12 Times Animals Took Revenge On Humans 

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Revenge is a dish best served cold, but what if the animals are warm-blooded and hot-headed? Well, then you get instances where a llama-alpaca hybrid jumps on you and chases you out of the pen! And other times, you get instances where man’s best friends bring its pack and completely destroy your property. Sometimes revenge is well-deserved, especially if it involves trophy hunters who kill lions and invade their space. Other times…it’s just a poor kid getting into a difficult situation.
Here are 12 Animals That Took Revenge On Humans!
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Leopard Takes Matters Into Her Own Paws
It’s no surprise that big cats are ferocious predators. But when they attack out of pure anger, that’s something that shocks everyone. This leopard had started to eat people’s livestock so the local park rangers captured her, and relocated her to another place. However, the leopard refused to get out of her cage. One of the rangers, Alexander Rono, tried poking at her so she would leave…but he didn’t know he had just stepped into his own defeat.
Needless to say, the leopard did not like the gesture. And when she finally did get out, she wanted to attend to some unfinished business. She got out and ran to Alexander's seat and clawed his face off! The poor man couldn’t close his windows fast enough and had to get 21 stitches to close up his wounds. Alexander said that he learned a very painful lesson he will never forget. Neither will the internet, alexander!
Hangry Sheep Fights Back!
If you tease a hangry person, even they’ll bite you. So a bighorn sheep is no different! The caretaker of this herd decided that he wanted to mess with one of the sheep by making it run for some extra food. But he chose the wrong day! Typically, bighorn sheep are wild animals. And though they’re not usually aggressive to humans, they will attack if you tease them like this!
Thankfully the man had a big plastic bag in his hand as a shield, otherwise, he could’ve been ripped to shreds. At first, it’s just one angry sheep vs the man in the orange. Soon enough, his friends join in and back up their friend. After all, a friend in need's a friend indeed! Wait till the man scolds the sheep and all of them run away like scaredy cats. Man: 1, angry sheep: 0!
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16. 03. 2021





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MissAbby05 Před hodinou
My favorite animal revenges are trophy hunters, stupid people messing with wild animals, and of course horses kicking out at people being assholes.
gb Před 8 hodinami
I hate animal abuse of any kind
gb Před 8 hodinami
I hate trophy hunters. Destroying beautiful animals for there skins are taxidermy. POS
bill car
bill car Před 8 hodinami
Jake Pauls next fight is against that kangaroo....
Star Tiktok
Star Tiktok Před 19 hodinami
07.10/geri zekalı
Abel Hernandez
Abel Hernandez Před dnem
The lion video is obviously fake but the intend of the video is clear stop the hunt
Joe Cat
Joe Cat Před dnem
Rams are very dangerous. They probably kill more people than bulls! They ain't called rams for nothing!
The Moronator
The Moronator Před 2 dny
IF I could I would go hunting for trophy hunters and mount their fucking heads on my wall. Most despicable creatures alive. Any videos of them scumbags getting what they deserve would get watched by me.
Ben Svedra
Ben Svedra Před 2 dny
That second lion looks fake as hell...
aN0nyMas Před 2 dny
ad for the video. how to cook tandoori chicken 😂
Kavindu Jayalath
Kavindu Jayalath Před 2 dny
6.44 that is the best one .
GetOnYoKnees Před 2 dny
People are really defending the trophy hunters and its sickening. The reality is that they are twisted fucks who give no shits about anything but themselves. These are the same people that call these animals cruel and murderous when it kills a human that was there to kill the animal in the first place. If those hunters died right there and then I wouldn't even be upset.
UP Rebel
UP Rebel Před 2 dny
Trophy hunting is highly regulated and brings American dollars to some of the poorest parts of Africa. Got a problem with man and his association animals? Just visit a zoo or Seaworld.
The Golded
The Golded Před 3 dny
U rlly mean to tell me that kangaroo wanted a round too
Maanavi Chauhan
Maanavi Chauhan Před 3 dny
I can't hold my laugh for 15 minutes after watching the expression on Kangaroo's face after getting a punch by the owner of the dog. It looks like someone hit his ego badly and the way he waited outside to get the revenge.
Mr.Harison Mc.
Mr.Harison Mc. Před 3 dny
Bryan Reavis
Bryan Reavis Před 3 dny
The narrator is 5% less intelligent than the animals.
Cody Mendola
Cody Mendola Před 3 dny
Well I subscribed and it didnt work like you said so I unsubscribed. Shame on yourself.
