Sound Designer Breaks Down V8 Engine Sounds 

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V8s sound good, but which one sounds the best? Today we’re gonna find out, and we brought in Academy Award winning sound designer Mark Mangini to help! We picked 10 engines submitted by YOU, and we’re gonna rank em all. This is the D-List!
Huge thanks to the following channels for providing audio samples:
JW Motors
Some sounds provided by ProSoundEffects Library.
Other engine sounds provided via manufacturer media archives.
Make sure to check out Mark’s channel too! csshows.info/label/3AGO3TuFGshpGLsUEeF9BA
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16. 04. 2021





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Donut Media
Donut Media Před 28 dny
What's the worst sounding V8?
GAVIN BRAND Před 27 dny
Jaguar F-Type
mauricio mestre
mauricio mestre Před 27 dny
@Sapphire The Husky I had a Silverado and no doesn’t sound good make noise but is not a head turner
mauricio mestre
mauricio mestre Před 27 dny
@Manisandjr8 and it’s a shame the with does engines they make them sound so bad from factory maybe the doge ram 1500 but still doesn’t sound good
mauricio mestre
mauricio mestre Před 27 dny
@GTRulez jajajajaja they would not like my comment at all jajajaja that’s a good sounding sound !
mauricio mestre
mauricio mestre Před 27 dny
@Manisandjr8 of course they are really good exceptions from trucks like fords lightning and srt from doge even Trd from Toyota
matt taylor
matt taylor Před hodinou
I worked on this little indie flick call RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK!
devonte thomas
devonte thomas Před hodinou
I guess every American car ......i kno what I love
Panthera Negra
Panthera Negra Před 2 hodinami
No 4.6l V8
Leon Storcz
Leon Storcz Před 3 hodinami
no audi v8, man?
Josh R
Josh R Před 6 hodinami
Now do online 6s and have him listen to a nasty straight pipe Cummins. The way God and Clessie intended
Ricky Mistry
Ricky Mistry Před 9 hodinami
Award to the episode with the worst placed adverts goes to....... Also the award of the BEST EPISODE TO DATE goes to....... Thank you guys
nicholas41505 Před 10 hodinami
Where's the scania V8
Achat A Chat
Achat A Chat Před 10 hodinami
Damn... I expected a BMW M3 V8 (NA) track somewhen... You have to hear a sequential downshift from it, mates.... you have to.
Important Dolphin
Important Dolphin Před 13 hodinami
Where is the Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 V8 we missed that. shame on you Nolan
Brandon Bolster
Brandon Bolster Před 13 hodinami
Excuse me sir you didn't have the best sounding v8 on here, the foxbody 302 is infact the best sounding v8 ever made
Russel Ampon
Russel Ampon Před 22 hodinami
For me the best sounding v8 is a dodge charger or challenger
Will Reed
Will Reed Před 22 hodinami
IDK where you got your recording for the GT350, but that was an abysmal representation of that cars exhaust notes
Driveway STAR
Driveway STAR Před 23 hodinami
Soon as I heard #9 I was like "that's a damn boat motor"
Driveway STAR
Driveway STAR Před dnem
This was just a lovely, interesting, and entertaining video. More of this! Mad Top Gear vibes with the magnet strip list! Great fuckin job guys
some guy
some guy Před dnem
just cant beat that nastynes of the ferrari v8 tho
some guy
some guy Před dnem
i straight away knew the dodge hellcat
Clorox Fresh Meadow Bleach
454 or 350 with a cam that hits harder than a drunk stepdad.
Kane Nolting
Kane Nolting Před dnem
That gt 350 clip didn’t do the car justice. It sounds incredible
Grey Wolf-233
Grey Wolf-233 Před dnem
What about the best Race car engine sound
Félix G. Romero
Félix G. Romero Před dnem
14:14 don't worry be proud of it
HighSpeed Nerf
HighSpeed Nerf Před dnem
Can we get more of these videos please!!!!!!
Martin Kungys
Martin Kungys Před dnem
Those were up shifts tho. And that’s an automatic shift fart
Itz Edge
Itz Edge Před 2 dny
Where is the Duramax
David Klein
David Klein Před 2 dny
Anyone else catch the spoiler at 14:56? Before they 'decided' where the 440 should go?
Logan Mitchell
Logan Mitchell Před 2 dny
I think they recorded the Shelby pretty badly because that recording did sound super dull compared to the usual punchy Shelby sound.
