Are Sculk Sensors Game Changers? 

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New Minecraft Snapshot W2049A for the new Minecraft 1.17 Update has just released, and it includes a New minecraft redstone component! The Sculk Sensor allows you to create wireless redstone by detecting vibrations. There is also now Sculk Frequency which allows you to detect what is creating the sound and give a specific redstone signal strength depending on what it was! It allows for a tonne of new redstone contraptions, and bunch of new technical minecraft possibilities! In this video Mumbo experiments with sculk sensors, and creates a bunch of interesting redstone contraptions!
Filming channel: csshows.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo


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3. 12. 2020





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Name Surname
Name Surname Před 10 hodinami
If only there was an item that gives out a reds tone output when you open a chest
Darth Plagueis20
Darth Plagueis20 Před 16 hodinami
IS it just me or does anyone else like the sculk sensor alot!?
Jerry Webb
Jerry Webb Před 17 hodinami
7:52 who’s thinking about remaking Minecraft 8 bit computers but ultra small?
Lothlorian Před dnem
My only issue is I feel like the sound would get really annoying after a while. If there was a way to quiet it that would be perfect.
No lol
No lol Před dnem
Some people be like: update bad because be like modded Minecraft
Hankbob Hillpants
Finally, undetectable land mines
I Ski
I Ski Před dnem
Isolate. *smiles bitterly
21KEVIN KREMER Před dnem
But the thing is, is it's cool and all, and i get there are many uses, but I don't think signals will be one of them, especially if you can just plop some redstone down instead, just me though, thoughts anyone? [Edit] Another thing I noticed is that at around 9:40 to like 9:55, why would you need the pig when you could do the same with yourself, can someone explain? (Taking a wild guess here and assuming that because like, what if YOU don't move for a while, and itt'll switch off, but then again, why can't you do the same pulse thing with the comparators with yourself?
Sylvain Robitaille
A zombie and a villager would probably have less need of a pulse extender for the player detector.
Sylvain Robitaille
You did create a clock with your door. ;)
c@mbaz Před 2 dny
What about flying machines?
un nerdyneko
un nerdyneko Před 3 dny
omg, this means we'll technically have: wi-fi or bluetooth in minecraft. ( wireless redstone )
Lucas Paradox
Lucas Paradox Před 3 dny
Probably wouldnt be a game changer but How do the Sensors React with pet Jungle Parots since they Copy different Sounds?
Arya Babul
Arya Babul Před 3 dny
Imagine a mod that would make sculk sensors activate when you talk and have a different amount of power based on how loud you talk
Max O dowd
Max O dowd Před 3 dny
Bro I could attach to a beacon and make it change color when someone is in your base using the friendly mob thing thag way u could see form ages away
370z gaming
370z gaming Před 3 dny
We can now send messages to each other in our bases in Morse code
Snow Owl
Snow Owl Před 4 dny
Day 0 hour 1 of new snapshot mumbo jumbo knows everything
ABM Legend
ABM Legend Před 4 dny
Man can borrow your brain😂
PanickBoi Gaming
PanickBoi Gaming Před 4 dny
*ah yes,you can make wireless terrorist bomb attacks in minecraft,this can be used in a lot of ways*
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy Před 4 dny
So sculk sensors are basically just like Bluetooth xD
Dandiel Wolf
Dandiel Wolf Před 5 dny
A Morse code machine would be pretty nice
Elijah Vance
Elijah Vance Před 5 dny
Minecraft Morse code
Fabian Solis Valencia
Anyone else saw there air mines for flying machines
Odimus Před 6 dny
what if when you walked on wool the skulk sensor wouldn't detect it?
OofBaconHair Před 7 dny
The sound is so satisfying
Becket Harris
Becket Harris Před 7 dny
You can use the mobs to open doors when you drop a particular food item. Imagine a dungeon with some sort of statue asking for an offering.
Becket Harris
Becket Harris Před 7 dny
Sculk Sensor telegram.
WoodyStar18 Před 8 dny
Golisopod used first impression with a sculck on Mumbo. It was super effective. A meme for any other Pokemon fans
kandifamily Před 9 dny
3:28 bru do not tell me that’s a sensor activated door with Bailey any red stone literally 2 seconds later whole frick it works
Piotr Kwiatkowski
Piotr Kwiatkowski Před 9 dny
So now you dont need to have many redstone to make long signal, intresting.