That Leo girl
That Leo girl Před 3 dny
The Asian lady got what she deserves WTF you eating something alive !? Smh and wonder why we have COVID now THEY EAY ANYTHING THAT MOVES
Envious Gaming
Envious Gaming Před 3 dny
Mama Cow She attacc She protecc But most importantly she saves her child from every danger 🥺😂🙂
Nab Zy
Nab Zy Před 3 dny
They lion had every right to rip there heads off
Queen_ Dee
Queen_ Dee Před 3 dny
The kangaroo 😂😂
Elen Před 3 dny
I despise hunters hunting for fun!!
gaming with vivan mehta
Laast case boy had first shown gesture of spiting that's why the animal spit on him , I think he was playing with boy
Cha Yo
Cha Yo Před 3 dny
How they(trophy hunters) like that". Yeyall! Thumbs up100%
Angry_ _Duck
Angry_ _Duck Před 3 dny
Trophy hunting is good, you should do some research before making a video
Dat BOI Dev Playz
Dat BOI Dev Playz Před 4 dny
I honestly hope that the lion killed one of them no offense it’s jus not fair
Pepen SDW
Pepen SDW Před 4 dny
Michael Pedersen
Michael Pedersen Před 4 dny
Sad that they didnt end on the lions dinner table. Its easy to kill if you have a riffel. Bastards.
RIM Galaxy Beats
RIM Galaxy Beats Před 4 dny
4:34 speak for your self LOL you sound so bumb when you said that think about all the buff ppl think about ppl that live around dangerous areas like me and have been through lots of fights and folded lots of ppl and dose way more then 700
Keerthilal Thirunavukkarasu
Human is best animal to revenge their own people 😂
Victor Hugo Silva
Victor Hugo Silva Před 4 dny
O galera, preciso de uma ajuda de vc se vcs puderem me ajudar irei ser muito grato 00020126580014br.gov.bcb.pix01360c4c008b-731e-4495-85bb-a48a1a731dfc52040000530398654040.005802BR5925Victor Hugo Melo Da Silva6009Sao Paulo62070503***630477E2 meu pix
Antonino Abramo
Antonino Abramo Před 4 dny
Auguro che quelli che anno sparato al leone siamo morti dilaniati in mille sofferenze
Lucas Van den Hurk
Lucas Van den Hurk Před 4 dny
Trophie hunters who hunt endagered species or iligally can die a slow and painfull death.
Yogita Ram
Yogita Ram Před 4 dny
i’m very proud of all the animals who took revenge
murray helmer
murray helmer Před 4 dny
The amount of made up bullshit in the video is mind boggling!! 🙄🙄
M M Před 4 dny
Lion video is fake done for promotion.
Samantha R.Ali
Samantha R.Ali Před 4 dny
Trophy hunters should of gotten a Trophy bite in their Asses...killing poor creatures for nothing..ughhh..makes me sickkk!
zoeu schumachse
zoeu schumachse Před 4 dny
But I was hoping the lion hunters would have got beat and torn up by the lions 🦁
zoeu schumachse
zoeu schumachse Před 4 dny
This is awesome power to the animals
Jerry Lyons
Jerry Lyons Před 4 dny
They ain’t takin revenge they just bein ANIMALS!!!🗣🗣🗣
Jay Payette
Jay Payette Před 4 dny
Not showing any of the interesting footage why for?
Deanne Durham
Deanne Durham Před 4 dny
Animals always pay with their life so I guess they make the best of it
soundwavs1961c Před 4 dny
PIMP 6:55
soundwavs1961c Před 4 dny
0:25 HA HA HA!
R Robi
R Robi Před 5 dny
7:00 Evil B deserves it
beata cox
beata cox Před 5 dny
What happened to the dog that got bitten by the kangaroo that's so sad
beata cox
beata cox Před 5 dny
How dare you kick the dog
Lyss0624 Před 5 dny
I hope all trophy hunters get their karma... cowards with a gun is what they really are..
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez Před 5 dny
Man bullshit
w1xezz Před 5 dny
3:40 that White/black dog what is the name of that doge?
NOVADROME Před 5 dny
I. Want. An. Animal. Rebellion. To. Bring. Down. Humanity. For. Good.
a bronx girl lo
a bronx girl lo Před 5 dny
i was hoping the lion would eat both them idiots'
Ashley E
Ashley E Před 5 dny
Wow some of these poor animals, especially that lion 🦁😢
Muana Himself
Muana Himself Před 5 dny
0:28 Hope the lion got them
Elena Petrova
Elena Petrova Před 5 dny
Adharsh Adharsh9708
4:23😂😂😂😂 u cant control my 🤣🤣🤣
Eduardo Viajero
Eduardo Viajero Před 5 dny
Trophy hunters should be hunted too.
Jozef Virba
Jozef Virba Před 5 dny
0:25 Too bad it's fake
John Lewis
John Lewis Před 5 dny
Terrible. You show pix of video with a bear bitting a man and the video doesn't even have that in it. CLICK BAIT!!!! BULLSHIT!!!
ThatOneDoc live
ThatOneDoc live Před 5 dny
Ur weird man
ThatOneDoc live
ThatOneDoc live Před 5 dny
0:25 fucking deserved
Apollo 533
Apollo 533 Před 5 dny
I would feel more sorrow if the animals had been attacked
Nikolai Western
Nikolai Western Před 5 dny
It's octopuses not octopi
Jonathan Mckee
Jonathan Mckee Před 5 dny
This is cringy spam sounding money grab crap don’t watch
ThatOneDoc live
ThatOneDoc live Před 5 dny
@Jonathan Mckee try what? Not watching youtube? Not thinking about how Your opinion isn't useful at all?