Ryan Sotelo
Ryan Sotelo Před 2 dny
La Ferrari 😍
The sound of the demon will never get old
Juggernaut Gaming
Juggernaut Gaming Před 2 dny
Should have done the coyote 5.0. In my opinion is the best sounding engine
Kuma Bear
Kuma Bear Před 2 dny
K but that gt350r clip wasnt picked well, didnt showcase the full sound that sounded like up to 4k rpm... the shelby would have taken 2nd place easy as one of the best/most unique half blood beast
moerker Před 2 dny
Wow No Koenigsegg? the've got the most incredible V8s ever made.
Jacob Adrian Manila
Where's the GT500?
Krazy Kris
Krazy Kris Před 3 dny
This dude sucks . Why do they pay this guy the money they do ?
Nighthawk Před 3 dny
if you can tell there's a tiny squirt of gas out of that exhaust just by listening to it, .... it's a good V8.
The British Patriot
Nothing beats the sound of a V8 Crown Victoria!
Luke Robbins
Luke Robbins Před 3 dny
The recording for the gt350 was awful.
brent vance
brent vance Před 3 dny
He’s definitely looking up
MrBacon8r Před 3 dny
It’s funny you can tell where it came from. German cars is more a throat harsh sounding engine, American has the deep roar kinda sound and Italy has the high pitch whine type sound.
Pillow Online
Pillow Online Před 3 dny
Mark looks like an older Jeremiah.
Minh Đức Hà
Minh Đức Hà Před 3 dny
Imagine making v10 ep so Mark can hear the LFA,Gallardo and the CGT=)))
Bean Dip
Bean Dip Před 3 dny
Koenigsegg v8????
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong Před 3 dny
That’s the sound clip you guys used for the GT350 one of the best sounding engines ever are you serious ? Wow sad
TJ Ward
TJ Ward Před 4 dny
Shelby Daytona coupe. That's one of the best sounds ever.
Sans the Skeleton
Sans the Skeleton Před 4 dny
What if this guy went to a "Top-Fuel Drag-Race" or you showed him the sound of one of those damn beasts!
Ethan Moody
Ethan Moody Před 4 dny
Best sounding V8 is the Gt40 or the F430 scuderia
Billy Underwood
Billy Underwood Před 4 dny
Some of those clips were crap. The GT350R got cheated bigtime.
Keegan Myers
Keegan Myers Před 4 dny
I knew the first car was a corvette
David Jaime
David Jaime Před 4 dny
Where are the damn old school american v8s? Cammed big blocks small blocks hemi old fords? To many foreign cars
David Jaime
David Jaime Před 2 dny
Sorry yall i was in a bad mood
CMJ - Před 3 dny
@David Jaime he did put a FP 458 at first?
David Jaime
David Jaime Před 4 dny
@CMJ - im just saying that guy Didnt like those flat plane crank engines he liked the cross plane ones.
CMJ - Před 4 dny
@David Jaime And what does that have due to what your comment. We’re talking about the list, not the movie.
David Jaime
David Jaime Před 4 dny
@CMJ - that guy did the sound for movies that had only American cars not foreign cars. As far as i know they were not driving Ferrari's in mad max
wills 04
wills 04 Před 4 dny
Would have liked to hear a Scania V8
Sudheep Kareepadath
Shelby's 5.2L voodoo flat plane still my personal favorite🥰😘.
brickson98moto Před 5 dny
You included the 7.2 but not Ford’s 7.5? Missed out on that opportunity big time
brickson98moto Před 5 dny
The Detroit diesel made my ears cum. I’m a sucker for big ass gas v8 sounds, but you can’t beat an old Detroit diesel
Ricardo Vazquez
Ricardo Vazquez Před 5 dny
Showed my mans a bad video of a gt350
Dependant Director
Dependant Director Před 5 dny
E9x m3? 6.3 amg ?..
Товарищ Александр
Why no blown nitro 560s
Dependant Director
Dependant Director Před 5 dny
Amg v8 is the best sounding
melvyn jimenez
melvyn jimenez Před 5 dny
Bring him back for more
Josh Hughes
Josh Hughes Před 5 dny
Poor recording of the GT350R. There’s hardly a better sounding American V8 than what the FPC Voodoo makes as it screams to 8,250. Even at idle without resonators (stock) sounds amazing. Also one of the loudest exhausts straight from the factory. Cover your ears on the cold start!
Sam Nigro
Sam Nigro Před 5 dny
A Chevy big block marine engine with a blower and rough idle cams is one of the best sounding v8 engines I have ever heard
Blitz-Mekanika Před 5 dny
Best sounding V8 is the Maserati 4.7 or the AMG 6.2. I can never decide between the 2.
ATUL KINJA Před 5 dny
Where is camaro. ???
