Every Rainbow Six Siege Operator Explained By Ubisoft | Each and Every | WIRED 

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Ubisoft's Alexander Karpazis explains the backstories of each and every operator in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Alex breaks down why Blitz is so intimidating, where did the idea for Clash came from, Maestro's familiar look (Mario!), and the real-life inspiration for the aptly named Sledge.
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Every Rainbow Six Siege Operator Explained By Ubisoft | Each and Every | WIRED


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4. 11. 2019





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Old Account
Old Account Před 4 hodinami
Did anyone notice they used Vanoss' gameplay 26:13
maggoteater Před 12 hodinami
I really hope they bring it the Chinese sf snow leopards I bet they gonna have some slick designs
Jack Shields
Jack Shields Před 13 hodinami
Hibana would be amazing only if she didn't have 20 rounds in her mag
Ray of Sunshine
Ray of Sunshine Před 14 hodinami
I wish tichanca was still with the deplorable gun
Levi Brekelmans
Levi Brekelmans Před 17 hodinami
This video got me into siege lol
grover bennett
grover bennett Před dnem
21:07 "Any resemblance to actual events or real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental"
Manuel Silfavan
Manuel Silfavan Před dnem
4:40 makes sense blitz’s hand just goes through the shield I see
Sarthak Thapa
Sarthak Thapa Před dnem
yo, where the f*** is the best operator in the game recruit????
Meadow Albert
Meadow Albert Před dnem
no matter how confident the fuze is. they'll usually kill the hostage. said by alexander himself
The_Lofi_Samurai Před dnem
Attack on titan operator? Hold up Ubisoft, you’re telling me y’all know anime references?
Wormhead YT
Wormhead YT Před dnem
This game is becoming worse and worse every season
Sean Baird
Sean Baird Před 2 dny
Omg that's funny because I always called thatcher Margret thatcher just cuz I thought it was funny 🤣
Mohammed Alamdar
Mohammed Alamdar Před 3 dny
Were is the Iraqi special forces
ShawneeNation Před 3 dny
8:58 rook stands up with recoil eve queue SR25 sound effect
Jake Rymsz
Jake Rymsz Před 3 dny
I want an updated list
ItsMyatt Před 3 dny
Ela’s mines need to do damage, I feel like her gadgets underpowered, or at least when they’re triggered they should give a marker of where the person is or mine is
Bruhè _
Bruhè _ Před 3 dny
Zofia is trash without her withstand
Stiles Batman
Stiles Batman Před 3 dny
he sweats like a freak
GolemPlay Před 4 dny
ela: she dyed her hair green
Boda Yulk
Boda Yulk Před 4 dny
After Doc heals Rook his revolver makes the dmr sounds 👌
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Před 5 dny
Tachanka: The lord.
Colt Peery
Colt Peery Před 5 dny
Make sound better
fuRan Před 5 dny
4:28 when did blitz be able to run around the map freely and why don't I remember that.
DmArKs 1203
DmArKs 1203 Před 5 dny
Can u plz fix siege
Ma Jinge
Ma Jinge Před 6 dny
8:52 of course he missed the dose of "second chance".
BUCKZZ Před 6 dny
Who said it was easy playing fuze????
5A05 LAM YAT CHING Před 6 dny
in the back ground of the guy i see an tan helmet the model is an MICH
Jackeroni Bologni
Jackeroni Bologni Před 6 dny
Lion's balaclava would make his respirator useless
Oakoe eokaO
Oakoe eokaO Před 6 dny
This is the video that got me into Siege
Mr. Toilet Roblox
Mr. Toilet Roblox Před 6 dny
I love how people rage when blitz melees them and they say they could not see him either though he flashed them
M'name Luis
M'name Luis Před 7 dny
Doc is a qt
NIKVEN Před 7 dny
"buck"le up 😃
Zoey Segura
Zoey Segura Před 7 dny
clash needs to be nerfed
kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv
@Zoey Segura but don't the zappers have a charge time and even when her shield is fully charged you can easily slowly walk to her and melee her shield.
