3D PEN VS GLUE GUN! 17 Cool Hacks And Crafts For You 

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We’ve tried every 3D pen and hot glue craft we could imagine, and here’s what we created. Aren’t 3D pens just amazing? You can create anything you can think of, make it colorful and give it purpose. Today, we wanted to experiment with something new, and we wanted to show you some amazing hacks you can create at home. But first, let’s try some experiments with hot glue. Why buy a bath mat when you can make a colorful one with glitter using hot glue? To make it look store-bought, use a printed pattern and some greaseproof paper on top. Sometimes charging your phone becomes a nuisance, so today, we show you how to create a stand for your phone using a 3D pen. But for those of you who want to get craftier, we show you how to make a beautiful romantic ring from scratch using a 3D pen. Watch until the end to discover some fantastic tricks and crafts you’ll adore.
1:06 - How to fix a broken wood piece
2:25 - DIY ring
2:48 - Beautiful, DIY jewelry holder
4:15 - DIY hair comb
6:53 - Cute DIY earrings
9:03 - DIY fake nails
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Funny Everyday
Funny Everyday Před 4 minutami
Cu Huynh
Cu Huynh Před 29 minutami
Good thing we have an appointment tomorrow morning to take care of yourself today please thank your lord you’re going home 🏠 are they all good bye
uwu Před hodinou
Alguien habla español :v?
Roblox World!!!
Roblox World!!! Před hodinou
Does anyone have a idea that using a post it is better and easier to do as a book mark like I do
Jacq Rand
Jacq Rand Před hodinou
The hot glue one takes more than 5 minutes
добрый 666
добрый 666 Před hodinou
но хоть кто по русскому напишит
Ianos Osvath
Ianos Osvath Před 2 hodinami
Kha kzhsiqooh
Aabida Maniyar
Aabida Maniyar Před 3 hodinami
Woow....iwish i had that 3D pen
Маруся Климова
И стол
Маруся Климова
А телефон не сломается
Soffe مار
Soffe مار Před 4 hodinami
Mhskjskjeji elk, Eke,em, Smsmsmmxnstyrhn
Soffe مار
Soffe مار Před 4 hodinami
Thea Fořtová
Thea Fořtová Před 4 hodinami
ste blazni
Magdalena Krzeminska
Magdalena Krzeminska Před 4 hodinami
David Hendry
David Hendry Před 4 hodinami
These did take about 2 hours and it did not take 5 minutes
Zeynep DENİZ
Zeynep DENİZ Před 5 hodinami
Çok iyi
Itz Amian!
Itz Amian! Před 5 hodinami
Ill take 3d pent cuz they can glue too right?
Sudenaz Kozak
Sudenaz Kozak Před 5 hodinami
Ты Хто?
Ты Хто? Před 6 hodinami
Lanie Wiggin
Lanie Wiggin Před 7 hodinami
KHAN FAWAAD AHMED 5E03 Před 8 hodinami
Just buy a new comb dah
nLn gk
nLn gk Před 8 hodinami
Velexxea :D
Velexxea :D Před 9 hodinami
0:18 its all fun in games until the "mat" slides from the water
Katrijn Kelgtermans
Katrijn Kelgtermans Před 9 hodinami
3d pen wins
Marat Nicolaiciuc
Marat Nicolaiciuc Před 9 hodinami
Mathi Don
Mathi Don Před 9 hodinami
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Před 8 hodinami
9:25 they will fall of lol
Cielo Richardson
Cielo Richardson Před 10 hodinami
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Před 8 hodinami
I remember when this video was new and it was like my favorie
Among us EX
Among us EX Před 10 hodinami
Omg perfect im so happy wow..
Kamran Qedesov
Kamran Qedesov Před 10 hodinami
How much is this 3d pen???
