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Cleta Tansy
Cleta Tansy Před 13 hodinami
Anyone else realize In the third one octanes playing apex
지상우 Před 21 hodinou
I thought this was the trailer of 'the year of the ladybug'.
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Před 22 hodinami
A lot of the time i hear people complain about attaining Pirate Legend is simply useless. *“The only reward is the cosmetics”.* Yeah. That’s why we grind sweat and tears, so we have something to show for our *hard work.* What’d you expect in the end? A goblet that’s worth millions when you already have more gold than you can physically carry? The rewards of this wonderful game are purely cosmetic based, so don’t go raining on a new Legend’s parade because you’ve done every single activity, unlocked every milestone, 100%’d every Tall Tale. Nobody likes you guys except for your sweaty crew.
Snaaaii Před 22 hodinami
Jam dbd
Jam dbd Před 22 hodinami
Spirit sounded like elodié when she was getting beaten up
Jacob Lenton
Jacob Lenton Před dnem
Why does rook's teammate cock a double-action revolver?
InkyShadow :3
InkyShadow :3 Před dnem
SearingPlum 11
SearingPlum 11 Před dnem
Wraith with triple take in the end: 68 Damage
Vinturas Před dnem
16:06 she sure is a bloody genius
Mitch P
Mitch P Před dnem
The may madrazo says fuck when he’s looking at the pictures always makes me laugh
Emo Kitty
Emo Kitty Před dnem
Dam the nurse as a human was pretty cute but where are her burns? Didn’t her bio say she got burnt through a house fire thanks to her husband’s illegal debts? Then she eventually became insane thanks to the torment of her coworkers? Maybe i misunderstood her bio apparently.
Sauce Boss
Sauce Boss Před dnem
poor meg
Vaney Před dnem
Wes Carr
Wes Carr Před dnem
All the poeple complain get more servers I'm playing on 2000 ping let's see respawn play on 2000 ping noobs like them cant
Haytham Sanad
Haytham Sanad Před dnem
Mordecai Fachero
Mordecai Fachero Před dnem
I knew billy was ugly since he was child, but not that he had also the ugly face of an adult since the start
Connor Cockeram
Connor Cockeram Před dnem
This was not out in 2021
Tomatokid Zachariasz
Someone tell me everything About why sally killed that broken woman
error 404
error 404 Před 13 hodinami
Basically that broken women was a nurse once in that same asylum she killed people by Injecting them with the syringe she would say it's mercy killing and she was ridding the world of monsters she eventually got burned and was strapped into bandages and restraints in that same asylum then theirs sally (aka the nurse) who recently lost her husband and is having to deal with constant crazy lunatics and people and even inmates treating her less than human so the broken women tells the sally (aka the nurse) that she has the formula for the syringe full of poisen eventually sally breaks under guilt pressure and a horrible job and begins ridding the asylum of plauge and disease or filth by that I mean the inmates so she starts with the one person who gave her this idea than this cutscene happens
10 อนีศ สุไลมาน
Replace her with the doctor and this cutscene would make more sense.
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh Před dnem
The song in season 2 slaps 🤩🤩🤩
Rene Aensland
Rene Aensland Před dnem
They really fucked up her lore. She was innocent and snapped one day. That's her story. This is just fucking stupid.
Daniel Bentley
Daniel Bentley Před dnem
Bale had the best sound
Phrog The Jam
Phrog The Jam Před dnem
my man missed his DS
ZayToba Před 2 dny
After seeing this I think Meg is a badass
Maulana Winata
Maulana Winata Před 2 dny
i just realized, is tatcher voice actor changed?
RookieCookie Před 2 dny
OhhGwazi Před 2 dny
So wait a minute is the old lady Yui aswell?
Seline Schutte
Seline Schutte Před 2 dny
Huntress overkill lmao
ClericGaming Před 2 dny
I think we'll see maggie as a legend either during the split or season 9
Not A Doctor
Not A Doctor Před 2 dny
Ayo she hot
Lyoko Hunter
Lyoko Hunter Před 2 dny
So that's how it all started I don't like the hill billy part where he snapped those dogs neck.
yt jay pee
yt jay pee Před 2 dny
Me:No don’t look at me i am not crying there is something in my eye Mom:how can that make ur eyes a river Me:i am not crying!!!!😖 Mom:fine ur not Me: i said!!! Oh 😐 (This was real it happened really i swear)
a cat named sushi
a cat named sushi Před 2 dny
Loba is so pretty
篠崎彪吾 Před 2 dny
She used to be pretty hot
*.:Røbyn Bartkøwskî:.*
Who is it at 10:40? It looks like Meg but she is later on in the video after the Hag, who is this???
Krasher Gaming
Krasher Gaming Před 2 dny
@battle angel 😭
battle angel
battle angel Před 2 dny
@Krasher Gaming it's so funny that in the end he got so beaten up and a massive bruise on his eye but ay, he still got the money
Krasher Gaming
Krasher Gaming Před 2 dny
@battle angel I just saw that it’s ace and he was betting to either be folded or live long enough to not be folded so he did get the money but ended up with a bruised face and broken ankle
battle angel
battle angel Před 2 dny
i don't think it's meg, rather someone random that's shown in ace's cutscene; there's also no recollection of crossovers between characters :/
Krasher Gaming
Krasher Gaming Před 2 dny
Maybeeeeeee Zarina
oui Před 2 dny
oh god these compared to cod cw's ones, lol
bees Před 2 dny
They honestly need to pay attention to their male characters more and not just put the beauty side of humans into the women of the game lmao..
Zack Flame
Zack Flame Před 2 dny
*visible confusion*
-- Před 2 dny
Emmmm.... Ok?
