm.to/vampire
Director: Jensen Noen
Producer: Phoenix Vaughn
Director of Photography: Anthony Kimata
Production Designer: Eric Hersey
Production Company: Blesscode Entertainment
REVAMPED by Ronnie Radke
Produced by Ronnie Radke & Tyler Smyth
Mixed by Tony Maserati
Engineered by Tyler Smyth
Choir singers:
Chase Matthews, Christopher Aaron, Donna Taylor, George Steeves, Jackie Simley, Jacob Lusk, Kelly Jones, Kym Foley, Leah Williams, Marcellina Hawthorne, Mike Sandberg, Mikel Cole, Neeyah Lynn Rose, Phillip Hunter, Russell Jackson, Sire James, Terry Marcheta Nicholson, Ronee Martin, Vickie Dove, Zuri.
Additional vocal production for choir: Russell Jackson
Written by Ronnie Radke, Michael Baskette & Dave Holdredge
Site: fallinginreverse.com
Store: store.fallinginreverse.com
Facebook: fallinginreverseofficial
Twitter: firofficial
Instagram: instagr.am/fallinginreverse
Tumblr: fallinginreverse.tumblr.com
Epitaph Records is an artist-first indie label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist, Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights helped launch the 90s punk explosion. Along the way, Epitaph has grown and evolved creatively while sticking to its mission of helping real artists make great recordings on their own terms.
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12. 02. 2021





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Epitaph Records
Epitaph Records Před 2 měsíci
Stream + Download "I'm Not A Vampire (Revamped)" Here: fallinginreverse.ffm.to/vampire
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Johnson Před 2 dny
@Дмитрий Хисматуллин ⁸idlp948ir7lil4ilpgolt I've t9to9t9to
Stevie Brown
Stevie Brown Před 4 dny
Anything is better than twilight. But yes I agree.
Evan Williams
Evan Williams Před 11 dny
did you fkn plebs like your own comment lmao
TheBestGame Reviews
TheBestGame Reviews Před 13 dny
@Fingerboarding Channel he no drug abuse anymore he changed he have family now Girlfriend people learn from they mistakes
Bob Corning
Bob Corning Před 15 dny
@A. Clark ä
BulletGen Před hodinou
We want more of this Ronnie. Please give us more.
Silvio Portmann
Silvio Portmann Před hodinou
what a fucking voice !!
Miss Smile
Miss Smile Před hodinou
4:20 gives me chills every time...
BaRàGaR 13
BaRàGaR 13 Před 2 hodinami
3:51 the ' You' reminds me some Howard Jones and it's freaking me out
UnsealedWings Před 3 hodinami
Really wanted to see Vamp Ronnie tear apart the villagers.
Shadows_creative palace
Shadows_creative palace Před 6 hodinami
it's not a phase mom see told you its not a phase!
David Hsiang
David Hsiang Před 7 hodinami
Me: hmm I wonder if Ronnie's able to amaze us even more in 2021🤔 Ronnie: Hold my throat.
Dominika Před 7 hodinami
Anastasia Nadine
Anastasia Nadine Před 8 hodinami
It's sad that she died, especially after he turned her into a vampire to keep her alive.
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall Před 8 hodinami
Best song I have ever heard. This can not be played loud enough
MiLady005 Před 12 hodinami
Holy fucking shit! This is EPIC!! I was first like ok those 6 minutes will be just a video but it's a 6 minutes song and it's fuckig good song! I thing this is the best song and video they could dedicate to the memory of Derek 🖤
Enzo Palma
Enzo Palma Před 12 hodinami
austin_94GT Před 17 hodinami
Ronnie takes awhile to make a new song, but everytime he does it's a new hit!!
Blake S.
Blake S. Před 17 hodinami
This was legit better than 95% of the movies I’ve ever seen
Bichtram Nguyen
Bichtram Nguyen Před 18 hodinami
I loved the revamped version of the song. I wasn’t in love with the original but this one is epic, beautiful. I am in loveee
Amber DeCina
Amber DeCina Před 18 hodinami
This made me cry. His voice and the lyrics just give me goosebumps. Pure talent. He needs an award for this!
Piper Fournier
Piper Fournier Před 18 hodinami
Dayummmmmmm, the drama 😮
Matthew Lowery
Matthew Lowery Před 20 hodinami
ive lost count how many times i have woke up singing this song and how many times i have watched it and all the reactions and just watching him and all his magic he can do would love to know the storys that are hinted at like the bath tub that seemed it brought alot of pain out in him hearing how he sung that part after 10/10 on giving me bumps and all the power of the song can carry so many ways thank you so such for this song
Dani Dillon
Dani Dillon Před 21 hodinou
Every time I think I've put my emo phase behind me...