Amanda Alvarado
Amanda Alvarado Před 11 hodinami
Okay ya se me dices te doy like y más que te mando un peluche o un teléfono mentira no puedo teléfono porque soy pequeña 😐
Amanda Alvarado
Amanda Alvarado Před 11 hodinami
Si me dices te doy like y te sigo para siempre y nunca me voy a volver a desuscribiry te doy todos los links que tengo sólo para ti
Amanda Alvarado
Amanda Alvarado Před 11 hodinami
Si me dices a dónde venden ese el de pegamento que se puede como estirar me suscribo a tu canal
Burrito cats R royals
Burrito cats R royals Před 12 hodinami
You can bye fake nails at the dollar store for like a dollar instead of buying a 150 3D pen 🤦‍♀️
cats love
cats love Před 14 hodinami
The first video iv been there
ridha ramadina
ridha ramadina Před 15 hodinami
ridha ramadina
ridha ramadina Před 15 hodinami
RobloxWriting&Cringe Před 15 hodinami
Although a lot of these hacks wouldn't be useful to me, the crafts are honestly really cool! You guys shouldn't hate on this channel as much as you do. A lot of the comments are really funny, (& true 😔) but the amount of comments are really offensive. Sorry to be a karen. I just wanted to say that lol
Vik Ram
Vik Ram Před 15 hodinami
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott Před 15 hodinami
Tip # Girls 👭 best thing u can do is buy a spare key car or house and Hide in secrete spot . omg i locked my Keys in car /house it'll cost me $150 for locksmith xd Nope No worrys just grab the spare key 🗝 saving yourself $150 and being late issues worth the $5 key i kept a spare car key in the utes tool box it didnt start the Ute but boy i got in easier damit keys left inside Another trick is use a tennis ball with a hole finger size O you hold it against a car lock & hit it hard the pressure pops the lock Old type car locks
SquishyWishy Harlow & GiGi
SquishyWishy Harlow & GiGi Před 17 hodinami
I remember when this video was new and it was like my favorie
irena szczesna
irena szczesna Před 18 hodinami
9:25 they will fall of lol
Experiment Just4Fun
Experiment Just4Fun Před 18 hodinami
Very good work and cool ideas
Evalise Jankowski
Evalise Jankowski Před 18 hodinami
hi, u did great on this video but may I ask" what is that tool you're using to make the brush and fix the lawn gate?" it looks like a marker?
YoshiNeki Kan
YoshiNeki Kan Před 19 hodinami
Big brains
Basan Před 20 hodinami
standing up and not sleeping and turning on 3D pencil to do a case to get it charched hee hee boi
Brylee Ho
Brylee Ho Před 20 hodinami
me:hey can i borrow one of ur chargers? her:sure lemme get it out of this mess me: . . . 3:49
Andrzej Kryczka
Andrzej Kryczka Před 20 hodinami
Julie Noyola
Julie Noyola Před 20 hodinami
malk kenk
malk kenk Před 21 hodinou
I like it very much but we don't have this
Вернусь у Трвглсвнь
Тем временем у меня дыра в голове и стине
Saliha Acaraksoy
Saliha Acaraksoy Před 22 hodinami
Bu da ne böyle s gibi yaotığınız şeyin adı ne
Wafae Assouik
Wafae Assouik Před 22 hodinami
abeis ganau de dinero 14.398.933 porke ablais en ingles dezirlo osino boiair abuestra kasa y os mato ber mis bideos y darle a suskiribir para ke gane dinero sino no boi adar Suscribiros en buestro bideos ablau tanto siente boiablar tanto
Стрельцова Светлана
Kaliyan Smith
Kaliyan Smith Před 23 hodinami
These hacks are useless
aayush gamer
aayush gamer Před 23 hodinami
How to buy
Edward Wu
Edward Wu Před 23 hodinami
WHAT!!!!!!!!! X_X (fainted)
A Arabian Falls
A Arabian Falls Před dnem
How Does He Do This?!