Zoey Segura
Zoey Segura Před 3 dny
@kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv She's easy to kill if she puts down her shield or if you sneak up behind her. But really? She has zappers, a pretty awesome pistole, she is a shield on defense, she can basically be the best roamer, her zappers go 12 meters and do 5 damage. Since your going to see her one-on-one most of the time she can easily take you out, especially if you have low health.
kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv
@Zoey Segura clash is super easy to kill, she is just annoying to play against, she isn't broken at all
Zoey Segura
Zoey Segura Před 3 dny
@kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv She has a full body shield with ZAPPERS. Watch some gameplay with her and you can see how he can ace by sitting in a corner
ᕼOᖇᖇIᗪ Před 8 dny
Yo fixe ur server ubSHIT
Rowen Harvey
Rowen Harvey Před 8 dny
Poor guy's pit stains are showin.
Tynan Addison
Tynan Addison Před 8 dny
ELA Is eela but how u say it, it's ella
Tynan Addison
Tynan Addison Před 8 dny
It's not ella it's ELA (eeela)
Thiccolas Před 9 dny
If you do the math gridlock is horribly obese (over 40% fat) how is a SAS this heavy
Thiccolas Před 9 dny
Them trying to explain microtransactions that effect gameplay
Joselitt23 Před 9 dny
Is anyone here when tachanca does not have the turret no more and has like a fire grenade launcher
yuungdracoo Před 10 dny
F Urmother
F Urmother Před 10 dny
Pls bring the blitz idea back
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha Před 10 dny
Ash isnt the leader of rainbow, shes just too scary for anyone to step up
Mustafa Aslandag
Mustafa Aslandag Před 10 dny
Nokk is caveira can my mind
Johnfromafar Před 11 dny
Can we make this guy an operator
Crazy Před 11 dny
Have we all been pronouncing amaru wrong
Vonor Ceeras
Vonor Ceeras Před 12 dny
Is everyone going to forget that he said where Nøkk was born in Denmark
BigMaxMer Před 12 dny
Do the operators based of real person i mean the face/skin
Nolan G
Nolan G Před 12 dny
rip withstand 2017-2021
Ur boy Skinnywinny
Ur boy Skinnywinny Před 12 dny
Makhi Richardson
Makhi Richardson Před 12 dny
If only they could explain their problem with big ms rn
H .Productions
H .Productions Před 12 dny
callsign skrilex
callsign skrilex Před 13 dny
Why is there an airsoft mask in the background? 😂
jelle therandomhuman
Add a dutch operator, there are none in the game realy sad
Hayder Abdulridha
Hayder Abdulridha Před 13 dny
Calls a Jewish character "ASH". Oh gawd...
Potato Před 13 dny
Why is no one talking about how he said montage
Battle Hardens
Battle Hardens Před 13 dny
Buckle up chuckle fucks
ScriptSoldier Před 13 dny
I hate how the only people with semi realistic equipment is the GSG9, and Blackbeard >:(
Mike Cline
Mike Cline Před 14 dny
i want to join the military, but because of scoliosis, i cant, so mabye a swat team may fit me.
Forceal Break
Forceal Break Před 14 dny
Press on reactions to see the full list. Alibi 0:14 Amaru 1:04 Ash 2:04 Bandit 2:49 Black beard 3:28 Blitz 4:12 Buck 4:45 Capitao 5:14 Castle 5:55 Caveira 6:30 Clash 7:13 Doc 8:23 Dokka Bae 9:05 Echo 9:48 Best girl 1 10:36 Finka 11:14 Frost 12:08 There was a hostage? 12:59 Details 13:52 Goyo 14:35 Gridlock 15:17 Hibana 16:08 IQ 16:39 Jackal 17:03 Jäger 17:22 Kaid 17:40 Kapkan 18:26 Lesion 18:41 Lion 19:17 Maestro 20:06 Maverick 20:32 Best girl 2 21:30 Montagne 22:30 Mozzie 23:21 Silence, I kill you 23:53 Best girl 3 24:37 Nomad 25:16 Pulse 25:47 Take the armor plates cav mains😠 26:30 Sledge 26:54 Smoke 27:41 The Lord 28:47 Fookin 29:35 Termite 30:08 Twitch 31:09 Valk 31:42 Vigil 33:01 Warden 33:31 Ying 34:07 Zofia 34:28
Enes Şahin
Enes Şahin Před 14 dny
Wasn't Nomad a man in other Ubisoft games?
