6ix9ine really wants Ben askren to walk him inside the ring during his fight with Jake Paul 😂 

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17. 04. 2021





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STEEL BL!TZ Před 24 dny
"Hes a snitch" - A grown man trying to fit in to appeal to other grown men about a situation he had nothing to do with
Joseph Sein
Joseph Sein Před 24 dny
Probably the most random thing ever lol
Young Dekazi
Young Dekazi Před 24 dny
I'm soo happy that he ignored ..it would be a shame for him ..ben's too weak
S N Před 25 dny
Honestly after 24hrs i ain't mad at Ben Askren lmao
Yung Sha
Yung Sha Před 25 dny
Ben: he’s a snitch Boxing fight: Ben gets knocked out by jake Paul within 20 seconds!!
JDS JDS Před 25 dny
I think Ben was paid extra to get ko like that. Yeah Jake can fight but something about it ain’t feel right looked to staged
Merica Před 25 dny
Should have had 6kx9ine. Would have brought you luck
Cardi B
Cardi B Před 25 dny
He said “but I don’t like snitches” 😂😂 Gotta love him
17,344,497 views - 3 hours ago
got knock out and walk out by a snitch nap ben that wouldn't had look good
LoveRose ButterflyLife
Yeah he snitch on his Enemies 🙄 are you suposto be nice to your enemies his so called friends did him dirty they were snakes 🐍 so 69 snitched on them that’s called Pay backs a bitch 😂
Jonny Murthi
Jonny Murthi Před 25 dny
I love that Woodly rides with Ben!!
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Před 26 dny
The bigger loss is him losing to a fxxking youtuber😩🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣how tf you gonna lose to Jake Paul. Manny Pacquiao would have him k.o. in two rounds tops.
Night Wood
Night Wood Před 26 dny
He should’ve done it now Ben going out sad
James Merisen
James Merisen Před 27 dny
Sa bon ui frem
Hat3in ass Bl33ders keep Lurking
Tekashi69 is a the best due it...
frank hernandez
frank hernandez Před 27 dny
Tyrone woodly is such a goof ball.
Capo B
Capo B Před 27 dny
That would be 6ixk
Dr Beast
Dr Beast Před 27 dny
I got 1 50000 on this fight hit me up
Dr Beast
Dr Beast Před 27 dny
50000 u win
Henry Duong
Henry Duong Před 27 dny
He literally has the best rapper in the game right now to walk him out , take that opportunity still
hack master
hack master Před 27 dny
Did ben say 6x9 huhhhh
David Baker
David Baker Před 27 dny
Stupid people. Saying he is a snitch like if was big deal stupid idiots they would have done same
David Baker
David Baker Před 27 dny
Stupid people like if they don’t snitch 69 will do a big favor to Ben askrem but he stupid
Andy Leyva
Andy Leyva Před 27 dny
I hate the black dude for just defining him as a snitch ... people really choose not to understand his situation and are quick to judge him... it’s just so annoying as fuck ...
Astro- Nomical
Astro- Nomical Před 27 dny
Holy shit it would be legendary
Mike Guitar
Mike Guitar Před 27 dny
Sergiu Toma
Sergiu Toma Před 27 dny
Do it ben...
Titan Android
Titan Android Před 27 dny
Ben walking out to 6ix9ine would be hilarious 😂
Joseph Před 27 dny
Please have 69 walk out with you!! 😂😂😂😂🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
Edmond Honda
Edmond Honda Před 27 dny
I have gained love and respect for Woodley for immediately saying "F**K NO" with no hesitation.
Brown Recidivist
Brown Recidivist Před 27 dny
This dude named 6 x 9 wants to walk me out lol
Daniel Ball
Daniel Ball Před 27 dny
I love T wood, he is a good dude. Glad these two have been friends so long.
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Před 27 dny
It would be mad funny though
Scuba Fusion
Scuba Fusion Před 27 dny
That would’ve make the fight so much better
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia Před 27 dny
Stop 6ix9ine hi is good human being No racist okay
Bongo is a Pyro
Bongo is a Pyro Před 27 dny
Dude said some guy name 6x9 wanna walk me out lmfaoooo
Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush Před 27 dny
no way
O Flex
O Flex Před 27 dny
Askren don't need that energy before a fight
Kadeem Sims
Kadeem Sims Před 27 dny
Fuck no. He good he know better then to let a clown ass snitch rapper walk him out.