Among us Gamer
Among us Gamer Před dnem
Among us Gamer
Among us Gamer Před dnem
4:29 P.O.V you brake your comb and you make it out of STICKY glue and 3-D pen ink
vaishali Aarvi
vaishali Aarvi Před dnem
9: 00
Most cringe and cliche moments 0:48 Magik B) 1:42 This is fine. 4:31 Tottaly not gonna be swinging like a snake.
Asiye Balta
Asiye Balta Před dnem
I88ii0pl Mi Mijhgy
daineth montoya
daineth montoya Před dnem
0:20 que pies tan raros tiene como una cosa amarilla y naranja
chiste animal.
chiste animal. Před dnem
Lastima que eso bale mucho
sheikha -
sheikha - Před dnem
من وين الصمغ
Marym Před dnem
Major Harris-Henderson
Major Harris-Henderson
music love
music love Před dnem
7:00 oh for just a cute thing go ahead and destroy your phone i guess that they have lost their mind
rudzani thagwana
rudzani thagwana Před 35 minutami
Llll) pp{
rudzani thagwana
rudzani thagwana Před 36 minutami
Q 0 i788899uiikikx0Uii8rhnnnj
Insanebruh Před dnem
Some of this is good, but most of it are lies
Paloma Delgado Marquez
7:59 really? You could just buy shoes.
lalthazuali vanchhawng
Wow nice tricks
DariDuka Youtube
DariDuka Youtube Před dnem
Grace Parsons
Grace Parsons Před dnem
Why would somebody pay £150 to make a glue comb that will snap within seconds XD just buy a 50p comb. me and my friends r crying rn looking at the comments and watching Susan slip over XD BTW we named her Susan.
Lottie Watson
Lottie Watson Před dnem
Veg is a good idea but I don’t know 🤷 can I get it to you please give me
ibrah playz
ibrah playz Před dnem
I I thought ramen would fix everything but I was wrong 3 d pen fixes everything
Jaromír Paulus
Jaromír Paulus Před dnem
laren Před dnem
I love 3D pen it looks have all color
Atlante Hornik
Atlante Hornik Před dnem
The shy okra parenthetically interfere because font lovely balance along a snotty technician. embarrassed, neat parent
Don Cheeto
Don Cheeto Před dnem
They always seem nice to make for fun but none of these would ever actually be useful as we all know. ie, that comb she made wouldn't work on textured 4C hair
Okito TV
Okito TV Před dnem
These are rlly pricy tho
باقر جامري
Suresh Annamalai
Suresh Annamalai Před dnem
West video
Hilde Marlen Nerhus
chloe snowy
chloe snowy Před dnem
Soo why is it that it works here but when youtubers try it, ot FAILS
Nguyen Chi Thanh
Nguyen Chi Thanh Před dnem
Lấy ghế
мистер маир
Я один здесь русский
Gacha luna
Gacha luna Před dnem
I didn't even know that the 3D pen was a thing! And I spend the most of my time on the internet. I guess I just don't watch craft videos.
Barbie Girl
Barbie Girl Před dnem
Lady: caresses fence like its her baby Me: 😳
Barbie Girl
Barbie Girl Před dnem
U messin everythang up🙄
bhushan nachi
bhushan nachi Před dnem
Gurpreet Chhokar
Gurpreet Chhokar Před dnem
5:01 girl that brush wont even last a second
Shweta Saras
Shweta Saras Před dnem
오주찬 Před dnem
Camila Robles
Camila Robles Před dnem
So fake
soinu foig
soinu foig Před dnem
4:26 or you can go to the nearest store and get your hands on a new fresh comb for 50 cents. instead of spending 114$ on a 3D pen. literally
Ukiyo Rose
Ukiyo Rose Před dnem
3:15 and they had the audacity to put it on *5 min crafts* and not *5 hour crafts*
Nafiseh Firouzian
P He
Lívia Estefani
Lívia Estefani Před dnem
Adoro muito muito
soinu foig
soinu foig Před dnem
01:36 -_-
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