Raja Rafe
Raja Rafe Před 5 dny
when i heard the supercharger on the demon i had the biggest smile on my face omg
Lifted_Above Před 5 dny
Simple: 2004 Ford 4.6 Terminator. csshows.info/up/video/lJeex6e2kYDb0qA.html Or this Ford 460 ci thumper cam. csshows.info/up/video/h9mAroDXs5Oqxo4.html
jmhellison Před 6 dny
Why would I want to buy a Tesla again? Performance what?
Bradly Classen
Bradly Classen Před 6 dny
The over qualified guy was schooled 😬
Alex Chulzhanov
Alex Chulzhanov Před 6 dny
Yamaha was actually designing engines for Toyota way back in the 80s, including the cylinder head for the 4AGE found in the MR2 and 86.
Zoli Před 6 dny
The Shelby GT350 with the 5.2 Voodoo is my dream car.
Zoli Před 6 dny
Spoiler alert the Federal Reserve doesn't have gold.
FireLordCanti Před 6 dny
I'm curious what his personal car is.
Trimzy Před 6 dny
Well of course the Ferrari won he’s Italian
CMJ - Před 4 dny
It’s also the best sounding car as well
Trimzy Před 6 dny
I thought the first one was a Mustang GT
Zae Bandzzz
Zae Bandzzz Před 6 dny
Why didn’t they play a better sounding Mustang v8 like a 14 gt or a 18 gt
Z33NY Před 6 dny
MP40 Před 7 dny
Shoulda put an old Chevy 454 in there
Hbomb0330 Před 7 dny
On the one he says we’re switching it up I instantly knew it was an 8v71
Induction Records
Induction Records Před 7 dny
Someone needs to send this to Elon Musk.
The One
The One Před 7 dny
wtf did you fine the worst clip of a 350???? that clip did not do its justice.
Stephen Fitzsimmons
Again but with v10
penis butt
penis butt Před 7 dny
just drove a LC500 at work last week. pretty sharp
Nova Před 7 dny
He should do some work on Forza...
Stuart Bullock
Stuart Bullock Před 7 dny
I knew that F-type instantly, definitely not for everyone but I love it
Gardo Santiago
Gardo Santiago Před 7 dny
That last one 👀, we all know what that was. Little bit of whine.
Corey Talker
Corey Talker Před 7 dny
What about the Maserati granturismo mc 🤔
Jake Bond
Jake Bond Před 7 dny
How the fuck is the audi rs5 v8 not in there but the jag is🤨
akshay jaya kumar
akshay jaya kumar Před 8 dny
Wherea best sounding v8 lambos
Drew Elias
Drew Elias Před 8 dny
Never mind 🤠🤠
Drew Elias
Drew Elias Před 8 dny
No dodge?????
Zeldris Před 8 dny
Koneggsegg v8??
Tyler G.
Tyler G. Před 8 dny
Great video! Didn't make the list but my personal favorite, the LS7 (c6 zo6) / z28 5gen camaro.... just yummy
Valik Toma
Valik Toma Před 8 dny
Bone stock SVX sounds way batter than all these. Just CSshows it. Embarrassing, very, when my daily driver sounds like an orchestra in comparison, legit. Edit: csshows.info/up/video/mdmspKDKknXKxpg.html Not my car, but sounds the same.
Valik Toma
Valik Toma Před 7 dny
@A1 ha, those V8s sounded like my garbage bin when I take it out to the curb. A bag of junk, no rythm, no voice to the noise, just loud and anoying.
A1 Před 8 dny
It just doesn’t... that shit shoulda like a clapped junker you send into the ditch for fun.. any American v8 sounds better and any diesel truck sounds better
derbobbycarfahrer Před 8 dny
Please do the same one with 6 cylinders
Napolitan Brick Oven Pizza
U forgot Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale...best V8 ever made
SgtMeatloaf 223
SgtMeatloaf 223 Před 9 dny
It doesn’t help that many of these recordings were very poorly done
The Walker Brothers
All these V8s and y’all didn’t pull any clips of something with a Hawg Ass Cam🙄
Jacques Davenport
Jacques Davenport Před 9 dny
Should of let him here the LFA
Bigcoolconnor Před 9 dny
Can we all just agree that the best sounding V8's are classic 70's American muscle cars?
A1 Před 8 dny
69 charger and 68 Camaro 2 of the best
Photon Yeo
Photon Yeo Před 9 dny
Bro they did the voodoo engine dirty that recording was kinda shit...(not donuts fault, whoever that damn cameraman is)
Backyardwelds Co
Backyardwelds Co Před 9 dny
I’d say nothing tops the Dodge Demon👹
Jaden Godfrey Taylor-Collins
I probably would’ve disliked the video if there wasn’t the 6.2 Mopar
CANN - Princezna 🥀
zhlédnutí 48K
Trucks are getting out of hand
CANN - Princezna 🥀
zhlédnutí 48K