Seth Seth
Seth Seth Před 27 dny
his wife: “we don’t want to be in the streets” me: “good. good girl. avoid the streets.”
Tommy Newhall
Tommy Newhall Před 27 dny
I love that Ben is so out of the loop that he calls him “6x9” lol
Sean Conley
Sean Conley Před 27 dny
It would be glorious
Hooded Reaper
Hooded Reaper Před 27 dny
Wheres the full video
Miguel Soliz
Miguel Soliz Před 27 dny
Is that woodly?
Adam Před 27 dny
Anyone else excited to hear 15 minutes of live music before a fighter makes the walk... than another 10 minutes while one of them stands in the ring, than another while the fighters are being introduced.... and another while the fight is on.. and another while the winner is announced and another during the winner and loser interviews. So exciting. I love music. I hope we hear every song every made by whoever is performing tonight.
luis valencia
luis valencia Před 27 dny
Ugh I hate him but it would be funny as fuck
Xclusive Před 27 dny
69 Walking him out would be Epic! 69 is not a snitch. Tired of everyone saying that. Easy for everyone to say when they are not the ones facing years in jail.
ian hopkins
ian hopkins Před 27 dny
@Xclusive snitches get stichtes simple as
Xclusive Před 27 dny
@ian hopkins Put yourself in his shoes.Tell the truth or spend 20 years in jail. Enough said.
ian hopkins
ian hopkins Před 27 dny
a snitch is a snitch idgaf if ya facing jail or not, read the definition of snitch, he snitched. he`s a snitch simple as
Mexy B
Mexy B Před 27 dny
He ben just say 6 X 9 🤣💀🤣🤣
Free Top
Free Top Před 27 dny
Playboy Drippy
Playboy Drippy Před 27 dny
He wants to walk him out cuz snoops gonna be there
M. Lewis
M. Lewis Před 27 dny
Bens wife: “but we don’t want to be in the streets...” she’s so wholesome lmao
Jose Saldana
Jose Saldana Před 24 dny
Ben lost anyway
Marky Sparky
Marky Sparky Před 27 dny
I think you should do it ben would be a wise move on your behalf your fanbdase and name will be much higher just for doing that 😂
Brandon Munoz
Brandon Munoz Před 27 dny
He’d get hella views
Ronald Brightman
Ronald Brightman Před 27 dny
I really hope this boosts Bens career. Not as a boxer, but he would be fun to watch on a podcast. He’s such a likable guy. I hope he doesn’t just disappear after this fight win or lose. And if he does lose dude is humble enough to take it and give respect. Anyone ever see his interview after the Masvidal fight? Dude straight up gave him respect and didn’t give excuses. You can’t hate him.
Robbie The Gamesta
Robbie The Gamesta Před 24 dny
he already has 3 podcasts
james turner
james turner Před 27 dny
No way Family Man drug free wrestling academies... he's got the full armor
Ovi 113
Ovi 113 Před 27 dny
Dude it would be lit if 69 walked him out. Are you dumb stupid or dumb huh? Id take that any day lmao.
Ivan Martinez
Ivan Martinez Před 27 dny
Tyrone Woolley: F**k no.... Tyrone 2 seconds later: you’ll go viral as fuck
J Před 26 dny
then 2 seconds later: but you don’t need that 🤣🤣🤣😂😂 he thought about it
Faterial Před 27 dny
Bro if that lady talked ben out of it she needs to be fired
Neil Murphy
Neil Murphy Před 27 dny
I'm not sure if he's gonna fire his wife tho
Jerry Salas
Jerry Salas Před 27 dny
That would be awesome!! Do it Ben!!!
TitosHelpTheNeed Před 27 dny
Jeffrey Palton
Jeffrey Palton Před 27 dny
That would give him popularity he doesnt deserve, that clown is no role model.
Josh b
Josh b Před 27 dny
Dooo it
PAIN Před 27 dny
Better do it more money in his pocket
Brad fellers
Brad fellers Před 27 dny
He will do it.. he's not funky for nothing.
