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2. 03. 2021





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Peter McKinnon
Peter McKinnon Před měsícem
Would this make you get in to FPV?
MUR47_k Před 27 dny
I'm waiting to see how the sony drone is, that thing looks like a beast
I want it
Mitchell Hussey
Mitchell Hussey Před měsícem
Absolutely ! I can see myself with one of these in the near future :)
Jydotix Před měsícem
FPV is amazing, I think the building part is important. And dji just took the fun out the DIY part
beats4y Před měsícem
ohhhh yesss!!
PEI Real Estate - Michael Poczynek
FPV is sooooo cool! Been wanting to do it for years and now I am with the amazing DJI FPV. Thanks for making this video. Cheers!
Aerophlix Media
Aerophlix Media Před 9 dny
*I'm with you never wanted to take time to build one. All the choices too very overwhelming so I'm getting this one by end of this summer! Thanks for the video!*
Seth Bailey
Seth Bailey Před 9 dny
Matti seems like a professional laugher now.
MrSpicyKimchee Před 14 dny
I thought you were gonna fly drones anymore lol
BB Creations
BB Creations Před 14 dny
7:53 I was laughing so hard I spit out my chocky milk 😂
BB Creations
BB Creations Před 14 dny
So that's what DJI has been working on instead of my Mavic 3 pro! I'm sad. :(
Kaplan Před 15 dny
Gracias por los subtítulos en español!🤗👌🙌
Alessandro Filippi
Alessandro Filippi Před 17 dny
Video resolution is only 1080p... that's bad
Zach Machina
Zach Machina Před 18 dny
Matti has the better approach. He's not doing any building, not doing any soldering, nothing himself. But his fleet is way more durable and way less expensive to replace when broken. The footage is better and if you buy an fpv drone meant for long flights, the batteries will last just as long (or longer) than the dji fpv drone. But even at 5 minutes of flight per battery, you're still paying only $80 for 20 minutes of flight, compared to dji's $160 for the advertised 20 minutes of flight (though real world use has shown it closer to 10 or maybe 15 minutes of flight). Not to mention that the DJI fpv drone doesn't come well tuned, is overweight, and doesn't haven't great flight characteristics compared to the stuff Matti is flying. That's a heck of a lot of money and time wasted waiting on dji refresh to get a pretty plastic shell and a cool motor noise. Nothing will beat the price, effectiveness, or efficiency or buying prebuilt drones for someone who isn't interested in learning fpv.
matt perona
matt perona Před 19 dny
Nice MICROWAVE Peter, lost little respect from that shimmer.
Gilmar Albujar
Gilmar Albujar Před 20 dny
Hey what ND filter did you buy for the drone??
Deep Focus Clips
Deep Focus Clips Před 21 dnem
i didnt even see the video and just liked it! just caught myself hahah lol !
Nigel Arjoon
Nigel Arjoon Před 23 dny
Yo!!! When Peter turned the camera at Tyler I thought that was Robert Downey JR.
Lex - Brawl Stars
Lex - Brawl Stars Před 23 dny
Just ordered one. Will most likely crash within seconds. Money well spent....
Blain Sanford
Blain Sanford Před 23 dny
Did CN change drone flight laws or is this drone not covered due to weight?
Tom Elcock
Tom Elcock Před 28 dny
I think you might be the best CSshows out there
Omega kitten
Omega kitten Před 28 dny
Calling a 8 bit video cinematic is not right. My uncle hat the Mavic 2 Pro. 10 bit is cinematic
MizTer Korb
MizTer Korb Před 29 dny
monster BOY
monster BOY Před 29 dny
🖕 Chinese products Not used in Myanmar 🇲🇲
Joseph Paul
Joseph Paul Před měsícem
Very helpful, entertaining video. I'm definitely gonna get one. Thanks, guys 🤙
Abraham Weiss
Abraham Weiss Před měsícem
What was the altitude loss when pausing upside down? I would assume at least 20 feet based on my view and the time it took for the drone to level but if anyone knows it would be great. To be clear I am not going to buy a drone based on this feature but I can foresee myself needing to pause it abruptly and would like to be at a good height to reduce risk factor.
Fred's Full Throttle
Fred's Full Throttle Před měsícem
Yep, this sold me on it. I had an RC non-FPV drone for a few years, and this is easily the level of polish I'd like for my first FPV. Great vid!
Looks amazing. Too bad where in a recession here in the states.
David Taylar
David Taylar Před měsícem
FPV my newest way to experience motion sickness quickly.
Kostas Před měsícem
Peter because you said you don't want to learn fpv, if you don't use it can you send it to me cause i can't afford it? lol
Randy Milliron
Randy Milliron Před měsícem
Okay Peter, with you NOT being an FPV drone operator...would you recommend it or stick with the other Mavic drones???