Jonathan Mckee
Jonathan Mckee Před 5 dny
@ThatOneDoc live don’t be upset honey you’ll be okay. Just try harder. :-).
ThatOneDoc live
ThatOneDoc live Před 5 dny
@Jonathan Mckee i'm sureeeeeeeeee
Jonathan Mckee
Jonathan Mckee Před 5 dny
@ThatOneDoc live I stopped watching and commented when I came to this decision. Hopefully you’ll improve and / or people will realize and move on. Bloop.
ThatOneDoc live
ThatOneDoc live Před 5 dny
Then why u here
Devin Booker
Devin Booker Před 5 dny
5:57 I wish the lion ate them, very stupid people’s😡
Ranga Swamy
Ranga Swamy Před 5 dny
Lion video feak
Mayra Kop Jansen
Mayra Kop Jansen Před 5 dny
The hunters should get the bullet that killed thelion
ganpath lal
ganpath lal Před 5 dny
I want to be a sniper who shoots down trophy hunters,and then feed them to the lions they were trying to kill 😠.
Becca Santino
Becca Santino Před 5 dny
Death to all humans
Mclovin Před 5 dny
the sheep fight club
Bender Před 5 dny
I liked the video until you sounded stupid talking about the cow
Leland Sevey
Leland Sevey Před 5 dny
Was that yoshi trying to climb out of him
TLT 63
TLT 63 Před 5 dny
The kangaroo Man fight had me laughing in tears. Roo showed up at the Mans house Gansta!!!!..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zelda Sharpe
Zelda Sharpe Před 5 dny
A roo with kick your guts out and that is what they aim for. They hold onto you and kick with long and very sharp claws on their back feet. There power is overwhelming.
Darren Warren
Darren Warren Před 5 dny
Yo at 8:19 is that one Kangaroo stroking it like mad???
secret dream
secret dream Před 5 dny
All those animals they aren’t attack you without reason . That’s all I’m gonna say. If you respect they will respect you
I hate kangaroos there was a true story here somewhere on video were a kangaroo shaged a woman to death 'the kangaroo was a pet brought up from a baby ''one day the woman was feeding it and her husband was away in the truck 'when the kangaroo knocked her down and raped her the bastard had done so much internal damage the woman died from blood loss
Jason Vaillancourt
Jason Vaillancourt Před 5 dny
Sad how people would kill a beautiful lion. They deserve to be eaten
Elk Killer
Elk Killer Před 5 dny
You’ve got to be the dumbest person that ever lived. Stupid video full of lies
J Garcia
J Garcia Před 5 dny
Damn that Kangaroo was like really? You gonna sucker punch me and think you won Bet im gonna track your butt Down Buster 😂 😂 😂
VALKIRIA 3R Před 6 dny
Que aún haya gente cazando leones, elefantes,etc... A estas alturas, con lo q sabemos... Que puñetera necesidad!!!??? Si kieres agudizar puntería porque te gusta disparar, haz tiro al plato!! Que mérito tiene matar a un león,elefante,tigre,etc... Sólo necesitas tener mucho dinero!!
Fritz Fritz
Fritz Fritz Před 6 dny
I would have known what kangaroo meat taste like
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Před 6 dny
Kangaroos are bloody brilliant!
candie schonauer
candie schonauer Před 6 dny
Humans deserve it a lot of times
Alex Zwiggelaar
Alex Zwiggelaar Před 6 dny
Trophy hunters killing a lion for no reason; and look how proud they are! I hate these people killing animals just for fun. Give the lions weapons and let them shoot the trophy hunters. That is something to be proud of, and a lot more fun.
Mrs Doyle
Mrs Doyle Před 6 dny
That llama cross animal was trying to screw the keeper guy, not kill him.
KPK Před 6 dny
Pathetic trophy hunters. Absolute trash.
Jermaine Adams
Jermaine Adams Před 6 dny
Poor Alex 🤣🤣
Lori W
Lori W Před 6 dny
All “trophy hunters” (pieces of shit) should be killed in the same manner they killed the poor animal!
Luis Manteigas
Luis Manteigas Před 6 dny
Caçar animais desses devia ser punido com pena de morte
Kim Bailey
Kim Bailey Před 6 dny
The people that kill for no reason, like the lion, no sympathy at all.
Jamie Vaughn
Jamie Vaughn Před 6 dny
This video is full of lies. Trash
Ben E Martin
Ben E Martin Před 6 dny
Server them all right!
Brett Johnson, II
Brett Johnson, II Před 6 dny
They should have shot the other lion
Brett Johnson, II
Brett Johnson, II Před 6 dny
There is nothing wrong with trophy hunting because even then there is very little waste you libtards
Gaby Jimenez
Gaby Jimenez Před 6 dny
Hombre los kangooros no saben boxear .. Kangooro dice toma tu merecido
Naes T
Naes T Před 6 dny
All trophy hunters need to be mauled by whatever animal they're hunting
Naes T
Naes T Před 6 dny
Uhh I believe the expression goes, "a friend with weed is a friend indeed"
STEIN27 - Mollywood
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