Derek Mills
Derek Mills Před dnem
One word. AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Don Martes
Don Martes Před dnem
am I the only person getting castelvania vibes ?
2010: us as emo kids 2021: us as goth kids
gal Před dnem
from alestorm to halestorm
CatWoman In Paradise
I live for all of this right here. Always emo at heart istg I see this as art, not to mention the dedication like hell yeah. 💙
GamesWithVirtual Před dnem
The way Paige’s hair flips on tempo around 2:56 👌🏼
Daniel Nowka
Daniel Nowka Před dnem
Getting a lot of Queen vibes. Awesome.
Trashtazmani fan
Trashtazmani fan Před dnem
Anna333 Před dnem
5:06 I see he’s channeling his inner Nic Cage here lol
Nick Dirienzo
Nick Dirienzo Před dnem
Looking a bit like Davey Havok.
Nitro Cat Official
If they remake Queen of the Damned, I swear to God this better be on the soundtrack
Jacob Před dnem
When a Music Video has better visual effects than Justice League 👀
Georgie taylor
Georgie taylor Před dnem
Yall once an emo always an emo 😭✋
Deadidolizedpoet Před dnem
When I hear the very start I can help but think of "shut up, just shut up, shut up" black eyed peas
XGachaCatX Před dnem
This is what y’all came for from tiktok 2:40
brian bergren
brian bergren Před 2 dny
ronnie i am dearly sorry for your loss i saw you at my first ever concert at the house ofblues and i hope to god you getg better i am in chicago illiinois and i truly feel youtr pain as much as you do just remeber that i will advocate through saint michael and i will pray for you efery single day unrtil you get better i am just a kid in the scene whom has neen hding a very long time and doing it very well i am a wolfman and i have for you a guiarian ange coin if you ever amke it our of your sorrowful ideation of you life currenlty love you to death brother on this earth, Sincerely blake i bergren Michael is my saint name btw......
Giuseppe Cosenza
Giuseppe Cosenza Před 2 dny
1.5x velocity: welcome 2011 ♥️
Chelsea Murillo
Chelsea Murillo Před 2 dny
Original: hard bop! Re'vamped'(I'm lame): but dang revamp is pulling on my heartstrings and pulls the emotion put of the lyrics so much more and love the vampire cult twist!
Angel Acosta
Angel Acosta Před 2 dny
🥲 I'm not crying, you're crying 😭
Pascal Před 2 dny
5:40 🤯
Burns Malu
Burns Malu Před 2 dny
Puta que pariu o que foi isso To toda arrepiada
Burns Malu
Burns Malu Před 2 dny
Wunderful Před 2 dny
Ok go off Professor Snape
AWAREWOLF Před 2 dny
Hey buddy loving the vampire gimmick! Keep up the awesome, unique, creative, talent-soaked art you have conjured for us to marvel at! I liked AFI too!
Brigitta Pályi
Brigitta Pályi Před 2 dny
Honestly not a big fan of FIR, but the editing is like OUT OF THIS WORLD
HOT DEViL Před 2 dny
its even deeper then a vamp tbh tell athina ill love her soul while we enter the depths of feeling while we cant yet ,,,!!?????????!!
EviLSiLenZ Před 2 dny
dead inside
Deiva Shubash
Deiva Shubash Před 2 dny
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Kookies and Tae
Kookies and Tae Před 2 dny
Bill Tales
Bill Tales Před 2 dny
wish i had to see this reimagined of Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche it will be so good !
Joel Asher
Joel Asher Před 2 dny
Dark with the monster in me will not rest until I lose control but the light shines through and I see the the f#$king shit that will be stacked up like mountains
Nighthawk 117
Nighthawk 117 Před 2 dny
just wow
Tufayl Patel
Tufayl Patel Před 2 dny
If Ronnie played Edward I might watch twilight. But then. Ronnie would also have to play Jacob because of Popular Monster. And then we'd be split into team Ronnie and Team Ronnie. I could live with that.
Alison Gorriaran
Alison Gorriaran Před dnem
A full Ronnie cast...he would play all of them
FiReAn Před 2 dny
BlackPink in your Oreo
i can't believe my ears
Deidra Saltsman
Deidra Saltsman Před 3 dny
I wouldn't against it if he wrote a musical and made it a beautiful full length movie. That would be my favorite thing ever.
CatSoul Před 3 dny
Good progress . Did not listened to this band for years. Better than before.
Deidra Saltsman
Deidra Saltsman Před 3 dny
I love these remakes of the older songs, they're such good songs and the videos are so intense and beautiful. Pure genius!
IruNaru Před 3 dny
Falling in Reverse.....is rising?! :) I LOVE it! Great Music!
Lore Před 3 dny
Getting hardcore AFI vibes from this.