Esamin katun876 Richard linda796688*
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Nano Lopez
Nano Lopez Před 2 dny
Season 1 & 2 good old day 🥺
ivan us
ivan us Před 2 dny
The late root naturally memorise because colombia successively haunt like a tiny wool. best, enthusiastic spy
Aizhan Bekzhanova
Aizhan Bekzhanova Před 2 dny
I already finished the game lol
Mac 'N Cheese
Mac 'N Cheese Před 2 dny
Pogodemon 1
Pogodemon 1 Před 2 dny
Why does everybody hate the phantom so much, its really not that bad
christopher helton
christopher helton Před 2 dny
Lifeline Swear 1:52
derek cooper
derek cooper Před 3 dny
Wasn’t she initially mercy killing? She straight up seems evil here.
Killerbananer Před 3 dny
The doctor is pure fucking terror
Jack Cooper Plays
Jack Cooper Plays Před 3 dny
My man saved the MRVN and I love him for that
Felsie Aquino
Felsie Aquino Před 3 dny
im surprised the dead by daylight final kill animation of wraith needs more effects because where are the wounds of the cuts???
Husk_xrl Před 3 dny
Personal thought: In the season 4 trailer when Revenant drops Loba's father's body it hits the top of the elevator because that's where it was.
Spoonfedpoison Megan
Even after 2 years all of the trailers still look SO SHINY- LIKE THIS IS QUALITY
John Před 3 dny
I was see the equivalent to a robot bleeding out
VivienBoo Před 3 dny
so she killed patients?
GNG 29
GNG 29 Před 3 dny
Ngl these look terrible graphics wise .
boggromaful Před 3 dny
Alex J
Alex J Před 3 dny
Camper! 😠
Mordecai Fachero
Mordecai Fachero Před 3 dny
Yet it doesn't explain why she transformed into a teleporting pale ghost with a screwed face
Votex_Sin6 Před 13 hodinami
The Entity took her and tortured her (tied the bag around her head) so she can do it’s bidding
J Bry
J Bry Před 3 dny
Entity basically gave her powers. This is evident with Ghostface, as you can see the flaps on his coat randomly levitate.
Jesús Vázquez
Jesús Vázquez Před 3 dny
QualityContentYT Před 3 dny
David Parker
David Parker Před 3 dny
Dead by daylight why did the nurse kill a patient what the hell why
ZeroPointNothing Před 3 dny
So in a nutshell get a emissary flag and just do stuff for that company
marshie1337 Před 3 dny
the game is the new haddonfield. so many pallets and god loops.
John Doe
John Doe Před 2 dny
I’m thinking this might be my most hated map after the rework. Even when I 4k on it the survivors are bad and it’s just a fucking slog the whole way through.
Kamron S
Kamron S Před 3 dny
Pff HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA. Sorry but the ghost face one was more funny than scary. It also makes it look like something out of a deadpool movie or trailer.
Luciano Nahuel
Luciano Nahuel Před 4 dny
SKITE ART Před 4 dny
I am so comfuse if amaru its from peru and goyo mexico why they speak in english ? If bought speak spanish wtf is same like an american and british speak in germany
Jason Tedjojuwono
Jason Tedjojuwono Před 2 dny
Literally every operator speaks English
Trish The fish
Trish The fish Před 4 dny
Poor pathfinder :( wraith didn’t grab his banner
Well yes But actually not
Sad that she just kills them and didn’t even tried saving them after a point
sepehr damavandi
sepehr damavandi Před 4 dny
Just《What's In the canister》
Jill Cleveland
Jill Cleveland Před 4 dny
Thank you thank you thank you thank you
Gibster Hipster
Gibster Hipster Před 4 dny
Ghost faces one 😂😂
JyPex Před 4 dny
If y’all curious, for Order of souls, it takes quite some time to rank up. I found a loophole which was playing with my Pirate Legend friends. They did Athena runs so we’d find a bunch of Mermaid Gems and Skulls. Like a lot. Mainly Villanous skulls which are worth much more than the Disgraced. I would suggest, obviously putting up the Souls Emmisary, but don’t limit yourself to just Souls Voyages. You can do Hoarder ones too where you can find a lot of Gems and Villy Skulls. Otherwise, just doing the bounties takes some time and you’re really not guaranteed Villy Skulls from killing the Captains. Trust me, I literally just grinded it. Wondering about Merchant? I’m sorry, not much too it. I had to be UPS for a while till I ranked up. Not really fun. To gain extra rep for Merchant, I suggest during your deliveries to stop at shipwrecks and such.
Serious Play
Serious Play Před 4 dny
I thought the nurse was nice but she turned evil after she died
NobodyNaboru Před 4 dny
Do ANY of the tomes follow the of the killers stated in their bio? I have yet to see a cutscene that didn't conflict with the killer's bio.
Lively Pascal
Lively Pascal Před 3 dny
This one is actually one of the few tomes that doesn't conflict with the killers bio. The patient that she injected was someone named The Broken Woman and she was the one who convinced the Nurse to kill all the patients in the asylum. The Broken Woman is also a patient though, so she was the first on the chopping block.
Aldo Před 4 dny
The last one was really sad tbh
Dark Skull893
Dark Skull893 Před 4 dny
Wht just happend
Your Neighbour
Your Neighbour Před 4 dny
Confucius said: To get hot nurse, one must be patient
Bethany Monges
Bethany Monges Před 4 dny
This is lore?
papyrus O grande
papyrus O grande Před 2 dny
skyson b pei
skyson b pei Před 4 dny
The charge rifle one tapped that big boi yet legends be straight up eating shots during the match 😂
Sam Hesterman
Sam Hesterman Před 4 dny
Trained special forces operator forgets to put a magazine in her gun 22:50
HAMZA MIRZA Před 4 dny
dam right jacob