Semi Před 14 dny
Fix your servers
Håvard Haugland
Håvard Haugland Před 14 dny
2:55 hmm casual nothing casual about blitz
I Yeet You
I Yeet You Před 14 dny
33:05 that voice crack
Riktoffen115 Před 14 dny
26:11 Vanossgaming ?
Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri Před 15 dny
My god imagine if siege had proxim chat, like while dead you can't speak to your team but while alive you can talk your way out of difficult situations, like an actual CTU with negotiating
inserttxt Před 15 dny
You could tell me this dude is Ryan Reynold's cousin and I would believe you
Corwin Hsien
Corwin Hsien Před 15 dny
That finka hot breach is insane
William King
William King Před 16 dny
castle ex football player and gave him a baseball skin
Shield379 Před 16 dny
I really want to see a new animation of when ur interrogating someone with cav you put a bucket over their head and beat it
seth hiles
seth hiles Před 16 dny
They replaced maestro’s cigar with wheat. That struck me as funny, dunno why
TheBloodyClover_ Před 16 dny
Montagne should have 4 armor just because of his backstory
JJ Před 17 dny
We need an updated version
Freddy Gaetz
Freddy Gaetz Před 17 dny
Isn't blitz a girl?
engineer gaming,
engineer gaming, Před 18 dny
Glaz on plain is relly good
Juice Box
Juice Box Před 18 dny
Vigil: I have a mask...
Mason Wechsler
Mason Wechsler Před 18 dny
pp poo poo
The Masked Pariah
The Masked Pariah Před 19 dny
They look at them with meaning I look at them like trash good good
put put
put put Před 19 dny
actually fuze will never be let on hostage and you will more then likely kill your teammates
Carson Mcintyre
Carson Mcintyre Před 19 dny
ataackers need a better healer
ulaş berk çelik
ulaş berk çelik Před 19 dny
Why no Turks in game ?
KinderSpel Před 19 dny
25:34 I dont understand this, what is she missing?
KinderSpel Před 19 dny
That pimple on his eyelid irritates me.
AnthonyTheGreat Před 20 dny
R.I.P withstand 💀
Ima Fathoe
Ima Fathoe Před 20 dny
Will you ever reveal nokk’s face
Lord Eddy
Lord Eddy Před 20 dny
I watched this video like 20 times
Imagine Před 20 dny
“Docs strength is giving other operators health” *Shows a clip of doc missing a stim shot*
FyreSpeed Před 20 dny
The OGs know how special old house was
SoAr ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
SoAr ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Před 19 dny
Cali right
Leo Goldsborough
Leo Goldsborough Před 21 dnem
"Why don't defenders have claymores" My friend says.....Really tho Why
captain ackerman
captain ackerman Před 21 dnem
Since y’all like attack on titan, I want an Erwin operator his name will be Commander Erwin.
Nathan Decker
Nathan Decker Před 21 dnem
8:51 Did anyone else notice how Doc missed the stim shot? Like what always happens to me...
Scentedpinecone4 Před 21 dnem
“Zofia has a unique ability that when she gets down she can get back up with 1 health” Me: not anymore
zekitjr Před 6 dny
Der Unwillkommene
Der Unwillkommene Před 21 dnem
we need a update.
Fenrir Wolfhunter
Fenrir Wolfhunter Před 22 dny
there is a lot of US and French operatives
Stormz Před 22 dny
Castle elite leaked pro football player
Lord doggo
Lord doggo Před 22 dny
So blitz was going to just do Blitzkrieg Pronounced: blits kreeg
KB gaming
KB gaming Před 23 dny
Rip Zofias withstand and Tachankas turret
The king of Earth
The king of Earth Před 21 dnem
rip the 200 hostages that fuze killed back in 2002 O-O
Thomas Willie
Thomas Willie Před 23 dny
Everyone: other operators Ubisoft: And now Capitao, *Gray hair*
Adam Murdoch
Adam Murdoch Před 23 dny
bruh did this lad really call warden usefull?
Abid Azmain
Abid Azmain Před 23 dny
Amaru the "Attack on TItan" Operator
Ranboo Turns Cat
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