Kendrick Evans
Kendrick Evans Před 3 dny
Ronnie has a side that he show that he is not all just rock and he proves that he can sing. All I have to say is that Ronnie keep it up man.
mademoiselle noir
mademoiselle noir Před 3 dny
Why ruin such a great song.....
Ella Chladek
Ella Chladek Před 3 dny
Where is this "ruining" the original song?
Medulla Oblongata
Medulla Oblongata Před 3 dny
It was awesome!! i've already heard all of falling in reverse and i need moooore!!! could you please recommend something like this goodness voice??
Skeletal Před 3 dny
Love this remake thing.
tcore ctroll
tcore ctroll Před 3 dny
The screaming at the end really saved this song for me, I was blown away and had no clue he could scream like that 🔥
Vinicius Negrini
Vinicius Negrini Před 3 dny
I remember the voice of fall out boy - centuries
Seimb Zarsky
Seimb Zarsky Před 3 dny
Would like to know those people that dissliked this So i can let them know that they missclicked when they tried to like this song
Afraaz Khan
Afraaz Khan Před 3 dny
That girl is Paige from WWE 😍😍
Steven Augustine Stuart
Emo on steroids. Excellent reworking.
LogicalVelocity Před 3 dny
I can't stop watching this.
Frankie Gray
Frankie Gray Před 3 dny
Take meh now 🧎
keibeezy Před 3 dny
I also feel like a lady with a baby cuz I'm always throwing up.
keibeezy Před 3 dny
I wish they would revamp every song for an album. It's so much darker.
Joseph Před 3 dny
4 milli in 2 months LFG
Nicole Stewart
Nicole Stewart Před 3 dny
Anyone else notice the similarities between the island in here & the live stream 🤔
Kierstin Garrison
Kierstin Garrison Před 3 dny
Yo who was going to tell me he posted this two months ago!!!! Like what!! I had no idea and I have been a fan sense 2015. Like wHaT!?
Aubrey Esslinger
Aubrey Esslinger Před 3 dny
Gothic Cool, Morbid Melodious Odious Immortality!!!
Kliver Dael Mairena
Que guapo es Ronnie
Eric Mason
Eric Mason Před 4 dny
Absolutely Gorgeous ❣️
Aelin Ashryver Galathynius
So powerfull, omg *-*
Melinda Rito
Melinda Rito Před 4 dny
This is fucking cool. Damn!!!
Jonathan Wendt
Jonathan Wendt Před 4 dny
Omg🙏 such a true artist!
Crimson Před 4 dny
Can anyone recommend me similar songs to this one?
Jesse Pander
Jesse Pander Před 4 dny
They did something similar with the drug in me is reimagined
Dark Velbet
Dark Velbet Před 4 dny
This is a fucking masterpiece!! I love Vampires very much and Wow!! He's sexy!! This song and music video are absolutely beautiful!!!
TheWildTrip Před 4 dny
Bro if Ronnie doesn't do a movie from all of these new takes on the songs from falling in reverse's first album imma be low-key upset If he doesn't do a short film with all of the songs from that first album he should at least redo a couple other songs from that album caught like a fly is one that I would love to see redone
Kevin Před 4 dny
I can listen to this everyday. The piano part the beginning gets me everytime. This is one of those times the remix is way better then the original. Keep it up Ronnie. Love the story you tell
Dominik Lisowski
Dominik Lisowski Před 4 dny
Idek Před 4 dny
Eh, Drug reimagined was much, much better tbh
Bronson Gjelstrup
Bronson Gjelstrup Před 4 dny
shoulda released this first
Masterpiece!!! Wow RONNIE, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!!!🤘👍🔥☠👏🇮🇹
Dark_Jester89 Před 4 dny
Damn, that was epic
Stephen Midnight
Stephen Midnight Před 4 dny
This is refreshing. It's like .. Slipknots The Vermillion Pt. 2 for a new generation in a way
Luc Před 5 dny
Mr. Black
Mr. Black Před 5 dny
Jesus i got chills and literally started trembling when Ronnie started screaming holy shit.
Elena Pierce
Elena Pierce Před 5 dny
3:28 ronnie definitely loves call of duty. and he might actually be a zombie.
Marc Ramon
Marc Ramon Před 5 dny
i wanna hear this Melodic badasserie on Chemical Prisoner!!! keep up this amazingness Ronnie !!!
"Sometimes I sleep all day"... Me : Maybe has depression too....
Alex Bulbash
Alex Bulbash Před 5 dny
Таою мать, что ты творишь? Это же гениально и просто великолепно!!!
Katie Stork
Katie Stork Před 5 dny
Ooou my carefree youth
mininameless Před 5 dny
The Truth About my Son
zhlédnutí 14M
Falling In Reverse - "Drugs"
The Truth About my Son
zhlédnutí 14M