CR Zone
CR Zone Před 10 dny
7:56 get rid of wool at end so it goes on then itll act as circuit of it going around contantly which you could use for lighting lamps or whatever
LukeGaming 08
LukeGaming 08 Před 10 dny
Wait so now we finally have wireless redstone?
That means iyou can make noise machine by placing millions of sensors
conservative discernment
So what I’m hearing is that if I build a wool bunker I will be virtually undetectable
AJ Vasava
AJ Vasava Před 12 dny
Da Bee
B1 Boomer
B1 Boomer Před 12 dny
Making a wireless telegraph with sculk sensors...
Benjamin Gainsford
Benjamin Gainsford Před 13 dny
Anyone know when the update is available?
Szabolcs Horváth
Szabolcs Horváth Před 13 dny
Is this Java version or is it Bedrock edition?
Matias Melo
Matias Melo Před 13 dny
They should make an enchantment for leather boots called silent step so that you don’t emit sounds or they are just undetectable
Blade of Nexus
Blade of Nexus Před 13 dny
Remember the base in the side of a mountain that you use a slime block to get into? Could that be skulk sensor activated?
Supernova Před 14 dny
Mojang has officially brought coding indirectly into Minecraft.
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
Imagine placing a TNT in a cave then it suddenly explodes for no reason
Gold the deer
Gold the deer Před 14 dny
So is there any use with redstone anymore
M Sapper
M Sapper Před 14 dny
Do you know when 1.17 update is coming out in 2021
THEKILLER 2055 Před 15 dny
You could self destruct a whole base once someone is close from a rigged sensor By doing this you can grief someone's base while you're offline because that person logged back into his base
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer Před 15 dny
For some reason why does my Minecraft not have all dis cave and mountain updates
Potassium Před 15 dny
they added 5g in minecraft protect yourselves
Slater 360
Slater 360 Před 15 dny
Technically there whould be moving parts in the noteblock and dropper because there machines and have internal moving parts just not visable ones
SenanIsGodly Před 15 dny
From the amount of times he said "That's REALLY COOL" I think the answer to the title is yes..
Bloxyeet Před 15 dny
RaqRedOX Před 16 dny
Wireless Redstone.
L a n d m i n e
Savmage Gamer_OP
Savmage Gamer_OP Před 16 dny
new hardcore idea, the diamonds in the deep dark can kill you??
Derpy Time
Derpy Time Před 16 dny
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Derpy Time
Derpy Time Před 16 dny
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music Studio
music Studio Před 17 dny
Abdullah Shahram
Abdullah Shahram Před 17 dny
i came
Eric Hestand
Eric Hestand Před 17 dny
What is the key shortcut to go between game modes?
Bingston Před 17 dny
Minh Magic
Minh Magic Před 18 dny
Wool Farms go brr
Joshua Holloway
Joshua Holloway Před 18 dny
Fernando Tahiraj
Fernando Tahiraj Před 18 dny
This makes door mechanics inside horror maps so much easier This is next level!
papa Minecwaft
papa Minecwaft Před 18 dny
Shlagin Před 19 dny
The sculk sensor is going to make bedrock version redstone so much better, perhaps even almost on par with Java.
Pebble Browser
Pebble Browser Před 19 dny
The frequency strength is perfect for Simon says minigame- Randomizer picks a random command, for example "Simon says jump!", which then makes a redstone circuit turn on that only activates to jump frequency, and if you jump in time then next round
Jared Maples
Jared Maples Před 19 dny
Excited to see what you build with this!
Jayton O'Brien
Jayton O'Brien Před 20 dny
The fucking traps
Shadow Fang
Shadow Fang Před 20 dny
vault security system hooked up to sculk sensors and server crash machin ... ... bonus if server restore == vault restore
strider man
strider man Před 20 dny
Lime Chip
Lime Chip Před 20 dny
The idea of sending a redstone signal through telephone poles/power lines sounds soo cool.
Sophrosynicle Před 20 dny
That proximity pig could trigger an entire pop-up base, opening the ground in awe striking grandeur, making way for a castle in the style of an ice queen.