Party Boy 76
Party Boy 76 Před 27 dny
Please do it ! It would be hilarious! Walks out to trey way
Sisi&Maur Před 27 dny
Ben is really starting to win me over
K KRITZ Před 27 dny
WWE looking show
iDeal Před 27 dny
Pls do it 🤣🤣
Anthony I
Anthony I Před 27 dny
That would be sick!
Sean Frank
Sean Frank Před 27 dny
Redman should walk him out.
Nova Před 27 dny
everyone calling him a snitch like y'all wouldn't do the same smh
Sean Frank
Sean Frank Před 27 dny
6 X 9 LOL
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller Před 27 dny
snitch9 is better off working with jake pauls infamy
Ali Sufi
Ali Sufi Před 27 dny
Lmao wtf u lucky my boy
Celeb E.
Celeb E. Před 27 dny
I 😩🤣😂😩🤣😩😂😩😭😭😭😭 when she said "Well we don't want to be in the street!" LMAO!!!
Your Father
Your Father Před 27 dny
69 will do anything for some attention lmaoo
Planet NRON
Planet NRON Před 27 dny
Who with 20 million followers has ever offered to do anything for free ... Take the offer Ben....
Planet NRON
Planet NRON Před 27 dny
Ben ... SixNine walking you out maybe be 10x more exposure this fight and money will get you.. don't be a Dumbass and turn him down.... Take the damn offer man
HoodFavFrmdaO Před 27 dny
Ben has surpassed masvidal in fame at this point
César Steven Serrano B.
If this happens I want to see Snoop Dogg face 😂
Garfield Před 27 dny
Bro fuck the haters big bad 6ix 9ine all day papa! 🌈 deep down he a fan he just scared of what haters gana say.. chales chingen ah su madre
DeeVee Před 27 dny
That be funny cause snoop is on Jake side and snoop hates sixnine so bad lol
Rhythm Před 27 dny
Fuck yessss
Ghetto Grower
Ghetto Grower Před 27 dny
More money fuck it I'd do it
Jesse Monrial
Jesse Monrial Před 27 dny
Woodly reaction was aswome
Sumn Slight
Sumn Slight Před 27 dny
They don't wanna be in the streets ... I wish more people thought that way.
Bronco Bill
Bronco Bill Před 27 dny
Ronin Dr3w
Ronin Dr3w Před 27 dny
Lmao woodleys reaction is hilarious "Fuck no."
He need to take that shit
Island Tv808
Island Tv808 Před 27 dny
He should do it 🤣🤣
Scott Mclucas
Scott Mclucas Před 27 dny
This would go down as the funniest work out in sports history
Bushido Brown baby
Bushido Brown baby Před 27 dny
Do it hahaha
Paulo J.
Paulo J. Před 27 dny
No only woodly..... Would walk u out, in of love...
Unwanted238 Před 27 dny
and meek mill goes out with jake looooooooool
Ghost Před 27 dny
I never knew that this is what i need to see before i die
Ghost Před 27 dny
@Nelson Thayer yes sir
Nelson Thayer
Nelson Thayer Před 27 dny
U good?
Lady Sarcasm
Lady Sarcasm Před 27 dny
This is hilarious! I'M IN 👊
Josh Stephen
Josh Stephen Před 27 dny
Tbh I would’ve thought 6ix9ine would do that with Jake cus of both of their troll persona’s
So Hd
So Hd Před 27 dny
Bieber is walking him out 😂 🤡
Matthew Jordan
Matthew Jordan Před 27 dny
Ben: “I don’t like snitches though....” Really starting to love this guy
ib10jhs45 Před 27 dny
Do it for the love of community
Sir John Johnson, The Eighty-Nineth
honesltly i love that askren and t-wood are good friends
Holly Surlis
Holly Surlis Před 27 dny
Rocky305MS Před 27 dny
I would die lol 🤣 this would be the biggest troll job in history.6ix 9ine is desperate to be in the news.
Denz 900
Denz 900 Před 27 dny
Nah he not he got millions of dollars and nothing to prove 💯
Webb Před 27 dny
Someone like 69 asking Ben to walk out with him is like me asking to walk out with Conor mcgregor, like he don’t give a fuck. Ben don’t care who walks out with him he’s just gonna do what he needs to do
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