The JRC Před měsícem
this interests me a lot! I have my first starter drone I got a few months ago and I already want to ditch it for this! haha!
AG Creations
AG Creations Před měsícem
So tempting to buy one....
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson Před měsícem
I’m worried about getting car sick
iLoveHK Lin
iLoveHK Lin Před měsícem
Isn't the US government banning the sale of DJI products?
Ray Hart
Ray Hart Před měsícem
Only thing epic is its price. Waste of money. Buy a real fpv drone. Dont be fooled....
FirstPlayer Před měsícem
Me to my landlord: Excuse me sir, but are flying slaughtering machines... I mean drones, allowed in the radius?
i recently got my mini 2 and honestly for me its the best drone just uploaded a review too, might get this drone in a year or so :)
Ujjwal Kumar
Ujjwal Kumar Před měsícem
DJI or Skydio..which one would you recommend?
Robin de Blanche
Robin de Blanche Před měsícem
Aw, bummer, totally expected that lift sound from the drone as ending clip Peter.. No, really, I was totally prepared mentally for that take off sound to be repeated as a last frame. So weird this all became now. I still love you and your content but I really wanted that sign off ending ;). All love!
Tonmay Das
Tonmay Das Před měsícem
Teacher: Toady' lesson. How to make value for money? Student: Just look at DJI. dah....
Master V
Master V Před měsícem
Peter McKinnon. Are you getting gray hairs on the sides
Ozark Bear
Ozark Bear Před měsícem
Can you control the camera gimbal independently? like hover and aim down?
David W Saunders
David W Saunders Před měsícem
Good solid have fun video
Pablo Tavares
Pablo Tavares Před měsícem
anyone got a link of that black reflective jacket???
Mountain Reel Studios
Mountain Reel Studios Před měsícem
This thing is awesome! we'll probably get one to try out, not sure how it will go!
Hornbill Studios
Hornbill Studios Před měsícem
I love it
Omar Faruk
Omar Faruk Před měsícem
0:59 wrong way man
Vagabond Pinas
Vagabond Pinas Před měsícem
is it heavy?
VR Essentials
VR Essentials Před měsícem
Hi, your Music is too loud for this video (both on speakers and using headphone) - great product though well done to DJI! Look forward seeing more your content in later vids ;)
打,打个大西瓜、 Před měsícem
Benjamin Kelley
Benjamin Kelley Před měsícem
Wow Matti looks like Teppo with those glasses.
Alyx FPV
Alyx FPV Před měsícem
Sadly this new hyped dji drone flies in acro like my 2014 drone with CC3D FC with oldest target of betaflight...
Ankit Rinayat
Ankit Rinayat Před měsícem
One of video is not stabilised 😂. Hope u have checked before uploading thia
Amir ArRadhi
Amir ArRadhi Před měsícem
Can i like this video twice please. It’s too good🔥🔥
Nikhil R
Nikhil R Před měsícem
FVP is just bomb
joel gaxiola
joel gaxiola Před měsícem
No one has mentioned it, but video quality looks bad 👎🏻
Mr.BroGrow 420
Mr.BroGrow 420 Před měsícem
I also forget to hit the "hide warning banner" in premiere pro 😂😁 7:50
aola wili
aola wili Před měsícem
“Frame not analyzed” lol and just like that i know Peter is human
Nick Ferdinande
Nick Ferdinande Před měsícem
Just ordered one and can't wait.
Feno Aryadi Official
Feno Aryadi Official Před měsícem
Keren boy😄
gnarmarmilla Před měsícem
You guys are a little immature with your jokes but this review fantastic, much appreciated. Looks like so much fun, but I don’t have 1,300 bucks laying around at the moment...if I did I would find a homeless person to give it to. I am content with my Mavic mini. Keep it up amigos
as 'B'
as 'B' Před měsícem
Wow 🔥🔥🔥🔥
alida flus
alida flus Před měsícem
7:50 whoops forgot to warp stabilise that one Pete/Kirk! I’ve been there
Travis Ames
Travis Ames Před měsícem
You look bored
Kole White
Kole White Před měsícem
Do drone laws extend to these as well or is that just for regular drones? Also did Pete and Matti get drone licenses?
alida flus
alida flus Před měsícem
“Frame not analyzed” lol and just like that i know Peter is human
Nuno França
Nuno França Před měsícem
Vazz Vlogz
Vazz Vlogz Před měsícem
I need this for my channel 😤😤
Martin Adam
Martin Adam Před měsícem
Does this drone has those smart features like follow, or orbit etc?
Vladimir Zlokazov
Vladimir Zlokazov Před měsícem
I was always fascinated with FPV ever since I've seen Team Black Sheep footage and later all the drone racing stuff. However the hardware part of it always seemed too much of a hassle. I did some soldering on my Phantom 2 back in the day to install the gimbal and the iOSD mini and that was quite enough stress for me. In that regard DJI FPV looks awesome!