Arka Purusatama
Arka Purusatama Před 20 dny
The most thing that I will expect is A Ton of Tutorial how to get a correct signal strength for shulker
Siddhartha Mangesh
Siddhartha Mangesh Před 20 dny
Why my stomach sounds like a sculk sensor
Carl Abujen
Carl Abujen Před 21 dnem
8:00 Introducing, redstone 5G in minecraft!
Zabadoodlees Před 21 dnem
Well, we now have advance security in Minecraft!
Arkslippy junior
Arkslippy junior Před 21 dnem
A cool concept would be a base mechanism that will force lock doors and chests if enemy players come in range
MrGermandeutsch Před 22 dny
I'm scared of the Comment Section.
La cnoix
La cnoix Před 23 dny
I wonder how they are gonna act on bedrock.
Nick’s Randomness
Nick’s Randomness Před 23 dny
I'm not a redstone engineer but I see a automatic archery enemy detector coming on
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace Před 23 dny
Pog for Jesus Christ
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace Před 23 dny
Justin Ernewein
Justin Ernewein Před 23 dny
Hermit challenges telegraph system via sculk sensors!
webkinz gecko
webkinz gecko Před 23 dny
I wonder if you could use these to make a way to actually test horse speed? right now the way of determining how fast a horse is in minecraft is... really difficult and not that accurate. but if you could time the pulses it might be easier to tell?
YouTubez Fan
YouTubez Fan Před 23 dny
Redstone experts in bedrock:*sad redstone generated noises*
Tanner Nys
Tanner Nys Před 23 dny
my first thought when he did the wireless redstone signal.... THE BEACONS ARE LIT! GONDOR CALLS FOR AID!
Ayaz Aliyev
Ayaz Aliyev Před 23 dny
Ok I'm confused what's the difference between using skulk sensors to send signals and using redstone lines to do that?
oroka guy
oroka guy Před 24 dny
they added 4G to minecraft
Enzo Hamijoyo
Enzo Hamijoyo Před 24 dny
Oh yes! Can someone tell me how to craft a lever, because im lazy to make a survival world at my mcpe. And also i forget how to craft it please remind me in the comment.
Enzo Hamijoyo
Enzo Hamijoyo Před 24 dny
Anxiety Child
Anxiety Child Před 24 dny
how about skulk sensor hidden staircase
João Pedro
João Pedro Před 24 dny
that would make the ¨what if everyone got trapped in minecraftt¨ video more terryfing
João Pedro
João Pedro Před 24 dny
as a other video of himself:MOJANG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
Eve Porter
Eve Porter Před 24 dny
Hey Mumbo, I was messing around with the new snapshot the other day and attempted to make a trap where if you stopped on my flowers in front of my house, you would fall to your death. I used wool for my pathway so it wouldn’t be detected it you were polite, but if you decided to be rude you would die. I couldn’t get it to work and I think it would be really cool if you were to try it from an experienced redstoner’s knowledge!
Eve Porter
Eve Porter Před 16 dny
@Exploding Dragon ok I’m not really sure what you mean with the Iron door tho, i was trying to get the dirt block to move under you because that’s the only block the skulk would detect
Exploding Dragon
Exploding Dragon Před 17 dny
De Tinga Are those dark bleu tings
Exploding Dragon
Exploding Dragon Před 17 dny
I might know How to Step 1 under a block of de flowers u have to put retstone and connect iT to like iron door than let those ting.open de pistons to de lava or fall death
bird Před 24 dny
red sus
Kacper Kiljan
Kacper Kiljan Před 24 dny
i mean, they are, they changed the number of all blocks
Blake Hix
Blake Hix Před 24 dny
does it work with minecart sounds, if so couldent you make a automated railway that can deliver carts between eachother without the need for a player interaction?
Quinn Summers
Quinn Summers Před 24 dny
Do you think you could make secret passcodes that require you to do specific movements in specific places for it to open and bad stuff happens if you do it wrong
Grimm _
Grimm _ Před 25 dny
I wonder... Was that telescope a new feature?
1andrew123 Před 25 dny
If a tree falls in the forrest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? Minecraft has the answer
Mikel Parry
Mikel Parry Před 25 dny
If you think about it, sculk sensor is kinda like a ranged observer🤔🤔
Anna Issel
Anna Issel Před 25 dny
I Don't think it Exists
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