Sidney Cooper
Sidney Cooper Před měsícem
I'm regretting having bought the DJI FPV v1 gear. Who knew they would drop Ocusync 3.0? I'm "flying" on the LiftOff flight simulator before attempting to fly my iFlight BNF Titan 2DC. I also ordered a HGLRC Sector 5 v3. Already purchased a lipo battery charger and over a dozen s4 and s6 batteries for each of my drones AND an insta360 SMO 4k camera to share between both drones. I'm in way more than the DJI FPV fly more combo and it will be months of learning how to fly. And the flight times are ridiculously short compared to the DJI drone.
Matt Shockley
Matt Shockley Před měsícem
Joseph Delvin
Joseph Delvin Před měsícem
I've always wanted to get into FPV now i can with ease
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Před měsícem
“Frame not analyzed” lol and just like that i know Peter is human
Marc Boileau
Marc Boileau Před měsícem
Can’t find much on camera specs. Is it 10 bit 4:2:2? What size is sensor etc. thanks. Great review
Rupert Wisdom
Rupert Wisdom Před měsícem
I can see flying FPV drones become a sport like Formula 1 racing. Obstacles to fly through, trails to complete, the team with the best mods dominate.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Před měsícem
Looks cool.
The Begg Family Antics
The Begg Family Antics Před měsícem
I wish I could afford ANY drone, they look so much fun. I used to fly a single rotor helicopter but crashed it so often, I sold it and bought a very cheap quad copter, DJI sized but not as clever.
Nate H
Nate H Před měsícem
Except for expensive and battery being the landing gear... I like it... just 2 strike dji care at high 60% cost of a new one is kinda discouraging... because crashing is part of the game
Gabe P
Gabe P Před měsícem
For the price of this, you could build 2-3 of your own that do the exact same thing.
Saravanan K
Saravanan K Před měsícem
Fascinating wow 😭
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Před měsícem
“Frame not analyzed” lol and just like that i know Peter is human
Somewhere Down The Road
Somewhere Down The Road Před měsícem
Still waiting for the next level Mavic
Jake Tully
Jake Tully Před měsícem
4:25 to suggest pranking someone flying a nearly 1 kilo drone that is capable of nearly 90 mph is a REAL reason to strike channel. you guys are morons. keep up the awful content.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Před měsícem
I want this
Quaneu Před měsícem
7:50 premiere pro welcome hahaa
ANGRY CAMPER Před měsícem
Waiting when youtube gets excited about rc submarines etc... All rc...
Xavier Brizuela
Xavier Brizuela Před měsícem
It's probably a Decepticon soooo...
Serenhe Před měsícem
What happens when you crash it?
Vvip Munda
Vvip Munda Před měsícem
Jim mckay
Jim mckay Před měsícem
This I like, BUT! I'd really like to see the camera get 4k at 24 fps 60 fps with an adjustable shutter so I can shoot at a 180 shutter and make the blades disappear, and other spinning things spin and turn with natural motion as your own eyes sees it. With filter attachments too. or make it with a detachable camera with other cameras with various lens and features. Or Please bring back the M-600 with a proper gimbal to fly my GH4. Just saved up the money for that one only to not be able to get a gimbal for my camera, What's up with that?
wokuyak sergio
wokuyak sergio Před měsícem
Ha u Americans also wear masks 😷
TOTAL OS TODAY Před měsícem
Looks cool.
Maarten Oosterbaan
Maarten Oosterbaan Před měsícem
still...without Drone flying experience this feels much more intuitive I would say....the field of view changing etc when you turn...I imagine it's much closer to indeed flying a simulator. Your much more looking where you're flying...
Правда! Před měsícem
7:50 Oh no...
InfinitySiam Před měsícem
Yessssssss.... you deserve it 🔥
Laurent Henry
Laurent Henry Před měsícem
Sounds great on paper BUT why o why the video looks so baaaaad ?
MA Breezy
MA Breezy Před měsícem
Can't wait
Rocco Rodriguez
Rocco Rodriguez Před měsícem
Ever wonder.... If we can buy this, what does the military have?
nestalm Před měsícem
I want this
Steven Mayton
Steven Mayton Před měsícem
I like the music.
Nickolai Před měsícem
Man the *Bass* in this vid
Depot msa
Depot msa Před měsícem
is it me or does thise video look so not dji quality
Clayton Hayes
Clayton Hayes Před měsícem
I’m waiting to see the additional camera options that come out. It would also be nice if polar pro came out with ND filters and maybe even variable ND filters for this
Flavio Carlos
Flavio Carlos Před měsícem
what does FPV mean?
Defining Slawek
Defining Slawek Před měsícem
What did you do to the fpv video? Did you crop it like 300% It looks super soft and pixelated, unlike the other promotional videos from other channels.
MyloMusica Před měsícem
are there any nd filters already?
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